tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCSI and Internal Affairs Ch. 09

CSI and Internal Affairs Ch. 09


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This will be the final chapter in this series. I was not going to write any more after chapter eight as the series didn't seem to generate much reader interest. However I received a number of e-mails requesting that I write another CSI chapter and include some additional characters. So for those of you CSI fans enjoy the story.


Sara had returned home from her New York visit which was one she wouldn't soon forget. She had never been fucked like that in her life and she still made mental images of large throbbing cocks filling all her holes. The there was the one on one sex with Jackson and Sara was surprised that she could handle his huge cock as easy as she did. That was all history now and she tried to dismiss it from her mind as she lat in bed with Gil that Friday night. They had made passionate love and Gil was asleep as Sara struggled to erase the memory of New York.

Across town a different scenario was being played out. Warrick, Nick and Greg were at Catherine's home. Catherine's pussy was full as she was riding Warrick's big black dick. At the same time Nick had his cock in Catherine's ass while Catherine sucked on Greg's cock. It was Catherine's first triple penetration and she was going wild as she was filled with over two feet of cock.

It had happened by coincidence that the three guys showed up at Catherine's house at the same time. Catherine had not been expecting anyone that evening. Warrick wanted to surprise Catherine as did Nick and Greg. When they arrived at Catherine's house at the same time, they decided to go for it together. After all they had tripled fucked Stella when she was in town. Why not Catherine?

Once inside the house things moved quickly. Catherine was stripped of her clothes and guided into her own bedroom where she got in bed on her back. The three guys stripped quickly and Greg was the first one between Catherine's legs. He was rock hard and he eased his impressive cock into Catherine's pussy. Catherine gasped when she felt the big cock enter her and she wrapped her legs around Greg's torso.

"Ooooohhhh" Catherine sighed.

Greg started pounding away at her pussy with his big cock as he was really turned on and close to cumming. Then his body stiffened and he ejaculated deep into Catherine's cunt. Catherine held her colleague tightly with her arms and legs as he shot streams of cum into her womb. Even though Greg came quickly, Catherine knew that she was in for a long evening with the three guys. It was not uncommon for these young virile guys to cum four or five times in one day. Greg pulled out of Catherine's pussy and Warrick was there immediately to take his place. Catherine felt his big black cock fill her cunt and she wrapped her legs and arms around Warrick.

"Oh my God you are big," she gasped.

Warrick fucked Catherine with rapid strokes as he too would not last long. His body soon stiffened and then he filled Catherine's cunt with his load. Her pussy was overflowing with cum and it began to trickle out of her. As soon as Warrick pulled out of her Nick was in her and he too fucked her hard and fast before shooting his load into her. Catherine also orgasmed and she wrapped her arms and legs around Nick and squeezed his body as she climaxed. Nick felt her cunt muscles working his cock as she came. Nick let Catherine relax before he pulled his cock from her pussy. The three guys watched as cum dribbled out of Catherine's cunt and coated her inner thighs.

All three guys were erect and their big cocks dangled in front of them. Catherine stared at the impressive cocks that were above average size. Warrick was longer than the other two guys but they were all nice and thick. Catherine liked cocks this size. Greg crawled back between her legs and he slipped his cock into her cum filled cunt.

Catherine knew that Greg would last longer this time and that she would probably orgasm again before he came. Warrick knelt along side Catherine's head on one side and offered his cock to her mouth. Catherine turned her head to one side and took the big dick in her mouth. Nick moved to the other side of her head and Catherine took turns sucking on Nick's and Warrick's cocks as Greg fucked her. Catherine had multiple orgasms before Greg came again and her pussy was cum drenched with commingled juices. Then it was Warrick's turn to fuck her again and Greg had her suck his cock clean of the combined juices.

Catherine sucked on Nick's cock and Greg's cock as Warrick fucked her silly. Catherine had more orgasms and her felt weak and lifeless by the time Warrick fired a barrage of cum into her pussy again. Then it was Nick's turn even though Catherine had nothing left. She lay almost lifeless as Nick fucked her until he came again. The three guys then left her to rest for awhile and they went to her refrigerator and helped themselves to the beer. They all downed one beer and then they returned to Catherine's bedroom. Greg stopped in her bathroom and located a bottle of lotion and brought it into Catherine's bedroom.

The lifeless body of Catherine was then rolled over and her hips were pulled up so that her big beautiful ass stuck up in the air. Greg got behind Catherine and he began to fondle her ass and tease her nether hole. At the same time Warrick got in front of Catherine and fed his cock to her mouth. Catherine sucked on the big dark dick as Greg fingered her asshole and pussy at the same time. He had put an ample amount of lotion in her asshole and his finger moved around easily. Satisfied that she was ready, Greg put lotion on his cock, spit in his hand and stroked his cock making it very slick. He knelt behind Catherine and eased his cock into her asshole. Catherine gasped on Warrick's cock when she felt the big cock worm its way onto her ass.

Catherine had been butt fucked many times before so there was no pain for her just that familiar sense of fullness. Greg fucked her slowly as she sucked on Warrick's cock. Nick moved along side her and he played with her tits as they hung down toward the bed. Greg tried to prolong fucking her ass as he loved watching his big cock slide in and out of her anal passage. He squeezed her fleshy buttocks as he fucked her ass and he like to see them jiggle when his thighs slapped against them. Catherine knew that Greg intended to cum in her ass and she loved the wicked feeling of cum shooting into her rectum.

Catherine felt Warrick's cock pulsate in her mouth and she sensed that he would cum before Greg came. Warrick held Catherine's head gently in his hands as he erupted in her mouth. Even though it was his third load there was still plenty of it. Catherine gulped and swallowed as quickly as she could as jet after jet shot into her mouth. Warrick's ejaculation finally subsided and Catherine sucked on his cock gently milking the remaining cum from his shaft.

Catherine then felt the first jolt of cum shoot deep into her rectum as Greg began to ejaculate. He fired five or six streams into her anal canal and then the barrage stopped. Catherine felt the fullness in her ass and she used her anal muscles to squeeze every last drop of cum from Greg's cock. His cock eventually softened and slipped from her asshole with an audible pop and a trail of semen oozing out of her anus. Catherine relaxed for a minute and she felt Greg's cum dribble down her inner thighs.

Catherine did not relax long though as Nick was behind Catherine and he pushed his impressive cock into her ass. Nick was excited to be in her ass and he fucked it fast and furious. Nick too loved the way her buttocks jiggled as he slammed into her seeking another ejaculation. Catherine was presented with Greg's cock to suck clean as Nick drilled her ass. Catherine sucked on Greg's soft cock and she liked the feel of it in her mouth. Then she felt Nick stiffen and cum in her ass. Once again she was taken with the force and the amount of semen that the guys generated when they ejaculated in her. Catherine instinctively used her anal muscles to milk Nick's cock dry before he finally slipped out of her ass.

The guys left her again and went to get another beer. When they finally returned to Catherine's room they were ready for more action even though they had all cum three times already. Catherine allowed her body to be maneuvered into position as her pussy was guided onto Greg's cock as he lay on his back. The Warrick shoved his lubricated cock into her ass and Nick pushed his cock into her mouth. Catherine allowed herself to be used by her three colleagues and this time she was thankful to have a cock in her pussy again. She too was horny again and her clit needed a good scraping.

The three guys fucked Catherine for a long time before they finally came again. She had had multiple orgasms and she had collapsed on Greg underneath her. Catherine had nothing left and she lay still as the three guys sought their pleasure. Her mouth just closed around Nick's cock as he fucked her face until he came in her mouth. Instinctively she swallowed his load. Warrick was the next to cum and he shot his wad in her ass which was filled to overflowing from so much cum. Finally Greg came in her pussy and then Catherine moved off of him and lay face down on the bed.

The guys left Catherine alone in her room and helped themselves to more beer. Then they showered and dressed one by one while an exhausted and sexually drained Catherine lay face down in her bed. The guys were ready to leave at that point and they looked at Catherine's well fucked body. Her belly was full of cum and cum was oozing from her asshole and her pussy. The guys were pleased with their performance and one by one they walked passed Catherine and gave her a light tap on her buttocks making them jiggle.

"Have a good weekend, we'll see you at work Monday," one of them said as they all left.

Catherine just sighed as she was too exhausted to move or speak. She was too tired and sexually drained to get out of bed so Catherine decided that she would bathe in the morning. She stayed in bed and dozed off to sleep with cum filled holes. Catherine slept soundly until she heard her doorbell ringing the next morning.

"Who the fuck can that be?" she thought as she swung her legs out of bed.

Catherine put on a robe and went to the front door. She looked through the peep hole and saw Sara standing there. Catherine opened the door and let Sara in.

"Jesus Catherine, you look terrible. You look like you were rode hard and put away wet!" Sara exclaimed.

"That's probably a good description. It was a rough night. What brings you over here so early?" Catherine said you a yawn.

"Gil was still sleeping when I got back from my jog so I thought I'd have some coffee with you."

"That sounds good right now. Come on in the kitchen and I'll make some."

Sara followed Catherine into the kitchen and sat at the table while Catherine put on a pot of coffee. "I need to tell you something," Sara stated.

"Sure tell me and then I want to hear about New York too," Catherine replied.

"Gil and I are leaving the lab."

"What?" Catherine said somewhat shocked.

"Yeah, Gil took a job with a university as a professor. He will be resigning Monday," Sara told Catherine

"Wow he did a good job keeping that quiet and so did you," Catherine responded.

"Were getting married too," Sara admitted.

"You are full of news," Catherine said as she poured two cups of coffee.

Catherine sat at the table with Sara as they sipped their coffee. "What are you going to do at the school?"

"I'll probably work in the lab as Gil's assistant but we are still working that out," Sara replied.

"Are you getting married here before you leave?"

"Yes but we are keeping it very private."

"Well Monday should prove to be a very interesting day around the lab next week."

"I wanted you to hear the news before anyone else."

"I appreciate that Sara, now tell be about your New York trip," Catherine asked.

Sara then told Catherine about the New York trip and she spared no details. She told Catherine about Pierre, the club and Jackson. Catherine was stunned by Sara's recount of all the sex that went on at the club and Sara's involvement. Catherine was turned on by Sara's retelling of her sexual encounters. Catherine also decided that it might be her last chance to have sex with Sara before Sara left town.

"I need a shower. Want to join me?" Catherine asked.

"Sure I didn't shower since I jogged this morning."

"Put your clothes in the washer while we shower," Catherine offered.

Catherine then went in to run the shower and when the water was warm enough she got in. Sara joined her shortly after and the two women looked at each other's body which they were very familiar with. Catherine pushed Sara back against the shower wall and smiled wickedly at her as Catherine dropped slowly to her knees. As Catherine spread Sara's legs she couldn't conceal a moan and she gasped as she felt Catherine's hot breath on her pussy. Catherine started to place delicate kisses upon Sara's naked thighs and the sensation of her wet lips on Sara's warm skin sent shockwaves of excitement through her. Catherine ran a fingertip down Sara's slit and she groaned with pleasure as Catherine's fingers honed in on Sara's now swollen clit.

Catherine inhaled the sweet odor of Sara's pussy, savoring the musky smell and her tongue darted out as she lapped excitedly at her pussy. Next she pulled Sara's pussy lips open to expose every fold of her pink pussy. Catherine darted her tongue in and out of Sara's now dripping cunt as she used her tongue like a little cock. Catherine used her thumb to rub Sara's clit as she dipped her fingers into Sara's soaking pussy, getting one of them nice and wet and then slid it into Sara's well used asshole. Catherine started to switch between sucking Sara's clit into her hot mouth and sliding her fingers into Sara's hot pussy and one into her ass. Sara groaned as she often did with anal penetration. Soon the intensity in Sara's ass, pussy and clit built up to a boiling point, she came hard and her juices spilt from her and into Catherine's awaiting mouth.

Next Sara turned Catherine so that she is spread-eagled with her hands against the wall of the shower and Sara watched as the rivulets of water from the shower coursed down her beautiful body and ran between her legs. Sara started to place gentle kisses all over Catherine's body beginning at her shoulders and kissed downward across her back to her curvy firm ass. Sara began to lick and kiss Catherine's hips planting kisses all over her creamy smooth sensitive skin. Sara couldn't help herself from gently nibbling the cheeky flesh of Catherine's ass. Catherine gave off a playful yelp and wiggled her bottom in delight. As Sara kissed the inside of Catherine's thighs she heard her groan with passion as Sara's mouth moved steadily up her thighs toward her pussy.

Sara loved the smell of Catherine's pussy and she was desperate to taste her again. Sara sat between Catherine's legs and probed her luscious pussy gently with her tongue licking Catherine's clit, which swelled immediately to Sara's touch. Sara next enveloped Catherine's clit with her mouth and rolled it between her teeth emitting squeals of delight from Catherine signaling Sara that she was driving Catherine wild. Sara continued to eat her, lick her and probe Catherine's tight sweet hole with her tongue. Then Sara slipped a finger into Catherine's dripping pussy and finger fucked her while she sucked and nibbled her swollen clit.

Sara felt Catherine's clit swell and stiffen as she grabbed Sara by the hair, forcing Sara's tongue deeper inside. Catherine ground her clit against Sara and Catherine's body quaked with orgasm. Sara heard the breathing and moaning become uncontrollable as Catherine continued to push against Sara's face, grinding her pussy against her and cumming all over her face. Sara hungrily sucked up Catherine's juices and Catherine wondered if Sara could taste the semen from her three previous lovers. Both of them stood under the water for a few more minutes relishing their pleasure before leaving the shower.

They dried off and Catherine got a robe for Sara to wear. They went in the kitchen and had a second cup of coffee and chatted some more. Sara then got up and put her wet jogging clothes in the dryer and then she returned to the kitchen table. Catherine had a mischievous look in her eye.

"Why are you smiling Catherine?" Sara asked suspiciously.

"Oh I was just thinking that we have some time to kill while your clothes are drying. I want to show you something in my bedroom," Catherine answered sexily.

Catherine and Sara went back into the bedroom and Catherine showed Sara the new sex toy. It was a dildo that had three cocks attached together. Sara giggled when she saw it and then inspected it.

"Where did you get this? How do you use it?" Sara asked curiously.

"Two of the cocks are for your pussy and your ass and the third cock is for the pussy of the person fucking you," Catherine explained.

"And you want to use this thing on me?" Sara giggled.

"Of course let me show you," Catherine replied.

Sara got on the bed as Catherine directed and then Catherine put lube on the fake cock and inserted the two adjacent dildos in Sara's pussy and ass. Catherine looked at the fake set of cocks filling her colleague's holes with the third cock pointing in the opposite direction. Catherine then got on the bed and put the other end in her pussy. Then she rocked her Sara and the two of them picked up the pace and worked the fake cocks in and out of their holes until they were cumming and the cocks were covered with their female juices. Catherine rocked in orgasm and she collapsed on top of Sara. Sara seemed to keep cumming and her body lifted off the bed almost dislodging Catherine from the other end of the dildo. Sara screamed out loud as her body shook with tremors and chills ran through her. Then they lay in each other's arms briefly soothing each other.

"Wow that is some toy," gasped Sara.

"Isn't it great? I'm going to miss using this on you among other things," Catherine whispered.

"I'm going to miss you too Catherine, particularly your fantastic ass," Sara cooed.

"How long do you think that you will behave yourself at the college with all that young cock and pussy running around?" Catherine teased.

"I'll take it slow but I'm sure I will have fun there," Sara replied sexily.

A buzzer went off and Catherine said, "I think your clothes are dry."

The both laughed and got out of the bed. Sara cleaned up again and then got dressed as Catherine put the dildo in the sink to soak. Just before Sara left the phone rang and it was Gil.

"Catherine is Sara there with you?" Gil inquired.

"Yes we had coffee together and she is just leaving. What? Oh no, oh my God no," Catherine screamed.

"What is it?" Sara asked frantically.

"Warrick's been shot," Catherine gasped.

Sara grabbed the phone from Catherine, "Gil what happened?"

"Warrick been murdered. He was set up. Nick and Greg are on the crime scene. Sara I need you to come home. There is nothing we can do; Warrick has already been sent to the ME," Gil told her.

Gil hung up and Sara gave the phone back to Catherine. Sara ran out of the house and drove home to Gil. Catherine sat down and stared at the room in disbelief. She knew that things would never be the same again at CSI. Warrick was gone forever; Gil and Sara would be leaving next week. Catherine wasn't sure what she would do now, only next week would tell.


Dr. Peyton Driscoll had left CSI New York and returned to London. She had tried to convince Mac to move to London with her but he could not leave the CSI team in New York. They were deeply in love and Mac was devastated when Peyton told him her decision to return to London permanently. Mac was despondent and it showed around the office.

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