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Crystal Ch. 12


*****Hi dear readers, like I say about the first chapter in the plots, those were just to kick the plot in motion. I'm already working on the fourth and fifth plots, so I hope that I met your expectations or even exceeded them. As I've said before, Jasper will not be a major character in this plot, or the next either, so this should open up some space for our two lovers to get closer and closer to each other. Not really much else to say, so I'll let you get on with the . And remember to comment any criticism you might have, it helps, trust me. DM23*****



Commander Shinobay – Force fields, Eye vision

Osprey – Bird-like abilities

Ghost – Invisibility, Intangibility

Zipper – Enhanced Speed

Shell – Bulletproof, Enhanced strength

Jasper – Pyrokinetic, Flight (Temporarily Suspended)

Max (Dark Matter) – Dark Matter Manipulation

Crystal – Cryokinetic, Hydrokinetic

Hyper – Flight, Hyperbeams

Cherry – Teleporter, Martial artist

Dot – Cat-like abilities

Dr. Walton – Multitasking

It was the day of the White House banquet. An agent on duty had spotted C4 and sent in a report that he was tailing the villain. Of course, C4 knew he was being followed. He made the agent lose his trail, then trapped the agent, and killed him. Since the agent was still talking with the Commander before he died, Commander Shinobay automatically knew that Max would be the delegated hero to deliver justice. It was obvious why he thought that, since they had a serious confrontation back when Max first joined the heroes. Excited that he had his first solo mission, Max immediately went searching the area where C4 reported to be.

First, he started from where C4 was first spotted, making sure that he had a clear idea on which direction that C4 went and was headed. It wasn't long until he stumbled upon a crime scene. A homicide crime scene. Max had no doubt that C4 was calling him out and rushed off to apprehend C4 before someone else was put in danger. He morphed his powers into a motorcycle and raced around the city for the villain.

That was how he found the second crime scene. Honestly, Max had almost passed the street where the second homicide crime scene was, but there was a crowd caught that his attention and made him suspicious. When he checked it out, he found out C4 had done this hours ago. Not wanting to keep running around, Max went to the adjacent building's rooftop (since it was taller) to get a better look at the city's layout.

He saw a figure jump off a rooftop a good distance away and went in that direction. As he landed on the building, he saw people running out the building in terror. Despite their insistence that he not go in the building, Max went inside to confront C4. He wasn't in the building, but Max did realize why the civilians had ran out the building: there was a time bomb sitting in a chair, reaching its final seconds in its short countdown.

The explosion sent Max flying out the building. Coughing and blind, he stumbled around trying to continue his mission. People screaming told him C4 was near and he made a shield to defend himself. It was a good thing he did because another explosion (this one extremely close) blasted him back into an alley. Max struggled to stand as he heard footsteps approach him. He made a feeble attempt to make a shield but it was used against him as he was kicked against him.

"Did you think I'd forget you?" he heard C4 ask. "You have no idea how long I've waited to get rid of you. I was originally going to kill you when you got in my way again, but I've changed my mind. Do you know how much humiliation and embarrassment you've caused me? I can't even show my face at my own clan now! That's why I'm going to kill you right here, right now!"

Thanks to C4's little speech, Max's strength rejuvenated a little bit and he pushed C4 away. No longer blind, he rolled under C4's sword that aimed for his neck. He made cubes and launched them at the ninja. C4 instantly cut through them and tossed a few more explosives at Max. Max was going to use another shield to hold back the explosion, but remembered what Dr. Walton said about shields: they're physical expansions of the mind, which could be damaged and have deadly consequences.

Instead, he made platforms so he run over the explosions. C4 ran up the walls to meet him and kicked at him. Max deflected and smiled as an idea formed in his mind. He jumped off the platform and made it disappear, letting C4 falling to the ground below. Of course, being the ninja that he was, C4 landed without a scratch and threw shuriken at Max. He made a shield to block them then sent tendrils down at C4, who leaped out the way to avoid getting smacked.

It then dawned on C4 that he was at the disadvantage since Max was at a higher altitude and had ranged attacks. He threw multiple bombs up near Max, but Max dropped from his height and made a shield to protect himself from the falling debris. As the smoke and dust settled, Max stumbled out the alley, preparing himself for C4's next attack.

That attack didn't come though as C4 used the smoke to jump to the roof and ran to make his escape since he lost the advantage. His escape plan was ruined, unfortunately for him, when he found himself falling from the shackles that mysteriously appeared on his ankles and wrists.

"This should've been my first move," Max said as he walked up to C4. "I'd like to see you get out of that."

He got what he asked for when C4 contortioned his body and slipped the shackles off his wrists and ankles. This time, Max was prepared as he sent a chunk of debris right in C4's face. C4's body twisted like a top as he plummeted to the ground below. He didn't die, but he wasn't moving either. Landing next to the ninja, he reapplied the shackles to C4's wrists and ankles and put him in a case to make it easier to carry. However, that was a bad idea when Acrobat swooped down and snatched the case from him.

"Thanks newbie!" the villain laughed.

Max immediately made the case disappear, causing the unconscious C4 to freefall through the air. Max quickly made the motorcycle and sped over to catch C4, but Acrobat caught him first and took off in the air again, leaving Max to launch cubes in an attempt to knock Acrobat down. He missed all the attacks though and Acrobat disappeared into the clouds.


"I see," Commander Shinobay said as he listened to Max's recount of his battle with C4 the next day. "Usually, the villains don't get help from each other since their pride wouldn't allow it, not to mention they hate sharing. But if they're helping each other, then that means Dr. Genie and or Dictator Jones is pulling the strings."

"Seriously, I thought they were finished," Zipper groaned. "I forgot all about them, especially Dictator Jones, since Pollen was kidnapping girls."

"I know, I did too for a moment," Commander Shinobay agreed. "But just so we're clear, none of the male villains were captured since Pollen became headline news. For some reason, they've been lying low and staying out of trouble."

"Maybe they were hoping Pollen would do us in," Ghost suggested.

"But we're still here, kicking butt and taking names," Zipper smiled as everyone cheered with him.

"Settle down," the Commander said even though he was smiling himself. "This means that the villains might try to double team on you, so I want you going in pairs from now on."

"So we get to choose our partners?" Crystal instantly asked.

"No, I'll be choosing the partners," Commander Shinobay answered sternly. He didn't want to be harsh, but the looks Crystal was giving Max made him uncomfortable if he had said yes. Besides, he knew Crystal and Max were having sex on a regular basis. It might not be a daily thing, but there was a consistency that even Commander Shinobay was aware of. "And I say that because I know who would be of greater assistance to you when you're fighting those villains. Now, the White House banquet is tonight, so be prepared. This meeting is dismissed."

The heroes and heroines left to go about their various destinations talking about the banquet and what they were going to wear as Max and Crystal lagged behind them.

"I knew we couldn't keep our shenanigans a secret from the Commander," Max said. "Who else do you think knows we're fucking like bunnies?"

"Well, Hyper knows, since I tell her almost everything," Crystal replied. "Of course Jasper knows, there's no doubt about that. Cherry most likely knows, and Dot has already known. As for the other guys, I don't know. Though, if we count when I jumped you when you were in the Recovery Wing, then I guess everyone but the agents knows that we're having sex as much as possible. I'm still getting asked out by a few agents every now and then."

"That's because you're irresistible," Max grinned. Leaning close, he whispered in her ear, "Even now, I want you back in bed, naked and riding me like before."

"I know, so do I," Crystal said, wrapping herself around Max. "Sadly, we have to get ready for the banquet, which will take a few hours, go to the banquet, which will take an hour, enjoy the banquet, which will take a few hours, come back to the tower, which will take another hour, and change into pajamas, which will take a few minutes."

"Or we could sleep naked," Max winked.

"Stop it, you're corrupting me," Crystal grinned. "Now let's get ready for the banquet. We don't want to be the ones who make the others late, because that would really tick the Commander off."


"Are you sure I'm allowed to go in there?" Max asked as the heroes and heroines were going up the White House steps.

"I'm sure," Commander Shinobay replied.

"I took the roof off when I was Dark Matter, remember?" Max reminded him. "Do you think they'll overlook that?"

"They asked for every hero and heroine to show up, Max," Commander Shinobay reminded him. "I think they overlooked it."

Even though it was their second time going in (besides Max), they were still awestruck by the amazing architecture that the building had. Not a speck of dust was could be seen anywhere in the building. Max kept pointing out pictures and sculptures to Crystal, who this time had no problem gawking over them with him. Since she came with Max, she's been even livelier than when she had first arrived.

"And now, please put your hands together for the heroes and heroines of the United States of America!" a muffled voice said through the door at the end of the hall.

As they entered the banquet room as before, this time they were applauded by an even bigger audience than before. Just about all the heroes and heroines grew embarrassed as they struggled to get over the surprise. The only one who wasn't embarrassed was Jasper, who was lost in thought. Max thought the Commander wasn't embarrassed either, but his twitching hands proved otherwise.

Of course, Max was no different. He was shaking all over, partially from embarrassment, but also from the fear that someone would recall the time he attacked the White House and have him arrested. Every face he looked at seemed to pierce through his smiling façade and see the truth of what he had done. He only got reassurance when Crystal grabbed his hand to steady her own shaking hands.

She really didn't have anything to be embarrassed over from Max's point of view. If anything, then probably she was embarrassed because of how beautiful she looked. Instead of a sparkling blue dress like last time, Crystal wore a bright blue and black dress, matching with Max's black and blue suit.

As a matter of fact, all the heroes and heroines wore a dress and suit that matched their partner. Zipper wore an orange and white three-piece suit while Hyper wore a white dress with orange gloves and accessories. Commander Shinobay wore a black suit with a green tint that matched with Dr. Walton's green dress decorated with thin black stripes.

Instead of his tan suit like last time, Osprey wore a brown suit with a red tie and a bright red rose that complemented Cherry's dark red dress. Shell wore a black and yellow suit that went well with a different feline designed dress that Dot wore. Ghost had on grey suit and a purple shirt and shoes that went well with Olivia's dress that was a blend of purple and grey. As for Jasper and his date, he wore a crimson and black suit that was a stark contrast to his date's bright pink and black dress.

"Please, don't stop, give them more, they deserve it," President Rollington encouraged. The audience clapped until the heroes and heroines made it to their seats. "Now, before we go a second further into the banquet, I have a surprise for each and every one of you here, especially the heroes and heroines. I'm sure we all look up to the heroes and heroines of today as idols and role models, but let's not forget who set the standard of what being a hero and heroine is supposed to be. That's why it is my utmost pleasure to present to you the members of the Super Six."

"What?!" Crystal, Hyper, Shell, Cherry, and Zipper said as they stood up unanimously. Commander Shinobay immediately spoke with Cherry (since she was the closest) sternly and had her pass the word that this was a banquet and etiquette was to be upheld no matter what.

"For his leadership and unwavering sense of justice, I present to you Solarium," the President introduced.

Solarium came in the banquet through a door on the side and went to shake hands with the President. Like Max expected, Solarium was the same as the Commander, elderly but still able to put up a fight. President Rollington then nodded at Hyper, giving her permission to come up to the front. As the Commander had instructed them, she walked with proper etiquette and bottled excitement as she approached her father. However, she was caught by surprise when Solarium hugged her first, unable to keep his excitement down either. The audience clapped the entire time until the hero and his daughter separated and went to their seats.

"For his role as second-in command and his expertise in marksmanship, I present to you Raptor," the President introduced next.

The hero known as Raptor came out slower than Solarium since he had a cane, but that didn't stop him one bit. As he shook hands with the President, Zipper was allowed to go up next and give his father a hug. He walked like a gentleman until Raptor threw his cane aside and rushed at his son. They hugged tightly and didn't let each go as they both spoke super-fast so they could catch up on what they both missed in each other's lives. However, they had to pause their conversation since there was too much to talk about.

"For his medical expertise and assisting in blood donations, I present to you Reaper," President Rollington introduced the next hero.

Reaper looked more like an adult in his forties rather than his sixties like the Commander was. As he shook hands with the President, he saw Shell come up and his power flickered off for a moment and everyone saw his real condition: he seemed older than the Commander and possibly even weaker. But that was for a split second that most of the audience missed, but not Shell. Despite Reaper's powers being activated, Shell could see exactly what his father's condition was and gently hugged him, crying happy tears.

"I thought you died," Shell said.

"You should know I don't die so easily," Reaper said. "I got a lot left in me."

"What about Mom and everyone else?" Shell asked.

"Their good, trust me," Reaper replied. "It was tough time, but I kept them alive."

"Why wasn't I told?" Shell inquired.

"You were," Reaper answered. "Whether you misheard or didn't believe it at the time, you were told. But take it from me, they're safe."

"For her detective work and assistance in fighting drug trafficking, I present to you Cinnamon," President Rollington introduced the heroine.

Cinnamon was wearing a dazzling smile as she shook hands with the hands with the President. Cherry wasn't fooled though. She knew exactly what her mother wanted from her: an extensive detailed report on what she's been up to.

"I hope you brought a very detailed essay on what you've been doing while I was gone," Cinnamon whispered in Cherry's ear.

"Here you go," Cherry answered, whipping out a flash drive from her purse and giving it to her mother.

"That's my girl," Cinnamon smiled and both mother and daughter returned to their seats.

"And last but not least, for her bravery and assistance in putting criminal behind bars, I present to you Icicle," President Rollington introduced the last heroine.

Icicle was definitely the youngest of the members of the Super Six. She took her time walking to the President, loving the attention, and shook his hand. As she watched Crystal walk up to her, Icicle could feel a twinge of pride that she gave birth to a daughter. There was nothing better than having good assets that are passed down from generation to generation.

"Mom, I missed you!" Crystal greeted.

"I missed you too, sweetheart," Icicle greeted. "I see a lot of things have changed."

"Yeah, a lot of things happened over half the year, but most of it has been good," Crystal replied.

"I can see," Icicle said, looking at Max. "Your nice looking man over there, is he one of those good things?"

"Definitely," Crystal smiled.

"Do you think he'll want something better?" Icicle smirked.

"Mom!" Crystal exclaimed as silently as possible.

"We can share him," Icicle offered.

"No way," Crystal refused. "I already tried that with Hyper and that's the last time I will ever do something like that."

"You shared him with Hyper and not your own mother?" Icicle pouted.

"I owed her a favor," Crystal said. "Besides, you were nowhere near us."

"So if I'm close then you'll let me have a taste?" Icicle inquired.

"No!" Crystal refused again.

They parted ways and went to their seats. Max could see that whatever they talked about was not appealing to Crystal at all. He smiled at her and her expression immediately brightened. Max was hers and she wasn't sharing him one bit.

With the introductions of the members of the Super Six done, the banquet went underway and the guests were served their food. It was nothing but fine quality food that everyone definitely enjoyed. Also, as they ate, they were entertained by one of the world class orchestras: the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

"This is definitely a once in a lifetime experience," Dr. Walton told the Commander.

"Then let's make the most of it," Commander Shinobay said.

He grabbed Dr. Walton's hand and led her to the center of the floor. As if he had the same idea, President Rollington walked out onto the floor, leading the First Lady and both couples danced slowly. Gradually, as more and more people finished their food, they made their way to the dance floor with their dates or spouses and dances slowly to the music. Even Crystal went to dance with Max, although she did keep a wary eye out for her mother.


She didn't know what made her angrier: the pedestrian traffic that was keeping her from the banquet that was taking place or the fact that she was never invited to attend the banquet in the first place. As much as she wanted to overlook not being invited, she just couldn't get over it. She had once been a part of the Super Six when it was first established, so she had a right to be invited to the banquet. However, she won't get to the banquet if the stupid people in front of her won't move out the way.

Her angry expression automatically changed to a calm one when she made her decision. She stuffed her hand in her purse and made an illusion of a pump action shotgun. She fired the illusionary shotgun in the air, which sounded a lot like a real one, and everyone went scurrying like mice. Females were screaming in terror as she made her way to the White House.

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