tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCSI and Internal Affairs Ch. 07

CSI and Internal Affairs Ch. 07



After being double fucked by Greg and Nick followed by two days of intense sex with Warrick, Catherine was ready for a break. At least she was ready for a break from men and having cocks in her three holes. Catherine wished Sara was in town but she knew that Sara would be in New York with Gil for another week. As Catherine drove to the office that morning she hoped that she would not get a call from Jim Brass as she was in no mood to suck his cock that Monday.

When Catherine arrived at CSI headquarters she met with her team and the team from New York. Only Stella and Lindsay were in the conference room, Danny had not yet arrived. Catherine then learned that Danny had been summoned back to New York. Apparently there was a case that he had to testify in and it had been moved up in the schedule. As the meeting progressed Catherine looked closely at Stella and Lindsay and she wondered if they ever made it with women.

Catherine took a particular fondness to Lindsay and dismissed Stella as potentially too wild for her. Catherine decided that she and Lindsay would work together and that Stella would work with Warrick, Nick and Greg. Catherine noticed that Stella was thrilled with the arrangement but Lindsay seemed a little disappointed. Catherine planned to change the look of disappointment on Lindsay's face.

The two teams split up and worked diligently all day on their assignments. At the end of the day Stella and the three guys decided to stop for a drink after work. Stella was thinking that if everything went well that she might finally get to experience three men at the same time. Her pussy was dripping just from the thought of three cocks in her at once.

Catherine invited Lindsay to dinner so they could get better acquainted on a social basis. They had a wonderful meal and shared a bottle of wine over dinner. Afterward they stopped in a very quiet cocktail lounge for a nightcap. Catherine was drawn to the cute Lindsay and Catherine was dying to know if Lindsay had ever slept with another woman. Catherine steered the conversation toward sex and then asked the question.

"Lindsay, forgive me for being so bold for asking but have you ever slept with another woman?" Catherine asked.

Lindsay smiled shyly and replied, "Do you mean have I ever made love with another woman?"

"Yes, I guess that's what I meant to ask?" Catherine confirmed.

"Yes a few times," Lindsay admitted.

"Did you enjoy it?" Catherine pressed on.

"Yes I did very much, why do you want to make love to me?" Lindsay challenged.

"Well I didn't expect you to be so direct but yes, I would like that," Catherine replied blushing.

Catherine was surprised that she had been embarrassed so easily but she learned what she wanted to about Lindsay. They had another drink and Lindsay shared one of her encounters when she was in school. Catherine listened intently as Lindsay described the encounter. Afterward both of them were feeling sexy and Catherine invited Lindsay back to her house. Lindsay willingly accepted the invitation. Catherine was so turned on that she was tempted to stop the car and throw Lindsay down on the seat and make passionate love to her. They finally arrived at Catherine's home.

As they entered Catherine's home Catherine pushed Lindsay back against the door and pressed her knee into the young woman as she pinned her against the door. Catherine's hands were all over Lindsay as she started kissing her passionately on the lips. Catherine's kisses were so wonderful and eager as her hands cupped Lindsay's face, Catherine kissed her over and over. Lindsay reveled in the thrill of all the emotions and adrenalin coursing through her body. Catherine nibbled on Lindsay's lower lip gently and Lindsay gushed with exhilaration as their tongues intertwined. Catherine shoved her tongue deep into Lindsay's mouth causing her knees to almost buckle under her with the excitement of the moment. As Catherine's wet hot tongue explored Lindsay's mouth her hands roamed all over her body. Catherine explored inside Lindsay's shirt, up her skirt and stroked the exposed skin of her thighs above her nylons. Lindsay murmured into Catherine's mouth as her colleague's caresses sent shivers through her body as Catherine seductively stroked her breasts and thighs. Lindsay's desire intensified as Catherine stroked her pussy through her damp panties.

Catherine dropped to her knees and raised Lindsay's skirt pushing it up to her waist. Then she hooked her fingers into Lindsay's panty and slowly peeled it down her thighs and off her legs. Catherine then held the panty to her nose and inhaled the sweet smell of Lindsay's sex. Next Catherine steered Lindsay back against foyer table and helped raise her up until she was sitting on the table. Catherine smiled wickedly at Lindsay as she pushed up her skirt and then dropped slowly in front of her. As Catherine spread her legs Lindsay couldn't conceal a moan and she had to stifle her gasps with the back of her hand. Lindsay could feel Catherine's hot breath on her sopping wet pussy. Lindsay then started to place delicate kisses upon Lindsay's naked thighs and the sensation of her wet lips on Lindsay's skin sent waves of excitement through her. Catherine ran a fingertip down Lindsay's slit causing her to groan with pleasure as Catherine's fingers honed in on Lindsay's engorged clit.

As Catherine inhaled the sweet odor of Lindsay's pussy her tongue darted out for an exploratory lick and then she lapped excitedly at Lindsay's quim. Catherine began to lick her from her little puckered asshole to her clit. Catherine then pulled Lindsay's pussy lips open and exposed her pink pussy as her tongue darted in and out of Lindsay's now dripping cunt. Lindsay felt as if she were being fucked with a little cock as Catherine stiffened her tongue. Using her thumb Catherine rubbed Lindsay's clit and she also dipped her fingers into Lindsay soaking wet pussy. Catherine then took one very wet finger and slid it into Lindsay's tight asshole. Oh how good it felt to Lindsay to have something in her ass again. Catherine sucked Lindsay's clit into her hot mouth and slid her fingers into her pussy and one into her ass. Lindsay groaned with the pleasure of the raw sex and her love of anal sex betrayed her. Soon the intensity in Lindsay's ass, pussy and clit built up to the boiling point and she came noisily with her juices spilling from her and into Catherine's waiting mouth.

Catherine hurriedly took Lindsay by the hand and led her to the bedroom. Once in the room they frantically removed the rest of their clothes. Lindsay knew it was her turn to pleasure Catherine. Catherine stood by the bed as Lindsay moved behind her and placed gentle kisses all over her body. She started at Catherine's shoulders and worked her way slowly down to her buttocks. Lindsay was enthralled with Catherine's body with her firmness and smooth skin. Lindsay began to lick and kiss Catherine's hips planting kisses all over her sensitive body. Lindsay couldn't resist sinking her teeth into Catherine's firm ass cheeks causing her to shiver and gasp in surprise. Lindsay turned Catherine toward her and then kissed the inside of her thighs and worked her way steadily toward her pussy. Lindsay kissed the area around Catherine's pussy and inhaled the sweet aroma produced by her arousal.

Lindsay loved the smell of Catherine's pussy and she was desperate to taste her. Lindsay flicked out her tongue and for the second time in two days tasted another woman's pussy. Lindsay was pleased to find that Catherine tasted as sweet as she smelled. Lindsay began by probing Catherine's pussy gently with her tongue and then found herself diving into the luscious pussy. Catherine fell back onto her bed and Lindsay moved to a sitting position between her legs. Lindsay then began to lick her clit and loved the way it swelled under her tender touch. Remembering her lesbian experiences, Lindsay enveloped Catherine's clit with her mouth and swirled her tongue around it emitting squeals of delight from Catherine letting Lindsay know that she was driving her crazy. Lindsay was gaining confidence with her tactics as she started to lick Catherine's pussy again tasting her sweetness. She ate her, licked her and probed Catherine's sweet hole with her tongue and then slipped a finger into Catherine's dripping pussy and finger fucked her while she sucked and nibbled her swollen clit.

Lindsay felt Catherine's clit swell and stiffen a little more as she continued to hold the hard pearl in her mouth. Lindsay lavished delicate kisses all over Catherine's pussy and then returned to lustily licking her clit again. Lindsay's tongue danced all over Catherine's clit before probing her quim, this time her tongue delved into every fold of Catherine's now soaking wet pussy. Catherine reached down and took hold of Lindsay's hair and pulled her face tighter to her snatch forcing Lindsay's tongue deeper inside her pussy and she ground her clit against Lindsay's mouth. Lindsay could feel Catherine's body quake as her orgasm rose within her and Catherine continued to push back against Lindsay's face. Catherine ground herself against Lindsay as her breathing quickened and she moaned aloud and became uncontrollable. Lindsay felt Catherine's body stiffen and then she was cumming all over her face and Lindsay's tongue hungrily searched out every drop of Catherine's sweet nectar. Catherine collapsed across the bed on her back as Lindsay licked her pussy clean of all female juices. Lindsay then moved to the bed and lay next to Catherine.

"You know when I ate you before I noticed that you enjoyed having my finger in your ass. Do you like anal?" Catherine observed and asked Lindsay.

Lindsay blushed at the question but replied, "Yes I do. Your finger felt great but I wished it was something a little bigger."

"Well it seems as if the lady would like a nice cock in her ass," Catherine says teasingly.

"Do you plan on growing a cock tonight?" Lindsay laughed.

"Not really but I have just the thing for you but let's get you ready first," Catherine replied.

Catherine rolled Lindsay over on her stomach and lifted her by her hips so that her ass was in the air. The she wet one of her fingers with her own saliva and rubbed it gently against the opening in Lindsay's ass. Catherine lubricated Lindsay's asshole with her spit before sliding one finger into her pressing it past her sphincter. Catherine pushed it in up to her knuckle and stroked it in and out of Lindsay's nether hole causing her to groan loudly. Catherine then slid a second finger into Lindsay's ass and gently started to pry Lindsay's asshole open. Catherine pulled Lindsay's cheeks apart and spit on her bum allowing the saliva to dribble into Lindsay's gaping hot asshole and then she probed Lindsay's ass with her tongue. Lindsay almost orgasmed then and there and she marveled in the technique of the wonderfully experienced Catherine. Catherine continued to eat Lindsay's ass for a while longer dipping and probing Lindsay's ass with her tongue. Then Catherine stopped and went over to her nightstand and retrieved the strap-on dildo and a tube of lubricant. Catherine slipped on the harness and then snapped the dildo in place. Catherine approached Lindsay again with the lube in her hands.

Lindsay felt the cool soothing liquid enter her ass as it flowed slowly into her and coated her anal passage. Catherine began to rub the tip of the dildo against Lindsay's ass, teasing her and causing her to push back against the fake cock in frustration before Catherine finally pushed it deep into her. Catherine stroked the thick rubber cock slowly and deeply into Lindsay's ass and soon they were both groaning in pleasure. As Catherine thrust deeper and harder into Lindsay's ass, the strap-on base rubbed steadily against her already swollen red clit. Lindsay was moaning loudly now and Catherine's fingers began to strum Lindsay's clit as she fucked her really deep and hard. Catherine thrust the strap-on into Lindsay harder and harder, stretching her tight little ass. The strap-on was rubbing Catherine's swollen clit making it tingle and throb. Catherine knew she was close to her climax and she reached around Lindsay and as she fucked her ass deep and hard and she teased Lindsay's pussy. Catherine stroked and pinched Lindsay's clit and let her fingers slip into her wet cunt. With a few more thrusts of the strap-on Catherine went over the edge and she came hard; her body trembled in orgasm and her juices ran down the shaft of the dildo and onto Lindsay's ass as well as down her silky thighs. Almost instantaneously, Lindsay was cumming too, her body was quaking and her pussy was gushing. Lindsay's cum gushed all over Catherine's hand and Catherine brought her hand to Lindsay's mouth allowing Lindsay to taste herself.

As they caught their breath and calmed down Catherine was the first to speak, "You are more than welcome to spend the night here if you like."

"I would love to," replied Lindsay.

Then Catherine produced another toy, a double dildo. Catherine and Lindsay decided to try out the double dildo on each other. They got on the bed and kissed and caressed until they were aroused and ready to try the long dildo. Catherine took the dildo and liberally coated the entire length with lubricant. Catherine placed one end against her pussy and slid it into her sweet pussy about four or five inches. Next she placed the other end against Lindsay and slid it into her hot pussy. It slid in some four inches inside her. They giggled as they worked their bodies toward each other and the dildo slid inside their pussies.

They made a fascinating sight as they moved together and the long dildo slid further inside them. Catherine had measured it once and found it to be 19 inches long with a set of fake balls in the middle. That left 9 inches on either end. Lindsay didn't think she could get it all in and she was right. Lindsay was the first to say that she could not take any more inside her but Catherine already had her end in up to the fake balls. There was a portion still left on Lindsay's end.

They reached down and began to stroke their own clits as they fucked each other. They were soon were breathing heavily and Lindsay was the first to cum. Her hips lifted off the bed and her fingers flew over her swollen clit. Catherine was not far behind her and she too moaned, and her hips rotated and thrust as she too climaxed.

Catherine was drained but Lindsay was not ready to quit just yet. Lindsay slipped the dildo harness on and then rolled Catherine over on her stomach. Lindsay then lubed Catherine's ass and shoved the fake cock all the way in. Lindsay pulled Catherine by her hips until Catherine's ass was in the air. Lindsay caressed Catherine's shapely ass as she fucked it with long steady strokes. Catherine put her head down on her bed and turned her head to one side. She moaned and cooed softly as Lindsay had her way with her ass. Lindsay Picked up the pace and Catherine knew that the dildo nub was getting to Lindsay. Lindsay felt the little nub rubbing against her clit and she fucked Catherine harder and faster. Lindsay then stiffened with the fake cock shoved all the way into Catherine's asshole and her entire body shook as it was rocked by another intense orgasm. Lindsay leaned over Catherine's body as she slowly recovered and she instinctively reached around and cupped Catherine's tits. Then Lindsay withdrew the dildo from Catherine's ass, unsnapped the harness and flopped down next to Catherine. They both agreed that that was enough sex for one night.

Catherine had never expected Lindsay to be so assertive and aggressive in bed. She wondered what Stella must be like in bed if the demur Lindsay was so wild. Maybe she would find out before they returned to New York. Maybe they would even have a threesome that would be wild.


After work Stella, Warrick, Nick and Greg stopped at a lounge for cocktails. They stayed longer than they planned so they had some appetizers and then a DJ came on. The three guys took turns dancing with Stella and she teased each of them relentlessly. When they slow danced she made sure her leg was pressed between theirs and she could feel their cocks harden in their pants. One dance with Warrick she let her hand slipped between them and over his cock. Warrick was caught off guard but he did not remove her hand and instead let his hand drop to her curvy ass.

When it was time to leave Stella invited the three guys to her room for one more drink. The three guys eagerly followed her to the room. Greg and Nick had fucked women together before but they weren't sure how things would turn out with Warrick along this time. They arrived at the room about 8:00 PM that evening. Stella went into the room and sat down on the sofa. Her mini skirt slid up to mid thigh and put her shapely legs on display. Warrick poured her a drink and the three guys joined her. Greg and Nick could not take their eyes off her shapely legs and they both were sporting boners in anticipation of being between her legs. Stella downed the first drink and Warrick fixed her another one. Stella smiled at Nick and Greg as they seemed fascinated with her legs.

Stella slowly sipped the drink and the alcohol was clearly affecting her. Nick and Greg couldn't take their eyes off of her and continued to stare at her shapely legs. Stella was getting warm and she squirmed on the sofa causing her skirt to go even higher up her shapely thighs. Warrick asked her if she was a little warm.

"Yes, I am I think it is the alcohol," she replied.

Warrick suggested she take off her suit jacket and he offered to help her. As Stella stood up it was clear that she was feeling the effects of the alcohol and she leaned against him for support. She was more excited than the guys knew and she looked forward to being naked with all three of them.

"Guys I don't think just the jacket will be enough, why don't you help me take off the rest of her clothes," Warrick said to them.

Stella just stood there balancing herself against Warrick as Greg and Nick moved toward her. Greg began to unbutton her blouse as Nick worked on her skirt. Stella faked a protest but she was too far gone to be taken seriously. Nick had removed her skirt and Greg her blouse as she stood there in her bra, panties, and thigh high hose.

Greg next unclasped her bra freeing her tits. Both the guys were sporting erections pushing out their pants like tent posts. Nick and Greg each removed one of her nylons and then they both slid her panties down and off her legs. Stella's pussy was sopping wet by now. The guys played with her fingering her pussy and tweaking her tits and nipples.

"Let's take this to her bed guys," Warrick said leading the way. Stella walked to her bed supported by Greg as he played with her tits. Nick walked behind them fondling Stella's ass.

Warrick had Stella lay on her back as the guys removed their clothes. Greg fucked Stella first and then Nick. They were so hot Warrick knew they would cum quickly. Stella was in heat and all of a sudden she couldn't get enough cock. Warrick fucked her next knowing that he would last longer bringing Stella to multiple orgasms while the guys recuperated. Stella was moaning and cumming all over the place when Warrick finally filled her pussy with the third load of cum.

Greg and Nick were ready to go again when Warrick told them that we were going to treat Stella to a triple penetration. Greg was a little smaller than Nick but the two of them coupled with Warrick's cock and Stella would be filled with 2 feet of cock. Warrick lay on his back and had her to straddle his cock taking it all the way in her cunt. Stella was grateful that Warrick had passed on her ass until Greg or Nick opened her up some. Warrick told Nick to lube up her asshole and then he told Greg he could take her mouth. Nick buried his cock in Stella's ass as Stella sucked Greg's dick into her mouth.

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