tagSci-Fi & FantasyCrystal Ch. 17

Crystal Ch. 17


*****Hi dear readers, I'm back! A lot of major things happened during the past few month, so I do apologize for holding off on the Crystal series but don't worry I've still got more chapters to write for you. I know that the last chapter had the shortest sex scene I've ever written, so I'm going to make up for it in this chapter. That doesn't mean this will be the last sex scene for this story arc, but it does mean that I'm going to make sure this one will be the best one that I've written up to date. So make sure to let me know how I'm doing! --DM23*****

Heroes/Heroines mentioned

Commander Shinobay -- Force fields, Eye vision

Osprey -- Bird-like abilities

Ghost -- Invisibility, Intangibility

Zipper -- Enhanced Speed

Shell -- Bulletproof, Enhanced strength

Jasper -- Pyrokinetic, Flight (Temporarily Suspended)

Dark Matter -- Dark Matter Manipulation

Crystal -- Cryokinetic, Hydrokinetic

Hyper -- Flight, Hyperbeams

Cherry -- Teleporter, Martial artist

Dot -- Cat-like abilities

Dr. Walton -- Multitasking


"Alright everyone, listen up," Commander Shinobay ordered as he began the meeting that Friday morning. "Even though I'm certain that there aren't any remaining pieces of evidence at the last known location of the Void, I still don't believe that it's been destroyed. Every area within the vicinity of the Void's last known location has been searched thoroughly but we've still come up with nothing but dirt. Regrettably, based off of what Dictator Jones told us, the Void is most likely in someone else's hands. Who it is I don't know, but I do know they might be a potential threat if we don't persuade them to hand the Void over to us."

"But you told us that Dictator Jones said Dr. Genie might have it," Osprey reminded him. "If she does have it, then she won't hand it over."

"No, she'll be an even bigger threat," Commander Shinobay sighed. "So what we'll need to do is see if she does have it and see if she realizes that she has it. But we'll be holding that off until we meet her in battle. Until then, keep your eyes open for anything out of the ordinary. Also, Osprey and Shell, you two will be on guard duty for Dictator Jones today. This meeting is adjourned."

"You know what the good thing about no powers is?" Jasper asked as the heroes left the room. "I don't have to do any missions."

"You might not," Osprey nodded, "but that means you'll have to come up with an innovative way to get that power locker off."

"You just had to spoil my fun, didn't you?" Jasper rolled his eyes.

"If making fun of me is fun for you, then yeah," Osprey shrugged.

As each of the heroes and heroines went off to do their duties and/or patrols, Crystal froze her hand to Dark Matter's arm so that he couldn't separate from her. He smirked as he understood the unspoken message she gave him: she missed their morning fuck.

It wasn't that he was doing any of it on purpose, it was that his plans for Crystal's birthday needed to be something more than a day devoted to sex. He wanted to take her out, show her a good time, and devote the night to sex. However, most of the places he wanted to go didn't have anything happening this weekend and it was really looking like it was going to rain on his parade if he didn't think of something quick.

"Thinking of something?" Crystal asked as they arrived at their room after a quiet walk.

"More like a certain someone," Dark Matter answered, following her in the room.

"What about this person makes you think of them?" she inquired.

"Where do I start?" Dark Matter chuckled. "She's clever, tough, very beautiful, and she's all mine. She could be a goddess and I'd happily be her servant. Just looking at her makes me the luckiest man in the world and being by her side fills me up with joy. If another girl came along, I wouldn't have noticed because she captures my complete attention. She is all that matters to me, everything else comes second."

"Ahhh," Crystal sighed lovingly. Smirking, she asked, "Did you say that to get in my pants or did you really mean that?"

"You know a coin has two faces right?" Dark Matter asked instead of answering.

"Well, honestly, that got me a little wet," Crystal sheepishly grinned.

"I better come up with more descriptions of you if that makes you wet," he laughed, kissing her as they entered the bedroom.

"Which hole do you want first?" Crystal asked as she hopped on the bed.

"I want that sexy mouth of yours," Dark Matter grinned.

"Is it because you want my rear end?" Crystal teased.

"I do, I'm not even going to hide it," Dark Matter smiled.

"Then sit on the bed and let me eat your meat," Crystal lustfully said.

With his pants already falling to his knees and his boxers soon following, Dark Matter sat on the bed just as she ordered and leaned back so Crystal could begin. With his pole standing straight up, Dark Matter could tell her eyes were eating him up before her mouth even got started. She went down to her knees slowly and crawled like a predator stalking its prey before popping her head up between his legs and his meat in her face.

Handless, she licked the head softly like she tasted it for the first time. And when she found that she liked the flavor, she started licking the length and going down the side. She even went down to his balls and ran her tongue over it. But it was when she licked the backside of his cock that Dark Matter shuddered slightly.

He liked that.

With a glint in her eyes, she licked him in the same spot, making sure her entire tongue was able to rub up against the rigid yet sensitive area all the way up to the tip of the cock.

"You're not making it easy for me to hold back, you know," Dark Matter grunted.

"Ha! That's nothing," Crystal rolled her eyes. "You've survived way worse than this and you know it."

Before he could reply, Crystal did the disappearing act and stuffed half of his length in her mouth. Moaning his approval, Dark Matter instinctively placed his hand on her head and grabbed a fistful of her hair without realizing it.

"That's it, fuck my mouth," Crystal brazenly demanded.

"Are you sure?" Dark Matter asked. "It seems a bit . . . hardcore and extreme."

"You already fucked my other holes," Crystal reminded him. "You might as well finish what you've started."

With most of his worries aside, Dark Matter slowly pushed Crystals' face down his length as much as he could. He knew Crystal liked it a lot faster than the pace he was going but he didn't want to take a chance and scrape his cock against her teeth. Besides, roughing her up was something he wouldn't do. He'd never want to hurt her, but if she got pleasure out of it instead of pain, then he wasn't going to deny her of it. He did speed up though, once he found a pace that he was comfortable with.

And boy, the feeling of her mouth was absolutely incredible. Not that it never was before, but it seemed like it was heightened to another level. The way her throat coated his cock with her saliva had him sensitive from the head to the base. And the way her tongue worked on his cock's underside made him wish he could cum right then and there. She wasn't even gagging, just slurping away on his cock like a piece of hard candy that she didn't want to let go of.

If they were in a time loop forever, he wouldn't mind doing this with her.

He did stop once he noticed Crystal's hand stuffed between her legs, knowing full well that her hand was deep in her panties and playing with her pussy. Looking her in the eye, he could tell Crystal enjoyed being roughed up mildly (at least, until further and rougher indulgence says otherwise) and knew she'd want to do it again soon.

But for now, he wanted her ass.

She turned around and backed up to him until he grabbed her waist and gently pulled her down onto his lap. She giggled as he rubbed his hands along her thighs and squeezing them every so often. While he focused on her thighs, Crystal was focused on getting his thick cock in her sphincter and managed to succeed on the fourth try.

She sighed in content as her ass filled up with cock meat.

"Should I give you some toys to play with?" Dark Matter whispered in her ear.

"Toys? What kind of toys?" Crystal asked, trying to play dumb but failing as she couldn't stop the smile spreading on her face.

"The kind of toys that would make this really enjoyable," Dark Matter replied, as he slowly started making Crystal bounce on his cock.

"Mmmmmm, yeah," Crystal moans. "Give me some toys to play with." A few seconds later, she noticed her hands being tied behind her back as Dark Matter continued to thrust his cock up her ass. "I thought you were giving me some toys to play with."

"I am," he said as he made a blindfold cover her eyes. "The rope just so happens to be one of those toys, too."

Now that she didn't know what to expect, Dark Matter created he next thing he had in mind: a phallus (smaller than his size, of course), rotating and vibrating at one end of the toy like one of those masturbating toys he saw. It even made the same motor sound the toy would have made as if it was actually there.

Even as Crystal was hopping on his cock, Dark Matter pushed the toy against her glistening pussy, which squeezed a couple drops of pussy juice out of her cunt and fall to the floor. Despite the fact that they had just started, Crystal was already panting as her two holes were now plugged up and pulsing pleasure throughout her body.

Of course, Crystal was getting louder by the minute. Every thrust he made was responded with a moan, pant, or grunt saturated with delight. Even when he slowed down so he wouldn't cum immediately, she was still audible, though that might have been because of the vibrator toy churning up her cunt.

A moment later, Dark Matter shifted them around so that Crystal was leaning forward into the pillow with her ass in the air so Dark Matter could stuff her hole as hard and fast as he liked. Abruptly, Crystal shuddered as an orgasm coursed through her body. Wantonly, she cried out as her juices flowed down her legs, mapping her legs as they raced to get to the bed sheets first.

Noticing her panting, Dark Matter quickly made a platform that raised Crystal's torso from the bed so that she could breathe easier. However, he didn't stop for one moment, continuously plunging his cock deep in her sphincter and making her pussy squirt out more juice.

Even as her mind was in a state of incessant bliss, Crystal could still feel Dark Matter shove himself deep inside her. It was then that Crystal knew she probably wouldn't be walking for the next few hours, and the blame wasn't going to be on the numbness in her legs.

Still, even as she was realizing this, she felt another orgasm rise up within her, spreading all over until her entire body was covered. Helpless, she felt like her body was being sapped of its energy, powering the orgasm within her until that was all she could feel.

"Damn it, Crystal!" Dark Matter grunted as he felt his balls tighten. "I'm about to cum up your ass. I'm about to cum up your ass!"

"Cum! Cum! Cum!" Crystal chanted loudly.

And as before, Crystal came, trembling with intense satisfaction as her second orgasm overflowed her. Not too far behind her, Dark Matter came as well, shooting his cum as far as he could up her ass before collapsing next to Crystal on the bed. The toys evaporated in a puff of smoke as he panted from their extreme round of sex.

"Fuck, I can barely move," Crystal laughed as she weakly tried to get underneath her blankets.

"I'd go again if I still had some energy to move," Dark Matter grunted. "As a matter of fact, that sounds pretty hot. You lying there while I fuck you nonstop and unable to do a thing about it."

"Why would I want to stop you from fucking me?" Crystal purred, crawling over to him and draping herself over his back. Right next to his ear, she whispered, "What I really want is for you to fuck me until I pass out. Then I want you to fuck me while I'm passed out. Then I want you to fuck me to wake me up. And then I want to repeat the cycle all over again."

"Damn, talk about future goals," Dark Matter laughed this time. "If I'm going to do all of that, then I'm going to have to get myself prepared and store up on my reserves."

"Or you could just practice," Crystal naughtily suggested.

"I think I like your idea better," Dark Matter agreed.


"Alright Dr. Genie, your little toy is ready for takeoff," Mr. Taylor Jr. informed as his private jet flew closer to the Grand Canyon.

"Good, now have the Silvers' open the docking station and place it in firing position," Dr. Genie ordered.

"They're already working on it," Mr. Taylor confirmed. "Now, if everyone could look out the window on your right, you'll be able to see your new headquarters."

As if they could care less, the villains and villainesses peered out the window to glance at the new hideout built for them. But, whether it was because they were too high above the ground, or the fact that they were looking at a mirage, the villains didn't see anything that resembled a building, much less a secret headquarters.

"Mr. Taylor, if you played us, then I'm going to make sure you feel the wrath of every one of us on board," Dr. Genie snarled.

"So you can't see it either," Mr. Taylor nonchalantly replied as if he knew what her reaction would've been. "Good, I was hoping you'd say that."

"And why is that?" Dr. Genie grits her teeth.

"Because that means I have a lot of explaining to do," he smiled as he sipped his beverage. "And you have to listen."

The plane landed at the edge of a cliff and the villains exited the plane as they followed Mr. Taylor. He led them to a staircase constructed into the rocky cliff and they descended to the barren ground overshadowed by the cliff.

"The first thing you should know," Mr. Taylor began, "is that I had to get rid of a nearby tourist watchtower, and heavily compensating the losses, to make sure there were no witnesses. Other than that, construction in the Grand Canyon went faster than I expected. I thought it was going to take me all week, but I had it done with a couple of days to spare."

"Get on with it Taylor," Dr. Genie rolled her eyes.

"The reason why you can't see your newly constructed headquarters is because it's beneath you," Mr. Taylor revealed. "When I chose the spot, I found a way to detonate multiple explosives beneath the earth to loosen ground without altering the geographical environment from an outside point of view."

Dr. Genie raised a brow as if she already guessed it.

"Don't worry, you won't experience any earthquakes or anything like that," Mr. Taylor reassured. "I made sure it was well structured to withstand any natural disasters."

He pulled out a remote and pushed a button, which activated several turrets along the cliffs in all directions. Next were the mines, rising out of the ground at random locations, though none were near the stairs where the villains and Mr. Taylor stood. Lastly, trenches formed in the ground, which, upon a cautious inspection, exposed several slots where weapons and more explosives were stored.

"I present to you the first defensive line," Mr. Taylor declared.

"Mr. Taylor, I changed my mind about the Grand Canyon due to the geographical advantages it presented," Dr. Genie informed. "Unless I see something impressively new, then I'm going to force you to start over."

Internally bristling, Mr. Taylor managed an understanding smile and replied, "Of course, Dr. Genie."

Pressing another button on the remote, a door opened next to the staircase and Mr. Taylor entered an elevator with the villains following him. Once the door closed, the elevator descended below the ground level and revealed the headquarters promised beneath.

Like all the headquarters before it, the secret base was humongous.

"You have space for your pets, a place to do your experimentations, and a place to rest as well," Mr. Taylor pointed out.

"That's nothing new," Dr. Genie impatiently glared. "What else do you have to show us?"

"Well for one, it has solar panels to power the base," he shook with anger. "The solar panels have been made to fit into the terrain around the canyon's edge so that it won't be recognizable to anyone passing overhead. It even looks like the terrain."

"That's all?" the doctor asked as the elevator stopped.

"No, there's still more," Mr. Taylor replied, leading the villains to the center of the headquarters. "If you look to the center and the corners of the hideout, there's a tower constructed to provide extra measures of defense. Those who go inside must wear rubber suits because the towers are highly conductible and will fatally shock anyone who touches it without wearing one."

"It's passable," Dr. Genie decided after a minute of deciding.

Mr. Taylor still frowned.

"The last thing I want to show you are these," Mr. Taylor presented. He grabbed a bag off a nearby table and pulled out a watch and held it out for the villains to see. "Meet your new, Wicked Watch. It can create a bright light to distract the heroes, armor, and --"

"I am not using gadgets to fight the heroes," Dr. Genie snarled.

"It can even teleport you wherever you want to go," Mr. Taylor hurried to finish.

"It can what?" Dr. Genie demanded, a little bit surprised.

"It's capable of teleportation," Mr. Taylor repeated hopefully.

"How far?" Dr. Genie inquired.

"Based off of the northernmost point," Mr. Taylor answered thoughtfully, "you could jump the whole state of Colorado, give or take a few miles."

"I guess I'll let this make up for all the other useless features this place has," Dr. Genie shrugged.

Mr. Taylor's rage was just about to show itself, but he immediately reminded himself that he did have the company of the other villains and that Dr. Genie still controlled his rejuvenation serum. Regardless, he was still angry and even as a businessman, he was no pushover. Despite that, however, Mr. Taylor forced himself to remain calm, knowing that his livelihood depended on his actions.

"I'm glad you found your new headquarters . . . satisfying, Dr. Genie," Mr. Taylor forced himself to smile.

"Don't try and change my words," Dr. Genie growled in his face. "I meant every word I said."

"Well, then if you have no further use for me, I need to get back to work," he growled right back.

The villains watched him stomp back to the elevator to go back above ground and to his helicopter. They heard the blades of the helicopter as it took off and Dr. Genie finally smiled a genuine smile.

"Well then, let's get to business," she said, rubbing her hands gleefully.

She led the villains to her lab where a laptop was waiting for them on her desk. Opening it up, Dr. Genie typed a few keys and a live video of a spaceship taking off showed on the screen with a timer going down on the screen.

"Okay, so here's the plan," Dr. Genie began, "I need you guys to keep the heroes and the news busy until Baby -- I mean, the Eradicator gets into space and gets finished recalibrating. That should take a few days at the most. Then, I'll let you know when to stand clear so that he can target them."

"But that's similar to what we did that the last time when Dictator Jones tried to take control of the United Nations," Acrobat reminded her. "The heroes were able to meet up with each and every one of us and beat us bad. What's the difference between now and then if it'll just end up the same way?"

"The difference is that Jones had an extreme plan that was remotely achievable," Dr. Genie rolled her eyes before smirking evilly. "My plan is much more simple: chaos and destruction."


The bedroom was empty when Crystal woke up. Confusion worked its way onto her face as she wondered why Dark Matter was leaving so early in the morning. She knew he wasn't cheating on her, but that still made her all the more inquisitive about why he changed his morning routine. Looking at the clock, she saw that it was actually in the afternoon and that she had slept in.

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