tagMind ControlCrystal Gets a Makeover

Crystal Gets a Makeover


When Crystal Harper thinks about her life she wanted to cry. She was rapidly approaching her fortieth birthday, she thought, having recently celebrated number thirty sixth. She was a divorced mother of two teenage boys, Matt and Kevin, and she has been struggling to make ends meet, ever since her moron of an ex-husband left her after a one night stand with a drunken slut he'd fallen in love with. Tom Harper rarely paid child support and when he did, it was always late.

As a result, it made it very hard for Crystal to balance her expenses, which cause her considerable embarrassment with her creditors in her home town of Modesto, CA. Her only solution was to work long hours at her dead-end job and hoping the extra money would be enough. She rarely if ever complained, and was thankful that she was employed; many of her girlfriends weren't so lucky and had to rely upon government aid. But worst of all, Crystal was very lonely. Working as a clerk in a branch office of a large construction equipment distributor, she did an assortment of repetitive mundane clerical chores. Her days were long and boring. Although she worked with several other women; they were much older than her and were just marking time until they could retire. Although business was slowly picking up, as the economy continued recovering, the company continued to maintain as small a clerical staff as possible. The work was dull and offered no room for creativity, but fortunately there was plenty of work to do which gave her a little job security.

Like her job, Crystal's life was boring. She had no romantic prospects and the only bright spot in her day was her lunch breaks which she looked forward to. It was there she could escape into her romance novels, as she day dreamed of finding her "soul mate" who would swoop in and changing her life.

She didn't date much, not because she didn't put herself out there, but because she was just so plain looking, there was nothing that made her standout among all the other single women. Worst of all despite having had two children, she had barely any womanly curves. Her breasts were tiny, not much more than a pair of ripe nipples poking out from her chest. She had no hips and had been mistaken for a boy from behind on more occasions than she cared to remember. Her short, low maintenance hair style didn't help matters, for she was too often approached by women suspecting she might be gay. Although women had never interested her, she on occasion toyed with the idea just to end her boredom. Little did she know, all that was about to change.

On her lunch break, in her usual spot, in the park across the street from her office, she sat reading her latest romance novel. It was a beautiful autumn day in Modesto, when something caught her eye. Glancing up from her book, she saw a funny looking little man watching her from a park bench not far away. She thought him funny looking mostly because he appeared to be dressed in clothing from another period in time which made him look odd and out of place, and his light brown pants and shirt that seemed to fit rather poorly. Dismissing him she went back to her book. When she looked up again, he was sitting beside her, staring at her waiting for her to acknowledge his presence. He didn't appear to be threatening, although his presence did startle her, and she noticed he was much smaller than she had original thought. He smiled at her and she felt compelled to return the smile. As she continued to look him over she noticed that his clothing appeared to be made from a shiny material she'd never seen before, yet it looked oddly familiar, like something from a fairy tale.

"Hello, Crystal," he said. "I hope you will forgive the intrusion, I know how much you enjoy your lunch and romance novels."

Crystal was taken back and asked, "How do you know what I like? Who are you?"

"Who am I? That may take a little more explanation," he said. "Let's just say I am a magical being. Think of me as your Fairy Godfather, although that doesn't quite cover it all, but it is the simplest way to explain it. I am here to help you and to bring you some happiness."

"You mean like in the fairytales," she asked hoping that she was right.

"Yes, very much like in the fairytales. I have been watching you for some time and think that I can make all your dreams come true."

The funny little man went on to explain that he planned to give Crystal a "complete makeover", head to toe, and he was prepared to do it all right now. Crystal had always been a little naïve, and didn't understand what the funny little man meant by "a complete makeover", the truth was that she had always been far too trusting of people. And unknown to her, although the funny little man had the best of intentions, he had a tendency to go a little bit overboard.

But she was eager for changes in her life, so throwing caution to the wind; Crystal eagerly agreed to his accepted his help. He warned her that he was on a very tight schedule and that if she was sure they would need to get started right away. When she reminded him that she was on her lunch break, he told her that he would take care of that and not to worry. She hesitated for a few seconds, fearful of losing her job, but when she finally agreed, the funny little man waved his arms wildly and the next thing she knew she was standing in the middle of her dingy cluttered bedroom with the funny little man seated cross legged floating in the air in front of her.

"Okay," he said. "Are you ready to begin?"

Tossing her purse and book on her bed she said, "Yes, where do we start?"

"Well, we begin by seeing what I have to work with," and he snapped his fingers.

Suddenly, Crystal found herself standing completely naked with her legs slightly spread and her arms held out parallel to the floor, like she was half way through a "jumping jack".

"What the hell," she began to protest.

"Hush!" The funny little man said hovering around her, looking high and low, and making notes on a notepad.

She tried to move but found that she couldn't. She was about to panic, when he told her to sleep. Her head dropped forward like a stone and she was sound asleep, still frozen in place.

"Where to begin," the funny little man asked aloud.

As he circled her several times, he stopped and hovered just a foot in front of her. He decided to begin with the obvious; she was as flat chested as a preteenager boy, so he would commence by increasing the size of breasts. He admired her hard puffy nipples, they would look good on a pair of large tits, he thought. Slowly the mounds on her chest began to grow. When they were a large as baseballs, he stopped and evaluated.

"Too small," he said aloud so he continued carefully growing them slowly until they reached the size of grapefruits, and he stopped.

"Close," he said. "Almost there," and they continued to swell.

He was suddenly startled by Crystal's house cat as it knocked over a plant, distracting him at a critical moment. When he recovered and stopped the growing process, he saw that Crystal's breasts had grown as large as two small watermelons. He cursed at the cat, causing it to flee the room. She was much larger than he intended, but he didn't have the time to fix it now, so made a mental note and continued with the makeover. Crystal had almost no hips, so he added a several inches, more than he had originally planned as he attempted to compensate for his breast enlargement error. He was attempting to keep her proportions balanced. Next he trimmed the bushy hair covering her sex into a neat little landing strip. Seeing her sex, he thought it much too small and enlarging it, doubling its size and sensitivity. He didn't like her hair style. It was too short. He grew it out half way down her back and changed the color from mousy brown to bright yellow. Considering her face for a moment, he straightened her nose and filled out her lips. Things were progressing nicely. He was pleased with the results and was a little ahead of schedule. He remembered from past experience the need to strengthen back and abdominal muscles, so that she would be able to support her new breasts. He was almost out of time so he added two inches to her height and made certain that all her clothing would fit her new dimensions, remembering the time he forgot to do that and the poor girl couldn't leave the house and had to pay a fortune for a new wardrobe. He floated around her admiring his work. He thought that with the time he had invested, she looked pretty good, much more like a woman and woke her.

Crystal's arms fell to her sides, as she struggled to maintain her equilibrium. Her head was spinning; she felt dizzy and off balanced. She thought the floor wasn't the where it was supposed to be. When she looked down at her feet, all she could see were two gigantic tits. She reached up and began fondling them not believing they were really hers. They were huge, much larger than she imagined possible. She squeezed them together, mashed them against her chest and was amaze that they felt so real and natural, like she'd had them for years. She pushing them together, she was in awe at size of cleavage she now had. Cleavage was something she'd always dreamed of having.

Suddenly, she realized that she lost track of the funny little man. She turned quickly left then right; her tits move hard left and then right following her twisting torso until almost a full second later then settled back into place.

She found the funny little man was hovering above her she complained, "They're pretty large and heavy; they weigh a lot more than I thought large breasts would weigh. Will I ever get used to carrying around the extra weight?" Crystal asked as she lifted them again trying to gauge their weight. "And now my nipples are too small," she complained, "are you sure you've done this before?"

The funny little man was becoming annoyed and he didn't have much time remaining, before he had to leave.

"I thought you'd be ecstatic and show some enthusiasm," he said as he looked at his watch. "Tell you what; if you can generate a little enthusiasm I will fix your nipples."

She hugged her tits and sang out, "I have tits, I finally have tits, jugs, hooters, knockers and titties, and I'm so overjoyed!" She said and lifted one while lowering the other, doing this several times, and then asked, "How was that?"

"Sarcasm doesn't befit you," he said. "But I guess I was expecting too much." He waved his hands and made a few gestures and then vanished and he said. "I'm late for an appointment. I will check back with you in a few days."

Crystal thought that was rude. She looked down at her chest, nothing looked different. With both hands she pulled on her nipples watching as they stretched and began to pulse with quickly building pleasure. She fell to her knees as she the pleasure continued; reluctantly she pulled her fingers away, realizing that it wouldn't take much for her to climax from nipple stimulation alone. What she didn't realize is that the funny little man had increased her nipple sensitivity three times their original levels. It did feel really good, so since he had left, she pulled on them again, just as quickly the warm tingling feeling returned starting deep within her and quickly spreading from her nipples and warming her throughout her body. She'd had orgasms before, but nothing she could remember felt this good so fast.

"Nggggaahhhhh!" She pinched the hardening flesh and fell to her knees, gasping, "tttooooo muucccuch," but she seemed to be unable or unwilling to let go until her mind gave out and she collapsed, unable to process the immense pleasure.

"Well, what do you think of...," the funny little man asked, as he suddenly popped back in and seeing her squirming on the floor below him. "...Oh," he said, "I may have made your nipples a little too sensitive. You'll need to be careful with them." And then he disappeared again.

Crystal awoke a short time afterwards, lying face down on the carpeted floor in her bedroom. She pulled her hands under her and pushed herself up. She was surprised at how easily she lifted herself, and further amazed at how much larger her breast looked from this angle, as she saw gravity's impact. Adding to her surprise was her nipples were an inch long or more, standing proudly on the massive flesh.

"Uh oh," she thought. "Now look at what I've done," realizing that it was her doing having annoying the funny little man.

She suddenly remembered that she had yet looked in the mirror to see all the changes the funny little man had made. Quickly getting to her feet she stumbled over to her full length mirror and got the shock of her life. She barely recognized herself. She did get a complete makeover. She looked like a life-size living "Barbie Doll" on steroids, or to put it another way, she had the body of a porn star. She pulled her hands through the long mane of blonde hair, surprised to find how silky it was, however, with hair this long she'd have to learn how to style it, although it did look pretty sexy just hanging loose. She pulled it back into a pony tail, holding it with her hand, turning her head back and forth and decided it looked pretty hot.

Studying her reflection closely, she blushed when she saw her neglected bush had been tamed to a nicely shaped "landing strip". She thought the lack of hair made her labia look much larger and then she realized that it was indeed much larger than before. It looked rather sexy, too, she thought, she hadn't seen very many vaginas and rarely had the desire to see her own. But now, as she looked at in the mirror, she thought it was begging to be touched. She watched in amazement as it open like a flower and began to moisten. Carefully, she moved her fingers around the larger lips, gasping as she touched one sensitive spot after the other. She was breathing rapidly. Taking a chance, she moved her fingers closer to her hole and she jumped as she felt her passion growing. She was panting now. Did she dare find her clitoris? She swirled her finger around inside her hole, she was so wet, it was like stirring a boiling pot of honey. Too soon she was unable to comprehend the pleasure she was causing with her fingers. She was teetering on the edge; it wouldn't take much to push her off, still using the mirror she saw her clit swelling and emerging from its hood. It was huge. Crystal touched the sensitive button and exploded. It was as if fireworks were going off in her mind, she had never felt this much pleasure before. Not being sure what to do with her free hand and she made the mistakes of grabbing her huge left breast and erect nipple. It was like shifting from fourth into fifth gear, her pleasure raced ahead and she lost consciousness. When she awoke, she was still shuddering, small tremors continued to rock her, then she realized why, she was sucking on her left nipple. She slowly and reluctantly let it fall away from her mouth.

Crystal had no idea what time it was. Crawling to her knees and climbing to her bed using it to get to her feet she saw the alarm clock on the night stand read 2:15.

"Oh my, the boys will be home soon", she said. She was covered in sweat and her juices, the room reeked with the smelled of her sex. "I must get a quick shower and find something to wear."

She ran to the bathroom, jumped into the shower and attempted to wash herself. But after coming for the third time; she began to realize there was no way she could wash without getting off. So she settled for a cold shower. She was amazed to find that her long hair was extremely easy to wash, and dried quickly. It was easier to manage than her much shorter hair style.

Crystal realized she was just about out of time. She didn't want the boys to catch her naked, so she raced down the hall to her bedroom, knowing she'd never find anything to wear. She almost fell down as she turned the corner, her loose flesh jiggled and wiggled as she failed to secure her massive new assets in her bath towel, which was proving to be much too small.

Arriving at her dresser, she opened her lingerie drawer and pulled out a one sexy bra after the other.

"Where did these come from," she thought, reading the label, "36EE".

Well, now she knew her bra size. She selected a particularly pretty bra, pulled it on and moved her tits around until they felt comfortable; she really had no experience to compare it with. Next she opened her panties drawer and found a matching pair of thongs, and pulled them on too. She noticed that that may be a mistake as the rode high and the last thing she needed was extra stimulation. She looked through her draw and found a pair of" Lace-Waist Cheeky Panty" and thought it would be a better idea. Moving to her closet and saw a beautiful assortment of clothes all in her size, but more expensive than what she would have bought. She didn't bother to figure it out. She was looking for a simple pair of jeans and a sweatshirt. After searching for several minutes, she found a pair of "7 For All Mankind" jeans and a '49er Jersey and put them on. She was trying to find comfortable clothes, but ended up in looking pretty sexy in her tight jeans, not the look she had intended. The jeans were long so she was forced to slip on a pair of 4" plain black pumps. She looked in the mirror again, and surprised to see that she looked like she was dressed for a night on the town instead of greeting her sons as they came home from school. Her head was spinning; this wasn't what she had intended, at all. Sitting at her vanity she applied a small amount of makeup. It was as if she had no control over anything, she found she had applied bright red lip gloss and much more eye liner than she thought necessary. Before she could fret further, she heard a car and realized that her sons were home. She was out of time; she would have to make do. She still didn't know how to explain any of this to them. They would have dozens of questions, questions she wasn't prepared to answer and likely some she'd not even considered.

The door open and slam shut, she knew she'd find them in the kitchen, looking for something to eat. She took a deep breath, steadied her nerves and marched into the kitchen.

"Hi mom," one said, followed closely by the other, as one smeared peanut butter and jelly over a couple of slices of bread, while the other poured a couple of glasses of milk.

"Going out early tonight," Kevin asked looking at the way she was dressed, "You look hot!"

"Aw, Mom you promised me we'd get my iPhone after we got home from school today," Matt whined. "I came straight home, like we agreed."

Crystal was stunned. Didn't they see how much she had changed? It was as if they were used to seeing her like this. They seemed to be comfortable with the way she was dressed. But, what was this about buying an iPhone? There is no way they could afford that. What was Matt talking about?

She watched with strange fascination as Kevin gobbled down his sandwich and sucked up his milk.

"Gotta run, ya'll," he said, wiping his mouth on his sleeve. "Going back to school for football practice, will likely stay out until 8 or 9, see you later. He kissed his mother and slapped his brother's hand and rushed out the door. A minute later she heard the powerful engine of a muscle car and the squeal of tires.

"What's your brother talking, Matt," she asked, "Football? And what was that he's driving?"

Matt looked concern and walked over to his mother putting the back of his hand to her brow. "Are you feeling okay, of course football, mom. Kevin is the school's star quarterback! And you bought him the Mustang for his birthday last month, don't you remember." Matt replied as he removed his hand from her brow, satisfied that she wasn't feverous. He looked at his mother with adoring eye. "Can we go get my iPhone now? You promised."

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