tagGroup SexCrystal Clear Ch. 24

Crystal Clear Ch. 24


This story is part of a continuation of my Road Trip series (see the end of 'Road Trip -- California' for a list of the chapters of that series, in order to be read). You need not read that series to enjoy this series. Although real places and celebrity names are used for realism, this story is fiction. Please 'read, enjoy, vote, and comment.'

Synopsis of This Story Up to This Point: After a motorcycle road trip laced with grief, love, incest, and sex (read my Road Trip series), Jim, girlfriend country singer Crystal Lee and her sister Ellen, a love interest named Claire, and a nymphomaniac housekeeper Nadia lived together. Jim becomes a huge country music success, does his first movie (enjoying several orgies with his leading lady), and becomes a hero several times to great media acclaim. The press discovered that Jim fathered a child in Ohio during his road trip, but with sexy Edie's help, Crystal and Jim manage the news so their reputations remain intact. Billy, their band leader, and Dan, their publicist, joined the group more often. Claire finally revealed her mysterious past, admitting to doing porn films and being an escort, at one point consorting with billionaire Joe Mansard and his daughter Beth; Claire left the 'adult' business and took steps to clean up her life. Crystal and Jim get Grammys for their great music. Jim is blackmailed; he hires private detective Margo to resolve the case. Together, they confront some suspects and resolve the blackmail threat. After an erotic night with Margo and Caroline -- one of the suspects, Jim continued his European singing tour. In Berlin, CIA agents asked Jim to do a special task in Moscow; Jim started his mission, met a beautiful Russian woman, and after mission success connected with a sexy CIA agent. After Moscow, the concert entourage moved to Dublin, where Jim discovered a bomb in the concert stadium, and at great personal risk saved the day. His 'Mellon Girls' rewarded him appropriately. Back in Nashville, Jim and the gang listened to one of Nadia's sexy stories, and in Ohio Jim saw the birth of his second child. Later, Nadia brought a new and inspiring sex toy into their midst. Jim's circle headed to LA to start a new movie. On a weekend concert, Jim met PJ -- a beautiful runner welcomed into the group. Urged by her circle, Claire reestablished contact with billionaire Mansard and Beth; Jim joined the three of them for a long-weekend vacation in the Galapagos Islands.

Chapter 24

Claire, the billionaire, his daughter, Jim, and sex

The after dinner agenda became clear the moment the last of the dinner plates were cleared. Luba stood at the table in her cute little white shorts and polo shirt; she wore white sneakers, and as I closely studied her I confirmed to myself that she wore no other clothing.

Luba announced, "I am pleased to announced that the hot tub on the forward deck is ready. The temperature is perfect, the night sky is clear with a half moon, and I am sure those that try it will enjoy some unusual pleasures." With that she turned, and I watched her cute little ass sashay away from us.

Mansard rose, and said, "Let's go. I have seldom felt I had the time to do anything like this, so you'll have to show me what to do ... and how to enjoy this." He had a teasing tone to his voice, so I certainly could tell he was not as naïve as he made himself out to be.

We walked out to the foredeck; the eight-person hot tub shimmered in the night; a dim blue bulb within adding to the alluring effect of the gentle bubbling warm water. The evening had gotten chilly, so I knew the warmth would feel doubly exciting to enter.

There was never a question about what would get worn. We each casually stripped our clothing off, and put it in piles on a bench seat adjacent to the spa. I went in first, held out my hand and helped a gorgeous Beth into the hot tub. Joe took my cue, and repeated the process with Claire. I resisted ogling the women, although my eyes practically dropped out of my head seeing Beth's smooth and flawless naked body for the first time.

The four had no soon gotten seated than two naked female forms appeared out of the darkness surrounding the ship. Luba and Renata stood beside the hot tub. Luba spoke deferentially, "Mr. Mansard, may we join you? I think Renata and I can add to the night's excitement. We can also give massages and shoulder rubs if you or anyone would like."

I mentally added several additional criteria to the specifications that Mansard must have given the captain for these female shipmates.

The two young women carefully stepped into the tub assisted by Joe and me. I was the first to notice the complete lack of pubic hair on the two cute deck mates. Luba sat beside me, with Beth on my other side. Renata sat beside Joe with Claire on his other side.

I lay back and put my arms around the two women on either side of me. My hands conveniently fell to one of Beth's breasts and one of Luba's breasts. Both women used another hand to push my fingers more tightly around their mounds and to squeeze a nipple between my fingers.

I turned to Beth, and we kissed for the first time -- a serious kiss that involved tongue other areas of the face, ears, and neck. I turned and repeated the gesture on my new playmate, Luba. Both were more than willing partners. The trajectory of the night had been firmly established.

Luba's hand snaked below the water and massaged my tumescent rod. As my shaft started to rise for sexual activity, she reached across and captured one of Beth's hands in hers, bringing it to my cock.

Beth didn't hesitate for a second. Her hand surrounded the shaft, moving the outer skin up and down. Luba's hand cupped over the mushroom cap head of my cock, adding to the erotic stimulation. She knew exactly what she was doing. I wondered where you got trained for a job like this.

I whispered to Beth, "Is this all right with you? I don't want to impose."

Beth lapped my cheek and pushed her tongue deep in my mouth. "I organized it; of course, I want it. I can't wait to fuck you and have you eat me and anything else you can thing of. I can't wait to see you fuck Luba -- and Renata, and see you eat them and make them cum too. I can't wait to see you fuck Claire. So, impose? I will be imposed upon if you aren't eating my pussy in thirty seconds."

With that pronouncement, audible to everyone, Beth moved to sit beside me on the edge of the hot tub. She pulled a nearby towel around her shoulders to soften the cooling effect of the night breeze.

I turned and with tongue extended moved into Beth's pussy, my initial swipe went from deep in her crotch up past her clitoris. I made a few thrusts into her vagina with my tongue. Beth's low moans told me I must be near the 'right' place.

Before I realized, Luba wormed her way in front of Beth's cunt. I looked on in close quarters and with amazement as her long tongue sank deep into Beth's vagina. Luba added two fingers, and munched on the area where her clitoris had started to show. Beth's moans got louder.

I looked across the tub briefly. Renata sat on the edge of the tub leaning back, her erect breasts pointing into the night sky. Joe and Claire were taking turns eating out the girl, and taking turns fingering her dripping cunt and ass.

As I turned back to Beth, I watched as Luba added a third finger to her penetration, and then a fourth, and then tucked her thump into her palm and wormed her entire hand inside Beth, turning and twisting as she went. I could tell from the angle that Luba's knuckles must have been scrapping around where Beth's G-spot lay. Beth's body writhed in pleasure; she gasped for air.

As Luba fisted Beth, I leaned down and started to suck, bite, and tussle Beth's full breasts. Beth's first orgasm resulted in an unexpected shriek into the night sky. Given the humid air and the onshore breeze, I wondered if the townspeople might react in some way to the powerful outcry. Nonetheless, I went back to using my lips to bite and pull on Beth's nipples.

Renata's orgasms were only slightly quieter, and were accompanied by a mix of English and Russian words that would make a sailor blush, as the old expression went. There was no doubt that she hadn't truly enjoyed what Joe and Claire did to her.

I turned back to my female duet. Luba pleaded with the two of us, "Do me, now; please!"

Beth moved back into the hot tub water, and Luba sat on the edge of the hot tub, her large breasts illuminated from the lights in the tub. They looked mammoth, and far from anything that little white polo shirt could have contained.

Beth understood fisting as well, and soon had her hand inside the gaping cunt of the little female sailor. Luba gratifyingly popped off orgasm after orgasm, coming almost instantly to every change in position or pace that Beth delivered to her. I leaned in and applied my expertise to Luba's pussy, flicking my tongue over her clit and trying to absorb at least a little of her female juices -- nectar that tasted divine. Luba nearly passed out; she writhed in an erotic state between pleasure and too much pleasure. After another minute of the intense stimulation, Luba erupted with a stream of clear girl ejaculate that arched over me and Beth into the middle of the tub, some even splashing off Joe's back as he faced into Renata's cunt with his tongue wagging full bore.

I lapped up some of the juices, savoring the exquisite and rare taste. I'd only known one or two other women that did this when over stimulated. I rose, put my arms around Luba and kissed her passionately, as I did my cock brushed against Beth's hand.

Beth took ahold of my full size erection, now at a perfect '10,' and brought it to the entrance to Luba's magnificent body. With her other hand, she pushed my rear, urging my penetration of Luba's cunt. At that urging, I sank over half a foot of cock into the body in front of me. Luba moaned loudly and came again, flooding our union with another shot of juice that splashed up onto my chest.

Beth rose and used one hand to hold, fondle, twist, and pull on Luba's breasts. Several times, she held one of the globes up to Luba's mouth for her to suck on her own nipples. From the look on her face, Beth found happiness in these breasts.

After a series of orgasms, Luba pleaded with Beth and me to allow her to switch with Beth again. Beth moved into the position, immediately guiding my cock deep into her pussy. We looked solidly into each other's eyes as my cock slowly, fraction of an inch by fraction of an inch, slid into her silky vagina. I pumped back and forth into the woman for over a minute before Luba said to Beth, "Inch down so your pretty ass is hanging more over the edge."

Beth scooched down a little until her butt hung entirely over the lip of the spa. From nowhere Luba produced a dildo the size of Montana, turned it on, and slowly drove the vibrating shaft into Beth's ass, slowly twisting and turning the device right below where my engorged ball sack swung back and forth as I fucked Beth. Beth's back arched into a semi-circle against the dual onslaught into her cavities. She screamed into the night for a second time, and then collapsed back onto the spa deck in the Land of Continuous Orgasm.

I pumped into Beth's body with wild abandon, my cock driving from tip to full depth on every stroke. Beth's hips moved to meet my thrusts. Luba pumped the artificial cock into Beth's ass as she sucked and bit on Beth's breasts. Beth just moaned from one climax to the next with only a few seconds between.

I allowed my orgasm to coincide with one of Beth's. I could see her tiring at a rapid pace from the erotic attention. With warning to Beth, just in case she had other wishes, we came in a peak for both of us. Blast after blast of my man juice rushed from my body into Beth's. Now, I became the one who bellowed my pleasure into the night.

Before I'd fully enjoyed my afterglow buried to the limit in Beth's twitching quim, Luba pulled my cock away, cleaned every vestige of cum from the shaft, and then latched onto Beth's cunt with her mouth to suck my semen from deep within her vagina.

Only a couple of feet away, Renata appeared to be rendering the same service to Claire.

I made a note in my head that I'd found still a few other specifications for the ideal deck hand on Joe's boat. I'd have to ask him later.

* * * * *

I sat naked in the morning sun on the forecastle of the main deck. My arms wrapped around an equally nude Claire, my arms crossed over her chest with each hand cupping a breast; we shared our body heat in the cool morning air. A thin layer of fog allowed most of the suns rays to reach the large yacht's deck, and promised to burn off completely within the hour.

Neither of us was concerned with our nakedness as we meditated; this wasn't a sexual experience; it was a spiritual one. Normally, I didn't have physical contact with another person when I meditated thus; it had taken me a few extra minutes to find what I called my trance-like state of upper-consciousness. Claire seemed to go under almost immediately; she and I had practiced different meditation techniques together over the past year. We also yearned to grow spiritually together. Crystal, Ellen, and Nadia felt much the same way.

I felt Claire shiver and pulled my consciousness back into awareness in this physical plane. She whispered to me, "Jim, I love you so much. I hope you never forget that despite our physical play with others."

I kissed her neck, "I know, and I will never stop loving you. You are beautiful, exotic, exciting, and so many other words that express my love for you."

Claire turned her head so we could kiss.

The beautiful nude form of Beth Mansard came across the deck and silently sat down beside us. With minor insistence, she pried one of my arms from Claire, and wrapped it around her, deliberately placing my palm onto her right breast and the semi-erect nipple. After I'd given her a welcome kiss, the three of us sat is silence watching the beauty of the morning unfold in front of us. A light fog seemed to be burning off the higher the sun got.

I heard a door shut behind us, and felt instead of heard the footfalls of bare feet approach. Luba's nude form appeared at my left side. She carried a tray with three cups of coffee on it.

I spoke, "Luba, can you please sit and join us for a minute or two? We'd like your company."

She looked unsure, caught between her assigned duties of service, and her desire to reconnect with us after being with us sexually the night before and well into the dark morning hours. She'd even remained in my bed until the wee hours of the morning. Last I remembered, we'd both made love to Beth; however, I fell asleep with my cock in Luba's pussy.

Beth said in a kind voice, "Please, sit with us Luba. We'd love your company. I want you and Renata to feel more relaxed to join us as you wish -- in any way you wish. I'll tell the captain it was my request so you don't lose a brownie point with him." Beth reached behind her to the standing girl and stroked Luba's erotic thigh, running her hand right up to the younger woman's pussy.

Luba looked relieved, and sat on my left. I extended that arm and she snuggled in against Claire and me, putting her head on my shoulder; the palm of one hand ended up firmly rested on her tit. I felt a shiver of contentment run through her. We shared a brief kiss.

I said to Beth, "If you ever want to replace Luba or Renata, I hope you'll let me know so we can add them to our circle of close friends." From my other side, I felt Luba turn her head to me and kiss my neck. I really liked both young women and would love to have them around me on a constant basis.

We sipped our coffee. Claire shared her coffee with Luba.

When the cups were empty, Luba stood and collected them. "I came to find out what each of you wanted for breakfast. It's about eight o'clock, and we'll only need a few minutes to prepare." After some deliberations, we agreed that some fruit and yoghurt would be the preferred meal, with fresh orange juice, and more coffee. Luba took our cups and disappeared back into the ship, her sweet naked ass swinging in a sexy way as she disappeared.

Joe appeared seconds later, although he wore a Speedo bathing suit. Uncharacteristically, we got a good morning smile from him. He said, "I have been missing something by not taking vacations like this. Anyone for morning swims in the Pacific?"

After greeting him, we all stood, and seconds later we followed him in a dive from the foredeck into the blue water. As we surfaced, Beth and Claire gave shrieks at the chilly water. Claire said, "We're near the equator! Why is this water this cold? I don't get it."

Joe explained as he trod water, "Captain said the water temps here pick up some current from the Antarctic Sea, and so the temp is irregularly cool or warm. I guess today; it's a little cool."

We swam to the fantail of the yacht. One of the young men met us there with a pile of towels. He displayed no emotion or even a sideways glance at anyone's nudity including my own. As Beth and Claire's bodies reached the air, I again felt an inner tug on my libido because of their nudity although I'd just spent over half an hour with them in the same condition. Both women could have fantastic careers as fashion models, and I was one of the few lucky people in the world that got to see them naked -- that got to make love to them.

As we dried off, Joe said, "The helicopter is picking us up over on the island to ferry us up to a volcano rim. I'm told it'll save us a six-hour hike. Tim, one of the young cabin boys, and Renata put together a hiking pack for each of us. We'll circumnavigate the rim and get picked up again. We'll have lunch along the way."

We dressed, picked hiking shoes from a collection of new boots in a storage locker, ate breakfast, collected our packs, and Tim used the yacht's tender to take us to shore. He led us on a short hike to the north side of the town to a field where we waited for a few minutes. Soon, the distant whap-whap-whap of the helicopter's rotor blades could be heard coming in our direction.

The helicopter landed and amid a whirl of dust and leaves, we ran with our heads down to the bird. Inside, Joe sat in the copilot's seat; I sat with Beth and Claire behind them on a bench seat. We donned headsets and seatbelts and then lifted into the air.

As we flew upslope to the rim of the volcano, the pilot -- a crusty older man who might have qualified for the title 'bush pilot' in the northern United States explained about getting out of the helicopter on the rim, how he'd pick us up again, and how we should walk the rim of the cone of the volcano. Further, he detailed some of the geological formations we should watch for, as well as a few of the animals we might see including the famous turtles and goats. Just before we got out, he reminded us that the Alcedo volcano had last erupted in 1993, and it was getting near time for it to go off again. He grinned with that bit of news and pointed out the two active vents of the volcano, each with a plume of smoke curling upward from it. He said, "Well, if it fires off I'll probably be unable to get to you, so you'll have to outrun the lava flow." With that cheery bit of news, he laughed uproariously at his own wit.

Only minutes after his spiel, the pilot hovered his helicopter a foot above the lip of the Alcedo volcano in maybe the only place wide enough for us to safely dismount. When we were all clear of the craft, the bird rose into the sky throwing dust everywhere and disappeared downslope, the loud noise of the blades fading in the distance.

Joe produced a topographical map of the volcano, an amazing feat given the remote location of the place and the extensive permissions needed to climb or visit the rim. Claire and I stood and took in the beauty of the crater, with a crystal blue lake at the bottom of the cone. The pilot had warned us about ponds of rain or other water around the rim, telling us not to drink as it contained high concentrations of various metals and minerals not kind to the human body.

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