tagBDSMCrystal And Lisha: On Vacation

Crystal And Lisha: On Vacation


{This is a story with the characters, "Crystal and Lisha" from the Little Red Coat series and the "Lisha and Crystal-spanked pussy" story. It's a stand alone story though the background about the characters would certainly help. I've provided enough background so that new readers can at least have some enjoyment. For those of you who believe the story was "ruined" by Crystal's submission to Lisha's brother John, I'll gently nudge you away from this story.

Also, these stories would be a better fit for a "Dominance/submission" (Ds) category, if one such category existed on Literotica. The story is more about the Ds relationship than it is about BDSM, though there is a small measure of bondage and discipline. There also is some lesbian sex, though it clearly doesn't belong in a Lesbian category as most of the sex is heterosexual. So, now that I've narrowed the field of interest, anyone left, enjoy!}

Hi, it's Crystal. I'm in a long term love relationship with Lisha. I'm married to her brother, John. It's a marriage of convenience, mostly. He knows I'm committed to Lisha. John has been my best friend since junior high school. I trust him just as much as I trust Lisha. I love him as a best friend but not in a romantic way, even though we do have sex. We mutually benefit from the marriage. My parents keep lavishing us with some of their wealth, while staying off my back about my love for a woman, Lisha, which they think is over. John is also the only man I've ever had sex with. He's opened a submissive side of me that I never knew existed. I submit to him for the sex, and remain best friends otherwise.

Lisha is also my submissive, a development that was as shocking it was welcomed. I had asked her out at a time when she had just been dumped by another boyfriend. She had only experimented with women before. I thought the most I'd get out of the relationship would be some awesome sex with a hot, sexy young woman. You have no idea. In Lisha's previous stories she is loath to describe herself. Let me help you. She's a beautiful blonde woman with long, gorgeous hair. She has big, firm, inviting tits. Her cleavage is to die for. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. She has the sexiest, most alluring blue eyes. She's tight in all the right places and soft and round in the others. She is a bundle of sexual energy. I hit the jackpot with her when she and I started dated. I assumed it would only be temporary, until she found another guy, another cock. Lisha is a cock hound. I knew about her in high school, her being John's sister. She loves cock, she can't help it.

It was after six months of dating and moving in together when I realized how much she was longing for cock again. I was sure she was about to break up with me. In a desperate and ultimately incredibly fortunate move, I suggested to her that if I controlled the action, I'd set up opportunities for her to get fucked and suck cock. She's a natural cocksucker, I knew that about her from her past. What happened after she came back to me after getting fucked changed our world in a most wonderful way. She discovered her natural submissiveness and I discovered my love of controlling her sex.

The more I had her do the more we both realized the depth of her desire to be made to do naughty things and seemingly the more humiliating the better. It was a rapid and intense discovery. Since then, she has fucked and sucked many lucky cocks, most of which would normally not have stood a chance with such a beauty. Lisha would no doubt literally do anything or anyone I asked, I truly believe that. However, what has always driven both of us is the way she is used. I could make her fuck every man who wants her but it has always been about more than that. I like holding that possibility over her, just as a teasing humiliation but we both want more than that. She needs to feel the humiliating burn from doing it. She loves being embarrassed, forced, used and degraded, all while knowing she's somewhat safe because of my involvement in it. She has loved the imagination I've invoked in the ways I've had her used. She's such a horny little slut, it hasn't been easy coming up with new and imaginative ways of having her fantasies explored and fulfilled.

You might have asked all along, what do I get out of this? One, I get a love relationship with perhaps the most wonderful and loving woman on the planet. Two, the sex is incredible. The fantasies and sexual escapades just intensifies the lust the two of us have for each other. Every night I have her do something with anyone else ends with the two of us wearing out each other's pussies.

After my marriage and two weeks of honeymooning with John, I returned home to a very jealous and horny Lisha. She is still leery about the whole relationship even though I assure her that we are the true couple, not me and John. It's difficult on her, though, I can understand that. I do my best to make sure she realizes how much I love and need her in my life. There is also the tricky dominance/submissive triangle thing we have going. I submit sexually to John. He opened my eyes to sex with a man. I still consider myself a lesbian, with bi tendencies, which I never foresaw happening. He's my dominant, in that regard and I'm Lisha's dominant. In a way it makes John her dominant as well, as I want her to feel. I understand the queasiness she has about that, being her brother. However, there's a whole underlying tidal wave of sexuality going on between them, which neither have faced fully yet. I will have to let them discover that on their own.

This brings me to our latest adventure. Since I returned from my honeymoon both Lisha and I were edgy and horny for each other. It had been the longest we'd been away from each other since we got together. I'd have taken her along with us but my parents had given us the use of one of their lavish houses in Hawaii. We didn't want prying eyes to inform my parents about anything they didn't need to know. We couldn't keep our hands off each other. In our case, absence did make the heart grow fonder. I find myself more in love with Lisha every day.

I decided we needed a trip of our own. With the money my parents have now invested in us, they bought us our house and showered us with bank accounts, I no longer have to work, though I still maintain my job. I just show up a lot less often. I decided a trip to the coast and a week at the beach would do Lisha good. I worked for a week first and by the end of the week she was as horny as I've seen her. I'd managed to keep our sex play light. She knew the teasing was to build her up for something. She was ready, and so was I.

I told her we were driving to a beach town a couple hours away. She was ecstatic. So was I, that woman looks so fucking good in a bikini, you wouldn't believe it. She knew by my expression that this meant that she'd get some action, one way or the other. I had an idea. Lisha is totally into the embarrassment, the humiliation of sex. I thought of a few things that might light her fire.

We hopped into the car and headed off. I love showing Lish's body off to people, men and women, it doesn't matter. She's a head turner. When we're in the car she knows not to wear any underwear, I forbid it. This allows me to tweak her outfit in ways which will show her off, as well as allow my hands free access to her whenever I wish. We cruised down the highway and I revealed Lisha to passing cars and trucks when I could, each time with a increased state of undress. We both revel in the looks she manages to get.

I'd purposely not filled the car with gas. I had a plan to start the action. I pulled off the highway. I knew this was a one gas station town, I have taken this route many times. I pulled into the station. Lish's top was open wide, the sides of her tits were spilling out. She started to pull it together but I stopped her. I made her get out like that and pump the gas. When she was done she started to get in the car. I stopped her.

"I'm sorry, baby, but I have a theme for this trip. I really didn't bring a lot of cash and I'm very reluctant to use credit," I said overly dramatically. "I don't want any yahoos stealing my identity so...." I hesitated for effect, "I want you to go inside and take care of it."

Her eyes got wide. I love it when I see the look of realization in her face that the game is on, that she's going to have to do something for me.

She squeaked, "ma'am? You know I don't have any money, you won't let me work anymore."

"Is that my problem?" I sniffed dismissively, in a way we both like when we're both into it. "You go in there and see if you can work something out," I said, using air quotes exaggeratedly for embarrassment sake.

"Yes ma'am," she said submissively softly. I saw her tug her top open a little more and trudge inside. I could see the clerk clearly. He was a foreign guy, short, probably in his 40's. They were engaged in conversation. She was facing me. I could see a great deal of tit so I knew he could too. I saw him wave his hands towards her. I saw her lower her head shamefully. It seemed he was scolding her. I smiled. "I'll bet she gets a kick out of it," I thought, "even if she can't admit it consciously sometimes." I watched his animated show, hands waving, he was clearly doing all the talking. Then, I saw her slowly unbutton her top another button, then two. That was all that was left. Her top was open now. I saw her slowly open the top to him, revealing her wondrous breasts. He was no longer animated, all his energy went into his fixation on her tits. I gulped myself. No matter how many times I see them, it makes my heart leap and my mouth water for her.

I saw him motion her closer. She bent over the counter. Her tits were now resting on the flat surface. I saw him put his hands out. I couldn't see past the cigarettes but I knew he had to be fondling her tits. I suspected he also had a hold of her nipples as well by the way she was fidgeting. I know how sensitive her nipples are, she always claims she could jump a bus full of cock if her nipples get played with right. Right, to her, means rough. Tugging, pulling, biting, she digs that. He must've been firm, I saw her swaying from side to side. Then, abruptly, and surprisingly, I saw him back away from her and give her the backhanded "shoo" motion. She nodded meekly and redid the buttons on her top and she walked out. She got in the car. Her face was still red.

"So...?" I asked.

She said, "we can go now, he said we're cool," with her face still crimson.

"So that's all it took? It just took exposing those sexy tits of yours to pay for our gas?" I asked.

"Yes, ma'am," she said with an embarrassed giggle. "Well, he did get to touch them a bit too."

"Wow, I thought it would be a blowjob at least..." I said. "...I thought it would be a nice little gift for you to tide you over for something better."

"I know," she said, her face still glowing with excitement. "I thought so too. He was such a jerk, but I wanted...well....needed that cock," she admitted. "He was calling me names like hussy and slut and quoting things from the Koran, I think. Funny, that didn't stop him from feeling up my tits though."

"Hmm," I said with interest. "His loss. Funny how some people are, I mean, to think about what he could've had..." I sighed.

"Yes, I think about that too, ma'am," she murmured softly. "I wondered if his cock was as thick as his fingers," she squeaked shamefully.

I wanted her to have cock, I wasn't used to it not working out, she is so fucking sexy, after all. I saw an opportunity standing against the gas station wall. It was a young guy, with a letterman's sweater. He was smoking a cigarette. He could've been one of those underage kids who beg adults to buy them alcohol but I guessed his age to be 18 or 19. His jacket seemed a bit too beat up and the year of graduation on the shoulder was a year ago. "He just might do," I thought.

I formulated a quick story in my head, just to add to her humiliation. I told her what it was, then I said, "wait until I go into the store." She nodded in embarrassment.

I got out and walked towards the guy. His eyes lit up when he saw me. We chatted for just a few seconds, he was ogling my chest the whole time. "Just wait until you see what Lisha has got," I chuckled to myself.

I walked into the store. I was there more to make sure that Raz didn't have outside cameras for security and if he did I was going to be the distraction. I saw his name was Raz by his nametag, he gave me a big toothy smile when seeing me. Guys think I'm cute, I can't help it. Lish is the drop dead sexy one, I'm the cute girl next door. She's Ginger, I'm Mary Ann. I started chatting him up, I saw he was eyeing the door on occasion, I think he might have been trying to keep tabs on what that guy was doing outside. I was hoping Lish was wise enough to have taken him around the back. I needn't have worried. I was only in the store for ten minutes tops when I saw Lisha sauntering back to the car. God, I adore that saunter. I bought some lottery tickets and quickly joined her.

Her face was flush, she was smiling. I made her kiss me. I could taste the saltiness of her lips. I grinned. Mission accomplished.

"I went up to him like you said," she said excitedly. I could tell she liked being made to do it like that. "I told him that I was hitchhiking and that I'd promised you gas money but that I didn't have it. I asked him if he had any money he could spare. I could already tell that he didn't have much. He had this sad expression when he told me no. I could tell he really wanted to help me. He was ogling my tits the whole time, ma'am, you have them out there for display and all," she chuckled. "So, I just said, point blank. How about ten bucks? I'll suck your cock if you just give me ten bucks. I figured he might have that, or a five, I was going to say yes to a five if he had it. Turns out he had the ten. I took him around back and he had his pants at his ankles before my knees hit the ground. I love that ma'am, I love being on my knees, in the dirt, in the dark, having to suck cock. You know that."

I grinned at that, she smiled bashfully and continued. "So I sucked his cock. He really had a nice one too, it was thick and had a nice shape. I wanted to please it so badly but I knew this was more about doing it quickly. It didn't take him long either. I swear young guys have so much fucking cum he nearly choked me on it." She saw my look. "Oh, I swallowed it all ma'am, as I know you want. It just made me cough. He got nervous and went back around to the front. He left me there cleaning his cum off my face with my hand."

I kissed her again. "I hope that gets you going, you know this trip is going to be about getting you and I back to being together like this."

"I know ma'am," she said excitedly. "I can't wait. Thank you for the cock, ma'am." She grinned.

I saw the young the man standing against the wall again, ten dollars lighter. I said, "I'll be right back." I walked back to him. He got nervous. I just smiled at him. I handed him his ten bucks back. "Thanks for everything," I said as I winked at him.

We drove for awhile before we said anything else.

"Thank you, ma'am," she said softly, when she had collected her wits sufficiently.

"Good slut," I purred. "That is just my theme for the trip. I wanted to get it started right. I have the idea that I should try and spend the least amount of money that I can this trip and that means I have to somehow come up with alternative ways to fund the trip," I said, watching her frightened and excited expression.

"Oh god," she groaned.

I laughed. "Don't worry, slut, I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunities in the very near future." I had some in mind, for sure. I played with Lisha's wet pussy for the next hour on the road, teasing her to distraction. I pulled into our motel. It is a place I've been to many times. It's a cheap 10 unit place run by an old widowed guy. I knew he loved ogling me when I'd sunbathe by the pool. I thought, "just wait until he sees what Lisha has got, he'll forget all about me," I laughed to myself.

I tucked Lisha's top in purposefully. I made sure she was appropriate while still being very nearly not so. I was advertising. We went in and talked to Hank, the owner. He was always happy to see me and now, with Lisha there, he was beside himself. I'm not sure he ever stopped looking at her. I didn't care, I knew. It was what I wanted. I wasn't sure how this was going to go, I just knew that this is part of the turn on for her, the not knowing.

I gave Hank my credit card number to hold the room. As I did so I looked at Lisha and gave her a frown. I'm sure she understood.

It was late afternoon and it was a beautiful day. Lisha and I got our bathing suits on and went to the pool. Lisha looked fantastic. She had on a white bikini. It was breathtaking on her beautiful body. I laughed when I saw Hank suddenly outside trimming the hedges by the pool. It was clear what he was out there for. Lisha didn't pay him any mind, I always marvel at how she can completely ignore men's lustful behavior until I remind myself that she must be used to it, the way she looks. We got into the homemade margaritas we'd mixed. We started to loosen up. This motel has a privacy wall that covers the corner of the motel and part of the view from the beach. I've used it many times to sunbathe topless, at least while lying face down. We both did just that. I knew Hank would be hovering close. I almost giggled when I heard his gardening shears get closer.

I waited for the opportunity to tease her. Hank was very nearly in front of her, behind the hedge, about 15 feet away. She was lying on her stomach and listening to tunes on her ipod. I took a piece of ice out of my drink and deftly dropped it onto her back. She screamed and raised up, which allowed her ample tits to bounce clearly and wonderfully into view. Hank's view specifically, though he was mostly obscured by the bushes. She shot me a dirty look and then stuck her tongue out at me and laughed.

"Good," I thought, he got to see some of what she's offering.

I was trying to think of new ways to show her off to Hank, but we were interrupted by two college guys who had just checked in. In no time they were at the pool also and their chairs were pulled up near Lisha. I swear that girl attracts them like flies. I'll admit, they showed me some attention as well but I could care less about that. Well, ok, I care a little, it's nice to be appreciated. I'd already refastened my top but I forbid Lisha from doing so. This meant that she had to stay on her stomach. This encouraged the guys. They pulled up close and engaged in conversation, it was humorous to watch Lisha have to turn her head and lift just a little to be able to converse. I knew they got a good look at the side of her tits each time. I love when opportunities sometimes come spontaneously. I added this to my list of possibilities.

I was hungry and I told Lisha to fasten up and come back to the room with me. The crestfallen looks on the men's faces was priceless. I thought, "don't worry boys, you play your cards right or happen to be in the right place and the right time, who knows?"

I think Lisha expected something like that. I saw her watching me closely as we dressed for dinner. I think she fully expected me to order her back out to the pool while I went for dinner. I like keeping her on edge like that. We were headed towards a small Mexican restaurant I knew in town. I had no real plan for her to do anything. It was a family run business, it wasn't like I could plan her sucking or fucking the owner for our dinner. Some of my plan would have to work out spontaneously, though, it most often has a wonderful way of doing just that. Still, the threat of having to "pay our way" was no doubt keeping Lisha nervous and itchy. Like I've said, to her, it's a natural thing. She has a need for it.

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