tagIncest/TabooCrystal's Diagnosis Pt. 01: The Doctor

Crystal's Diagnosis Pt. 01: The Doctor


The youngest person in this series is at least 18 years old.


"We all need love, Crystal. It's the most basic of human emotional needs," Dr. Carter said calmly and reassuringly to his patient, who was lying on the couch-chair in his office with her eyes closed.

"And since this is the only way you can experience love, no one should deprive you of it or judge you for it," he stated sincerely, the bass in his voice giving weight to every word.

"This condition is extremely rare but well documented. And if your family doesn't believe you, just have them give me a call and I'll explain to them that type 2 nymphomania is real. And it is serious. And that they need to take very special care of you. Do you understand?" Dr. Carter paused to make sure his patient was listening and understood her condition.

Crystal opened her eyes, not really sure how to feel. "So I'm just... a little slut," she said, blankly staring up into space, her small voice cracking a little as if she was going to cry.

"Well..." Dr. Carter thought for a second for the right words to say, "yes. But it's not your fault. You have a condition. Besides, being a little slut isn't such a bad thing. When you fantasize about sucking your step father's cock, do you feel bad?"

Crystal shook her head.

"When you touch yourself to thoughts of your mother undressing you, bathing you, and fondling you until you cum, does that make you feel bad?"

"Well... no," Crystal said with a look of curious realization on her face.

"And when you imagine your real father's hands all over your naked body, fondling, touching and exploring all your holes, does that feel bad?"

Crystal started to get turned on, "mmmmn... no!"

"How does it make you feel?"

"It makes me feel sexy, and loved, and wanted, and... horny, and... safe... and-", she began to pant slightly and squirm on the couch-chair before being cut off.

"That's because so many of your positive emotions, like love, security, and trust, are so closely connected with your sexuality. The only way you can experience these emotions properly and fully, is through sexual stimulation. This is why I suggest you keep your fantasies. They'll give you what you need for now. But, eventually you'll have to go beyond fantasy and begin to act on your impulses. It is absolutely necessary to do so if you want to be emotionally stable. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I understand... but..." Crystal paused for a moment, thinking.

"Uh huh, go on."

"You said 'positive emotions like love, security, and trust', right?"

"Mhmm, that's right."

"So how do I know I can trust you?"

"Oh..." Dr. Carter said, eyes widening as he realized the conclusion Crystal's reasoning was headed toward.

"You said it yourself, Doctor. If you want me to trust you, you'll have to make me. And theres only one way to do that, according to your own diagnosis." Crystal stated matter-of-factly. "You're gonna have to fuck me, Doctor."

The thought of fucking Dr. Carter wasn't a repulsive one to Crystal. In fact, she had fantasized about it countless times over the last month or so since she had begun to see him. Her panties began to moisten at the idea that she might get to fulfill her fantasy.

Doctor Carter stopped to think. He pondered two of his most important principles that seemed to be in conflict with eachother at the moment. On one hand, he swore never to get sexually involved with a patient again. He had almost lost his license to practice after the last time. But on the other hand, he was an absolutely excellent patient advocate, willing to go above and beyond to ensure the best care for his patients. He weighed his options.

Do I send this girl home, unable to follow through on her treatment plan, allowing her to go through life feeling depressed, unloved, and worthless?

The thought nearly broke his heart.

I got into this work to help people, not send them away lacking. And if I can't help my patients, I may as well quit anyway!

His mind made up, he stood determinedly. Crystal started to sit up staring at him with curious anticipation in her eyes.

"Lay back down", Dr. Carter ordered firmly but calmly.

Crystal immediately obeyed, surprised and turned on at the same time by the doctor's change in tone. She kept her eyes fastened on him, soaking in the sight as he walked slowly toward her.

He was pretty tall, a little over 6 feet. He had black hair and a full beard, lined up nice and neat. His skin was a light brown and was completely free of blemishes. He was pretty stocky but toned and muscular, which Crystal noticed over the weeks because he had always worn fitted dress shirts and he rarely ever kept his suit jacket on.

He wore glasses and his eyes were filled with compassion mixed with confidence. He was wearing dark blue pin striped dress pants, a white cotton fitted button down shirt, with a blue paisley tie that had white dots on it. Crystal always thought Dr. Carter was sexy. Though he was in his late forties, he was way hotter than the boys she'd seen on her college campus.

Dr. Carter stood over Crystal for a few moments just taking in the sight. She was rather slim and short for a 22 year old girl. She had really dark brown skin that was silky smooth, perfectly unblemished. She had shoulder length black curly hair that she usually kept in a pony tail. She had cute little A cup breasts that were barely visible through her clothes. She had an adorably cute face, featuring full lips, a cute little nose and pretty brown innocent-looking eyes.

She was wearing a mid thigh length grey and red pleated plaid skirt with a white button down blouse. Her legs were small but shapely and sexy, not a trace of hair.

"So sexy", Dr. Carter breathed, looking her up and down.

"Thank you Doctor", Crystal said blushing and smiling.

Dr. Carter sat on his knees next to Crystal and put his right hand on top of her hands which were folded and sitting on top of her tummy. He placed his left hand on her knee, rubbing her lower inner thigh with his thumb. He looked her in the face with sincerity, finding lust, passion and neediness in her eyes, causing him to double down on his decision.

Dr. Carter began to slide his hand up Crystal's thigh, sending a rush through her body. She opened her legs invitingly as his fingers made their way to the wet spot in the middle of her white cotton panties. He rubbed her slippery entrance through her panties with his fingers and thumbed at her clit as she squirmed and moaned.

"Mmmmmn, you're such a good doctor!" Crystal breathed.

"And you're such an obedient little slut, aren't you?" Her doctor said, continuing to rub her through her panties.

"Mmhhmmm," she replied with a high pitched feminine moan.

"Say it!" He demanded.

"I'm your obedient little slut!" She shouted with excitement.

He then clenched his fist around the crotch of her panties, his knuckles gently raking her wet pussy lips and hole. He held the position of his left hand firmly squeezing her panties and put his right behind her neck, bringing her upward for a kiss.

He kissed her passionately, sucking on her sweet full lips, savoring the flavor of lip gloss. Then he parted his lips using his tongue to force her lips apart. Crystal accepted the invasion, opening her mouth to suck hard on Dr. Carter's tongue.

They kissed, sucking, licking and biting eachother's lips and tongues passionately for a few minutes until the doctor broke the kiss. Crystal pouted and moaned aloud. Then she felt the good doctor tug on the panties he was gripping. She lifted her hips to accommodate as he slid her soggy panties down her smooth thighs, past her knees and finally clear of her feet.

Dr. Carter held her panties in his hand, examining them. They were tiny, plain white cotton panties with an elastic waistband. Upon further inspection, the doctor noticed the pink outline of a single little heart in the middle of the front where Crystal's pelvis would have been all day.

The doctor sniffed the heart as if it was a signal promising him a heavenly scent. The sweet odor of that morning's sweat from Crystal's intimate place made his cock stiffen even more than the situation already had.

Crystal looked on silently in wanton desire, slipping a hand past the waistband of her skirt to stimulate her abandoned pussy. Watching the older man worship her panties turned her on so. She sucked the juices off her hand and began stimulating herself with the other, alternating while the Good Doctor worked on her panties.

Dr. Carter then turned the pantie's to look at the part that was soaked with Crystal's pussy juice. The thin material held juices from several different times of arousal throughout her day. Wetting, then drying and caking up and wetting all over again all day long. He just had to take a whiff!

He held the panties to his face and inhaled deeply. "God, they smell so good!" He said, almost sounding frustrated. After he took another long whiff, rubbing his tiff cock through his pants, he turned them around to look at the back.

Crystal stopped rubbing her pussy and looked in slight terror at what her doctor would find back there. As he examined them, he noticed a small, faint brown line on the center of the inside of her panties. He glanced over to look at Crystal, who had a look of shame on her face.

"There's nothing to be ashamed of," Dr. Carter said warmly. He gave her a reassuring smile, turned the panties inside out, and buried his face right where Crystals little butthole had made its mark. He soaked in the whiff of her ass and it drove him mad. Now he was rubbing his cock faster and faster through his pants.

This simple gesture of acceptance and adoration sent Crystal into a frenzy. Her shame turned to vapor and was replaced with a rush of sexual gratification, which made her rub her clit furiously and suck her fingers hungrily.

After Dr. Carter decided he had spent enough time devouring his patient's undies, he placed them into his shirt pocket and focused his attention back on Crystal. He quickly moved to the edge of the couch-chair where her feet were. While still on his knees he snatched her up off the seat and into his lap with ease.

Now with Crystal straddling her compassionate doctor, they kissed with more heat and passion than the first time, sucking, slurping, biting and moaning into eachother's mouths. After kissing dor a few, Crystal leaned her upper body backwards, scooting her lower body into Dr. Carter's pelvis, feeling his meaty cock through his pants. The sensation of her pantiless crotch drove her mad and she demanded titillation.

As his patient ground against him frantically, her face distorted in agonizing pleasure, Dr. Carter took the opportunity to begin unbuttoning her blouse. Crystal, relishing the thought of undressing eachother, immediately began working on loosening his tie.

In virtually zero seconds, Crystal's blouse was open and her doctor's tie had been flung elsewhere. Still grinding against him, moaning softly, she began to unbutton his shirt as he worked on the front clasp of her nude colored (deep brown, close to the color of her skin) bra. Once they finished undoing eachother's articles of clothing, they simultaneously removed their own the rest of the way.

Shirts and bra off, they both sat for a few seconds admiring the other's body. Crystal explored his massive hairy chest and broad shoulders with her hands, mouth and pussy both drooling over the visual and tactile sensations she was absorbing. Dr. Carter did the same, fondling her now noticeable small, round globes.

One hand could completely cover one of Crystal's breasts as he rubbed and squeezed, sporadically teasing her by pinching and twisting her erect little nipples hard. She cried out as pain then a wave of extacy shot through her entire body. She writhed and rocked and humped madly but there was only one way to get the release she needed.

"I need that dick inside me, doctor! I need it so bad!" Crystal panted desperately.

Immediately, the good Doctor lifted his patient up by her ass and set her back on the couch-chair. As he began to undo his belt Crystal reached down and expedited the process, getting his pants and briefs off in no time. She grabbed his long, meaty cock and guided it to her starving puss under her skirt.

She slid down his length slowly, visibly enjoying the slight pain and massive pleasure of his big cock entering her sacred space. She began to bounce up and down on his cock slowly, both of them absorbing every ounce of pleasure, savoring and cherishing the moment.

They kissed delicately, breathing heavily into one another as Crystal rode him slowly. The sounds of the two moaning and kissing filled the room as they fucked.

As Crystal became more comfortable and confident, she began to increase the frequency of her oscillations. And rather than moving vertically, she started to rhythmically rock back and forth using only her hips. She broke the kiss and pushed her doctor backward so that he layed flat on the floor.

She then lifted her skirt up her little torso above her head and put it to the side while riding Dr. Carter's thick cock. Crystal leaned forward slightly to put her hand on his large chest, her doctor placing his hand on hers. And with the other hand she reached down to play with her clit and met her doctor's hand on the way there.

She rode him faster and harder until they both approached their climax, both of them toying her clit together. Dr. Carter used his other hand to reach back and touch her little black cherry ass hole with his middle finger. He pushed in slightly so that his finger was inside her sluttiest hole just deep enough to cover his finger nail as she rode him faster and faster.

Moaning and rocking and sweating, Crystal twisted her face up as she felt her orgasm drawing near. She grabbed Dr. Carter's hand from her ass and began to suck on his middle finger. It was enough to send them both over the edge of excitement.

Crystal began to scream loudly as her orgasm rushed through her body in waves. She shouted, bucked, and shivered uncontrollably as her mind turned to an incoherent ocean of pleasure. "Ooooo fuck my slutty pussy, daddy! Fuck me good mommy! Use my holes! Please, please, please! Mmmmmmm!"

Dr. Carter moaned strongly and loudly as his orgasm hit. His cock pumped spurt after spurt of warm cum into the girl's cunt. He began to thrust his hips upward to revel in the full pleasure of his orgasm. He came so much it began to gush back down his still-hard, pulsing shaft.

Crystal's orgasm went on for whole minute as her body squirmed and trembled and recoiled, no longer rhythmically but sporadically and of its own accord. As her orgasm began to subside, she was able to once again take control of her body and mind. She gently rocked on the good doctor's meaty rod, decreasing in frequency until she had fully exhausted her orgasm.

She then fell forward lifelessly onto Dr. Carter's wide body, still breathing heavily. He wrapped his hands around her shivering naked body, pressing her against his. He would have thought she was unconscious if it weren't for the soft whimpering sounds she mad as he caressed her from her delicate, dainty neck to her round little bottom.

They layed there for almost an hour, resting and basking in the afterglow of their salacious exercise. Crystal slept blissfully. Dr. Carter looked down at her as she drooled on his chest. He could feel their mixed fluids - her juices, her cum and his cum - on his cock and pelvis.

The thoughts of their fluids started to turn him on and he started to get hard again but decided against a round 2. It had already been late. Crystal was his second to last patient of the day and thankfully, the last one cancelled her appointment. It was also fortunate that this was his own private practice and his only employee was on vacation.

He kissed Crystal on the forehead to wake her up.

"Hi, Good Doctor." She said as she awoke, looking up at him and smiling.

He planted another kiss on her lips. "Hey, sweetheart." He said with his usual compassionate but confident voice. He planted another kiss on her lips, then again on the forehead and a last one on her shoulder as he leaned both of them up to a seated position.

She was now straddling him again and starting to get turned on. She wrapped her arms around his neck and locked her fingers behind his head, leaning in for another kiss. But this time he stopped her.

"Unfortunately... we can't do this again... ever... even though I want to," he said regretfully. He took a second to let the words sink in. "Are you going to be ok?"

Crystal smiled, then chuckled a little, "I'm a little slut, remember, not some hopeless romantic. It sucks that I can't ride your big cock anymore but I'll live." She said playfully as she peeled her sticky body off of his.

"Now you're breaking my heart," the Good Doctor mocked, smiling in relief.

Crystal began to collect her clothes, grabbing her bra first, putting it on her shoulders and fastening the clasp. Dr. Carter put his underwear back on and reached for his pants and belt. Crystal grabbed her skirt and slipped it on. She put her shirt on and before she buttoned it stood to look in the body-length mirror on the wall.

Her hair was a mess, her lip gloss was smeared everywhere. Dried cum was visible just above the top of her skirt, which she lifted briefly to see the rest of the stain. "I look like such a whore. So sexy! You sure know how to turn a good girl into a trollup, Good Doctor Carter!" She said grinning from ear to ear.

"No, I just gave you permission to be the slut you already were," he said, half joking half serious.

"And I couldn't be more thankful," she said in honesty, walking toward him, fastening the last button on her blouse. "Thank you, doctor." She said giving him a big hug.

He was really happy for her. She hadn't seemed this happy since he started seeing her a month and a half ago. She was smiling and laughing. She was confident in herself and comfortable with her body. He was proud of his work. This is the reason I got into this work , he thought to himself.

"Now Crystal..." he started as the hug ended, "this is only the beginning of your breakthrough. You have to follow through on your treatment plan if you want to remain happy as you are now."

"I understand, Good Doctor," Crystal said as she turned around to grab her shoes from near the door to his office.

"So what are you going to do?" He asked, quizzing her.

"Seduce and fuck mommy!" she said, sticking her fist in the air, mocking a protester and laughing.

"And then what?" He asked, reciprocating her playful tone.

"Seduce and fuck step daddy!" Crystal shouted again.

"And after that?" Dr. Carter asked finally.

"Seduce and fuck my real daddy!" She threw both hands in the air laughing hysterically.

Satisfied that she passed his quiz, Dr. Carter reached for his shirt and began to button it up, chuckling slightly at his patient's antics.

Crystal was about to put her shoes on and was reminded by the cool air on her bottom that she'd almost forgot her panties. "Oh, my panties!" She spun around and reached at the panties in the doctor's shirt pocket.

Dr. Carter recoiled and put his hands over his pocket. Crystal looked startled.

"I'm going to keep these. I'll wash them and bring them next session." Dr. Carter stated.

Crystal looked puzzled. "Why?"

Dr. Carter smiled and asked, "do you trust me?"

Crystal thought for only a split second and replied, "absolutely!" then turned around and began to put on her shoes. She definitely trusted him, but the thought of what he might do with her panties when he got home turned her on. She started getting a little wet.

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