tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCSHS Extra Curricular Clubs Ch. 01

CSHS Extra Curricular Clubs Ch. 01


Disclaimer: all characters in this story are over 18 years of age.


Miss Smith stood at the front of the class, lecturing us. She was in her late twenties, with a pretty, finely feature face and beautiful thick black hair just past her shoulders. She had an olive complexion and a full figure, with rather plump thighs, a large ass, wide hips and to top it off jaw droppingly enormous 36 H cup tits which were all natural. Today was Friday and her wardrobe was showing off all the curves of her voluptuous body. She was wearing painted on jeans with a red g string that rode just high enough that her male students were able to steal a glimpse of it from time to time. Her top was a skin tight t shirt with the school's mascot on it, and it was obvious she was not wearing a bra for a couple of reasons. The first was that her tits bounced and wobbled with every step she took, and the second was the outline of her prominent nipples were easily visible against the tight fabric. I had chosen Miss Smith's wardrobe as I had for the past several Fridays, ever since I found a treasure trove of pictures of her flashing for a camera during her college days online. That's a story for another time though.

The bell rang signaling the end of biology class. Mrs. Smith said, "Kevin I'd like you to stay after class, please." A couple of my friends made a mocking, Ohhhh. None of them had any idea what I would be doing after they left. After the rest of the class had gone, she walked over to her door closed it and locked it. She then returned to her desk, standing in front of it facing it. She unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and pulled them down to the middle of her thighs along with her g string, and bent over her desk. I had instructed her to do this earlier today, as over the last few months I had slowly managed to build up a store of blackmail on her. Now I owned her. It was only third hour, and this was going to be my first fuck session with her of the day. She probably figured I'd end up fucking her three or four more times today, but she was going to get fucked much more than that today.

I walked up behind her, undoing my pants as I did so and freeing my already erect cock. I was pretty well endowed measuring at about 9 in long. I pressed the head of my large cock against her already damp slit. The anticipation of being fucked after class had clearly gotten her horny and she was quite wet. I slid the entirety of my shaft into her easily and held myself there for a moment. I enjoyed the feeling of her warm tight pussy fully enveloping my shaft. After a few minutes I begin fucking in and out of her, starting by pulling completely out of my biology teachers pussy before plunging myself completely back in. She moaned in pleasure at this method of fucking her, but I didn't give a fuck whether she was enjoying it or not. I begin fucking her faster and faster until eventually I was jackhammering in and out of her incredible cunt. Then, just as I was about to cum I pulled out and stopped. I wasn't ready to be done, and we still had about 40 minutes before I had to go to my next class. I was technically on one of two of my study halls.

I waited, allowing myself to come down from my near orgasm before I put my hands on her ass cheeks and spread them. Her asshole, as usual now that I owned her, was already well lubed. I had instructed her to make sure all of her holes were ready to be fucked at the drop of a hat. I pushed my cock against her puckered butthole and slowly inserted my cock up her ass. Initially when I had started butt fucking her she did not enjoy it, but as time has gone on I noticed she had grown to like it quite a bit. As I resumed fucking her this time in her tight poop shoot she moaned even more loudly than before. I reached around her torso and grabbed her heavy, swinging tits, feeling them wobble with the rhythm of my hips. Playing with her tits always drove her wild. She started to orgasm and her sphincter tightened around my pistoning rod. I decided I wasn't going to bother trying to hold out anymore and thrust myself into her as deeply as I could blowing my load up her ass.

After I finished I told her, "I'm going to come back and my 7th hour study hall and I want you in this position again. Except this time I want you to be ready before I come. You can lock the door and I'll use my key to get in. I want you topless with a blindfold on. You are to be waiting for me when I get here, bent over in this exact position with your pants pulled down just as they are now." I didn't bother to wait for a response I simply put my cock back in my pants and left. I knew she would do as I told her as I had many pictures and videos of us fucking and if I were to release them it would completely ruin her career.

She wasn't the only teacher that I had this kind of hold over. There was one other teacher, although not nearly as young that I had in a similar situation. That was the math teacher Mrs. Bradley. I actually probably had more dirt on her then I did on Miss Smith.

My girlfriend, Tiffany, found my ownership of both of these teachers fantastic. She in fact had better ideas about how best to put these women to use than I did. This afternoon 7th hour shenanigans were in fact her idea.

7th hour rolled around and I grabbed four of my friends that had that same study hall and had them come with me. They had no idea what they I had in store for them. We walked up to the door to Jane Smith's classroom, and I pulled a key out of my pocket and began to unlock the door. I had told them on the way down to Miss Smith's room that when we walked in they needed to be completely silent. They even needed to try to walk quietly.

I opened the door, and they were too stunned to make a noise anyway. There in front of them was their busty biology teacher bent over her desk completely topless with her pants pulled down exposing her pussy to all of us standing in the door. Their jaws dropped. I quickly shuffled them into the room and shut the door behind me locking it.

As we approached I talked trying to mask the sound of our footballs as we crept toward her. "You look incredible Jane." I said. "I can't wait to get into that tight pussy of yours, you dirty whore."

We had reached Miss Smith at this point. I didn't want Miss Smith to know what was about to happen. As we approached her I had noticed all my friends were sporting bulges in their pants. I pointed at my best friend, Dave, and mimed undoing my pants and then thrusting my hips. He got the hint immediately, and quickly got his cock free, and began fucking his biology teacher immediately. He was pounding her roughly right away, causing her exposed tits bounce wildly. Mrs. Smith began moaning, "Yes, yes. I am a dirty whore. I deserve to be fucked like one." I walked around to the front of Mrs Smith's desk quietly and as she was being fucked by my bestfriend I lifted the blindfold off of her face.

She looked me square in the eye, the realization of what was happening dawning on her face. She quickly looked over her shoulder to see Dave, who didn't even notice as he was staring down at her ass bouncing as he was furiously pumping his cock in and out of his teacher.

"I know you have 7th and 8th hour as prep time Jane," I said with an evil smile on my face. "I hope you are prepped to be fucked for the rest of the day. I'm going to be bringing in the more of the senior boys and each one of them is going to get a chance to fuck you."

She knew better than to protest or even say anything. Instead she simply reached down between her legs, touching her clit, already accepting her fate. She loved being used as my slut, despite how much of a fight she had put up in the early stages of my blackmailing her.

Dave, who had no idea about this looked up and paused mid-stroke, his eyes wide as saucers. After the shock wore off, he resumed his jackrabbit pace in and out of Mrs Smith's tight pussy. He didn't last very long as he wasn't very experienced, and he came rather quickly inside of her. As he pulled out a panic look came across his face. He blurted, "Should I have not done that? What if she gets pregnant?"

"She won't," I assured him. "She's on birth control. I fuck her without a rubber all the time," I said casually. "I don't bother pulling out, either. Miss Smith here is a filthy cum dumpsters. Isn't that right Jane?" I said.

She looked back over her shoulder at Dave biting her lip while rubbing her clit and moaned, "Mhm."

I reached out and roughly slapped one of her tits which was hanging from her chest as she was bent over her desk, making it swing side to side. "That's a good girl," I said, slapping her other breast for good measure.

The other three guys had brought we're standing there absolutely shocked. One of them, realizing what everything that had just happened meant had hastily removed his pants and began taking his turn with Miss Smith, not minding at all the fact that it was sloppy seconds. Within 10 minutes all four of the guys I had brought from my study hall had fucked Miss Smith and cum inside of her filthy cunt.

When they were done I told them to send a few more of our senior classmates down from study hall, or, if they could make up excuses, to get some of our buddies out of class to send them as well. I told them that I would be waiting outside the door with the key. They left and I went back out to the hall to wait for them, leaving the biology teacher to stay leaned over her desk about to be fucked by most of her senior students.

I waited in the hall and over the next 10 minutes a several of my classmates trickled in. I let them in one at a time briefing them on what was happening. After 5 minutes had passed and no one else had shown up I let myself into the room.

I saw a couple of the guys sitting in desks watching as another was fucking Miss Smith. She was bent over the desk, her left arm propping her torso up her right arm buried between her legs, furiously massaging her cunt. My classmate had his hands on Jane's hips and was jackhammering away on her clam. He came not long after I entered the room, and he joined the boys sitting in the desks in the classroom. I figured the guys sitting down must have already taken their turn fucking their biology teacher, and were sticking around to watch the show. That meant the four guys that were still standing in the room hadn't gotten their dicks wet yet.

The next in line freed his erect cock from his pants and roughly jammed it all the way into Miss Smith's slippery pussy. As the guy was fucking her, he turned and saw that I had entered the room. "Kev, question," he said.

"Fire away," I responded.

"Getting to fuck Miss Smith is awesome, don't get me wrong man," the guy said not releasing his grip on her hips or altering his rhythm. "But I have always wanted to tit fuck this bitch. Can I do that?"

"Of course," I responded. "You guys can do whatever you want with her."

The guy pounding away at his teachers cunt from behind slapped ass hard and said, "Hear that bitch? Let's get those huge tits wrapped around my cock." He pulled himself out of Miss Smith and walked around to sit in her chair at her desk.

Miss Smith obediently followed him, but did not adjust her pants which were still around her knees. She had received no such instruction from me, and so left them where they were. I saw her struggling with walking around her desk and said, "Get naked. There's still a lot of men in my class left that need to fuck you, and we don't need you flailing around with your pants around your knees." She stopped halfway around and dropped her jeans and panties the rest of the way to the floor and stepped out of them.

She stood completely naked in front of the student now sitting in her chair. Her massive tits hung down a little, her huge dark nipples pointing downward and outward. Her tits weren't saggy, but at a 36 H cup they were just much too large to be unaffected by gravity. She knelt in front of her student and put her hands under her tits, lifting them into this boy's lap. His cock disappeared between the gargantuan breasts and he began bucking his hips as Jane Smith mashed them them around his hard member.

"Oh, fuck," the student said, "This is fucking incredible. I fucking jacked it to this exact fantasy thousand times," he said looking at Miss Smith, "I always knew you were a dirty fucking slut," he said. "Now I'm going to cum all over your huge fucking tits just like you deserve."

Without prompting from me, Miss Smith responded to this, saying, "Yes, I need a load of cum all over my big fat tits." The student continued tit fucking her. His cock was slick with her pussy juice as well as the cum loads that had already been deposited in her cunt earlier. Her breasts wobbled furiously as the biology teacher kept them held in place in her students thrusting lap. Finally the boy couldn't handle it anymore and came. Five or six thick ropy jets of sperm shot up from her cleavage coming to rest on the top of her giant natural teats.

He got up letting the next guy take his turn. Miss Smith stayed in her current position, as she had received no order to do otherwise. I was very pleased with how well trained I had her now. Apparently the tit fucking was going to be a popular choice, as the next boy hurried to take his turn in Miss Smith's chair. He didn't say anything and didn't need to, as the teacher lifted her tits into his lap and allowed him to begin tit fucking her.

While this was happening one of the two remaining guys in the room decided that if I said they could do whatever they wanted that's what I meant. He undid his pants and knelt behind Miss Smith, beginning to sliding his cock into her pussy while she was being tit fucked. It took the teacher by surprise, and she gasped as he penetrated her from behind.

I realized that my fellow students probably were so wrapped up in what was going on that they hadn't thought to be creative. I casually mentioned, "You can fuck her ass too. She's all lubed up and ready to go." It didn't take any more than that for the boy with his cock buried in his teacher's pussy to promptly pull it out and roughly shove the entire length of his 8 in schlong up her asshole.

She moaned, "Yes, fuck my slutty ass. I love it."

The student with his cock enveloped in her tits looked down at her and said, "Suck me off, bitch." She immediately complied, letting go of her tits and putting her hands on his thighs as she leaned forward to start deepthroating her students dick.

One of the guys who had already taken this turn said, "Man, I would have wanted to tit-fuck her if I would have known that I could."

I turned to look at my classmate. "Oh I think you'll get another chance. After all it's early in the school year. I think that Miss Smith will be hosting something similar to this about once a month. Keep that in mind and think about the ways you'd like to use this dirty slut of a teacher we have."

Meanwhile, Jane Smith had slipped a hand between her legs and started fingering herself as she pleasured two of her students at once. A cock up her ass one down her throat and three of her own fingers stuffed into her gash. She had already abandoned herself to her role as my slut slave, and I could tell she was getting off on her how dirty it felt to be fucked by so many of her students. I bet it made her even hornier to think that this was just the tip of the iceberg. While lost in these thoughts she started to orgasm again, for the third time so far this afternoon. She moaned around the boy's cock in her mouth, and her sphincter clamped down like a vice on the one that was being shoved in and out of her asshole.

Her orgasm pulled these boys into their own, the cock in her throat erupted with cum. She tried to swallow it all but there was too much of it and it was coming out too fast. She gagged a little bit and some spilled out of her mouth down her chin. Meanwhile the student behind her had rammed himself into her ass as deep as he could and let loose burst after burst of his large spunk load.

When they had come down from their climaxes, each of the boys rose from their position. There was only one guy left in the room and he took his seat in Miss Smith's chair and waited for her to start smothering his cock with her tits. I sent the guys that had already had their turn out to inform more of our classmates of what was going on.

I took up my post outside of the biology classroom and was letting a steady trickle of fellow classmates in and out of the biology room. This continued for the rest of afternoon, and I kept a count of how many of my buddies made it to this extracurricular activity. When there was only about fifteen minutes left of the school day I ducked back into the classroom, locking the door behind me. The count at this point was about 35.

I was surprised to find Miss Smith in the same position I had left her in over an hour ago, with a cock buried between her tits and another pummeling her anus. It seemed that this had become everyone's favorite way to put the beautiful teacher's body to use. The tit fucking was quite popular with my classmates, and understandably so since I had been making Jane flaunt her luscious cleavage for the last several Fridays.

There were five other guys in the room, excluding myself. Two using Miss Smith as the fuck toy I had been training her to become, two who had clearly already screwed her, and one stroking his erection and waiting his turn.

The guy kneeling behind Miss Smith was pounding her asshole relentlessly. I didn't think he'd be able to keep up that pace, but I was wrong. After another full five minutes finally he pulled out of her butt and jerked himself to completion, spraying his jizz onto the top of her bubble butt and onto her lower back. It landed there amid a smattering of cum from previous students who had opted to glaze her ass with their cum.

The guy stroking himself patiently didn't move even though her fuck holes were available to him now. Obviously he was waiting for the use of her gargantuan boobs. He ended up having to wait another five minutes while the guy who was currently in Miss Smith's chair enjoyed himself, taking it nice and slow. Finally he picked up his pace, putting his own hands on top of his teachers, and clamped her tits around his cock more tightly. A few moments later the umpteenth geyser of cum jetted up from between her tits and landed on top of them.

The last patient student took his place in Miss Smith's seat. She again lifted her heavy teats into a lap, pulling them apart as she did so. When she spread her tits a few strands of semen stretched from one tit to the other. She positioned her student's member between her breasts, and smashed them together, making it disappear completely. She began rocking her torso, working his shaft between her H cups. The student began bucking his hips, making her breasts bounce and wobble, and reached down and roughly pinched each of her oversized nipples, pulling on them and not letting go. He titfucked his science teacher for a good while before adding the final load of cum to her already drenched tits.

"Well, boys, not bad," I told them. "You guys better take off." There were groans of complaint, to which I responded, "Don't worry fellas. This isn't the last time we'll be enjoying some extracurricular activity with Miss Jones. I think we have just concluded the first bi-weekly meeting of Biology Club." Jane Smith's face was flabbergasted. She couldn't believe this was going to be a regular occurence. The response from the guys was jubilation. They buttoned up and headed out, already looking forward to next Friday. I let them out and locked the door again.

Once they had left and I was alone again with Miss Smith I said, "What do you think of that? You are now the advisor of the CSHS Bio Club?"

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