tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCSI and Internal Affairs Ch. 06

CSI and Internal Affairs Ch. 06


It was Friday and Stella Bonasera, Lindsay Monroe and Danny Messer were on a commercial flight from New York to Las Vegas. On the same day Gil and Sara were in route from Las Vegas to New York. Both CSI teams would spend a week in the other's city as part of an exchange program initiated by Mac Taylor and Gil Grissom. Gil was looking forward to spending some quality time with Sara while they were in New York.

On the flight to Las Vegas, Lindsay was thinking about the other week when she and Danny slept together for the first time. They had hooked up on a Friday night when the team stopped for a drink after work. Lindsay found herself alone with Danny after the others left and then he took her back to his apartment. They had had passionate sex and Lindsay was happy that she had slept with him. Danny was a very good lover with a very talented tongue and he knew how to use his cock as well. It was the best sex Lindsay ever had with a guy. It was also the first time that Lindsay had a guy cum in her mouth and although at first she was repulsed, she found that it wasn't really that bad.

They spent the weekend together and had sex every day. Lindsay had gotten used to sucking cock and swallowing cum as she and Danny engaged in 69 a number of times. She was fucked in a number different positions including doggy style. Danny loved playing with her cute ass as he fucked her from behind. The only thing that Lindsay did not do was anal sex. If Danny had thought about it, he didn't try and Lindsay was grateful for that. The last thing that had been in Lindsay's ass was Stella's tongue. Lindsay could still remember vividly the sensation caused by Stella's long pointed tongue worming its way into her ass.

Lindsay and Stella had slept together several times. It was obvious that Stella was bi-sexual and Lindsay considered herself bi as well. Lindsay also knew that Danny had fucked Stella a number of times in the past. Stella had often hinted at a threesome but Lindsay had declined. Lindsay wondered if that would happen on this trip since they were away from the office and staying in a hotel. Lindsay though back to the time in her life when she did experience group sex in college. It was lesbian group sex and she remembered how it started.

In high school Lindsay had remained a virgin. Her body had not developed and the boys were always after the girls with the big tits and big asses. She was an excellent student and she was accepted into one of the more prestigious all girls college. She was 19 when she had her first encounter and it was with her best friend at the time, Ginger. She and Ginger used to sneak kisses and finger each other any time they were alone. One day they got caught in an empty classroom by a hall monitor and they had to report to the dean's office.

Dean Carol Jennings demanded an explanation for the two girl's behavior. Ginger began the explanation. She told Dean Carol that she and Lindsay had been good friends for a long time and they had worked on many assignments together. They became very close. They started experimenting with their own pussies as they loved to finger them and get off while the other one was watching. Then they took showers together and soaped each other's body up. They started touching each other's pussies in the shower. After that they became bolder and slept in the same bed with each other naked. They would rub their titties and pussies and experience their first orgasms.

Lindsay then chimed in. We loved touching each other so much that we wanted to do it all the time. So we started taking chances. We had been doing in the vacant classroom for sometime now but this is the first time we ever got caught. They pleaded with the Dean not to suspend them. The Dean asked them if they were both still virgins to which both of them admitted that they were. Then the whole situation took a different turn.

The Dean asked them if they had ever eaten each other's pussy. Lindsay and Ginger were shocked by the question but they admitted that they had not done that. Then the Dean told the girls to show her exactly what they were doing when they got caught. Ginger and Lindsay were embarrassed that they had to do it in the Dean's office in front of her but they knew they had no other choice.

Lindsay slid over next to Ginger on the office sofa and put her arms around her. Then the two girls pink with embarrassment began to kiss each other. Then they began to stroke each other's thighs working their way up to their panty covered pussies. The girls were breathing hard as their tongues danced inside each other's mouth. Lindsay pulled Ginger's panty elastic to the side and bared the brunette's virginal muff. She then traced her finger around the outside of Ginger's labia causing the youngster to moan out loud.

Ginger duplicated the action by pulling Lindsay's panty to side and bared her pussy as well. Ginger teased the blonde with her finger just as Lindsay was doing to her. The girl's pussies had gotten moist and their fingers slid inside the lips of their pussies. The Dean got hot from watching them pleasure each other and she told them to take their panties off. The girls had hesitated unsure of what to do so the Dean moved to her knees in front of them and stroked Lindsay's thighs.

Dean Carol reached up and took a hold of Lindsay's panty by the waistband and slowly pulled them down her thighs and off her legs. Carol had stared briefly at the pretty blonde pussy in front of her face. Then Carol moved to Ginger and removed her panties in the same manner. Now both naked pussies were right in front of the Dean. Lindsay remembered how Carol's voice cracked when she told the girls that it was time that they had their pussies licked.

Carol had leaned in and placed her mouth on Lindsay's sweet pussy. Carol licked the virgin pussy thoroughly and she drove Lindsay wild. Lindsay had never felt anything quite like it and she was consumed with desire. Lindsay moaned softly as Carol licked her and probed her with her tongue. Carol located the girl's clit and ran her tongue over the hooded nub. Then she began to nibble and suck on Lindsay's clit sending her over the edge. Lindsay's body trembled and humped frantically as she had a string of orgasms. Carol kept her mouth glued to the girl's tasty cunt as Lindsay drenched Carol's face with her sweet nectar. Ginger had watched in amazement as her friend's body spasmed with orgasms. Ginger had never seen anyone cum like that in her life. Lindsay recalled how she screamed that she was cumming and then Carol licked her until she began to settle down and her body went still. Carol had licked the remaining juices from Lindsay's quim and had licked her lips savoring the sweet virginal taste.

Carol then turned her attention to Ginger. Ginger was clearly apprehensive but she soon got into it as Carol began to lick her pussy. It was a repeat performance for Carol and within minutes the young brunette was writhing in orgasm. Carol ate Ginger through multiple orgasms just as she had done with Lindsay. Ginger had a mind blowing, body draining orgasm that left her weak. The girls could not believe what Carol had been able to do to them. Carol sat back in her chair and looked at the two drained teenage morsels and it was obvious that she felt very satisfied that she was able to bring these girls so much pleasure.

Carol told them to put their panties back on and then she told them to be more careful in the future. Carol also told them that she expected to see more of the girls in the future. After that day Lindsay and Ginger ate each other all the time and then learned about 69 so they could eat each other at the same time. Dean Carol introduced the girls to a Guidance Counselor named Barbara who also ate their pussies. Ginger and Lindsay were invited to Carol's home one weekend where they repeatedly had sex with Carol and Barbara. It was that weekend that Lindsay and Ginger lost their virginity as Carol and Barbara fucked them with strap-on dildos. Lindsay's thoughts were interrupted when she heard the cabin attendant tell the passengers to prepare for arrival and fasten their seat belts.

While Lindsay was thinking about her experiences, Danny was contemplating the week ahead. He was fucking both Stella and Lindsay and he wondered if a threesome was in the making. Danny liked Lindsay and her passionate love making but he also liked the very Greek Stella who loved it in the ass. In fact Danny couldn't wait until they were at the hotel and he got to slide his cock back into Stella's very hot Greek ass. Stella was wilder in the sack than anyone Danny had fucked. She loved to suck his cock and she loved for him to fuck her pussy but she always wanted him to cum in her ass. He thought that it should be a very interesting and fun week in Vegas.

Stella's thoughts were about both Danny and Lindsay. Stella hoped that this would finally be the time when they could have a threesome. Stella looked forward to Danny fucking her ass while she ate Lindsay's pussy. Stella also wondered about the CSI Las Vegas team and if the guys had big cocks. She hoped to find out as one of her fantasies was to take on three cocks at the same time. So far in her life she had only had two guys fuck her at the same time and she loved it.

Moments later the plane touched down and they had landed in Las Vegas. There was a limo waiting for them at the airport to take them to the hotel. They were on their own that day to enjoy Vegas and they would report to the CSI headquarters the next day. They were told that a limo would pick them up in the morning and bring them to the CSI building. The three of them checked into the hotel and then touched base. They agreed to meet for dinner but until then they would stay on their own. As soon as they had unpacked, Danny was over in Stella's room for an afternoon delight. Lindsay was a little tired from the trip and she looked over the hotel amenities in the guest book. She noticed that the hotel offered massages either in the room or at the spa. Lindsay decided to have an in-room massage.


Lindsay called for an appointment and she was in luck, a masseuse would be at her room in about an hour. Lindsay put on a halter top and shorts but no bra or panty. As arranged, the masseuse a very pretty tall blonde girl arrived at her room. Lindsay guessed her to be almost six feet tall. She was wearing a warm-up outfit that did little to hide her curves. She handed Lindsay a card and spoke.

"Lindsay" she said with a sexy smile, "I'm your masseuse Sandy."

Lindsay invited her in and watched as Sandy set up the massage table. Then Sandy took off her warm-up outfit. She was wearing white shorts and a white halter top. The shorts were so tight that the cheeks of her ass were peaking out of the bottom and the outline of her vulva was very prominent. Her halter top was very tight showing off her firm tits. She had long tan shapely legs that ended at a very shapely ass. Her breasts were pert and firm with her nipples poking through the material of her shirt.

Lindsay felt her loins tingle as she watched the blonde beauty and the roll of her curvy firm ass as she set things up. Sandy told Lindsay to take off her clothes and lay down on the massage table. Lindsay then laid face down on the massage table and covered her buttocks with the towel as she awaited her first professional massage. Sandy had set out many different bottles of lotions and oils.

Sandy poured a hand full of massage oil and began with Lindsay's neck and shoulders. Lindsay was instantly relaxed by Sandy's touch and she closed her eyes and let out a relaxing sigh. Sandy was very good at her job. After giving a considerable amount of attention to Lindsay's shoulders she continued slowly downward to Lindsay's sides and lower back. Then ignoring the towel that was over Lindsay's buttocks, Sandy slid her hands underneath it and firmly massaged Lindsay's ass. Lindsay didn't mind in fact it felt good. After a moment Sandy removed the towel and tossed it aside.

"Do you mind? Those towels just get in the way," Sandy asked.

"No not at all," Lindsay replied.

Then Sandy slid her warm oily hands down between Lindsay's thighs and Lindsay felt the edge of Sandy's fingers brush against her pussy. Lindsay tensed up a little and gave a short, almost silent gasp.

"Oh sorry, I see you're a little sensitive there," Sandy said and then continued down to the backs of Lindsay's knees.

"Well it did tickle and you caught me by surprise," Lindsay answered with a giggle.

Sandy gave a subtle laugh as she gently bent Lindsay's leg to massage her ankles and feet. Lindsay wondered if Sandy realized what she had done and wondered if she meant to do it. Lindsay though that it felt good and she secretly hoped that Sandy would do it again. Sandy applied more oil to Lindsay's feet as she carefully massaged the soles and between each of Lindsay's toes. Then Sandy worked her way back up the inside of Lindsay's legs until she reached the same spot as before. Again Lindsay felt the edge of Sandy's fingers brush against her pussy. Lindsay instinctively parted her thighs slightly giving Sandy's hands more room to work. But to Lindsay's disappointment, Sandy didn't seem to notice and she moved upward eventually back to Lindsay's shoulders.

"Okay, you can turn over now," Sandy said as she walked over to table to the lotions.

Lindsay was now lying face up bare breasted and her nipples were a bit stiff from the cool air. Lindsay raised her head and looked down to see her bare pubic mound and pussy lips peeking out between her thighs. She felt a little on display, but she was a little turned on as well.

"Are you okay? Do you want the towel back? Sandy asked.

"I'm okay," Lindsay sighed and then laid her head back on the table.

Sandy returned to the massage table and stood behind Lindsay's head. She started rubbing Lindsay's temples then moved her hands down over Lindsay's neck and chest. Sandy applied more oil to Lindsay's breasts and massaged them softly at first then she increased the pressure little by little. Sandy seemed to be focused on Lindsay's nipples, which aroused Lindsay even more than the brief encounter between her legs. Lindsay began breathing heavier as her nipples grew harder.

"You have nice tits Lindsay," Sandy said as she rolled the nipples in her fingers.

Lindsay just groaned softly and pushed her chest up harder into Sandy's hands. As Sandy leaned over Lindsay her firm breasts were just above Lindsay's face. Lindsay instinctively reached up and squeezed them gently. Lindsay could feel Sandy's hard nipples poking out through the top. That was the sign that Sandy had been waiting for, Sandy smiled and then she pinched Lindsay's nipples. Sandy then lowered her mouth and met Lindsay's breast. Sandy's warm tongue circled around the swollen areola and Lindsay felt Sandy's hand slide down over her stomach and between her legs. Sandy's oily fingers found Lindsay's clit and gently stroked it before she slipped a finger inside Lindsay's pussy. Lindsay was already sopping wet and welcomed Sandy's penetrating touch.

Lindsay gasped in surprise and the moaned loudly as Sandy's finger slid between Lindsay's nether lips and wormed its way deep inside. Sandy then pushed her thumb back into Lindsay's pussy and held her in a bowling ball grip. Lindsay's vaginal and anal muscles tightened around Sandy's finger and thumb as she slowly pushed them in and out. Sandy's mouth moved from one of Lindsay's nipples to the other, back and forth, nibbling, sucking and licking. Lindsay was in a euphoric state as she engaged in yet another lesbian encounter. Sandy removed her thumb and finger from Lindsay's pussy and asshole. They she pushed two fingers into Lindsay's overheated twat. Sandy then slipped her fingers out of Lindsay and slowly rubbed her hand back up over Lindsay's stomach and between Lindsay's tits. Lindsay watched as Sandy stuck the two fingers into her mouth and sucked Lindsay's juices from them. Sandy closed her eyes as she savored the taste of her latest conquest.

Sandy walked around to the foot of the table where she pulled Lindsay's body down until her buttocks were at the edge. Sandy then leaned down between Lindsay's parted legs and licked and kissed slowly up Lindsay's inner thighs. Sandy's hot mouth eventually met Lindsay's clit and Lindsay moaned as Sandy sucked it and tongued it. Sandy spread Lindsay's legs further apart and tweaked her nipples while Sandy's tongue explored Lindsay's slit. She inserted her fingers in Lindsay's pussy again. Lindsay pulled her knees up to her chest allowing Sandy to push deeper inside her. Lindsay's legs began to tremble as Sandy licked harder and faster. Sandy's fingers probed Lindsay's g-spot and Lindsay could feel the orgasm rising in her. Lindsay's whole body tensed up and she ground her pussy against Sandy's fingers and mouth. Sandy sucked Lindsay's clit tight into her lips and vigorously flicked her tongue over it. Sandy's fingers pumped in and out of Lindsay's wet cunt and finally Lindsay climaxed. Lindsay's body convulsed, her voice shook in half screams and went silent at times when she couldn't seem to make noise. Lindsay gripped the massage table and held it for the duration of her seemingly endless crescendo.

Sandy's tongue traveled upward and met with Lindsay's tits again. She nibbled each of Lindsay's little pink buttons sending waves electricity through her still quivering body. Sandy wet her finger in Lindsay's pussy and held it to her lips so Lindsay could taste herself.

"You seem to like that," Sandy said and then asked. "Would you like to taste me?"

Lindsay swallowed the lump in her throat and nodded yes as she was about to eat another pussy in her life. Sandy stripped off her halter top and tight shorts and Lindsay noticed that Sandy's blonde pussy hair was moist. Sandy lay down on the massage table and Lindsay got on all fours and buried her face in Sandy's pussy sucking up her sweet nectar. Sandy grabbed Lindsay's head and grinded it against her nose. Her pussy smelled and tasted so good.

"Finger-fuck me," Sandy cried out.

Lindsay slid her middle finger inside Sandy's gap while she tongued her throbbing clit. Sandy got wetter and wetter and Lindsay drank it all in. Lindsay's free hand explored upward to find Sandy's firm full breasts. Her areolas felt huge and her nipples were very stiff. Lindsay felt Sandy's hand on the back of her head pushing her face hard into Sandy's cunt.

Lindsay pulled her finger out of Sandy's pussy so she could replace it with her tongue. Lindsay had a desire to taste more of her. Lindsay used her fingers to spread Sandy's pussy lips open and Lindsay's tongue darted in and out of her sweet hole. Then Lindsay drove her tongue in as deep as she could and wiggled it around inside her getting a good taste of Sandy's pussy. Sandy thrashed about and bucked her hips as Lindsay's tongue slithered around inside her.

"I'm going to cum!" she screamed and then, "Oh shit here it cums. I'm cumming, oh hold me, and eat me, oh!"

Lindsay's mouth went into frenzy as she licked and sucked Sandy and stuffed two fingers in her wet love hole. Lindsay could feel Sandy's muscles tighten around her fingers as she came.

As the two women calmed each other after the storm Sandy checked the time and said, "We still have about 15 minutes left and I have something that I want to share you."

Sandy took a double dildo out of her bag and placed one end of it in her pussy. Then she crawled between Lindsay's legs and placed the other end in Lindsay's pussy. The two of them then fucked each other until they orgasmed a second time. Sandy thrust her hips into Lindsay and Lindsay raised her hips to meet Sandy's. They raced toward their orgasms as if it were a contest to see who could cum first. Lindsay came first and screamed into Sandy's shoulder. Sandy was right behind her and her body spasmed as she drenched the dildo with her nectar. The two of them remained coupled together by the fake cock for several minutes as they let their bodies recover. They stroked each other as if they were comforting one another and then Sandy moved. The dildo remained in her pussy as it slipped from Lindsay's. Then Sandy pulled the rubber cock from her pussy and licked the end that had been in Lindsay's pussy. Then Sandy handed the dildo to Lindsay who sucked the end clean that had been in Sandy's pussy.

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