tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCSI and Internal Affairs Ch. 05

CSI and Internal Affairs Ch. 05



Sara and Calleigh were held captive for three days in the remote house and forced to have sex with the suspects and their girlfriends. Although there wasn't really much forcing required as Sara and Calleigh enthusiastically engaged in the sexual marathons. Bert and Sal had become comfortable with their CSI hostages and had returned their clothes to them. So at least now when Sara and Calleigh weren't getting their brains fucked out they could wear clothing.

Carrie and Rachel were still willing participants in the orgy like sessions and they enjoyed their time with Sara and Calleigh as well. At times when Bert and Sal were drained and finished, they left the four girls together and let them party alone. The creative Rachel always brought along her toys to share with the other girls. One such session took place after Bert and Sal told the girls that they would be gone for a few hours. They locked the girls in the bedroom and left them alone.

Sara got on the bed and beckoned Calleigh to her. Calleigh knelt on the bed and lowered her mouth to Sara's tasty pussy. Calleigh then felt Carrie slide under her and fasten her mouth on Calleigh's pussy. Next Rachel knelt behind Calleigh and played with her buttocks. Rachel then pushed Calleigh's butt cheeks apart and stared at the tight brown aperture. Calleigh gasped as Rachel probed the anus with her tongue and then stuck the tip in the tight little ring. Calleigh tried to focus on Sara's pussy but the girls had her in an erotic state. Calleigh located Sara's clit and drew it into her mouth. Sara cried out as Calleigh took the hard pearl in her teeth and gently rolled it around.

Sara bucked her hips as she cried out with the intensity of her orgasm. Just as she came Calleigh held Sara tightly to her mouth and tried to drink in all the woman's love juices. Calleigh was struggling with her own climax as the girls worked over her pussy and her asshole. Rachel had her tongue in Calleigh's ass as deep as it would go and Carrie chewed lightly on Calleigh's clit. Calleigh screamed and her body thrashed about as her climax rocked her beautiful body. Calleigh collapsed into Sara's arms and stayed still as the three girls caressed her body.

Once Sara and Calleigh recovered sufficiently from their orgasms, Sara had Rachel and Carrie lay next to each other on the bed. Then Calleigh knelt between Rachel's legs and lowered her mouth to the tasty pussy. Sara did the same with Carrie and the two lovers knelt side by side as they ate the girls' pussies. The pussy eating skills of Sara and Calleigh were just too much for the young girls and they were soon thrashing and groaning on the bed as Sara and Calleigh worked over their young energetic pussies. The girls pushed their hips up trying to get the tongues even deeper into their cunts. Almost simultaneously Rachel and Carrie screamed with the intensity of their orgasms. Sara and Calleigh continued to lick their creaming pussies and nibble on their aroused clits as they climaxed wildly. As the girls calmed a little Sara and Calleigh kissed and licked around their pussies and inner thighs. The girls shivered with delight as the tongues tickled them.

Sara got off the bed and then returned with two strap-on dildos and she told Rachel and Carrie that she wanted them to fuck her and Calleigh with the fake cocks. Rachel and Carrie then put on the strap-on dildo and harness. Sara and Calleigh lay on their backs side by side and Sara urged the girls to fuck them. Rachel moved between Calleigh's legs and Carrie got between Sara's legs. They helped the girls guide the fake cocks into their pussies and began moving their hips up to meet their experienced thrusts. Rachel and Carrie knew what they were doing and they soon had established a rhythm fucking the other girls. The girls soon felt the nubs on the dildos rubbing against their own clits and they realized that they too would experience yet another orgasm. It was so exciting for the young girls to be fucking each other and then they leaned over to suck on the Calleigh's and Sara's tits. Sara and Calleigh in turn fondled their lover's tits and tweaked their nipples and rolled them in their fingertips.

The entire room smelled of sex from the four dripping pussies. The four of them were racing toward another string of orgasms as they fucked hard and fast. Rachel and Carrie were rewarded for their enthusiastic efforts as the dildo nubs rubbed their clits and kept them in a constant state of arousal. The two girls worked their hips so that they could receive as much pleasure as they were giving. Sara and Calleigh were beyond themselves with lust and they felt their intense orgasms building in their wombs. Sara and Calleigh screamed with joy as their orgasms took over their bodies. They humped quickly and then collapsed back on the bed as Rachel and Carrie plowed their pussies with the fake cocks.

Rachel and Carrie removed the rubber dicks from the women's pussies and looked at the dildos glistening with Sara's and Calleigh's juices. As if it were the natural thing in the world Rachel and Carrie moved into a 69 position and licked the female nectar off the two fake cocks. Sara and Calleigh watched them do this and marveled at their initiative. The two girls sucked the artificial cocks into their mouths and made a game out of how deep they could take them. After they licked the dildos dry of Sara's and Calleigh's cunt juice they sat up and blushed slightly as they realized what they had just done.

"That was wonderful, let me show you what is next," Carrie told them.

Sara and Calleigh lay on their sides facing one another and worked the double dildo into their pussies as they had their assholes greased up by the girls. The two girls watched in awe as the entire shaft at each end disappeared into the women's pussies.

"Now Rachel and I will fuck you in the ass with our cocks," Carrie directed.

The two young girls were so excited they couldn't believe their good fortune that Calleigh actually wanted a big rubber cock in her ass. Tentatively the two girls got behind Sara and Calleigh and tenderly pushed the fake cocks into the women's assholes. Sara and Calleigh reached behind them and guided the dildos into their assholes and encouraged the girls to fuck them hard and quick. Rachel moved closer to Sara as the cock slid into her ass and Sara reached behind her and pulled Rachel by her buttocks tightly against her. Rachel's pubes pressed into Sara's ass as the fake dick went all the way up her rectum. Rachel once again felt the nub on the dildo work its magic on her clit and she began to thrust her hips into her lover as she fucked her ass. Rachel reached around and slid her hand between Calleigh and Sara and cupped her tits.

Almost the same scene was repeated between Carrie and Calleigh and the two girls were now fucking their lover's asses with the same enthusiasm as they had fucked their pussies earlier. The dildo nubs were doing their job as Rachel and Carrie rapidly fucked the two shapely asses of Sara and Calleigh. Rachel was the first to cum and she shuddered and held Sara tightly as she screamed out loud in ecstasy. Carrie was right behind her and she buried her head in Calleigh's shoulder to muffle her own screams as her body shook with the intensity of her orgasm. Sara and Calleigh went right on fucking each other with the double dildo until they too had mind shattering orgasms. The two women held onto the cute shapely bottoms of their lovers as they thrashed their hips together, shuddered, stiffened and coated the double dildo with their female juices.

"Oh my God that was fantastic," cried Calleigh.

"Oh you girls are so incredibly sexy," Sara gasped.

The four of them lay still in the bed for awhile still coupled together with the fake cocks. Sara told Rachel and Carrie to move first and slowly pull out of her and Calleigh's ass. Rachel and Carrie eased the strap-on cocks out of the girl's asses and looked at them in disbelief. It was still hard to imagine those big rubber cocks were stuffed up Sara's and Calleigh's asses. Sara and Calleigh then moved apart and removed the double dildo from their pussies. Sara gathered up the fake cocks and took them in the bathroom to be washed thoroughly. As Sara washed the dildo's Calleigh lay on her back between the two other girls. Carrie and Rachel played with Calleigh's tits as Calleigh diddled each girl's tight little pussy.

Sara left the dildos to soak in the tub and returned to the bedroom. "You know girls this has been fantastic but it won't last," Sara told them and then added, "I heard the guys talking the other day and they are planning to bug out soon."

"They haven't said anything to me," Carrie replied in surprise.

"No they wouldn't, they just plan to leave suddenly. The only problem is us and what they are going to about us," Sara continued.

"Well if they leave they will probably take me with them," Carrie said almost trying to convince her self.

"I doubt it. But the real question is will they just leave or will they kill us first," Sara told them.

"They would never hurt Rachel and me," Carrie blurted out.

"Carrie you're so naïve. These guys take what they want and then they dispose of it when their done. We are just sexual objects to them. We need to escape from here if we want to stay alive," Sara said firmly.

"That's not true. Sal loves me," Carrie sobbed.

"Sara's right Carrie, we are all in danger," Rachel agreed.

"What are we going to do?" Calleigh pondered.

"Carrie you and Rachel have to help us. When you leave you need to call CSI and let them know where we are. They will capture Bert and Sal and then set Calleigh and me free," Sara directed.

"I didn't tell you this before but two guys from CSI, Nick and Greg, came to the diner looking for you. I was scared to tell them anything," Carrie admitted.

"Carrie you need to call Nick he will know what to do. Nothing will happen to you and I will tell everyone that you helped us," Sara continued with her directive.

"We have to do it Carrie," added Rachel.

Carrie agreed and the escape plan was set in motion. Bert and Sal returned and found the girls dressed when they returned.

"Have fun while we were gone?" Sal snickered.

"Yes we did but Rachel and I have to get going now so that we can go to work in the morning," Carrie replied.

"Okay girls, will see you tomorrow night then," Sal answered.

Sal locked the bedroom again after Carrie and Rachel left. Sara looked at Calleigh and crossed her fingers in a symbol of hope that Carrie would go through with it. Afterward Bert and Sal were making plans for their departure. The fake crime scene had worked and they thought that they were off the hook so it was a good time to leave town. But they knew that they could not leave witnesses behind. They would have some more fun with the girls before they left and then they would have to deal with them.


Carrie called Nick as she had agreed. Nick and Greg met with Carrie and Rachel and the two girls agreed to take them to the house where Sara and Calleigh were being held. Nick and Greg alerted the SWAT team and within hours the house was surrounded and staked out. They decided not to rush the house in concern for Sara and Calleigh's safety. After several hours, Bert and Sal left the house and drove off. Once they were out of sight they team rushed the house and located the room where the girls were being held. They knocked down the door and freed Sara and Calleigh.

"I never thought that I would be so glad to see you," Sara said to Nick.

"Let's go, I don't know when they will be back," Nick advised.

Sara and Calleigh were rushed to the waiting cars. Sara got in the car with Nick and Calleigh got in the other car with Greg and Ryan. Calleigh smiled at Ryan and grasped his hand as she was relieved to see him. The CSI team left the area and took the Sara and Calleigh back to headquarters. Carrie and Rachel were also driven to headquarters so that they could prepare a statement.

Once they arrived at headquarters the CSI team learned that Bert and Sal had been killed in a shoot out with the SWAT team. Calleigh was relieved that she didn't have to escort Sal back to Miami. Sara and Calleigh were debriefed and then they left headquarters. They were both looking forward to a hot bath and a change of clothes. Sara headed to her house where Gil was waiting for her. He had been a wreck since she was captured and he looked forward to taking care of her that evening.

Calleigh returned to the hotel with Ryan. She told Ryan that she needed some time alone and that she would call him later. Ryan told her that he would be in his room if she needed anything. Calleigh entered her hotel room and ran a hot bath for herself. She soaked in the tub and reflected on her entire week in Las Vegas. Not in her wildest dreams did she ever think that she would have so much sex in one week. She not only gave up her ass but she had five different cocks in it not to mention the dildos. She never expected to have lesbian sex again and yet she made it with Sara and then Carrie and Rachel. Well all this would have to stay in Las Vegas. Only Sara knew every detail and she was sworn to secrecy.

Nick and Greg drove Carrie and Rachel back to their house after they had prepared their statements. Carrie thought Nick and Greg were cute and she wondered if they might be interested in her and Rachel. When they arrived at the house, Carrie invited Nick and Greg in for a drink. Nick and Greg had finished their shift so they accepted.

Once inside Rachel made every one a drink and from there things moved rapidly. It didn't take long before they were hugging, kissing and fondling each other. Greg steered Rachel into the bedroom and they were followed by Nick and Carrie. The four of them quickly shed their clothes and then quietly admired their naked bodies.

The four of them got on the king size bed with both girls on their back. Nick got between Carrie's legs and Greg got between Rachel's legs. Greg slid his cock easily into Rachel's sopping wet pussy and the two of them began to rock back and forth. Nick eased his thick cock into Carrie's tight cunt and worked it slowly until he was balls deep in her pussy. Carrie swore that she could feel every ridge and vein on his cock touch her vaginal wall. Carrie gasped as he hit bottom.

Carrie and Rachel were so hot that they both had mild orgasms when the cocks first entered them and rubbed against their clits. Rachel was working Greg's cock now and she really knew how to fuck. Rachel had her legs wrapped around Greg's torso and she humped her hips at him and kept her clit in constant contact with her clit. Greg could feel the friction of his cock rubbing her clit and the contractions from Rachel's pussy.

Carrie on the other hand hard a hard time moving as she was so stuffed with cock. Nick was doing a marvelous job of bringing her from one climax to another as he pounded his cock deep into her pussy. His cock never lost contact with her clit and Carrie came so much that Nick's cock moved easily now in her soaked pussy. Carrie was grunting and groaning as she went through multiple orgasms. Her last one was the most intense one she had ever had and it was finally brought on when Nick fired a barrage of cum into her.

Rachel and Greg tensed up next to them and Greg shot his wad into Rachel's cunt as she too experienced yet another orgasm. Rachel couldn't wait until she sampled Nick's bigger cock. The two guys rolled off the girls and lay next to them on the bed. Rachel slid down and took Nick's wet soft cock in her mouth and sucked it clean of Carrie's and Nick's cum. Carrie lay there with her body still quivering from the intense fuck session. Greg smiled down at her and then moved between her legs. Greg began to lick her quim and both girls were surprised that he didn't seem to mind that Nick had cum in her pussy.

Nick was soon hard again and Rachel mounted his cock emitting a gasp as she slid all the way down on it. She began to move her hips and clench her buttocks as she fucked his big cock. Greg watched her hot ass and then he decided to test the water. He grabbed the nearby lube and applied it generously to his cock. He knelt behind Rachel and fingered her asshole applying lube to it as well. Rachel just kept on fucking Nick as if she knew what was coming.

"Come on get your cock in there," Rachel yelled back at Greg.

Greg pushed forward and his cock slid right into her asshole. Rachel had obviously been butt fucked before but Greg wondered if she had ever been double fucked. Rachel was ecstatic with two cocks in her and she thrust her hips wildly fucking both cocks. The three of them were humping each other with abandon now. Nick would thrust his hips up driving his cock deep into her pussy as Rachel slammed her cunt down on his cock causing Greg's cock to slide almost out of her ass. Then Rachel pushed back against Greg and his cock filled her asshole as she lifted herself off of Nick's cock. Nick made sure that his cock did not leave Rachel's cunt.

The three of them pounded each other as Carrie watched. It was exciting to watch her girl friend get skewered in both holes. Rachel tensed her body as it was rocked with a massive orgasm.

"Oh sweet Jesus, I'm cumming, I'm cumming! Please hold me, hold me!" she cried out as her body shook with tremors from the intensity of her orgasm.

Greg shot his load deep into her ass as he shoved his cock in as far as it would go. Rachel's ass muscles milked Greg's cock of his cum as if her ass had a mind of its own. Nick stiffened below her and flooded her cunt with his spunk. Rachel felt his cock throbbing in her pussy as rope after rope of cum bounced off her vaginal walls. Rachel collapsed on top of Nick as he held her tightly to him. He could feel her hard sharp nipples pressing into his chest. Greg knelt back and caressed Rachel's shapely ass. He massaged her ass cheeks and toyed with her bung hole as his cum trickled out it.

"God, I love being fucked like that," Rachel gasped.

Rachel then rolled off of Nick and lay on her back with cum oozing from her pussy and asshole. Carrie had fingered herself during the threesome fuck but she had not yet got off. Rachel saw her frantically frigging herself so she rolled over and put her mouth on Carrie's pussy. Rachel loved to eat pussy especially Carrie's and she loved to make Carrie cum in her mouth. Carrie welcomed Rachel's mouth on her pussy even though so wasn't sure how the guys would react. Carrie had no idea what these two guys had been through in the past.

Rachel picked up her pace as she licked and sucked Carrie's firm swollen clit while her fingers entered her pussy and located and stroked her G-spot. Then Rachel shoved a moistened finger into Carrie's ass. Carrie climaxed as her body bowed up and her pussy slammed against Carrie's mouth. Carrie sucked her girl friend's clit and ran her finger around inside Carrie's sweet sex. Rachel felt Carrie's pussy and asshole clamp down on her fingers as she screamed out her passion. Suddenly Rachel felt that familiar gush of juice against her lips and she quickly moved her mouth down a little to let it squirt into her mouth. Rachel popped her finger out of Carrie's ass causing her to squirt again.

"Oh, yes make me cum. Make me cum. I'm so hot. Please!" Carrie cried out as her entire body lifted off the bed and collapsed.

The foursome next started out in a daisy chain like position where Nick ate Carrie pussy as Carrie sucked Greg's cock. Greg ate Rachel's pussy as she sucked Nick's cock. They stayed like this until they were aroused and ready to pair off. Rachel wanted Nick to fuck her doggy style so she got on all fours with her head on the bed and her ass pointed in the air. Nick slipped his cock into her hot pussy and began to fuck her from behind.

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