Crying Wolf


For a moment she heard the two muttering, Rhys apologising and reinforcing his made up story sounding oh so fucking innocent this time - fuck she hated him - and Karl being his usual laid back believing-his-friend and trying-to-sit-on-the-fence kind of self. Both only made her more pissed off, though Karl more so because she expected this kind of shit from Rhys, but surely after catching him in the bathroom while she was in the shower should have been an eye-opener. Forcefully she grabbed a bottle of shower crème and began shaking it angrily, shame it wasn't either of their necks. How dare he question her! He should trust her over anyone, she'd never lied to him and Karl knew what his asshole of a friend was like, he just wouldn't see it when it came to himself...truly not until he actually caught him ripping her clothes off!

Slamming the bottle back down on the shower's shelf, Elizabeth growled to herself...and here she had been thinking about treating Karl to a shower scene...that fucking asshole. All of the earlier irritation at how her boyfriend had acted and his idiot friend once more boiled within her and that made her more pissed off...the shower was her place of relaxing, and now she couldn't even have that.

She couldn't wait for them all to fuck off out tonight, she thought as she glared at the wall letting the water fall over her...perhaps she could get a punching bag from somewhere. That asshole...would serve him right if Rhys had seen her naked, though even then he would probably have believed his friend's excuse.

Thinking of what an asshole her boyfriend could be...Rhys, of course, went without saying...Elizabeth tried to think of a way to release her irritation as she half-heartedly finished her shower.

The air inside the house was warm, yet her and Karl's bedroom still remained quite cool due to the window that they hardly ever closed. Elizabeth thought as she made her way through the door from the bathroom a few minutes later, a large fluffy terracotta towel wrapped around her luscious 24-year-old body, her hair hanging wet down her exposed shoulders, as she pattered across the carpeted floor and straight to the wardrobe. Rummaging through her clothes for a moment, she suddenly realized just how rough she was being as she pulled the hangers across the bar forcefully and muttered to herself as she finally pulled out the dress she had stopped on before she actually tore some of her favourite clothes...there was no way she was going to do that because of those two pricks.

So, a few moments later, Elizabeth had her long light brown hair held up and back in a high ponytail, dried a few moments before, as she reached back tying the thin ribbon-like straps of her red and yellow flowery halter-neck summer dress, a dress that complimented her Italian-honey skin perfectly, behind her neck. The thin material strained tightly around her large, round tits and clung softly to her flat stomach and slim waist, draping deliciously over her tight ass as the stunning 24-year-old girlfriend arched her back with her arms up and behind her neck. Of course, as the dress left her slender shoulders and back bare, Elizabeth had chosen not to wear the bra that matched her red lace underwear, though there really was no need with the support the dress offered her impressive rack, though she was grateful it was a warm night so that her nipples weren't likely to press through the material...well, at least not when she finished tying the straps as she was anyway.

While she could have tied it before she pulled the slender, silky material over her firm, hot body, she had acquired a knack for tying her dresses like this over some years, she had always been independent and whenever something seemed like a challenge, well, she just had to see if she could do it. Elizabeth, and Karl especially, always liked the way it fell over her curves as she tied it this way. She had a gorgeous body, and the stunning brunette was not afraid to be honest about that. Her boyfriend however would not be seeing her putting this thing on, and the way he was behaving, he may not see her take it off either. Still, she would have the house to herself soon, so deep breaths, which once more emphasised her firm rack as they heaved lustfully up and down with her breathing, and soon a smile brightened her beautiful face once more...she would have peace again. The soft touches of faint pink make-up above her eyes, gently dusting her cheeks and painting her soft, gentle lips, added that slight extra tinge to her already attractive features and outlined her large blue-green eyes as she smiled prettily into the mirror before her.

"There" She said sounding pleased, her hands falling to smooth the soft, thin material over her stomach and thighs, the skirt reaching mid-way down the firm, enticing flesh. "Much better"

She meant those last words in more than one way. Not only did she feel and look nice, but she felt better having been away from Rhys and Karl for so long, not to mention letting the fact of their soon departure settle into her mind. A whole pleasant evening to herself...oh, she would never complain about time alone again after tonight.

With a small, self-satisfied nod to herself, Elizabeth Alexander, the beautiful 24-year-old girlfriend of three years, turned and made her way out of the bedroom and towards the stairs, her step suddenly feeling much lighter. Of course, little did the hot brunette girlfriend know that her feeling of contentment was not going to last.

Rhys Jenson sat with a smug grin on his face as he rolled the bottle of beer J.V. had just handed him between his palms, satisfied with how the evening had turned out. Well, he could have been more satisfied, after all, he hadn't gotten a glimpse of Beth in all her naked glory in the shower, but still, he had managed to kiss her and have her sit on his lap. That was more than he had ever anticipated achieving with his friend's stunning brunette girlfriend as she avoided him like the plague most of the time. Still, with a whole night ahead of them now they weren't heading out, he had a whole night to enjoy watching that sexy bitch parading around, with that huge, firm rack and tight swaying ass and stunningly gorgeous face...Rhys shifted slightly as his dick began to harden at the thoughts.

He had just caught on to what Karl and J.V. were talking about...something about heading to a game next weekend...when the door to the hall behind them opened and in walked Beth.

While Karl and J.V. both nodded with a welcoming smile as the knockout 24-year-old walked into the lounge, just as if she were one of their friends, Rhys had to try hard to keep his eyes from widening and once more had to shift his position on the couch as his dick abruptly stood at attention.

Beth looked...well...fucking hot! She always did but that gentle dress outlined her stunning body perfectly, even though it was not exactly tight, and the inch or two of impressive cleavage instantly drew his eye, not to mention the gentle bounce of her soft, heavy tits as she slowly made her way from the open door into the lounge, smiling softly at Karl and J.V., which faded as her eyes once more fell on him.

Doing his best not to clear his throat which suddenly felt dry as the hottest chick he had ever seen looked at him...albeit disapprovingly...Rhys gave Beth one of his best confident smiles, to which she simply rolled her eyes and folded her slim arms beneath her large breasts as she once more turned to look at her boyfriend.

Rhys' eyes followed hers, watching the two who had been with each other for a long time now in his eyes.

"Hey babe" Karl greeted her in a friendly tone, his eyes unlike Rhys' resting solely on her beautiful features. "Feel better now?" He asked referring to her shower.

Beth looked at him for a moment, her hands unconsciously moving to gently straighten the dress over her slender hips before she answered.

"Yep" She replied simply before once more her arms folded beneath that wondrous rack.

Rhys couldn't quite put his finger on it, but some how he knew that Karl had just done something to irritate his girlfriend, though he didn't seem to notice and Rhys couldn't quite figure it out.

"Cool" His friend said with his usual laid-back smile which seemed to bring a twinkle to her blue-green eyes which deepened Rhys' suspicion that Karl was putting his foot in it somehow.

However, Rhys had his own comment he wanted to make. So, putting his friend's potential misdemeanour out of his mind, he rested one arm on the back of the couch behind J.V. as he looked at Beth with a smirk of open appreciation.

"Looking good Beth." He said into the opening, his tone confident and as appreciative as his eyes looked her up and down before he added, "Very good."

As always his best friend's girlfriend frowned at his words and his expression, though he hadn't openly said or insinuated anything she could call him down for, and so she murmured her thanks before she glanced back at Karl who simply smiled at her before looking to J.V and then the television.

The sudden tightening of Karl's girlfriend's eyes seemed to Rhys to make the whole impression that his friend was digging himself deeper into some kind of hole even more poignant, though he still couldn't quite put his finger on why...that was when Beth once more straightened the smooth summer dress over her flat stomach, hips and thighs before once more folding her arms beneath her breasts, her mouth pouting slightly as she looked from her boyfriend to the all suddenly made sense to him then.

Here was Beth, looking absolutely dick-hardening-ly stunning in her fitted summer dress that hung on her shapely body, emphasising yet hiding every curve of that wondrous sculpture, and yet Karl had taken as much notice of what she looked like as he had the television or his friend! Rhys liked Karl, they were best friends after all, but how his friend could be so blind and stupid Rhys couldn't believe. Either that or he was simply taking this gorgeous creature for granted!

Well, he wasn't going to complain. It seemed like Beth's ire was now being aimed at Karl rather than him, at least she hadn't scowled at him or anything after his comment, whether she could reply or not she would usually have done that, but now it seemed the foxy 24-year-old was more than displeased with his friend, which Rhys couldn't blame her for, but he was certainly going to try to exploit.

He and Karl may be best friends, but all is fair in love and war, and Beth had made his dick solid in that dress. Rhys pondered how best to take advantage of the present situation as Karl and J.V. made some joke as the television droned on in the background.

Elizabeth couldn't believe that Karl hadn't noticed how she looked! He had basically just said 'hello' before going back to talking to his friends. It wasn't as if he hadn't noticed her, he had done that much at least, but he hadn't even said how nice she looked! Even Rhys had done that, though if he hadn't that would have been a shock. But after how he had been all night, his not, he hadn't even noticed!...on how she had his favourite dress of all things!...had Elizabeth in a quiet, dangerous mood as she stood silently, arms folded beneath her breasts, either staring silently at Karl wondering if he ever would notice, or at the television.

That was, until Rhys spoke.

"Hey Beth, you look a little tense." Karl's best friend noted, that 'player' smile on his face once more as he looked at her like she was another would-be always.

Turning her head, she gave him a flat look, however any ire she felt was once more instantly drawn back in the direction of Karl as he actually turned to pay attention to her then, though only because the conversation had turned that way it seemed as Rhys once more spoke, and so, Elizabeth gave Rhys more time of day than she usually would.

"You should release some of that tension, it's bad for you if it builds up too much." The dark-haired player said, and though Beth would have expected him to make some sexual innuendo right then, surprisingly, he didn't. "If you want some help massaging that tension out of your shoulders, I can help?"

While usually Elizabeth would have instantly declined somewhat less than politely, she remained silent a moment, half-glancing back to Karl who remained as calm and as laid back as ever as his friend offered to give his girlfriend a massage. That did stir the ire within her, again only towards Karl, however as she was about to decline, more politely than usual because of how she felt, Karl nodded at Rhys in his usual manner.

"I bet she could use that, she's been tense all day." Her boyfriend said to her friend before looking up to her with a warm, loving smile.

The words and expression stoked the resentment she was feeling towards her boyfriend already...not only thinking it was a good idea, but actually saying it to his friend after everything he had already done that day, like trying to kiss her! And now, here he was, not only condoning, but egging his friend on to give his girlfriend of just over three years a massage! The thought that Karl was still trying, as usual, to help her and Rhys get along better, didn't enter the beautiful girlfriend's mind. Instead, she simply looked blankly at him, holding back the words she was going to say to him...well, bite at him anyway...before she looked back at Rhys' smug, fucking predator-like face.

So he didn't care if his friend gave his girlfriend a massage, did he? Fine.

With an unreadable, though obviously displeased...obvious to anyone but Karl it seemed though...glance back at her boyfriend, Elizabeth shrugged and turned, stone-faced to look at Rhys before she deftly climbed over J.V.'s legs, flatly eyed Rhys' smug fucking expression...fuck, she hated this guy...before she turned and tucked her dress beneath her as she sat between his legs on the floor, looking over at Karl as she actually felt his best friend's smugness behind her.

Perhaps he might wake up and realise he was letting his best friend massage his girlfriend's naked shoulders like only he should, Elizabeth thought as she felt Rhys gently pull her hair away from her shoulders, letting the long brunette locks fall down her bare, slender back. Of course, Karl simply smiled lovingly at her before he went back to talking to J.V., and Elizabeth could have growled. Who in their right mind would let their best friend, especially Rhys fucking Jenson, massage their girlfriend, and right in front of them too, when she had dressed up for them!? Her large eyes remained on her boyfriend's face as he spoke to J.V. or watched the television, occasionally glancing to her with a loving smile or speaking to Rhys.

The moment Karl's best friend's hands unexpectedly touched her bare shoulders the brunette girlfriend felt a tingle run through her soft, Italian-honey skin and down her spine, half from surprise, and half from revulsion. Damn she hated this guy, but as her eyes locked with her boyfriend's who simply smiled warmly as Rhys momentarily brushed his fingers against her delicate neck before resting them firmly yet gently on her shoulders, squeezing softly before tenderly rubbing back and forth, Elizabeth stole herself, the feeling of anger at Karl far outweighing the irritation she had at letting Rhys' hands gently massage her bare shoulders.

"Hmm, you're really tense." Rhys said softly as Karl spoke to J.V.

Frowning at her engrossed boyfriend, Elizabeth turned to look at the television as Rhys, surprisingly, kneaded a tight knot from her shoulders.

"It's been a long day." She replied irritably, a feeling caused by both him and her idiot boyfriend.

The insinuation that the knots had come from Rhys' presence was not lost on her boyfriend's best friend at all, though he simply smiled behind her and laughed lightly, probably taking it as a compliment.

"You should really relax more." He said in return, his fingers working rather magically on the tightness in her muscles...he was surprisingly good at this. "I'm pretty good at massages, but there are other, better, ways for you to relieve pent up tension, Beth."

Elizabeth grunted lightly, though whether in reply to Rhys' long-awaited insinuation or the sudden release in tension in her muscles she wasn't sure. He really was good at this.

"You're an asshole Rhys." She replied somewhat dazedly, and once again her boyfriend's best friend chuckled to himself as his fingers moved on her warm, bare flesh.

"Your girlfriend is really tensed up Karl." Rhys suddenly said to Karl, and Elizabeth half turned her head to look at her boyfriend.

Karl simply grinned amusedly as he replied.

"I'm not surprised, she always does too much." The tanned boyfriend replied, still perfectly calm and trusting as his friend had his girlfriend sitting in front of him, in a form-fitting thin summer dress, his hands massaging her bare shoulders while he no doubt looked down the top of her dress at her large bra-less 36D tits. Not that he could see much more than some very impressive cleavage, but still, any normal boyfriend would have put a stop to that, but not Karl, he just encouraged his best friend to carry on...he really wouldn't see Rhys for how he was until he was trying to pull her fucking clothes off...fucking asshole!

"Well I'll make sure I work out all this tension Beth," Rhys said to the top of her head, her frozen blue-green eyes still watching Karl and J.V., "I'll get 'deep' in and 'work' it all out until you're totally relaxed."

The implication behind his words were apparently lost on her boyfriend and his other friend, but not on Elizabeth, though she was too focused on the idiocy of her boyfriend...letting his friend touch her like this, in front of him too! care about Rhys' arrogance.

Both Karl and J.V. however both found their friend's words amusing, laughing lightly as they drank from their bottles.

"Talking about tension..." J.V. began, but Elizabeth turned her attention to the television, ignoring the three guys as best as she could, focusing instead on the odd program about gadgets that Karl had put on a few minutes earlier.

While ignoring J.V. and Karl seemed to work, which only made Elizabeth all the more irritated...after all, to NOT be noticed by her boyfriend while his friend massaged her shoulders right in front of him made her feel really loved...however ignoring Rhys was a little harder as his fingers worked all of the knots loose in her shoulders.

"Fuck, you smell good." He suddenly said in a low voice near her ear, his face close to her pulled back hair. "And you feel so soft, but so firm too." He added as his fingers squeezed a little harder into her skin, rubbing back and forth and round and round slowly, almost mesmerizingly.

Though Elizabeth felt herself melting from his touch, and his words and breath on her neck sent a warm shiver through her skin, the feeling didn't last long as Rhys spoke again.

"And the view ain't bad either." He said, still low enough for only her to hear.

Elizabeth turned to glance over towards Karl who was too engrossed in the conversation with J.V. to hear or notice what his best friend was saying and doing...especially to notice him openly staring down the top of her dress.

That last made the brunette girlfriend want to cover her chest, though the fact her boyfriend still didn't notice pissed her off enough to leave her hands resting on her stomach...let his best friend stare down her top then, it served Karl right having his girlfriend ogled in front of him if he wasn't going to do anything about it, moreover, if he wasn't even paying enough attention to notice!...fucking asshole.

Still, Rhys didn't escape unscathed.

"You're such a prick Rhys." She replied just as quietly, breathing a little deeper as she felt more relaxed than she had all night. "Why can't you stop being such a perv for a night?"

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