tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCSI and Internal Affairs Ch. 02

CSI and Internal Affairs Ch. 02



Calleigh Duquesne and Ryan Wolfe of the Miami CSI team were on their way to Las Vegas. It was determined that a suspect wanted in Miami had made his way to Las Vegas. Calleigh and Ryan were dispatched to verify the suspects DNA and to arrest him if there was a match. Las Vegas CSI had been alerted and Gil and Catherine awaited the Miami team arrival. Calleigh and Ryan were flying on the police private jet so Gil and Catherine were at the corporate terminal waiting for the plane to land.


Gil and Catherine were informed that the plane was going to be about two hours late due to weather in the southeast. They were told that they could use one of the lounges where the pilots often stayed and sometimes slept when needed. Gil followed Catherine into the one lounge and he marveled at her ass as he walked behind her. She was wearing tight slacks that showed off every curve of her magnificent ass. Gil thought that if they had two hours to kill that they might as well have some fun.

As soon as they were inside the lounge with the door closed and locked, Gil cupped Catherine's ass cheeks with both of his hands. Catherine just stood still as Gil massaged the generous flesh in his hands. The Gil reached around and unfastened Catherine's belt and slacks. Next he slid the tight fitting slacks down to her knees exposing her panty covered ass. He hooked his fingers in the waistband of her panties and slowly pulled them down. This was the part that Gil loved best as he uncovered her marvelous ass.

Catherine leaned forward and placed her hands on the lounge chair and arched her back to further accentuate her ass. Gil continued to fondle her ass cheeks and place light kisses on them working Catherine into a state of desire. He moistened his finger and probed her nether hole and Catherine cooed at the gentle probing.

"If you are going to fuck me in my ass there is lube in my purse," Catherine advised.

Gil took her purse and quickly located the lube. He placed a liberal amount in her asshole and then he stood up behind Catherine. Gil dropped his pants and underwear to his knees. They knew better than to take off all their clothes as they wanted to be able to dress quickly if need be. Gil applied some lube to his cock and then he stepped up behind Catherine and slid his slippery dick into her hot ass. He loved the warm recess of her asshole as it embraced his throbbing cock.

Grissom thought to himself that it just didn't get any better than this. He loved watching his cock slide in and out and in between the cheeks of Catherine's beautiful ass. He was always amazed about how much Catherine liked to be fucked in the ass. He was usually only good for one orgasm any more and he purposely dragged it out so that he could fuck Catherine's ass as long as possible.

Catherine knew that her pussy would not be seeing any of Grissom's cock that evening so her fingers were working in her pussy and on her clit. Catherine was glad that Gil didn't ejaculate with the volume that the younger men did which made it easier for her to fuck him in public places. Catherine loved the feeling of the warm seed filling her rectum and washing her bowels. Momentarily she thought back to the day that she took three loads in her ass and was filled to overflowing. Catherine liked the younger men to fuck her ass first and then her pussy. She loved the sensation of her ass being cum filled as her lover pounded her pussy and getting her off multiple times.

Gil felt his balls tighten and he knew that he couldn't hold it any longer. Catherine felt the familiar tension in his body and she furiously worked her clit. Gil stiffened and shot his cum into Catherine's beautiful hot ass. Catherine milked his cock with her anal muscles and then her body stiffened as she too orgasmed. The combination of Gil's seed filling her ass and her clitoral stimulation sent Catherine over the edge. They remained coupled together for several minutes as Gil's cock softened and slipped from Catherine's ass. The two of them embraced briefly and then used the restrooms to clean up before the others arrived.

While Catherine was getting her ass plugged on the ground, Ryan watched Calleigh as she moved about the cabin in flight. Calleigh had worn tight white slacks on the plane and Ryan admired her big round shapely ass as she moved about the cabin. Ryan had a flashback to the time he saw Calleigh's naked ass and ever since then he had fantasized about butt fucking her.

They had been on an investigation and they stumbled onto the two suspects in question. The suspects ran into to a vacant building with Calleigh and Ryan in pursuit. Ryan had wanted to wait outside and call for backup but Calleigh in her cockiness pursued the suspects. She told Ryan to cover the back which he did and he also called for back up. Ryan waited for several minutes at the back of the building before he got worried about Calleigh and decided to enter the building and search for her. When he found her she was naked on all fours and the two male suspects were fucking her. They both had their pants down to their knees and one had his cock in Calleigh's mouth while the other fucked her from behind.

The two suspects were laughing and making joked about Calleigh as they fucked her. They joked about how cocky she was that she thought that she could take the two of them down. Ryan watched for a few minutes before he finally decided on a plan of action. He moved closer to the three of them with his weapon drawn and looked to see if the suspects were armed. He spotted their guns on the ground near them. Ryan then vividly recalled the next few minutes.

"Hey Ricky, why don't you fuck miss fancy pants in the ass, I bet she loves it in the ass," one perp yelled to the other.

"Yeah that's a good idea. She's got a great ass. How about it blondie would you like to feel this big dick in your hot ass?" the perp responded.

Calleigh shook her head no even though the other suspect held her firmly to his cock. Calleigh had never been fucked in the ass and her eyes were wide with fear. The suspect pulled his cock from her pussy and then lined it up with her ass. Calleigh tried with all her strength to keep him out of her ass as she rotated her hips making it difficult for him.

"If you don't stop moving around I'm going to stick my gun in your ass and shoot a round into your pooper," he threatened.

Calleigh stopped fighting and seemed to accept her fate. Just then Ryan jumped out and yelled to the perps to freeze. The one in Calleigh's mouth reached for his weapon and Ryan fired and hit him in the shoulder. The suspect hit the ground and his erect cock deflated in seconds after leaving Calleigh's mouth. Ryan turned to the other man who had reached for his gun and fired again. The second suspect hit the ground screaming and grabbing his shoulder in pain. The two perps were screaming in pain and thrashing around on the floor. They actually looked somewhat comical as they squirmed around with their pants down around their knees. Just then they all heard the sirens as the back had arrived. Calleigh quickly dressed and then spoke to Ryan for the first time.

"Not a word of this to anyone! Do you understand?" she yelled at Ryan.

Ryan just nodded his head as he kept a watch on the suspects. Calleigh then drew her weapon on the perps and covered them along with Ryan. Ryan told them to get up and pull their pants back on. The two suspects struggled to their feet and Ryan helped them adjust their clothes as Calleigh kept her gun on them. By the time the backup team found them everything looked normal and the suspects were taken into custody. Calleigh never thanked Ryan for bailing her out and they never spoke about that incident again. Calleigh went back to being her normal conceited cocky self again. However Ryan still remembered her beautiful naked ass about to be skewered by the perp's big dick and there were many times after that that Ryan almost wished he had not interrupted the three of them.

The captain's voice came on the intercom announcing that they were preparing to land. Ryan and Calleigh took their seats and Ryan watched as she slid her shapely ass into the seat. They fastened their seats belts and with minutes they were on the ground and taxing toward the terminal building. When they deplaned they were met by Gil and Catherine in the terminal. Gil and Catherine introduced themselves to Ryan and Calleigh and they walked for the terminal to the car. Ryan watched Catherine and Calleigh as they walked side by side in front of him. He could not help but feel his cock stir in his pants as he watched the two magnificent asses in front of him. Gil also watched both asses and he was impressed with Calleigh bottom as well.

Gil and Catherine briefed Calleigh and Ryan on their case findings and said they would cover it in more detail tomorrow. They drove Calleigh and Ryan to the hotel and waited until they were checked in before they left. Gil said that a car would be by at 8:00 AM in the morning to pick them up then the four said goodnight. Gil drove Catherine home and dropped her off before he headed back to his house. Catherine caught her self thinking about Ryan and how cute he was. Then she wondered how big his cock was.

Calleigh and Ryan said goodnight and went to their separate rooms. Ryan kept thinking about both Catherine's ass and Calleigh's ass as he lay in bed. His cock was rock hard and stood just over 8" fully erect. Ryan knew that Calleigh never had a cock in her ass but he wondered about Catherine. She was definitely an alluring woman. Ryan envisioned Calleigh and Catherine both naked on all fours begging for his cock in their ass. He stroked his cock as he imagined moving from Calleigh's ass to Catherine's ass and back again as he fucked them both. Ryan felt his balls tighten and he knew he was close to cumming.

He loved to see how far he could shoot so he lay back and squeezed his cock until the pressure got too much. Ryan released his grip on his cock and cum spewed into the air. The first stream had to shoot at least three feet straight up in the air and then the second and third shot between 2 and 3 feet in the air. Ryan's cock kept throbbing and spewing cum until his pubes and abs were cum drenched. Ryan rested for a minute before cleaning up and he remembered the one girl who told him he could be a porn star. It wasn't because his cock was big but more because of his volcanic like ejaculations. Ryan could cum easily three times, sometimes four a night and his ability to generate cum was uncanny. He eventually cleaned up and returned to bed for a good night's sleep.


A car picked up Ryan and Calleigh in the morning as planned and brought them to the CSI building. They were shown to the conference room where they met the rest of the Las Vegas CSI team. Introductions went all around and then they got down to business. Calleigh and Ryan told the team what they had on the suspect and why he was wanted in Miami. Calleigh passed the suspect's picture around the room and she noticed that Sara had a strange reaction to the photo. Sara recognized the suspect as Bert one of the two men who had fucked her silly at the crime scene. Sara vividly remembered Bert's big cock skewering her tight ass.

"Do you know him?" Calleigh asked Sara.

Sara recovered quickly, "No, I thought that I recognized him at first but no I don't know him."

Calleigh for some reason didn't believe Sara and she made a mental note to get closer to Sara during the investigation. The Las Vegas team then shared their information with Calleigh and Ryan. The morning had slipped by quickly and then it was time for lunch. After lunch they would agree on an approach to pursuing the investigation. Lunch was brought into the conference room and the two teams had friendly non-business conversations over lunch. Following lunch Gil suggested that Calleigh and Ryan split up and team up with two Las Vegas team members. It was decide that Calleigh and Sara would work as one team and Ryan and Catherine would work as the other team. Nick, Greg and Warrick would fill in as needed and Gil would oversee the whole operation.

They worked the rest of the afternoon together and then called it a day. Sara, Catherine, Calleigh and Ryan decided to have dinner together and then they would return to the hotel. But after dinner Calleigh agreed to join Sara back at her place for a nightcap unbeknown to Catherine and Ryan. On the way to the hotel Catherine asked Ryan if he would like to stop for a night cap at her place and he willingly accepted.


Catherine and Ryan arrived at Catherine's home and she steered him into the living room. Catherine got them both a drink and then she began to question Ryan about life in Miami. The conversation eventually got around to boyfriends and girlfriends and they both learned that were not seeing anyone on a serious basis. Catherine got another round of drinks for them and before long they were sitting close together on the sofa. It didn't take long for Ryan to figure out that Catherine wanted to fuck him so he made his move. He took Catherine in his arms and they kissed deeply as their hands moved over each other's body.

Ryan's hands found their way to Catherine's ass cheeks and he massaged her shapely ass as they kissed. Catherine was glad that he liked her ass and she hoped that he would be willing to fuck her in the ass that night. Within minutes they had stripped each other of their clothes and they stood naked in the living room.

Ryan's cock stood out like a flag pole displaying his obvious desire. Catherine walked over to him and took a hold of his cock. Ryan felt like he would cum any second as Catherine toyed with his dick. It was clear that Catherine was in complete control. Catherine pushed Ryan back on the sofa and then she knelt before him.

You have a beautiful cock and I am going to enjoy sucking it," Catherine said in a very sultry tone.

Ryan was speechless as he watched Catherine lower her head and engulf his cock in her warm sensuous mouth. He gasped as she closed her lips around it and then began to bob up and down. Catherine deep throated him and he felt her lips touch his pubic hair as she swallowed his entire cock. No one had ever done that before and he almost lost it at that moment.

Catherine continued to suck his cock and she swirled her tongue around and nibbled the head driving Ryan crazy. Catherine sensed that he was close to blowing his load and she cupped his tight balls and massaged them as she tightened her mouth around his cock. That did it and Ryan could feel his cum travel from his balls through his scrotum as he started to cum.

"Oh shit, here it is. I'm cumming," he screamed but it was more of announcement than a warning.

Catherine stayed glued to his cock and swallowed every drop of his seed as it rushed into her mouth. Ryan came in droves and Catherine had to swallow quickly to keep his seed from running out of her mouth. Ryan could not believe how Catherine worked his cock and swallowed every drop. None of the girls he had been with ever swallowed all of his cum. Catherine was pleased with his youthful discharge and she knew that he would be hard again in no time so that he could fuck her. Ryan shot quite a load in her mouth more than anyone else had ever done.

Catherine sucked and nibbled and teased Ryan to no end. Finally he begged her to stop and he slid back onto the sofa to rest and recover. Catherine sat next to him and turned his face toward hers. She kissed him deeply plunging her tongue into his mouth allowing him to sample the after taste of cum. Ryan reached for her and took her in his arms. Ryan fondled her tits, thighs and ass as they kissed. He could feel himself getting erect again as they cuddled, petted and kissed on the sofa.

"Come on, let's take this to my bedroom where we will be more comfortable," she said sexily.

Ryan followed Catherine to her bedroom. He never took his eyes off of her shapely legs and killer ass the entire time. They entered the bedroom and Catherine turned to face him. Catherine got on her back on the bed and spread her legs. Her hands went down to her pussy and she stroked her quim and opened it for Ryan to see. Ryan just stared at her in all her beauty lying on the bed. Her blonde hair spread across the bed, her firm tits and hard nipples stuck up in the air and her voluptuous body was splayed before him. Catherine held her arms open to him and then guided him to her body as he leaned in toward her.

Ryan buried his tongue in Catherine's pussy shoving it in as if he was fucking her. Catherine directed the action and she soon had him nibbling on her clit while he fingered her pussy. Ryan was really getting into the action particularly because of the way he had Catherine squirming and tossing on the bed. Catherine moved her legs over Ryan's shoulders and pulled his head closer to her pussy. Ryan held on to Catherine's shapely buttocks and squeezed and fondled her firm ass cheeks as he ate her pussy.

"Oh, oh, yes right there. You got it. Suck it, chew on it eat me, oh!" Catherine cried out.

Ryan continued to eat her pussy as he held her ass tightly in his hands. He then moved his hands up to her tits and found her hard nipples. Ryan massaged her boobs and twirled her nipples in his fingertips as he continued to munch on her pussy and clit. Catherine was tossing and thrusting her pussy into Ryan's face and calling for him to eat her.

"Stick your finger in my ass," screamed Catherine.

He snuck one hand behind Catherine's bottom and toyed with her asshole tickling the tight nether hole.

"Wet your finger in my pussy and shove it in my ass," Catherine ordered.

Ryan stuck his middle finger in Catherine's pussy and got it good and wet with her juices. He then positioned it at Catherine's asshole and shoved it in. Catherine gasped with the abrupt anal penetration but soon had Ryan's finger buried in her ass. Ryan pumped his finger in and out of Catherine's ass as he continued to maul her pussy with his mouth. Ryan loved the feel of his finger in the warm recess of Catherine's ass.

Catherine stiffened and gasped aloud as she came on Ryan's face. Ryan held on to her with his finger still buried in her ass and his mouth glued to her cunt. He felt the waves of orgasm rock Catherine's body and his face was flooded with her cunt juice. Catherine kept humping his face until the last of her orgasms passed and she flopped back on the bed.

Ryan slipped his finger from her ass and his hands found her breasts again. He stroked her tits and nipples as he gently licked her pussy dry of all her juices. Ryan finished eating her and then sat up kneeling between Catherine legs. Ryan followed Catherine's eyes to his cock and then he realized that he was hard again.

"I can see that you are still ready for action. Have you ever fucked a girl in the ass?" Catherine quizzed him as she looked at his erect cock.

"Only once but I loved it," Ryan replied not wanting to tell Catherine about his fantasy of fucking Calleigh in the ass.

"I love it in the ass. Will you fuck me in the ass?" Catherine asked sexily.

"Sure, if you want, yeah sure I'll do it," Ryan replied trying to hide his excitement.

Catherine smiled at him and then got off the bed. She retrieved some lubricant from the nightstand and handed it to Ryan. Catherine then got on all fours and directed Ryan to lube her ass. Ryan got turned on by putting the lube in her asshole. He enjoyed fingering her hole and caressing her curvy ass. Catherine rotated her ass in arousal as Ryan inserted a second finger into her bung hole.

"Okay I'm ready for your cock Ryan, fuck me in the ass," ordered Catherine.

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