tagInterracial LoveCrystallized Desire

Crystallized Desire


Ed noticed Krysta a few weeks after she came to work in the office. She filled a secretarial and admin assistant position that had been vacated a few months before.

Because they worked in different groups, they had little contact initially. After a few weeks, Krysta had asked for some help with a project she was working on. While she was competent with the software tools of her job, she was asked to do some things that were beyond her prior experience. It was because of this that she became a more visible focus of Ed's attention.

She had asked a co-worker how to do the new task and she was told, "Go ask Ed. He knows this stuff better than most anyone else."

So Krysta went in search of Ed. She found him at his computer and approached him uneasily.

"Ed?" she asked tentatively.

"Yes," he replied realizing she was there. "What can I do for you?"

"I need some help with this job," she replied.

"Okay. Have a seat and tell me what you need to do," he offered cordially.

Krysta explained what she was doing and what she needed to achieve. Ed listened and asked a couple of questions. As their conversation progressed, Ed's easy manner and friendly demeanor put Krysta at ease. Ed showed her how to use the software features she needed to achieve her goal and helped her get started with the task.

She took the start Ed gave her and returned to complete her task at her own desk.

Over the next couple of years, Krysta came to Ed several more times and asked questions and got the answers she needed to finish her tasks. She learned quickly and rarely asked the same questions twice. She retained the new skills she learned and used them to build further skills on her own.

Ed noted that she was an attractive woman as well as a very sweet one. Krysta was one of those perpetually happy people who seemed to improve the mood of those around her just by her positive spirit.

In fact, he began to harbor fantasies about her but never quite found the circumstances to make an overture toward the realization of his fantasies. His fantasies were further fueled by Krysta's occasional social visits to his office when she didn't need help. They became workplace friends but Ed did not find an appropriate occasion to attempt to take their friendship beyond that.

A few months later, a major project was coming to an end and it became apparent that several employees would be leaving since there was no prospect of jobs to maintain the manning level. A few days before the inevitable layoffs, there was an informal gathering also which served as a farewell for those leaving.

At this gathering, Ed finally saw what he took as the opportunity he had been awaiting. One thing that had become apparent over the time Krysta had worked in the office was that she was outspoken. She was not one to beat around the bush in discussion on pretty much any topic. She was not what would be perceived as unkind but she was direct and straightforward.

This trait was manifest at the party when someone casually asked, "Well, Krysta, how are you doing?"

She responded quite succinctly, "I need somebody to fuck me for about 2 hours."

Her answer brought a brief quiet to the gathering followed by uproarious laughter including Ed. He also mentally filed her remark for future reference.

As the gathering began to break up and people were leaving for home or other places to continue partying, the men at the party walked the women to their cars as a matter of courtesy and to forestall anything untoward happening to any of the female employees.

Ed bided his time until he saw Krysta gather her purse and things to leave. He made sure he was in the position to offer to escort her to her car.

As she bade her co-workers good night, Ed offered, "Krysta, I'm also about to leave. May I walk you to your car?"

"Thanks, Ed," she responded warmly.

She gathered her purse and wrap and waited for Ed to join her. They walked out together and strolled casually across the parking lot. Having arrived a bit late, Krysta's car was a bit far from the entrance. She was also parked in a somewhat dark area and a parking lot flood light not working only enhanced the isolation.

As they reached her car, she turned and thanked Ed for walking out with her.

Ed responded with a smile, "Krysta, I doubt your remark inside a while ago was not aimed at me but I'd be honored and delighted to be the one to attend to your needs."

She smiled and reached out to embrace Ed. He responded and they came together in a hug.

Ed enjoyed the feeling of her body against him and only wished it would last longer. His wandering thoughts also brought about a growing problem in his groin. He felt a bit self-conscious that she might feel the stiffening of his cock.

As they held one another, she said softly, "It seems you're ready to attend to my needs right now."

She pulled back slightly and looked into Ed's face, smiling. "I really need someone right now."

"I'm not going anywhere at the moment. If you want, I'll gladly satisfy your desire. Would you like to come over to my place?"

"I live closer. Let's go to my place," she said with some urgency.

As they drove, Ed had difficulty concentrating on his driving. The anticipation of savoring Krysta's lovely body was a severe distraction.

They arrived and walked up a flight of stairs to her apartment. Krysta opened the door and invited him in.

As she closed the door behind Ed, she virtually attacked him. She embraced him in a passionate hug and pulled their bodies tight together. Krysta pushed her hand between them and opened his zipper, reaching inside and grasping his stiff cock through his underwear.

"I need this so bad," she whispered in his ear.

She released his belt and the waist of his pants moving her hand inside his shorts. The feel of her warm hand against his stiff cock left him with the sensation of a cool but welcome touch.

Meanwhile, Ed's hands began to busy themselves as well. He lifted her skirt and caressed the firm globes of her ass. They felt firm, warm and smooth. He sensed her urgency and moved his hand to the front of her thong. As he pressed his hand against her mound, she moaned anxiously into his shoulder.

Ed kissed the side of her face. Feeling his lips against her face, she turned and put her lips to his. They kissed passionately, their tongues struggling against one another's. She stroked his hardness and Ed moaned as she had, their kiss muffling the sound.

Ed moved his hand and slipped his fingers under the small triangle of her thong. He felt the tangle of hair above her pussy and luxuriated in its texture and apparent fullness. His fingers moved down and found the warm wetness of her slit. He toyed with her clit and she moaned loudly against his mouth.

Moving further, Ed inserted two fingers into her very wet, warm pussy. Krysta lurched against him pressing his fingers deeper into her wanting opening.

Ed turned them so her back was against the door and pushed her thong aside. He moved his hand over hers still on his hard cock and guided it toward her doorway to heaven. Sensing his intent, Krysta released him and allowed him to enter her unaided.

Ed felt the heat of her wet opening against the head of his cock and pressed against her. Her pussy yielded and he slipped into her tightness easily. She was lubricated and ready for him, and tight as she was, he found her receptive. He slipped deep into her and as he felt his body close against hers, she cried out and he felt her orgasm cause wavelike contractions of her pussy. It felt as if she were milking his cock.

Ed found himself supporting most of her weight for a moment as her orgasm subsided. It felt good to him.

"Wow," Ed said quietly, "You really were in need of some relief, weren't you?"

"I sure was," she said smiling. "And now I'm ready for a nice long fuck."

Ed followed to her bedroom. As he did, he noticed for the first time the décor of her apartment. Decidedly feminine, very nicely done and very neatly kept.

Once in the bedroom, she began to unbutton her blouse.

Ed interrupted, "May I do that for you?"

Krysta smiled.

Ed stepped to her and began releasing the buttons of her blouse. It came off and revealed a simple black bra holding her breasts in check. Not large, Ed thought, but definitely nice. Ed released the catch of her skirt and let it drop to the floor in a pile around her feet.

Krysta meanwhile had opened his shirt and pulled it back off his shoulders revealing his bare chest. Ed withdrew his arms allowing her to remove it fully. She dropped the shirt across the chair of her makeup table and smiled at him once more. She removed his pants also.

They stood facing one another now in their underwear. Ed appraised her body seeing her virtually naked for the first time. She obviously kept herself in shape.

He stepped into her and reached behind her to remove the bra. Finding no clasp at her back, he moved between her breasts and sought the front closure. It quickly surrendered and the cups fell away revealing those pert, firm orange sized breasts to his gaze.

The milk chocolate tone of her skin was contrasted by the dark chocolate coloration of her nipples. In the cool air, they seemed to grow slightly. Ed brought his hands to her breasts and cupped them gently, running his thumbs over the nipples eliciting once more a moan from deep in her throat. The warmth and smoothness of her skin felt wonderful to his hands and fingers.

He kissed her once more and felt her hands tugging his briefs down over his hips. His cock remained hard from their previous contact. He had yet to come and wanted to draw out his pleasure with her as long as he could.

She pulled away and removed his briefs. She pulled him close once again and he could feel the pressure of her mound against him. His hardness pressed against her belly.

Ed moved his hands down her lithe voluptuous body once again enjoying the firmness of her ass, pressing her belly firmly against his hardness. They both moaned not so softly at the contact.

Ed slipped his fingers beneath the thong and pulled it down moving away slightly to let the fabric pull away from her lovely body.

Ed knelt and slowly moved the wisp of fabric down her firm, toned legs and over her feet leaving her naked before his gaze. He looked at her mound almost in his face now and smelled her arousal. He briefly feasted his eyes on the moderately thick patch of hair on her lower belly and between her slightly parted thighs, he saw her slit. Unable to resist, he kissed her mound before standing and pulling her once more against him.

She moved away, turned and pulled back the bed covering and lay back across the white sheet. Her chocolate skin coloring made a stark contrast with the whiteness of the sheet. Ed thought she looked absolutely beautiful as she relaxed in anticipation of the pleasures they were intent on sharing.

As she relaxed, Ed watched her briefly. One leg was drawn up slightly and fell to her side revealing a slight line of the pink inner flesh of her pussy. The light shone on her and her moist pussy glistened in the soft light of her bedroom. She was not a shy or bashful girl obviously.

Ed moved to the bed and lay between her legs looking into her face. She smiled as he positioned himself with his head just below her waist.

Smiling at her, he said teasingly, "I hope you like having your pussy licked. I can't wait to taste you."

Before she could respond, he lowered his mouth to her and kissed the soft smooth skin of her belly. She giggled as if tickled by the gentle stimulation of his lips.

Ed moved down letting his tongue play along the smooth flesh and then through the tangle of hair and finally it touched the soft sensitive lips of her femininity. Ed breathed in the fragrance of her female arousal and inserted the tip of his tongue between her warm moist nether lips.

Krysta gasped as his tongue made initial contact. She reflexively flexed her hips and pushed her pussy against his mouth. Ed kissed her pussy lips and then placed the flat of this tongue against the bottom of her slit drawing it upward until he once again encountered her clit, this time putting the pressure of his tongue firmly against her tender bud.

Ed drew back then slightly using just the tip of his tongue to continue teasing and caressing her clit while savoring the sweetness of her honeypot.

As he continued to taste, tease and torment her with his tongue, Ed moved his hands up to her breasts and kneaded them gently but firmly pinching and gently twisting her nipples occasionally. The combined sensations drove her to further heights of pleasure.

"Oh, God, Ed! I'm going to come!" Ed heard her moan.

The sound she made reminded him of the rumble in the throat of a big cat on the hunt. He felt her hands on his head holding him to her pussy as her climax came in strong waves.

As she relaxed, he moved up along her body until his face was above hers. She lay with her eyes closed and her breathing returning to normal as he looked at her face in a very new perspective, that of a lover and not a co-worker.

Ed felt the head of his cock nestle firmly against her pussy lips and she opened her eyes. Looking into his eyes, Krysta moved slightly and flexed her hips so she pressed the head of his cock into her pussy. They smiled at one another as he pressed further and buried his length in her warm wetness.

He recalled the tightness he had felt as they fucked against her door and relished the brief memory as he enjoyed once again the wonderful sensation of feeling her body. The warmth of her fully naked body against his was delightful.

He withdrew slightly and pressed his cock back into her easily. She responded with a desire equal to his and soon they were smoothly engaged in that dance as old as mankind itself, the dance of lovers enjoying themselves and each other.

They communicated in whispers, moans and groans as their bodies extracted the greatest pleasure from their intimate contact. Ed felt the urgency of his body to fulfill its biological function and spew copious amounts of come into Krysta's ready and wanting pussy. He slowed his pace to postpone the climax that was inevitable.

He listened to the sounds she made and was attentive to the response of her body to his movements trying to time his release to coincide with hers.

She pulled her legs toward her chest and grasped him with her ankles behind his upper thighs. As she did, Ed felt even deeper penetration into her pussy and savored the sensations. He felt her pussy hair against his belly and the sensation excited him even further.

Suddenly, a strong, high pitched sound escaped Krysta's throat. Her legs locked and held him tight against her. Ed felt the firm contractions of her pussy and knew she was coming once more.

Ed rocked against her and felt his own release on the brink. As she began to relax from the first wave, Ed felt the first eruption of come from his cock deep into her clasping pussy. As she came, Ed emptied himself into her and they collapsed in exhausted bliss holding each other in their reverie.

Ed kissed her softly on the closed eyelids and then on her cheeks and finally on her slightly parted lips, his cock still hard and still pressed through the lips of her beautiful pussy deep into her body. Krysta responded by extending her tongue into Ed's mouth and as the shared another passionate though less desperate kiss, Ed began to stroke into her pussy with his still hard cock.

Krysta smiled as they resumed their pace though not less frantic and needy.

For a long while, the new lovers continued their play and their drawing of pleasure from one another until they shared another intense and mutual orgasm.

As they recovered from the orgasm, Ed looked at her and said softly, "Krysta, you are absolutely beautiful."

She laughed softly and said, "You're just saying that because your hard cock is still buried in my pussy, aren't you?"

"I don't think so," Ed responded with a smile.

He sat up, looking down at the length of her body and finally at the point where his cock penetrated her. He slowly and deliberately drew back so his cock left her pussy. He watched enrapt as the soft flesh of her lips closed at his withdrawal.

He looked long and lovingly at her, his gaze drifting from her smiling face to her pussy and the hair wet and plastered against her crotch from their passion. As he gazed at her pussy, he saw a trickle of his seed escape between her still moist and slightly distended lower lips.

"Nope," he said, smiling at her. "You're still a beautiful sight."

He bent and kissed her lovely pussy catching the leakage of his deposit mixed with her copious nectar in his mouth. He held his offering and moved up to kiss her once again. As they kissed once more, he slipped his tongue into Krysta's mouth and shared the taste of their mixture with her. She eagerly shared his offering smiling as he drew his face back from hers.

As they kissed, Ed pressed his rigid cock against her pussy once more and she yielded, willingly accepting his entry once more moaning softly as he reached full insertion. Once more they began the leisurely but purposeful pace of each pushing the other to the heights of pleasure.

This time they continued for considerably longer having satisfied the most urgent need and now pursued a long and leisurely satisfaction of their desires. Ed stroked her pussy gently and slowly at times. At other times, they drove hard and intensely against one another savoring the varying sensations until once again they were overwhelmed by their passions and shared another intense and mutual climax.

As they lay holding one another, they kissed and caressed in the manner of satisfied lovers in the afterglow of orgasm. Ed held his cock in her pussy until he softened and slipped from her tender grasp.

He moved beside her and pulled the sheet over them and they fell into the peaceful slumber of sated lovers.

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