tagGroup SexCrystal Clear Ch. 10

Crystal Clear Ch. 10


This story is part of a continuation of my Road Trip series (see the end of 'Road Trip -- California' for a list of the chapters of that series, in order to be read). You need not read that series to enjoy this series. Although real places and celebrity names are used for realism, this story is fiction. Please 'read, enjoy, vote, and comment.'

This chapter will be dramatically enhanced for you if you read Road Trip -- Ohio. This story can be found at the author's web page by clicking on the name Romantic1 above.

Synopsis of This Story Up to This Point: After a motorcycle road trip laced with grief, love, incest, and sex, Jim moved in with country singer Crystal Lee and her sister Ellen in Nashville. With Crystal's help, Jim became a top country singer. He got tapped to do a movie, enjoys several orgies with his leading lady Jill Danes, and finds a new love interest in a. The film crew moved to Nicaragua to film on location, and Jill was kidnapped. Jim did a bold and risky rescue using his skills he learned as a Green Beret. Shooting finished on Jim's movie. He returned to Nashville with Ellen and Claire for a sex-filled week with Nadia their housekeeper before Crystal returns from Europe where she did a movie. Upon Crystal's arrival, Jim and Crystal do a press conference where a reporter asked Jim about his fathering a child in Ohio. Jim initially ducked the question, but his answer indicated the reporter's accurate assessment. The media went wild at the prospect of a Jim having a hidden baby. A few days later, Jim and Crystal sneak off to join his child's parents in Michigan after they too have fled the paparazzi; as a group, they decide to allow the pretty reporter from the press conference to interview Jim, Crystal, Summer -- the baby's mother, and George -- her husband.

Crystal Clear Ch 10

Babies, horny dads, playful wives, and a loving reporter

Edie, the pretty reporter from the Dayton Daily News, appeared nonplused. "You ... err, how can I ask this delicately ... you conceived a second child last night?" She looked between Summer and me about a dozen times in ten seconds.

Summer spoke, "Yes, exactly."

"How do you know you're pregnant? You can't tell for sure for at least a couple of weeks."

"I can," Summer replied. "I knew it the second he ... the second his seed touched my egg. I'm certain. I'll confirm it in a couple of weeks."

Edie wasn't satisfied, "No, no. Say more. I mean you must feel different today than yesterday, describe that."

Summer spoke softly, "Jim and I connected on many levels last night -- mind, body, and spirit. We resonated on such a deep level I can't begin to describe it; we can almost read each other's thoughts and feelings. Our bodies were so in sync with one another, so in touch, so vibrant together; we peaked together over and over. Lastly, and on that deeper level, Jim and I were in touch with each other's souls. I do believe we are soul mates, the feeling is that strong. In other times and dimensions, spiritual dimensions, we are loving beings; here we are those loving beings having a human experience -- and that's how I know I conceived."

Edie turned to George, "And you're happy with this situation?"

George broke into a big grin, "Ecstatic actually. We wanted to have two children, and now we will."

Edie sputtered, "But ... but ... didn't your wife sleep with Mr. Mellon a couple of years ago and last night?"

George sobered a little and then toyed with the reporter, "Oh, yeah. I guess he did." He paused and got serious; "The issue is whether the ends justify the means. In this case, and with the personalities of the people involved, we each think it did. At the request of my wife and me, Jim made love to my wife. Now, I love them both dearly. I wasn't sure they'd fall in love, but I am over the moon that they did. I think it's important to the mother and the babies to know that both their parents love each other. They do."

"Aren't you jealous?"

"Of what? Jim putting his penis in my wife and leaving his seed. Hardly. I'd be jealous if he tried to take her away from me. I'm jealous that I can't sing and act like he can. But am I jealous they made love, no; I think that those times they made love and connected were some of the truly beautiful moments I could gift to my wife."

I jumped in, "Edie, there's an underlying philosophy we all share. We share a belief in the concept of polyamory -- giving your loved ones the space to love more than one person at a time."

Edie nodded for me to continue.

"Most people think of love as a zero sum game. If I love Crystal, I can't love you without taking something away from Crystal's bucket."

Crystal slipped into the conversation, "But what we found is that the more people you love, the bigger all your buckets get. You end up with more love than you could wish for -- and I'm not talking just sex, I really mean love."

I spoke again, "I guess we reject that zero sum game assumption, and so far I can tell you our lives are all amazing. Besides the sex, I'm talking about all the other warm and romantic feelings that go along with love. In doing that, we disavow allegiance to the principle of monogamy -- that's the shorthand name for the zero sum game."

Edie asked, "But if you're with Summer, you're not with Crystal. You can't physically be in two places at one time."

I responded, "Right, and that brings us to the principle of 'compersion' -- a word that got coined because our vocabulary had nothing that stood opposite the word 'jealousy.'"

I turned to my son who had been playing on the floor between all the adults. I spoke to Edie, "How do you feel when you see my son playing well with a toy?"

Edie answered, "Happy. Glad that he's happy and content. I can see that he's learning something, and exercising, and growing. If I were his parents, I'd feel proud at his accomplishments and excitement when he did something new, like learn a new word or walk for the first time."

"Do you feel threatened because I spend time with him? Would you if you were his mother?"

"No, I'd be happy for the two of you."

"Might you derive happiness from those times because I was happy and he was happy?"


I went on, "Well, now you understand compersion. Carry that over to my being with Summer instead of Crystal."

She turned to Crystal, "You mean you were glad he slept with Summer."

Crystal said, "Just as George said, I was full of joy that the two of them reconnected after being apart for so long."

Edie asked, "Did you know ahead of time that they'd have sex?"

"Well, of course. They'd already made a baby."

"That reminds me, when did Jim tell you about his child?"

Crystal thought a moment before responding, "I think it was when I met him in Missouri after he'd been to Ohio -- probably about two or three weeks after he'd seen George and Summer. He was excited that he'd probably made Summer pregnant."

"Who else knew?"

"I think my sister Ellen and Terry our agent were at the table when he told us."

Edie asked, "And, no one thought that was a little unusual? I mean, by then, weren't the two of you becoming more serious?"

Crystal said, "Well, yes, I loved Jim a lot by then; I felt he also was a soul mate to me as well. I was excited and happy for him. He even told me he'd fallen in love with Summer."

"He told you he was in love with another woman?"

"Sure. I felt glad they'd connected on such a deep level. The way he felt about Summer didn't take anything away from what I thought we had or have. Just like last night, I was happy for both of them. Summer had such a glow this morning when they got up; I could tell they'd made love again before coming downstairs."

Edie's eyes practically rolled up in her head. I could tell that Crystal was subtly teasing the poor woman with increasingly shocking statements. I guessed what was coming next, and Edie fell right into her trap.

Edie said, "What did you do overnight?"

Crystal said in a level voice, "Why, I was with George, of course. I didn't want him to feel lonely."

The pen fell out of Edie's hand again.

* * * * *

After we talked for a while longer about less controversial topics, we took a break. Summer and Edie took Little James by the hands and the two of them slowly walked him down by the lake and out onto the wide dock. The air had turned crisp overnight, the harbinger of an early autumn. James was walking, but not very well and not very far. Summer let Edie carry the baby back in her arms; James liked the attention of a new female.

Crystal and I helped George put out some snacks and opened some wine for everyone. George fired up his grill and prepared to barbeque some steaks. The sun rode low in the sky, and some clouds added to the sky to make a beautiful sunset.

When Edie reached the patio she shivered. I automatically reached over and put a warm arm around her shoulders, and she just nestled in and said, "You're a warm body, and I bet it's going to be cold tonight."

We ate dinner inside, and after dinner George got a fire pit going in the middle of the back yard. The women fussed over Little James and put him to bed, and then joined the two of us outside.

As Edie walked up with the other women, she said, "I guess I'll be going. If I leave now I can get back to Dayton before one or two in the morning."

We all spoke at once, Summer the most emphatic, "You can't go; you're staying with us. We can rearrange so you can be comfortable. Besides, you haven't finished your interviews; I know you wanted to talk some more to Crystal."

I could tell Edie was torn between staying and imposing on the rest of us. Maybe I sealed the deal, "Come on Edie, stay overnight." I patted the empty seat on the small outdoor sofa beside me. Somewhat reluctantly, she sat.

Our conversation rambled from topic to topic. At one point, George said, "I'm going to have a cognac, I'll bring something out for everyone." He got up from his chair and walked into the house.

A minute later, he brought out a tray with five small glasses and several different bottles of cognac and liqueurs. Summer looked over at me in anticipation; she remembered. Crystal just winked at me and nodded in Edie's direction. Summer almost burst out laughing when she saw what Crystal had implied.

I poured a glass of Grand Marnier, a rich orange liqueur. I moved in front of Summer, and she stood and faced me. The glow from the fire lit our bodies. I took a sip of the liqueur, and moved to her lips the way I had the night we first made love. As we kissed, I thrust my tongue gently into her mouth, and then jetted the liqueur from my mouth to hers. After that, our tongues danced in the open air between us -- tasting, rubbing, loving.

Summer grabbed a hold of me and really started to French kiss me, more passionately than the tender moment when we shared the liqueur. A quick fire of passion rose between us. I could feel myself harden as I pushed into her.

We broke apart, and Summer sat, but we both knew we'd make love later.

After a quiet word or two with Crystal, George poured his cognac and repeated the sexy gesture with her. Crystal moaned into their kiss, and I watched as her hips bucked over George's leg. She was in heat, and I genuinely felt glad for her.

After a moment or two of further kissing and grinding of hips, the pair broke apart and sat together again. George draped his arm around Crystal's shoulders, and she pulled his hand to her breast. She wore no bra, and I could already see her fabulous nipples poking through the cotton fabric of her shirt.

We were all quiet for a couple of minutes, and then Edie turned to me: "Would you do that to me -- with the liqueur I mean. That looked so ... so different. I ... I just want to see what it's like." We both stood, Edie's stunning body facing me in an innocence a decade below her years. I instantly became more aware of her womanhood -- her slimness, her full breasts, her upturned face to mine, her subtle smile of hopefulness. Suddenly, I hoped she felt and would respond to my maleness. I wanted her.

I took a generous sip from my liqueur glass, put my arms around her, and bent down to kiss Edie. Our lips came together, and she allowed my tongue to penetrate into her body. With intent to excite, I squirted the liquid from my mouth to Edie's, and then I changed from delivery mode to a passionate kiss. Our mouths remained locked together, as we kissed; Edie's tongue came into my mouth and I tried to suck every drop of moisture from her, even swapping some of the liqueur back and forth with her. She moaned, and her arms tightened around my neck, as she pulled me into a deeper kiss -- and another kiss -- and another.

As we parted, she panted and whispered, "Oh, God. That was fabulous. Can we do it again?" She had responded naturally, and then realized we had an audience. She muttered, "Oh, dear. I ... I didn't mean ..."

I said softly to her, "Yes, you did." I pulled her to me, and we kissed. She allowed me to run my tongue up her neck and then around her lips. I could feel her body turning to liquid. I sipped the Grand Marnier again, and repeated the liquid kiss; she responded with more intensity this time. Unconsciously, her hips started to grind into mine, and soon her crotch rode up one of my legs as the light of passion reached her midsection. More kisses followed, and then we sat down.

I put my arm around Edie. She stared into the fire, I thought too embarrassed to look at the others. Summer came over and sat on my other side; she unbuttoned her shirt almost to her navel and pulled my hand around her and down to her breasts.

I could almost feel Edie's mind racing to a decision. When she reached it, she too undid a couple of buttons on her blouse and pulled my hand to her chest. She leaned into me as I touched her. When I stroked a nipple, and lightly pinched it between two fingers she groaned in a barely audible voice of satisfaction, "Oh, fuck, that's nice. I need this."

I kissed Summer. She drank from the Grand Marnier and gave me her spurt of liquid. She said, "Share it with Edie. This is so sexy."

I turned to Edie's ready body, and our lips met. She accepted the liquid that had passed from Summer to me and to her. As we parted, she spoke, "That is so erotic. It's almost like I'm making love with all of you."

I said in a kind voice to her, "You are. You are sharing yourself with us as we are with you."

Edie panted, "But, I want to ... to make love to you -- to all of you. You're all so nice, and ... the way you think about people ... and love ... and relationships is so ... divine."

"We want to make love to you too, if you'll let us."

Edie reached to the table behind us and took the glass of liqueur. She took a small swig and turned to face me. She pulled my head to hers, and we kissed with her jetting the liquid fire into my mouth. When she'd finished I turned and shared it with Summer.

After Summer and I kissed, we sat and watched the fire. On the other sofa, Crystal had removed her top and George made love to her full curvy breasts. Even from a dozen feet away, we could see her erect and excited nipples centered on her large areolas. The fire glow accentuated the curves of her beautiful upper body. George alternated sucking one and then the other. Crystal seemed to be in a pleasure zone as she cradled his head. Watching the two of them made me harden.

As I fondled Edie's and Summer's breasts, we watched as Crystal shed the Daisy Mae shorts she wore all the time. Beneath the jeans was a small thong that she also disposed of quickly. She sat down again in George's lap and pulled one of his hands to her pussy.

George gently stroked up and down Crystal's slit as she moaned and squirmed in his arms. Summer, Edie, and I could tell when he found her clitoris because Crystal threw her head back onto his shoulder and spread her legs even further. George inserted two fingers into her cunt, and stroked her clit with his thumb. Crystal started to vibrate in his lap, her body pulsating with pleasure as he pumped his hand in and out of her vagina. He put a third finger into the mix.

Crystal must have been on the edge, because within two minutes she came in a spectacular array of fireworks that lit up the sky. "Oh ... George ... keep going ... don't stop ... you're bringing me ... right up to ... the edge. Oh, fuuuuuuucccccck." The sound of George's hand slapping against her labia came to a slow stop. Crystal's eyes were closed, and she just flowed into some wild kisses with him where she wanted to devour him.

The broke apart and Crystal stood and pulled George to his feet. She turned to us, "We have some serious business to attend to. Please excuse us; we'll see you in the morning, and we hope we don't keep you awake." The pair disappeared inside the house.

Summer kissed me, and nudged me to have a deep kiss with Edie. Summer said, "It's time for us to go in too. The fire is dying down, and my back is getting chilly." She hitched forward so she could look past me at Edie; her look invited Edie to join us.

Edie said in a low voice, "I've never been in a threesome. I've never made love to a woman."

Summer said, "You'll love it, and I've never made love to a woman either. Come, let's learn how to please each other together. I'm sure Jim will help."

Summer helped Edie stand. She reached over the last of the Grand Marnier in the glass we had been sharing. Summer sipped in the liquid, and then put her hand behind Edie's head and gently guided Edie's lips to her own. The pair kissed, and I could imagine the inferno of emotions each of the women must have felt. They each moaned in pleasure into the kiss.

When the broke apart, Summer led Edie inside and to the master bedroom. I followed behind.

* * * * *

I had Edie help me unveil Summer's tight curvy body. She'd worked hard to restore her figure after the baby, and had been successful. What remained were a pair of breasts that remained firm and vibrant; each still retained the large dark areolas that I found so enticing.

To my surprise, Edie leaned in and suckled one of Summer's breasts. Summer held her head and guided her for a minute.

Edie looked at me and said, "It feels so nice to do that. For the first time, I can see why my boyfriends have found my chest so fascinating."

Summer and I slowly stripped away Edie's clothing, although there wasn't much -- slacks, blouse, bra, and thong. As we did, Summer talked to Edie in a loving yet lusty tone: "The moment I saw you, I wanted to eat you up. You look so yummy. I am going to lick you from head to toe, and savor you. I want to taste you -- to taste your female juices that you no doubt have flowing out of your little pussy right now. I'm going to drive my tongue deep inside your mouth and your pussy until you cum ... and then you're going to do all the same things to me."

In a pause, Edie said, "What about Jim?"

Summer chuckled, "When I'm done with you, Jim will fuck the living daylights out of you. It'll be a fuck so fantastic you'll remember it for the rest of your life, partly because I'm going to keep using my tongue all over you. Only one restriction, I get his cum deep inside me. Maybe some other time you can have it, but this week I'm at my most fertile and I want as much of his sperm in my womb as I can get."

Edie moaned as Summer's fingers reached into her slit. Summer pushed Edie back onto the bed. I removed my own clothing, and sat in a bedroom chair watching the Sapphic pair and fondling my own shaft so I'd be ready for the call.

Summer and Edie made out as their hands roamed wildly on each other's breasts, and then lower into the wet valleys of love the two had generated. They each provided guidance to the other -- "harder, slower, just to the right, right there, deeper, use more fingers, pinch harder, yes you can touch there too." I found myself surprised by how vocal they were to one another.

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