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CSI and Internal Affairs Ch. 08



Based on reader feedback and requests I decided to focus on Sara in New York this chapter. One reader asked me to try and get inside the woman's head when she was having sex. I tried to do that so let me know what you think. I have also had requests to bring new CSI characters into subsequent chapters and I will try to do that beginning with Chapter 9.



Gil and Sara had two more days in New York before it was time to return to Las Vegas. They had planned to go to dinner that Friday, take in some sights on Saturday and then fly back to Vegas on Sunday. However Gil got a call late Thursday night and he was summoned back to Vegas ASAP. Gil took an early flight Friday morning and left Sara in New York to wrap up things with NYC CSI. Sara spent the day at New York CSI headquarters and concluded the team exchange.

Friday evening she called down for room service and she opted to dine in and plan her sightseeing tour for Saturday. After awhile Sara got bored and went to the lounge in the Hotel Club level. The lounge was very quiet and there was only one other person there besides the attendant. Sara had a glass of white wine and then the good looking man approached her.

"Excuse me for being rude but I was wondering if I could join you for some conversation since we are the only ones in the lounge," he said as a way of introduction.

"Sure, please sit down," Sara offered.

"Thank you, I am Pierre," he accepted holding out his hand to Sara.

"Sara," she replied taking his hand.

Pierre lifted her hand and kissed the back of it. Sara blushed slightly and then withdrew her hand. Pierre smiled at her and she felt very attracted to him. The Sara pondered how very close she felt to Gil while they were together and yet how quickly she could forget him while he was away.

"Sorry if I embarrassed you, it's a French thing," Pierre apologized.

"It's okay, so you are French?'

"Yes although I live half the time in New York and the other half in Paris. Business you know."

"I see, so you are staying here?"

"No I just stopped by to see some friends but they have left now. I thought I would get a nightcap before I headed home. Are you staying here?"

"Yes but I leave on Sunday," Sara answered finding it very easy to talk with him.

For the next hour Pierre and Sara had an engaging conversation. Sara learned about his business and about Paris. She told him about CSI and the exchange program with Vegas and NYC. She told him about Gil and how they planned to eventually get engaged and then married. The attendant then came over and told them that he was closing the lounge in ten minutes and offered them a last call. They both declined but then Pierre offered to take Sara to one of his favorite clubs in the city. She knew she should say no and return to her room but she accepted. Sara said that she wanted to change and she would meet Pierre in the lobby.

Sara returned to her room and saw that she had no messages. In a way she was relived that Gil had not called. She decided not to call Gil that evening and then she changed into her favorite red dress. The dress was short and showed off her shapely legs to about eight inches above the knees. She wore thigh high nylons that the dress just covered the elastic tops. She opted for her matching red panties and no bra. Sara then left the room and went to the lobby to meet up with Pierre.

Pierre smiled when he saw Sara and he escorted her into a waiting limo. As they rode to the club, Sara felt the Pierre could see right through her. His gaze was piercing and it was if he could read her mind. Sara felt very vulnerable in his presence. The limo pulled up in front of a building that looked like an abandoned warehouse. There was a long line of people waiting to get inside. Pierre escorted Sara to the front of the line and the door guard smiled and greeted Pierre. He opened the door for Pierre and told them both to have a good time.

Inside the club was huge with numerous bars and dance floors. There were three tiers of dance floors and then small platforms where a few girls were dancing by themselves. Sara noticed that she could see up the girl's skirts when they were dancing on the platforms. Sara was handed a glass of champagne as Pierre showed her around the club. Sara noticed one girl dancing with a handsome blonde man. Her hips had a graceful movement all their own and her skirt displayed her shapely legs. She wore a thin blouse and Sara realized that the girl was not wearing a bra. The girl displayed a hint of decadence and arousal to those who watched her. Pierre smiled as he noticed Sara watching Sasha dance.

Sara's glass was empty and she was handed a new glass of champagne. Sara knew that her defenses were diminishing as she drank the champagne and watched all the beautiful people in the club. Pierre then pointed out a tall young black man dancing with a beautiful blonde girl.

"Jackson, over there, he's an employee of mine and has quite a way with the female staff."

"A real seducer, you say?" Sara asked in surprise.

Jackson was across the room in conversation with several others. He was tall and Sara guessed him to be 6'3" and in his twenties. He was lean with broad shoulders, strong forearms and shovels for hands. He was handsome with a very dark brown, black complexion and an easy smile. Pierre rested his hand on Sara's forearm. His fingers were long and delicate as they brushed along her arm lightly enough to make her shiver as he spoke yet softer into her ear.

"Yes, the ladies say he has an enormous cock." Pierre whispered.

"So your staff tells you this? When, in visits to your office? Sara asked trying to be coy and not disturbed by his suggestive behavior.

"Oh I have had a few young ladies whom I have managed to get to tell me many things, usually in my office after hours after they have taken their panties off." Pierre went on to say.

Sara realized she had finished her second glass of champagne and regretted doing so. She knew she could lose her inhibitions after too much to drink. With Pierre's fingers brushing along her forearm she was feeling aroused. The sensations surprised her and she was speechless for what seemed like several minutes.

"You need another drink Sara and you should meet Jackson." Pierre spoke before leaving her standing there alone.

A few moments later Pierre returned with another glass of champagne and Jackson was beside him as he handed Sara the drink.

"I'd like to introduce you to Jackson. Jackson this is Sara, Sara, Jackson. Now I was just telling Jackson how much you said you wanted to dance with him." Pierre said teasingly.

The nerve of Pierre, Sara had said no such thing. While she was contemplating a response, Jackson's gentle voice and smiling, dark eyes came quickly to Sara as he offered her his hand. Downing her third glass of champagne they moved to the center of the room where two couples were dancing to a slow melody. Jackson took Sara in his arms. Her mind was racing as Jackson's arms held her and his hard muscled body came together with Sara's.

"I saw how you were looking at me," he said over confidently. "You want me, don't you? I see it in your eyes every time you look at me. You want me and I will have you tonight."

Jackson slipped his hand down and covered one of Sara's ass cheeks. Sara froze as his one hand grasped the entire buttock. Embarrassed Sara broke from Jackson's embrace and walked to the far side of the room. She needed a minute to think.

Unfortunately the champagne was having its usual effect on her and her mind was racing and flushed with thoughts of Jackson's arms around her. Was his cock really huge?

Thoughts flew through her mind and of Gil and how he alone should be enough to satisfy her erotic urges. Sex with Gil had been and still was so hot for her. Again her thoughts returned to the feelings that Jackson's embrace unleashed. She could feel her pussy lips all swollen and wet now. Sara's mind was alive with desire but her eyes were unfocused. Across the room Pierre's eyes caught Sara's and he held them. The longer Sara looked into Pierre's eyes the clearer it became that she wanted him.

On some level Sara badly needed to find a way to lose her self and her inhibitions tonight. Sara's pussy felt on fire and her breasts ached. She was sure her hard nipples where standing out, visible beneath her dress. Pierre simply walked up to her and spoke.

"Come with me Sara I want to show you some other parts of the club," he spoke softly.

As if under a spell Sara took his arm as he led her away. Sara was close to him as they walked to an adjoining room then down the far hallway. He slid his hand across Sara's bare shoulder and his thumb softly caressed the side of her neck sending shivers through her to her core. Close beside him, Sara felt breathless, warm and wet. Pierre's arm was around Sara, around her shoulders. His cologne was mixing with the scent of alcohol on his breath.

The first room they came upon was a bedroom and Sara froze as they entered. There in the far corner a couple was fucking. In the dim light Sara saw the woman. She was naked, on her knees on the couch and the man was thrusting into her from behind. Small pleasurable moans escaped her after each quick flurry of movements.

"Don't be so shy, Sara," Pierre whispered. "It's not like they are doing anything that you won't be doing in a minute or two."

In the dim light Pierre lowered his lips to Sara's as he shut the door behind them. It was as if Sara were watching herself in a movie. She saw her lips open and her tongue finding Pierre's lips, then his tongue. Pierre's arms were holding Sara gently but firmly as his kisses became more urgent. He pushed Sara's hand down the front of his pants so she could feel how hard he was. Sara was melting she was so wet. Even through his pants Sara could feel his huge, pulsating cock and her heart was pounding. She was in his grasp and in his control. Sara so desperately wanted to cum. She needed to be fucked so badly and she was so aroused she would follow his every command.

Pierre's kisses soon moved to her neck as Sara groaned in submission. Pierre told her to take her panties off and hand them to him. Sara was embarrassed realizing how wet they were and how swollen and moist her pussy was. Pierre held the panties to his nose and inhaled Sara's excitement. He was pleased with the aroma from the moist panties.

"Now on your knees, Sara," he commanded.

Sara knelt before him and her dress was around her waist. Her nipples and cunt were alive with desire as Pierre deliberately stared into her eyes while unbuckling and then unzipping his pants. His pants dropped to his ankles as he brought his hard cock to Sara's lips. Again Sara saw this erotic picture of herself now in an x-rated movie. She opened her mouth to run her tongue across the head of a man's hard cock, a man she hardly knew. Soon Pierre's cock was deep in her mouth as he chanted her name.

"Sara, Sara that's it, suck me, that's it suck my cock, lick my balls."

Sara could tell from Pierre's hip movements and his inability to continue his litany of suggestive talk that he was close to cumming. With Sara in tow still sucking his cock, Pierre eased back to the bed and sat down. Sara was now kneeling on the floor between his legs. No longer did Sara hear the sound of the other couple fucking and she wondered if they were watching her?

Sara continued to lick and suck Pierre's cock and balls before running her tongue under his scrotum across his perineum. He moaned loudly as her hand circled and squeezed the head of his slick cock. Suddenly Sara felt his hand on the back of her head, grasping her hair forcing me down to his balls. She obediently licked and sucked his balls while his cock erupted with hot jets of cum flooding her hand and his stomach and chest.

Sara groaned while licking him clean, sluttishly tasting his cum, trying to see up into his eyes. She still had his cum on her lips as he lifted her up onto the bed as if she weighed nothing. To Sara's surprise Pierre kissed her deeply. Sara was totally naked now and so aroused, so in need of him. Sara came as he parted her legs penetrating her wet vagina with one deep stroke! Her cunt contracted around his hard cock in a spasmodic frenzy, griping his shaft as wave after wave of obscene pleasure coursed through her body. Sara screamed out loud as her orgasm gushed forth from her.

Like an animal Pierre's hip movements continued to rapidly move his rigid cock in and out of Sara's wetness causing her to cry out again. Sara's legs spread further for Pierre and his insistent cock in his vigorous efforts to cum again.

As Pierre continued fucking her, Sara felt lips press to her parted mouth, but these were the lips of a woman! Suddenly Sara realized the couple they had interrupted earlier had not left at all but had been watching them fucking. Now the girl's soft warm hand was on Sara's breast caressing and pulling on her hardened nipples as the girl's wet soft kisses sucked at Sara's tongue and lips. Sara orgasmed again even more intensely with her mouth on the girl's and their tongues intertwined.

Pierre thrust deeply into Sara. His hard cock was pulsating in a long deep climax as it filled her wet vagina with his sperm. Now in the dim light, Sara opened her eyes to see the woman kissing her had been Sasha, the young woman with the sensuous hips that she had seen dancing earlier that evening. But where was the man that had been fucking her? Had he been watching too?

Pierre had moved to Sara's head now, his partially deflated cock was before her as he stroked her hair. Having just been fucked Sara's legs were still spread wide. Sara felt Sasha descend to take her kisses to Sara's pussy. Sasha's hands caressed Sara's hips and belly as Sasha's tongue found the cum that she desired to taste and eat from Sara's swollen cunt. Sara couldn't stop her hips from rocking back and forth as if she wanted to cum again against Sasha's voracious tongue. Sasha's hands and fingers were now caressing Sara's ass. Pierre sensed Sara's need and continued stroking her hair as she stretched her neck trying to reach his cock with her lips again while she fucked Sasha's face.

But Pierre stopped her, saying, "Roll over Sara, roll over my dear, we need to get your ass ready to be fucked."

Sara rolled to her belly without hesitation as if under Pierre's wicked control. Sasha's hair settled on Sara's back as her tongue and kisses moved from the small of Sara's back to her ass and lingered there. Then the tip of Sasha's tongue found its way down to Sara's anus where she teased Sara, rimming her asshole with a wet tongue before penetrating her, like Sasha wanted to see Sara cum yet again.

Pierre moved aside and Sara saw Sasha's lover, standing before her, the man who had been fucking Sasha earlier. His cock stood erect from a patch of blond pubic hair. Sara immediately opened her mouth taking him, tasting him as well as the lingering taste of Sasha's juices still on his shaft.

Again Sara heard Pierre's faint voice, "Get him nice and wet and hard Sara so he can fuck your cute ass. I hope you want to be fucked in the ass. Do you?"

Sara could only gurgle as this man's entire cock was buried in her mouth. Tonight Sara felt she needed a hard cock in her ass so badly she ached. Now what a picture Sara presented to Pierre. He watched as Sara arched her hips upward off the bed pushing her ass to Sasha's hot tongue while sucking Sasha's lover's cock deep into her throat. As her lover pulled his wet cock from Sara's mouth Sasha pushed her tongue into Sara's asshole yet again and brought Sara to her knees. Sara's head now bowed to the bed as her arms extended out submissively before her and her nipples were ached.

Sasha's lover, a man whose name Sara didn't even know and whose face she hadn't seen was kneeling on the bed behind her. The groaning sounds echoed in the room and the pressure of his hands on Sara's hips only fueled her now insatiable desire for more. Then she felt Sasha's tongue again and if his hands were on Sara's hips then it was Sasha's hands that guided his wet hard cock to Sara's asshole. Sara was sure that Sasha licked her lover's shaft to further lubricate his cock before it inched into Sara's ass.

His cock felt so big. Sasha, who had been caressing Sara and kissing her clit, was now beneath Sara licking her pussy as Sasha's lover's cock sank slowly into Sara's ass. How heavenly it felt to Sara as he started fucking her harder. Sara pushed back while Sasha's tongue danced across Sara's pussy and wet clitoris. Sasha's lover thrust into Sara again, pushing her forward until Sasha was licking his balls. Sara screamed again as she came and came.

Pierre was stroking Sara's hair and throat as he brought his hard cock back to her mouth, while watching her ass being fucked. He had been further excited by the eroticism of Sara cumming again on Sasha's face while Sasha's lover buried his cock inside Sara's asshole. Sara's orgasm caused her to scream out again as she was fucked endlessly in the ass. With this last orgasm exploding through her, Sara's ass tightened around the hard rigid cock buried inside, finally bringing this unknown man to orgasm. Sara could feel his cock shoot pulse after pulse of hot cum into her rectum as he cried out while his balls emptied, leaving her filled with his sperm.

A spent Sara collapsed on her belly and she thought briefly of Gil and his expression if he could see her, crumpled on the bed, legs splayed and her ass and cunt each dripping each with a different man's cum. Perhaps it was awhile or only a minute that Sara laid there but suddenly she was aware of another person to her left settling onto the bed. Sara looked to see it was Jackson naked on his knees and indeed he had an enormous cock, at least ten inches in length and he wasn't even erect yet!

Sasha moved as her perfect breasts were swung freely. She took Jackson's cock into her mouth sucking as much as she could down her throat. Sara watched Sasha's cute innocent face and beautiful black hair, pulled back by Jackson as she sucked on his big black cock. Sara had never had sex with a black man and her thoughts went to Warrick. Sara often thought what it would be like to have sex with Warrick and now she wondered if his cock was as long and thick as Jackson's.

Jackson's cock appeared even more enormous and thick. Sasha was only able to get the head into her mouth and like a slut she licked along the shaft as if starving for a taste of him. He was hard now, really hard. His cock was thick with distended pulsating veins. His foreskin was receding as Sasha turned back to Sara.

Sara realized Pierre was speaking to her as he stood near her. His cock was once again hard. Sara's right hand was near his leg at the edge of the bed.

"Now Sara," he said, "Who would have guessed that you would turn out to be such a slut, such a good fuck?"

Pierre stroked Sara's hair, reaching to her swollen pussy. His long fingers entered Sara then slowly withdrew along her wetness before he continued to speak.

"If only your Gil could see you now. I see you still need more, Yes? The way you can't stop moving your hips, am I right? You need more?"

Sara couldn't believe what she was hearing. But yes, she still wanted more moving her hips and her open cunt against Pierre's hand.

"Yes," Sara said, "I need a hard cock in me, yes please!"

Sara could hardly believe how turned on she was by the sight of this young man, Jackson's, huge cock. Jackson's strong hands pulled Sara's hips toward him. Her wet cunt already full of cum was distended and open. As if Sara were but a feather Jackson turned her onto her back and knelt between her legs spreading open, pushing them to her chest. Jackson paused between Sara's spread legs seeming to smile as he brought himself to the opening of her cunt.

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