tagErotic HorrorCrushed Between Her Breasts

Crushed Between Her Breasts


Was this really the place? Nancy McCammon was looking at a small New Age shop on the corner of two narrow streets. 'Crystal Soul' was written on the door in bright pink letters. Whoever owned it had to be a complete flake.

Still, Paula had said it was the place to go so Nancy put aside her reservations and walked through the door. A little bell tinkled overhead.

A strange woman in a heavy black dress that looked like it belonged to the last century looked up at Nancy and smiled.

"Ah, you must be Nancy," she said in perfect Queen's English. "Paula said you would be coming. So what would you like me to do for you?"


"He's a pig, a filthy evil pig," Nancy said as she met up with her friends at Pandora's Bar after work. The memories of what had happened at work still surrounded her in a bilious fog.

"Hon, he's a man. They're all filthy evil pigs," Paula said.

"No they're not," Barbara retorted. "The real creeps just give the rest a bad name."

Brian Berliner was more than a creep, he was a... oh god... had he really come that close to raping her.

Nancy had never liked Brian. He was the odious little toad that had been given the job she deserved. She'd been running the small IT section of Songswan ever since Clive Little had run off to god knows where. When Rob Hambly had finally got round to filling the gap he'd put one of his old university cronies in the role instead of promoting Nancy to the job she'd effectively been doing for the past three months anyway. No, apparently girlies couldn't be allowed to work with computers in case their tiny minds exploded from the technical overload.

The casual sexism Nancy could have tolerated -- she still liked her job and the pay was good -- but Brian had turned out to be a groping lech from Neolithic times. They'd already lost two talented interns thanks to his grubby fingers. Fortunately he left her alone most of the time. Unfortunately, he wasn't shy of telling her why.

'Sorry Luv. I like my girls to have tits.'

"So what did he do?" Barbara asked. "Last I heard you actually found an advantage to having small breasts. What changed?"

"I made him look stupid in a board meeting," Nancy said, savouring the memory.

Not only was Brian a groping lech, he was crap at his job as well. Most of his knowledge was five years out of date and he couldn't be bothered to upgrade it. There was no way Hambly would ever get rid of him, him being an old drinking buddy and all, but Nancy was more than happy to make him look like an idiot when the latest release fell flat on its face.

"And being a man he obviously had to look for some form of payback to salve his tiny Cro-Magnon brain," Paula said.

"Yeah, he pinned me against the wall in the supply room and groped my breasts," Nancy said matter-of-factly.

It didn't do justice to what had happened. The memory of standing in the dark supply room and suddenly being aware of his presence -- reeking of cheap cologne -- behind her festered in her mind like a poisonous mushroom.

'You didn't have to say all those things in there,' he'd whined. 'You could have told me about the problems before the release.'

'I tried,' she'd said, 'but you kept reassigning me to basic maintenance tasks.'

Then he'd pushed her forward, ramming her against the shelving. He was close enough for her to feel the stiffness of his erection pushing against the back of her thigh.

'You made me look stupid,' he hissed in her ear. 'No cunt does that to me.'

Grasping hands came around from behind and painfully gripped her breasts with iron fingers. His erection felt more prominent as he pushed it against her leg.

'It'd be like doing it with a man,' he said in disgust, releasing her shaking body and stalking off towards the exit.

'Cross me again and I'll really fuck you up,' he said softly, before opening the door and walking back into the well-lit office.

"You can't let him get away with that, girl!" Barbara said. "Sue his sorry ass for sexual harassment."

"What's the point," Nancy said. "Even if I won I'd just be tagged as a troublemaker. I wouldn't be able to work again and Hambly's wily enough to send Songswan into bankruptcy rather than pay whatever damages they'd award me."

"There's other ways of getting even," Paula said conspiratorially. "There's a girl I know who has certain contacts...."


"Leave it with me," the woman in the black dress said. "I will see to it that he is adequately punished."

Nancy looked around the shop. There were shelves full of crystals and tacky statuettes of unicorns. It didn't really fit the mood.

"What exactly do you mean by punished?" Nancy asked.

The woman in black smiled and her brown eyes twinkled.

"Wait and see," she replied. "My friends take great pleasure in teaching lessons to the more unpleasant members of the male sex. I think you'll find their methods most satisfying."


Nancy didn't have long to wait to find out who the woman in black's mysterious friends were. A few days later a new girl arrived at Songswan.

"Hi Nancy," Janet from HR said. "This is Erica. She's one of our new interns. She's going to be working on some of the reports over the summer."

Nancy looked up at Erica, and looked up and up.

Nancy was tall for a woman and Erica easily dwarfed her. The new intern was over six foot tall and the word amazon fit her perfectly. She was wearing a tight red T-shirt and Nancy was shocked at the size of the girl's chest.

Were those real?

Looking round the office Nancy saw most of her junior developers had stopped what they were doing to stare in the direction of the new intern. She wasn't exactly surprised.

How big were they? Did they even have a cup size that big? Nancy barely made an A and couldn't help but feel a little envious on seeing Erica's chest.

Stop staring. The poor girl probably gets enough of that from every lech she runs across.

"Hi," Nancy said. "I'm Nancy. I'm one of the senior developers here and I'll probably be the one setting you your projects over the summer."

She took the new intern off Janet's hands and showed her round the office. Wherever they went heads swivelled round to follow them. At first Nancy was worried Brian had somehow insinuated himself in the HR department and got them to hire a piece of brainless office eye-candy, but after talking a little she was relieved to find the girl also had a brain to go along with her body. She knew her ASP from her C# and could probably be trusted to get some of the grunt work reports done.

However, Nancy was a little concerned about the effect her new intern might have on the rest of her staff. Especially after seeing Chris, one of her junior programmers, trip over himself while trying to simultaneously look backwards and walk forwards at the same time.

"Sorry," he stammered, pushing his spectacles up his nose and rushing off.

Maybe big breasts weren't all they were cracked up to be, Nancy thought, watching as Chris looked back at them and fell over the photocopier.

"You get used to it," Erica said. "Most of the time it's flattering and a little sweet."

"The guys here are fine," Nancy said. "They're a little introverted and sometimes maddeningly awkward, but for the most part they're okay."

She spotted Brian as he trundled around the office on his 'rounds.'

"With some exceptions," she added. "I don't want to put you off working here, but I would advise staying away from him."

"Oh. Why?"

"His hands have a habit of touching places they shouldn't."

Erica looked at Brian and smiled. Her face suddenly took on a very different expression from the excited student she'd seemed to be up until this moment.

"I know," she said.

Another girl entered the kitchen from the other side. She was also tall and very busty. A brunette to Erica's blonde.

"He's the real reason why we're here," Erica smiled.


Some men are leg men. Other men are bottom men. Brian Berliner was most definitely a breast man. So when he saw the new intern for his department his eyes nearly popped out of his head.

They were enormous. Her red T-shirt barely contained her overflowing mammary goodness. An honest-to-god Viking valkyrie with long blonde hair had walked into Brian's office. What had he done to deserve such good fortune?

His right hand twitched in excitement. He longed to get a feel -- just a little cup -- of those breasts. What would it be like to dig his fingers into that soft, ample flesh?

But first it was time for introductions. This was his department, he was boss and it was his duty as a good manager to make his new staff feel at home. Smiling happily Brian bounced over to where the new girl was waiting while the techs set up her workstation.

Ah, this could be awkward, Brian thought, noticing Nancy was standing right behind her.

He hadn't spoken to her since that supply room thing.

He knew Nancy resented him for getting the job she thought she deserved. She didn't understand there was more to modern IT than just hacking code. You needed drive, vision and the business acumen to implement tomorrow's solutions today. That was far more important than knowing off by heart all the latest Microsoft specs. He had other people to do that anyway.

Or thought he had until she'd deliberately made him look like an idiot in front of the board. This was a cushy job and there was no way he was going to let that flat-chested cunt take it away from him. Rob might be a mate, but he was also a ruthless fucker as well. He'd have no qualms about pulling the trigger if Brian fucked up one time too many.

He'd been so mad when he'd confronted her in the supply room.

He hadn't meant to grab and threaten her though. That was a heat of the moment thing.

He had thought about apologising, maybe buying her a drink or something, but he hadn't got round to it in the end. It didn't seem to matter anyway as she'd been a good sport and not made a fuss. She was a professional; she knew these things sometimes happened in the high-pressure environment of the modern office.

Brian wasn't interested in the moody cow at this particular moment anyway. Here was a gorgeous new intern and his hands were positively itching to make her acquaintance.

"Hi, I'm Brian," he said, flashing her his most winning smile. "I'm the guy in charge around here."

"Erica," the girl replied, smiling with fresh-faced innocence. "I'm the new intern. I'll be working here over the summer."

"I'm sure you'll enjoy your time here," Brian smiled. "If you ever have any problems or just want a chat, my door is always open. We keep a nice friendly office here."

"That's nice to hear," Erica said. "I much prefer working at a place that maintains friendly relationships between the staff."

Was it him or did Erica emphasise 'relationships'. Intriguing. This might bear further exploration he thought.

Brian went for his first grope a few hours later, when he and Erica were alone in the kitchen. He didn't see anything wrong with a little pinch. It was a way of showing his appreciation. It was only the feminazi's that spoiled everything. If they had their way everyone would have to walk around in sealed plastic bags.

He stumbled -- an accident really -- and just happened to fall against Erica. It was purely accidental that while putting out a hand to steady himself he happened to cup her breast.

Excitement surged up his wrist as his hand felt the soft globe of her breast beneath her T-shirt.

She wasn't wearing a bra!

His finger brushed against her nipple and he was surprised to find it was erect.

He apologised for his clumsiness and gave her a wink as he moved away. Erica smiled back with less than complete innocence.


Later, he was making a cup of coffee in the kitchen when he felt a little jolt travel up from his ass. Someone had actually pinched his bottom.

Startled, Brian looked around. Erica smiled back at him and winked before leaving the kitchen.

Intriguing. Very Intriguing.

He got his second grope in the tight confines of the filing room. He'd put out hands to hold her sides as he squeezed by, but one had missed and come up against a ripe breast instead.

Normally Brian would pull his hand away, apologize with a rakish grin and then move on. This time he didn't get a chance as Erica's hand came up and trapped his hand against her breast, forcing his cheeky touch into a full blown grope.

Erica sighed and shuddered with pleasure.

Now wasn't this a turn up for the books.

"Men in positions of authority make me so wet," Erica said. "Is there some place private we can go after everyone's left?"

Brian was so stunned he didn't really know what to say.

Still holding his hand against her breast, Erica turned around. She grabbed his other hand and brought it up to rest against the soft globe of her other breast. She flashed him a dirty grin.

"I always like to be on good relations with my boss," Erica smiled. "It makes life so much easier."

She squeezed his hands against her soft breasts.

"The supply room, five thirty," Brian said.


Nancy was hiding at the back of the supply room where Erica had told her to wait.

"The show starts at five-thirty," she'd told her.

"So what exactly is this show?" Nancy had asked.

"I don't want to spoil the surprise," Erica had smiled. "Let's just say we find the most entrenched of chauvinists respond very well to humiliation."


Brian buzzed with excitement for the rest of the afternoon. There was no way he could concentrate on work. Instead he watched the minute-hand crawl round the clock, shuffled papers and read websites in the illusion of doing work.

As soon as the clock hit the thirty minute mark he left his office and hummed as he walked along to the supply room. Erica was waiting for him by the door. She saw him coming and deliberately struck an alluring pose.

Those breasts were something else, Brian thought.

Sensible girl as well, he thought. She knew how the world operated. Keep your boss sweet and all kinds of doors opened up for you.

Erica smiled as she opened the door. They were barely through the door before she gripped the bottom of her tight red shirt and pulled it up over her head.

She wasn't wearing a bra underneath. Brian stood there and stared at her breasts in stunned appreciation. They were enormous. They were perfect.

They were real as well. He couldn't see any scars and they didn't have that hard plastic look of fake breasts.

Brian was a breast connoisseur. He had all the 'specialist' porn. Erica surpassed all but the mutants that fell across the boundary from hot to freakshow. Her breasts stood at that line, firm and proud as they challenged all comers.

"You can touch them," Erica smiled. "I like them being touched."

Brian held out his hand, hesitant at first, caught between the desire to feel that soft flesh and held back by a fear of desecrating something priceless.

His hands cupped around her nipples, eliciting a gentle sigh from his valkyrie. He caressed and fondled around the circumference, feeling their warm weight against his hands. He tweaked her nipples, feeling them stiffen between his fingers.

"Come closer," Erica said softly, taking his arms and guiding them around her narrow waist.

Brian stumbled forward. He was a short man and Erica was very tall. He didn't have to stoop far for his face to be level with her cleavage. He was already bowing when Erica crossed her arms behind his head and forced his nose to dive into the deep fleshy valley between her breasts.

This was fucking heaven, Brian thought, his face buried deep in the soft flesh of her chest. Her breasts were like two pillows pressing on either side of his head. He nuzzled his nose against both of them, smiling like a man who'd just won the lottery.

A soft knock at the door jolted Brian from his pleasures. He jerked backwards with a start.

Who the fuck was that?

Erica smiled. "I invited my friend round. I hope you don't mind."

She opened the door and another tall girl with massive breasts, this time a brunette, walked into the room.

"Hi, I'm Eunice," the brunette said. Brian goggled as she pulled a purple top up over her head.

"We like to play together," Erica said.

"So when is he going to get naked with us?" Eunice asked. She pulled down her jeans to reveal a set of nicely toned legs.

Brian didn't need any more encouragement. He unbuttoned his shirt and dropped his trousers around his ankles as the two hotties stripped in front of him. His cock was already straining against the elastic of his underpants. He finally got rid of the constraining nuisance and stared at the two naked girls in front of them. Their enormous breasts swayed before him like exquisite fruit, ripe for the picking.

Pinch me, I'm dreaming, he thought.

Nah, this was better than any dream. Erica slipped behind him while he stared into Eunice's ample cleavage. The two girls embraced with Brian sandwiched in the middle of them. He chortled with delight as his head was surrounded and buffeted by the four pillows of their breasts.

Just when Brian was starting to worry he might actually get suffocated -- what a sweet way to go though -- they broke off the embrace with giggles.

"You doing okay down there?" Eunice smiled.

"You look a little flushed," Erica said. "Maybe you should lie down for a while."

The next moment Brian was lying on the floor and watching the girls lay on either side of him with their heavy breasts jiggling around his erect cock. His dick felt like it was being boffed back and forth by multiple warm airbags.

"And you do this at every company you work for?" he asked, incredulous.

"Oh yes," Erica said.

"We always like to get on the good side of our bosses," Eunice said.

He didn't know which department she'd been assigned to, but he guessed the head was in for a very pleasant surprise at some point in the future. Brian was getting it first though. It was only right.

"Now come here," Erica commanded.

She lay back with the mounds of her breasts pointing up to the ceiling like miniature hills. Was it Brian or had her skin grown a little redder? The excitement must be making her skin flush.

He could have sworn those breasts had grown larger as well.

Must be his imagination.

Brian climbed her peaks, licking and sucking at her nipples while he giggled like a giddy schoolboy. He plunged his face into her cleavage, rooting his nose back and forth like a pig hunting for precious truffles. At the same time Erica's hand slid down to his erection, encircling it and slowly moving up and down.

A finger tapped him on the back.

"I think Eunice is feeling a little left out," Erica whispered in his ear, following it up with a lascivious little lick.

We couldn't allow that, Brian thought with a smile. He turned around. Erica sat up behind him and he sat back against her. Her breasts made fucking wonderful cushions, Brian thought. Her hands came round and played with his nipples, sending little jolts of pleasure across his chest. At the same time Eunice smothered his lap in her breasts. Brian closed his eyes and sighed as he felt them move around his cock.

Eunice warmed him up, but didn't take him over the edge. Instead she stood up and began to run her fingers between the folds of her pussy. Wet juices ran down her hand and the musky aroma of her sex filled the air.

Her skin also looked a little redder, Brian thought.

Erica's arms came down and wrapped around his waist. She pulled him back until he was sitting right in her lap. Her legs came around and then over his. She hooked her feet against his calves and pulled his legs wider apart.

She really was a big girl, Brian thought. He was tucked in her lap like a child or a doll with his head nestled between her heavy breasts.

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