tagSci-Fi & FantasyCrystal Ch. 11

Crystal Ch. 11


*****So, a lot of things have happened within the Crystal series, so let me summarize what went down so far. Pollen had kidnapped the girls and was trying to remove a large portion of the male population, but was defeated, all females under her control had been freed besides the villainesses, Jasper has been suspended, and a new villain group has just been formed by Dr. Genie. Now, about the new plot, as much as I don't like taking this route and making my own, I'm going along with the whole 'conflicting family issues' cliché that heroes tend to have. And don't worry, all parent heroes and heroines have the same or a variant power like their children so you won't get confused. However, to maintain the surprise, I will post the parent of each child in the next chapters, not this one. And like I said before, I am working on making my stories longer than four pages and longer than five chapter, plus more sex. So let me hear your thoughts, and post whatever questions, comments, and/or concerns and I'll answer them in the stories! DM23*****

Commander Shinobay - Force fields, Eye vision
Osprey - Bird-like abilities
Ghost - Invisibility, Intangibility
Zipper - Enhanced Speed
Shell - Bulletproof, Enhanced strength
Jasper - Pyrokinetic, Flight (Temporarily Suspended)
Max (Dark Matter) – Dark Matter Manipulation
Crystal - Cryokinetic
Hyper - Flight, Hyperbeams
Cherry - Teleporter, Martial artist
Dot - Cat-like abilities
Dr. Walton – Multitasking

Dictator Jones - Mind control
Dr. Genie - Mad scientist specializing in splicing experiments
Pterror - Monster, Flight
Skinny – humanoid figure with new abilities
Silver Static – Flight, Electricity, Enhanced Speed
Silver Shriek – Stealth, Dispel Soundwaves, Frequency Manipulation
Silver Steel – Indestructible, Enhanced Strength, Magnetism


It was gruesome work being a scientist. Every day, Dr. Genie went through a routine of impatience for success and the frustration of not getting it, attempting to force evolution's hand only to have whatever creature made to be destroyed, and the knowledge of knowing that her greatest creation might still be out there. That, however, was yet to be determined, so she regretfully put that in the back of her mind.

But as for today, Dr. Genie put all of her ideas on hold as she stared at the vial marked RRM2 in her hand. Way back when Dictator Jones had captured those kids, including Dark Matter, Dr. Genie had tried to use various forms of the Rapid Recovery Medicine, RRM1, to see the potential in possibly expanding its use. Of course it had failed, with the kids being unaffected, only getting the chills and nothing else.

But now that she was staring at RRM2, Dr. Genie was surprised she still had a vial left. When the kids were rescued by the heroes, most of the various forms of RRM1 was destroyed and or lost. But here she was staring at one now. It went without a doubt that she was keeping it, the only question was who she could force to drink it. None of the scientists she had were around, and none of them brought anything in the lab to drink with in the first place, so she hit a wall for a moment.

Of course, being the scientist that she was, her mind found a way past the wall the she looked at Skinny, the humanoid being that lacked human features. It didn't take long for the idea to form in her mind regarding RRM2 and Skinny, and she found herself walking over to the cube the being was in. With a malicious smile, she dropped the vial through an opening at the top and waited.

Skinny didn't respond to it first, only staring at Dr. Walton hoping to get actual food to consume. When it realized this was it, the being crawled to the vial and opened it. Skinny's skin immediately smelled RRM2's scent and the being took a liking to it. Without a second thought, the being swallowed the liquid in the vial, not satisfied with the small quantity it received.

Suddenly, it collapsed as its body went comatose. Dr. Walton's smile widened as she expected something to happen, whether deadly or not. Unfortunately, her expectations were beginning to dwindle when the body wasn't affected. It was further dashed when the being woke back up after an hour with no physical changes. Disappointed, she wrote in her notes that RRM2 was likely to be expired and thus ineffective. After that, she went to the storage room and destroyed every vial containing RRM2.

"Well, at least I got some closure on that," Dr. Walton said out loud.

"Closure on what?" Dictator Jones asked as he walked past her.

"RRM2," Dr. Walton informed. "Apparently, all it does is knock an individual out."

"Well, put that aside and start packing," he said. "The new base has been acquired, so we're moving out your lab cave into a more modern and civilized building for headquarters."

"This is not a cave," Dr. Genie huffed, following after him. "Besides, what are we moving for? We just got this place."

"I know that, but the minions we have just informed me that the heroes were on their way," Dictator Jones said. "You were right, Pollen wasn't convincing enough and the heroes had concluded that she couldn't have been the mastermind behind the girls being kidnapped."

"I'm not going to rub it in your face and say, 'I told you so'," Dr. Genie said, "but I will tell you to think of a better plan that doesn't involve taking over the world right now."

She whistled and masked minions came in the room. She had them carry the cubes that the Eradicator (Baby Pookipums) and Skinny was in to a diesel truck while she climbed on Pterror's back. When they came back for the Widow's cube, Dictator Jones stopped them.

"Jones, are riding with me?" Dr. Genie asked.

"No, I have my own ride," he smiled.

Turning to the Widow, he took hold of her conscious. As expected, she fought him (mentally) with all that she had, but he overwhelmed her and took control of her mind. When he was satisfied that she wouldn't harm him, Dictator Jones had the minions release her and she went stood by his side.

"Well, since we're ready, you take the things to the new location," Dr. Genie said to the dictator. "I'll hold off the heroes as long as I can."

"With just Pterror?" Dictator Jones asked.

"And the masked minions," Dr. Walton shrugged. "And a couple of other experiments I made."

"You made more experiments?" he asked, shocked that she time to do that.

"No, I've been having these two," Dr. Genie replied. "Come check them out."

They rushed to the back section of the lab and Dr. Genie typed in a code on a keypad to open the doors. A light turned on as the doors opened and Dictator Jones found himself face to face with myths in the flesh: Bigfoot and the Yeti. Both of the mythical creatures were frozen in a block of ice, something Dictator Jones found himself grateful of since their gaping jaws promised intense and excruciating pain.

"How many scientists were sacrificed to get these two in here?" Dictator Jones asked.

"Only one," she said proudly. Not trusting her, he gave her a hard glare but she stood her ground. "Honest, we had to use one guy for bait to lure them in here. It was unfortunate for him, but he was a clumsy scientist that I had to get rid of."

"I don't give you scientists for you to sacrifice, Dr. Genie," Dictator Jones declared, not the first he had to do so.

"No, but most of the ones that I get have been incompetent," Dr. Genie said. "In the end, the only usefulness they do have is being bait." She typed in another code on the keypad and heat rays were turned to melt the ice. "As for our usefulness, I suggest we make haste before we become bait as well."

They rushed out the storage and Dictator Jones had the Widow drive the car to the new location. Dr. Genie went back to Pterror and climbed on his back, ready for the heroes' arrival.


Way earlier that day . . .

Crystal woke around six in the morning to get her day ready. Half sleep, she followed a bright light out her room and to the kitchen where Max was putting the finishing touches on the meal he was making for breakfast: blueberry pancakes, omelets, and juice.

"Hey Sexy Sleepyhead," he greeted as he gave her a hug. "You know you were supposed to stay in bed right? I was about to bring you breakfast in bed."

"Oh, really," Crystal yawned. "Sorry, I'll go back and lay down."

"Don't fall asleep," Max called as he watched her return back to the room.

"I'll try, but no promises from me," she replied.

When breakfast was finally ready, Max took the entire meal (using his powers) to the bedroom, only to find Crystal lightly snoring and curled up in bed. He approached her as quietly as possible and tapped her on the nose. Like a springboard, Crystal rose up, eyes wide and alert. Max had little time to move the food, but he did so in the nick of time before all the food he cooked went to the floor.

"I wasn't sleeping," Crystal said.

"I know, I know," Max smiled. This was why he liked mornings. Crystal looked absolutely sexy with her bed hair and sleeping face. "Sit up and let me feed you. You don't want to make a mess, do you?"

"Are you pampering me?" Crystal asked suspiciously as she fought to stay awake.

"Yep, get used to it," Max undeniably answered.

For twenty minutes, he fed her all that she could eat. She really loved the blueberry pancakes, being upset that Max didn't make more for her. When she had finished, Max took the dishes back to the kitchen and quickly cleaned them to hurry and get back to Crystal. The moment he walked through the doors, she raised her arms at him and beckoned him to come over.

"Wash me," Crystal said.

"That is man's only dream," Max smiled as he got the towels.

Using his abilities, he carried Crystal to the bathroom where he helped her shed her clothes. First was her night shirt, revealing her lovely breasts, and Max found himself aching to touch them. It was a losing battle, especially since they were right in front of his face. However, he, regretfully tore his eyes away and helped her out her pants next . . . and got an eyeful of her cameltoe in her panties. If that wasn't bad enough, the scent of her womanhood flooded his senses as he pulled her panties down.

He was a lost man.

Rising, he kissed Crystal full on the lips hungrily. Even though he ate before Crystal woke up, this hunger was not satisfied with food and told him to take his girlfriend right there. He let his hands roam freely, groping whatever flesh they wanted and rubbing her all over. Knowing her favorite place, Max immediately spun her around so that her back faced him. He kissed all over her neck, making her moan like crazy.

"We have to get washed," Crystal reminded him.

Using his powers, Max got his clothes off immediately, made the water turn on, then put himself and Crystal in the shower when it was just the right temperature. While he kissed her, Max had his powers take the cloths, lather them with soap, and wash off any and every speck of dirt off both of them. With both of his hands free, Max could use them give Crystal's breasts all the attention they deserved. And as majestic as they were, they deserved a lot. His cocked bumped against Crystal leg at that moment, telling her that it was missing out on all the fun.

"Lie back," Crystal said as she went to her knees and took his cock in her hands. "Would you mind if I perfect my blowjob technique on you?"

"Do you have to ask?" Max grinned excitedly.

When all the soap was rinsed off, Crystal gave it a couple of strokes before licking the head. Max nodded in encouragement and she continued to licking the tip. Since it was an erogenous zone for all males, Max could feel the pleasure immediately shooting all the way through him. Her tongue on the tip of his cock made him wish he could blow right then and there, but the buildup was a lot longer than Max realized.

Crystal realized it too, because she then swallowed the head, making Max moan in satisfaction. Long gone were his days of him being apprehensive around Crystal whenever they wanted to go at it. Now, he was looking for every chance he got, especially if this was going to be one of the treats he'd get to enjoy.

The texture of her tongue against the skin on his cock was wonderful, no, it was amazing. She was slowly bobbing her head up and down his shaft like a lollipop she just couldn't enough of. Then, she did a licking and swirl technique and Max suddenly found himself wanting to blow NOW. But he was a slow ejaculator, though Max didn't think Crystal minded one bit.

"Wow, this is something else," Crystal said, popping off his cock. "I knew you were big, but this size is incredible!"

"If you can't finish it, don't worry baby," Max replied, brushing the hair from her face. "You can always finish the rest later."

"Oh no you don't, mister," Crystal said, shushing him. "You wanted me and you're going to get me . . . soon. But I'm having this giant first."

As powerful as he was, Max didn't dare say a word against Crystal and laid back to let Crystal enjoy her fun. The hydrokinetic heroine took the cock in her mouth and returned back to bobbing slowly but gradually picking up speed. Max tried to grip the sides of the tub, but his wet hands weren't able to hold onto anything. He grit his teeth as he felt himself about to blow in her mouth.

"Fair warning Crystal, I'm about to come," he grunted.

She didn't bother stopping, giving him a thumbs up to go ahead as she bobbed as fast as she could. Then unexpectedly, Max felt her head touch his pelvis. His cock was deep in her mouth, most likely even in her throat. Eyes squeezed tight, he couldn't hold on and came like a flood. All the strength he had in his body pushed his cum straight through his cock and down Crystal's throat. Very little managed to escape as kept her lips locked on Max's cock. When his cock finally stopped twitching, and she was sure it wouldn't come anymore, she slowly extracted it from her mouth. The cum overflowed her mouth as she swallowed despite her best efforts to stop it.

"I think your technique is perfect as it is," Max laughed as he struggled to gather whatever ounce of strength he could find to stand.

"I know, I just wanted to suck you dry," Crystal smiled, turning the water off.

"I think you did," Max said looking at his softened cock. "But damn you did a good job. Where did you learn to deepthroat like that?"

"I swim a lot so I'm used to holding my breath for long periods of time," Crystal informed. "Not to mention, I practiced on mine and Hyper's dildos before I met you. And now that you're here, you get to test this mouth all you want."

"You little succubus," Max grinned.

He grabbed Crystal from behind and she screamed in surprise. Despite his best efforts, Crystal managed to twist out his grasp and hop out the shower. She made the water dry off her instantly and she ran to the bed as Max followed.

"You're going to have to catch me if you want me," Crystal said to a lusty-eyed Max. Not a second later, Max raised his hand and Crystal's arms and legs were caught in chains that spread her eagle style. "Hey, no powers! That's cheating!"

"You didn't mention any rules," Max calmly said as he approached her.

"You didn't give me a chance to," Crystal giggled as she watched Max. "Now let me go so I can set the rules."

"You think I'm going to let you go so that you can make it harder for me to catch you again?" Max asked.

"Yes I do," Crystal said defiantly.

"Predators don't let their prey go, so why should I?" Max said as he plunged two fingers in her wet, tight pussy and kissed her.

Crystal was hoping Max wouldn't let her go. Honestly, she didn't have a set of rules for Max to abide by anyway, besides, her sucking him off made her hornier beyond belief and she wanted his cock to fill her up. His fingers in her pussy was like an appetizer to her as he professionally worked her clit stuck another finger inside her. Added to the fact that he was going for her neck again and Crystal was suddenly moaning just the way Max liked it.

She started panting as Max increased his speed. Her pants actually sounded sexy to Max. He fingered her even faster as she writhed in pleasure as it bounced her all over the bed. Switching hands in an instant, Max licked a couple of his fingers covered in her juices, tasting her sweet nectar. Wanting to share, he placed his other fingers in Crystal's mouth and she sucked her nectar right off his fingers.

Suddenly, she froze as an orgasm exploded within her. She fell back to the bed, panting as Max kept his fingers to himself and licked them all. And despite them already having a shower, Max could see a thin covering of sweat covering Crystal's body. He didn't know how, but with the right amount of bathroom light, Crystal's breasts slowly rising and falling, and the sweat covering her body made Max's cock rise up to full mast. Slowly, he spread her legs.

"Wait a minute Max, I'm still sensiTIVE!" Crystal yelled as Max plunged his thick shaft deep in her pussy.

"I like you this way," Max whispered in her ear as he fucked her. "You being more sensitive means you can feel everything. The air against your skin, my hands playing with your nipples, my thick cock fucking your pussy. You like being sensitive, don't you?"

"Yes, baby, yes, I LOVE BEING FUCKED SENSITIVE!" Crystal yelled at the top of her lungs. "FUCK ME MAX! FUCK ME! YES RIGHT THERE, RIGHT THERE!"

Max had used his powers to place them on the bed so that he could continue fucking her doggystyle. At first he wanted to just let Crystal just lie forward, but decided against it and released her hands to support herself. Crystal, on the other hand, didn't care how Max wanted her positioned, she just didn't want him to stop. Another orgasm had burst from its confinements and for a moment she went silent as her voice caught in her throat. That was until she felt his finger poking her little sphincter.

"Do it!" Crystal demanded lustily. "Put that in my ass."

To get the maximum pleasure out for both of them, Max maneuvered them around so that Crystal was now riding him, although he was still in control. Then, as she had requested, Max made his powers morph into a thin phallus. He had her suck the phallus so it wouldn't go in dry and to easily gain access past her puckered hole. When it was wet enough, he placed it near her puckered hole. Slowly, he inserted it in until it was deep enough, then made the phallus enlarge to a size slightly smaller than his own (for prideful reasons no doubt).


He didn't hesitate to do so. Immediately, Crystal was rocking back and forth on the pseudo-phallus and Max's cock. He made sure she went as far as possible on his cock, leaving a little bit not embedded in her pussy since it couldn't fit. Then, when he felt like Crystal had the mastered the tempo, he removed his hands and let her do her thing while he brought her down to suck on her tits.

Crystal obviously knew what the tempo was: fast. She forced herself down as deep and fast as she could, getting the maximum pleasure from both cocks that she could. As she did so, her body made more sweat which ran down her back and lubricated the phallus in her ass. She couldn't stop, nor did she want to.

Even throughout this ride, she had been experiencing minor, continuous orgasms. But, she soon felt a big one coming. This one could possible knock her out if she wasn't strong enough. At the most, it would render her paralyzed, she knew that much.

"Max, I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" she cried.

Like pressured water, Crystal came, squirting all over Max's lower body. A moment later, she felt Max jet another load of cum, this time in her pussy. Both of them jerked uncontrollably until Crystal collapsed on top of Max. She felt the phallus disappear and was sad that it left, although it did leave her a little gaping.

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