tagNonHumanCry Wolf Ch. 02

Cry Wolf Ch. 02


Note: I received some good feedback about the story so far and don't worry I'm not going to make Robert into a wild killer. Please read Ch. 01 to get up to speed and enjoy. All rights reserved.


Robert and Megan ran up to the door in anticipation of the potential sex awaiting them but both stopped in their tracks. A woman was sitting on the porch step.

"Robert," Anna smiled as she stood up still in her hospital scrubs.

"Uh...Anna...what are you...doing here?" He glanced at Megan and saw that she was glaring at the older woman.

"I uh..just got off shift and..thought I'd stop and see how you are doing." Anna too was measuring up her competition.

Megan grabbed Robert's hand and pulled him around her to the door. "He's fine. You can leave now."

"I don't think so," Anna snapped as she rushed around Robert to take his other hand. "Do you want me to leave Robert?"

Robert had not planned for something like this to happen. A few weeks ago he had no women interested in him and now two were about to go to blows. "Why don't we go inside and have something to drink?" He didn't blink before opening the door and standing back to see if they would come inside.

"OK," Anna grinned but as she moved to the opening Megan pushed past her. "Hey!"

Robert grinned and closed the door behind them. If things worked out he would live out another one of his wet dreams. "Come on. Let's go into the den."

Megan sat on the sofa and didn't bother to push down her short denim skirt. "Sit with me Robert."

Robert smiled and moved next to her and saw Anna rush to his other side. "So do you two want something to drink?"

"Sure," Anna said putting her right hand down to rest on his thigh. She missed the few nights of sex they had in the hospital and wasn't going to turn down another chance.

"Me too," Megan said. Her hand grabbed onto his right leg.

As their hands moved towards his crotch Robert jumped up. "I'll be right back with some Cokes."


"Who are you?" Megan asked when Robert left. She glanced at the hospital scrubs. "Are you...are you the nurse who took care of him?"

"Yes, Robert and I got..how should we say...really close?"

"Forget it," Megan whispered as she moved closer. "Why don't you get your skinny ass out of here? Robert and I am a couple."

Anna laughed. "Then why did he invite me in too?"

"I don't want you here," Megan said louder. "Either leave or..."

"What?" Anna asked sitting up until they were eye to eye.

Megan couldn't remember when she was in a fight last but her anger pushed her over the edge. As Robert made noise in the kitchen getting ice from the icemaker Megan hooked her left arm around Anna's neck and locked it with her right hand.

"HEY!" Anna screamed as she fell backwards from Megan's weight. She tried to pull the arm away but in doing so caused them both to fall onto the soft carpet below.

"Are you going to leave?" Megan asked as she squeezed tighter. She felt Anna's legs clamp around her waist and the woman's hand grab onto her short hair. "OUCH!"


Robert turned on the radio by the sink and even with super wolf hearing didn't hear the commotion in the other room. It wasn't until he heard Megan yell "ouch" that he realized something was wrong. He put down the drinks and hurried into the other room. He stood in the doorway and saw the two females rolling around on the floor. Megan's skirt was high over her hips exposing her tiny pink thong. "What's going on?"

"Ughhh," Anna grunted while pulling the girl's hair backward. "She jumped me!"

"Tell her to leave Robert," Megan said with her head snapped backwards and her Adams apple popped out.

Robert realized that it was a fact of nature that animals fight to get what they wanted. As much as he wanted to have a threesome seeing them fighting awoken deeper desires. "How about whomever loses has to leave?"

"Good idea!" Anna cried out. She jerked Magan's hair back harder until the girl's hand fell from around her neck. As Megan grabbed onto Anna's wrists to stop the pain Anna flipped the cheerleader face down and climbed onto her hips.

"I guess I won," Anna smiled still holding the hair tightly.

"I didn't....ahhh...uh...give...up."

Anna glanced at Robert hoping he would project her as the winner but Robert only smiled. "The winner makes the other one cum."

"What?" Megan asked no believing he would say such a thing.

Anna had some experience with other females before in nursing school so she didn't mind his conditions. "If you don't want to play then leave." She held onto the strands of hair and moved back to sit across the backs of Megan's knees. With one hand on the hair she lifted Megan's skirt over her pink and blushing buttocks.

"HEY YOU FUCKING DYKE! I'M NOT LEAVING!" Megan jerked on Anna's wrist and dug her long fingernails into her flesh.

"AHHHH!," Anna screamed letting the hair go. Before she could react Megan twisted around and smacked Anna hard across her left cheek. The force of the blow knocked Anna hard against the side of the sofa. They both froze for about five seconds trying to decide if this was what they wanted.

Anna's face was sore but when she peeked down at the dark curls of Megan's bush escaping from under the pink undies she smiled. "You bitch."

Megan tried to turn and crawl away from the woman but soon felt Anna's fingers grab onto her panties. As she moved forward the thong moved backwards until it pulled from her hips and pussy and flashed down her legs. "OH GOD!" She fell flat on her face again and tried to reach back to grab onto the thong but it was too late. Anna jerked it from her legs and feet.

"Robert stop this," Megan pleaded. As she looked at him Anna pounced forward until she was lying face down on the bottomless girl. "GET OFF!"

Anna knew that Robert was totally turned on watching them and wanted him to be more excited. "Not a bad ass for a stuck up cheerleader," Anna chuckled. Her right hand lightly tapped the right buttock. As Megan tried to wiggle free Anna's hand hit harder and harder until the smacking sound bounced off the walls. "HEY...STOP...ROBERT PLEASE!"

Megan was humiliated by being spanked by the older woman. "Stop and...and I'll do whatever you want me to do."

Anna grinned at Robert. "Ok, then lets put on a show." Anna moved off of the girl who tried to keep her knees together when she turned over. As Megan watched, Anna stood up over the prone body and lifted the scrub top off of her golden bra. Seconds later her pants left to show the matching thong.

Megan wanted to get up and run out of the door but she didn't want to upset Robert and suddenly the thought of being with another female was very appealing. "I've never...you know...with...another...woman."

"Don't worry," Anna grinned before removing her bra and pushing off her panties. "Women know what pleases another woman. Just treat my body like you have done yours before or how you want your body to be treated."

As Anna's body withered down into Megan's softness Robert pulled off his shirt and shorts. When their lips met and opened he released his hard and ready cock and moved closer waiting for his opportunity.

"Ummm," Megan moaned feeling the experienced tongue and hands turning her body into a burning inferno.

"Touch me too," Anna whispered. As her right middle finger parted Megan's moist slit she felt the girl's left hand cup and gently squeeze her right boob. "That's it."

Megan realized that Anna was right. She knew what a woman wanted and didn't hesitate to caress and kiss the spots that she liked the most. Her moist lips moved under Anna's chin and moved under her neck while Anna's body moved forward. She opened her eyes when the two breasts with cherry tips came by and quickly took turns sucking and flicking her tongue on them.

"Shit," Robert gasped seeing his girl sucking on the nurse's nipples. What really amazed him were the two open and glistening pussies between their opened thighs. He wanted to jump down and fuck them both but wanted to see if Megan would suck Anna's pussy.

"You like this don't you?" Anna whispered feeling her nipples being suckled hard and the girl's hands cupping and squeezing her bare ass cheeks.

A nip fell from Megan's lips. "Yes.....I like it." She was about to return to the breasts but Anna moved forward again. Megan kissed and licked as the soft stomach and navel moved by and then looked to see Anna's dripping pussy heading her way. She felt the stubble from Anna's shaved pubic hairs and then tasted her first pussy juices.

"Ready?" Anna asked as she leaned back and moved her open gash directly over Megan's mouth. When the girl nodded her body dropped until she felt the tongue and then the soft lips. "OH GOD!!" Her eyes closed to concentrate on the fumbling lips when she felt something wet pressing into her mouth. She opened her eyes and saw the swollen purple tip of Robert's penis and knew it was her turn.

"GURRRRRRR," Robert growled. He held onto Anna's head while his long pulsating cock moved between the soft lips and then deeper and deeper into the throat.

Anna wasn't ready for the huge cock head to press into her airway. Her eyes opened wide as she realized she had to breath through her nose. But that canal soon filled and then the oxygen was cut off. "AHHHGHHH!" She grunted hoping he would pull out but he pushed in deeper.

Megan heard the weird noises and looked up under Anna's hanging breasts. She saw Robert's body and the base of his cock aimed into Anna's oral cavity. She knew from Anna's gasps that she was being choked. "ROBERT STOP!!"

But the animal instinct to be satisfied blocked out the sounds from below. He did pull out just enough for Anna to suck in some valuable air before filling her void again.

But she wasn't getting enough oxygen and soon everything became hazy. As her eyes rolled back into her head she felt Megan's body slide out from under her.

"STOP!" Megan screamed as she moved back and took a running leap into Robert's upper body. The force of her contact released his hands on Anna's head and then removed the hard cock from her throat.

"GRRRRR!" Robert growled. He quickly turned and was about to strike at the body when he saw Megan's eyes. His fist almost hit her but missed when he finally came to his senses. He looked down at Anna gasping for breath and then at the fear on Megan's face. He jumped back and saw the open window in the hallway. A few seconds later he sprang upward and dove out of the window stark naked.

"Oh my god are you alright?" Megan asked as she moved over to a very shaken Anna.


"I'll get you some water," Megan said as she jumped up and ran into the kitchen. A few seconds later she handed the half-full glass to the startled nurse. "Go slow."

Anna took her time sipping it until she was able to talk. "He..he was like an animal. It must be the wolf."


Robert ran and hid through the darkest areas he could find. He stayed away from the streets and moving cars and followed the tree line until he was able to dash into the thick woods by the city park. He realized for the first time that he was free. Free of clothing and free from the pressures that other humans put on you. He glanced up at the full moon and laughed as he remembered all of those movies that showed the wolf man howling at the moon. He had the animal urges and strength but still had his human smarts.

As he moved through the park he was able to see and hear other creatures that heard him coming and either hid or ran away. He was almost out of the park when he smelled the scent. It was a female scent but not one that he had placed as human. He turned and moved towards the scent source.

As the odor became stronger he slowed and took his time not to spook whatever was producing the odor. He felt himself getting harder and harder and was about to jump through the bushes when he heard a woman's voice.

"Come on Lady. I have to get home before Jay Leno comes on."

Robert pushed the bushes back and saw the older woman who was pulling on a leash. On the other end of the leash was a beautiful female collie, which had to be Lady. "Fuck."


It was Saturday morning so Amy normally slept until 9:00AM however that morning when she awoke at 7:00AM she couldn't get back to sleep. Her thoughts were about what Megan had said concerning Robert's penis and how he had given her multiple orgasms. Her fingers were toying with her swollen clitty when she heard the neighbor's dogs barking out back. At first she didn't think much of it but the dogs never stopped. She staggered out of bed and peeked out of the window and saw a glimpse of pink flesh as it dashed into the thick trees behind her house.

"Oh my god, it's a boy and he is naked," she said to no one. Her eyes were mostly on the boys lean but muscular hips and legs so when she finally looked up she only go a peek at his long blonde hair. "Robert."

Amy kept watching to see if he was coming back out but after ten minutes she called Megan's cell phone. After four rings she picked up. "Where are you?"

Megan had to look around to remember. "I'm at Robert's house." She heard someone's breathing behind her on the bed and turned expecting to see Robert but saw Anna's bare breasts instead. "Oh god."

"What's wrong? Is Robert there?"

"No. I mean he might be in the house."

Anna's eyes opened. "Who is on the phone?"

"Who is that?" Amy asked hearing a woman's voice. "Are you in bed with a woman?"

"No...I mean yes. I can't talk about it now. I'll call you later."


The sun was a shock to Robert because he couldn't hide now. He heard voices and cars on the streets and was afraid to run through the back yards naked. The thick bushes were providing great shelter while he tried to think of a way to get out of this mess.


Amy quickly pulled on her sweatshirt and pants and after slipping into her sneakers dashed out the back door towards the opening she saw Robert running into. When she got to the trees she stopped and peered into the greenery.

"Robert...are you...are you in there?" Amy heard some movement and stepped forward. "Robert...are you alright?"

Amy froze waiting to hear more movement but when it remained silent she walked silently down a small path towards a small creek.

Robert heard someone running his way and moved backwards. He saw a figure coming towards him and thought about attacking but his human will drove him deeper into the woods. When he got out of sight he turned and ran down the slope.

Amy moved steadily forward and followed the path. At the bottom of the drop she froze when she saw him standing in the water. She was about to talk but when he turned she saw his huge pink shaft and was speechless.

Robert tossed some cold water on his hot burning skin and listened to see if he had lost the person running his way. As he lifted water up to drink he felt someone's hand on his shoulder. His animal instincts took over.

"Robert," Amy said when her hand touched his bare shoulder. Suddenly his face turned and his mouth opened wide and bit the top of her hand. "AHHHH!"

Robert realized he had made a mistake. He fell back onto the sandy bank and saw Amy's pain filled face. "Amy! You scared me...Oh my god! Are you alright?"

Amy held her sore hand up and saw the bite marks but not much blood. "I'm OK I think. What are...you?" She stopped and glanced down at this penis, which was still long and hard.

"Oh...," He gasped seeing her eyes dropped. His hands moved down to cover his manhood. He knew he had to come up with a story. "I...uh...we...Megan and I were...messing around...and.."

Amy was about to say that she had just spoke to Megan who was sleeping at his house but didn't want to call his lie. "My parents are not at home so...I'm sure I can find you some clothes." She smiled and turned to walk up the hill. Halfway up she turned and saw his nakedness about five paces behind.

Amy walked into the yard to make sure her neighbors were not around. "Come on...run!" She took off towards her back door and about half way there he passed her. They ran into the house and stopped in the kitchen.

"Wait here."

Robert watched her cute butt wiggle out of the room. He had spent some time at Amy's house years ago when they were friends in grammar school. A few seconds later he heard her running back. She did her best to not look at his bare privates as she handed him a tee shirt and some nylon shorts. "It's the best I can do."

"Thanks," he grinned. He realized that he felt different with Amy as opposed to Megan and Anna. He turned and quickly put on the clothes. "Is your hand alright?"

"Yes...it wasn't deep. It wasn't your fault. I should have said something. Let me get you something to eat while I put a Band-Aid on my hand."

Robert was hungry and didn't turn down the ham sandwich or the large piece of chocolate cake she put on the table. Amy fixed her hand while he ate. "So I guess you and Tommy are really serious."

She didn't turn to face him. "I wouldn't say serious. He's more into himself than me. Uh...I guess you and Megan...you know."

"I like Megan."


Robert glanced at his hands, which were covered with scratches from the briers and underbrush. After talking about Megan he knew he had to get home. "I....uh..better get going." He stood up and wiped his mouth. "Thanks for the clothes and food."

"Robert...I want to say I'm sorry for not being close..you know like we were."

"You went one way and I went another but...it looks like maybe we are..."

She smiled. "I hope so." She walked him to the front door and opened it.

Robert smiled and moved by. "I'm sorry about you seeing me...you know." He moved out and down the steps and with his super hearing heard her whisper as he moved down the street.

"I'm not."


Robert opened the front door and expected to see the two females still fighting but instead heard laughter. "What's going on?" He asked after walking into the den and seeing Megan and Anna sitting on the sofa in only their panties.

"Nothing," Megan said. "You shouldn't have left." She glanced over at Anna and smiled. "You missed a really good time."

"Shit, I left because you two were trying to kill each other." He saw the bite marks on both of their bodies. "But it looks like you made up."

Anna pushed out her bigger naked boobs. "Yes, but maybe you now want to find out what you missed."

As much as his body wanted to fuck them both he was dead tired and felt dirty and needed a long shower. "Maybe later. I'm going to take a shower."

"Your loss," Megan grinned. As Robert moved up the stairs she moved closer to Anna and pulled her soft lips to hers. They frenched for a minute and then fell onto the soft carpet below. After removing the panties they turned until their mouths moved between thighs. As Anna's tongue returned to what it had been doing most of the night Megan sighed and licked up and down the nurses clitty.

"OHHHH!" Anna gasped after pulling her face away. "RIGHT THERE.RIGHT THERE!"


Anna and Megan left around 10AM because Robert told them that his parents would be home at noon. After finishing most of the leftover foods in the refrigerator he went to sleep. At 1PM his mother woke him up. "Did you miss us?"

"Yeah Mom," he grinned. "Did you bring any groceries home?"


Amy had just finished her shoulder when she heard the doorbell down stairs. After pulling on a robe she ran down to find Megan waiting. "OK, tell me everything," Amy said pulling her inside.

"I'm sexed out," Megan gasped before falling face down on the sofa. "I never knew it could be like this. That I could be like this."

"Like what?" Amy saw the red marks on the backs of her best friend's legs and up on her shoulders.

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