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CSI What Friends Are For


These characters, unfortunately, are not mine; I'm only borrowing them for a while.

The derelict area of dockland was almost deserted and the only light came from a single unbroken street lamp. Danny Messer, one of New York's finest CSIs, knelt in the dirt looking at the body of a man who was, if anything, more derelict than the area he'd been found in.

Stella had been with him but she'd taken another call and now he was alone. Danny was glad the man had fallen close to a building. At least the driving rain was only catching him from the front and sides; his back was still dry. The two uniformed guys, who'd got the original call, were sheltering in their car; he didn't need their help or their company right now.

The pool of blood that had formed around the body led back to a slit throat and Danny made sure he had photos of all the different angles he would need before carefully getting to his feet. As he did so he saw the easily recognizable figure of his friend and colleague Don Flack striding towards him.

"Hey, Flack, how ya doin'?" His words echoed slightly in the large expanse of rundown abandoned land and, as they did, he heard the slightly frustrated edge his voice always seemed to contain these days.

"Ok, or I was 'til I got this call. Ten minutes and I'd have been on my way home. Tomorrow's my day off, and I intend to take it!"

"Tough break. This is pretty straightforward though, we shouldn't be here long." Danny wiped his glasses on his shirt for what must have been the tenth time since he'd arrived, crouched down again and began to point things out. "Our guy is a John Doe, surprise, surprise. He had a ten-dollar bill and change on him; I haven't counted it or anything. He was caught from behind, throat cut from ear to ear. Jugular severed. He'd have bled out real quick."

Don shook his head, what a waste of a life, what a pathetic way to die.

"I doubt if we'll ever find out who he is but I can give it a try. At least he looks like he had a shave recently."

It was true, the man had reasonably short brown hair and his beard was only one or two day's growth at the most.

"No jewellery or distinguishing marks that I can see with the naked eye but who knows what Sid'll find."

"I'm not sure I want to know what Sid finds. Hawkes never creeped me out like he does! In fact he's the only man I know who can creep out Hawkes himself." Don shook his head again; he knew the ME said a lot of things for effect but they worked. Some of the information the man came out with shouldn't be spoken about in mixed company, and the living and dead was as mixed at it got.

With a shudder the tall detective looked over at his companion. They very rarely got the chance to work alone together, even though they had begun to socialize more recently, and he wasn't about to hurry this opportunity to be with him. They were both New Yorkers born and bred and Flack knew if his friend had any idea of his true feelings for him that friendship would be over in a blink of an eye.

Don hadn't had many girlfriends and none at all since he was about twenty-two. That had been when he realized he chose his girls by the look of their brothers and knew he had to take a step back and work out what he wanted from life. With the AIDS and HIV problems experimentation wasn't an option, and being a cop meant he had to be real careful who he mixed with. A holiday to Atlantic City a couple of years later had been a perfect opportunity for him to have a few careful excursions into the gay scene and he had been pleasantly surprised by how well he'd been accepted. Of course, when you pretend to be a grad student looking for a good time people are more open to you than if you tell them you're a New York City police sergeant looking to get your cherry taken. He had succeeded in that though and also learnt he needed to be top, to be in control, dominant, otherwise it just didn't do it for him any more than hetro sex did.

The first time he'd laid eyes on Danny, Flack had felt his groin tingle and his cock getting hard without them even speaking to each other. Since then he'd learnt to control that part of his anatomy but his heart still missed a beat and his palms sometimes got clammy when he watched the man from afar. The thought of Danny naked on his bed, handcuffed to the headboard was enough to make him shoot his load all by itself and so he tended to keep those mental pictures until he was alone in his room which, unfortunately, seemed to be every night at the moment.

"I said, 'Did anyone call for a wagon?'" Danny tapped his friend on the shoulder and was amazed to see him take a step back and then blush. "Whoah, sorry, man, I didn't realize you were so deep in thought."

"It's nothin', nothin' at all. I'll go and hustle them along." Flack moved off, leaving Danny by himself and the smaller, now confused, detective watched him go. He wondered whether Don would be up for a beer after they finished processing the body. He wouldn't begin working on it until the following day and could do with some company. Ever since Aiden had died his life had been going in seemingly decreasing circles apart from the time he spent with Flack. Whereas before he'd had a good social life as well as an exciting job these days he seemed to do nothing but work and sleep, and neither of them were very satisfying right now.

He knew Don had had his own huge problems to deal with. When he'd been caught up in a bomb blast that nearly took his life the homicide detective had become something of a police hero. He'd accepted it in his calm good-natured way and Danny admired him for that on top of his usual professionalism. Now though he looked flustered and that was unusual, in fact it was more than unusual it was totally out of character.

As he carried on thinking about his friend and his reactions Danny finally gave up, removed his glasses and put them in the evidence case at his feet. The world took on a slightly fuzzy appearance as he automatically began to go through the pockets of the body in front of him. His fingers touched something cold and metallic and carefully he pulled it free of its confines.

"Hey, Don, our guy had a storage locker!" His words froze on his lips as he saw Flack turn and his relaxed face take on a look of alarm. Just as he was about to ask what was wrong Danny felt the cold steel of a blade at his throat and a hand pull his head back by the hair.

"You will find the key is mine; I suggest you hand it over unless you want to end up like Joe!"

"Joe, I wondered what his name was." Danny kept a tight hold on the key and tried not to swallow. The blade was pressed so hard against him, he knew one false move and it would split the skin.

"Shut up and hand over the key!" The man moved his hand and knotted his fingers deeper into Danny's hair.

"Sure, no problem. What do you want with it anyway?" Danny played for time once again but without success.

"None of your business, cop!"

He could see Don standing still, his hand on his holster, just waiting for a chance to take the guy out, but suddenly all he wanted was for it to be over, what did it matter if the key disappeared? They'd find out what they needed without it. Trying hard not to move any part of his body except his right arm Danny threw the key away from him and then saw stars as he was thrust forward, his head hitting the ground hard.

"You idiot ... arghhh!" The unmistakable sound of a weapon being fired rent the air and, not sure where he found the energy, Danny moved slightly and grabbed the key once more before giving in. He closed his eyes and let the world carry on without him.

"What's his name?"

"Messer, Detective Danny Messer."

"Danny, Danny, c'mon, detective, open your eyes." The voice seemed to be a long way away and he realized the cliché was actually accurate.

"Notyet." His words didn't belong to him, they were too hard to form and he tried to return to the darkness but the voices around him were too insistent.

"Danny, look at me, for a minute, open your eyes."

"'K." The images in front of him were a little shaky but he could see two paramedics, one holding an oxygen mask while the other began taking his vital signs.

"Don?" Suddenly the thought of being alone scared him and he tried to look around for his friend.

"I'm right here, just keeping out of the way 'til they're done."

"Shot him ... you alright?"

"Yeah, it wasn't me; one of the uniforms got him first." Don spoke quietly; he was silently relieved he didn't have the paperwork to complete.

"'K." Danny relaxed back against the gurney, he figured it was a gurney; it was softer than the ground anyway. As long as he hadn't been abandoned he could cope with the prodding and poking.

"We'll take him in, you gonna follow?" Someone must have nodded because suddenly Danny felt himself moving, the sound of the wheeled legs collapsing assaulted his ears and then he heard the doors closing. The rain and wind disappeared and with a groan he tried to relax a little more. In a minute he was sure he'd remember what had happened, then he could get up and go home, for now though, he'd sleep, just for a while, sleep was good.

Don put a call through to Mac Taylor as he followed the ambulance. The head of the CSI team was ready to drive straight to the hospital himself but agreed to Flack going in his place as he was already on his way. Promising to keep the other man informed Don shut the radio off and concentrated on the traffic instead. The two sets of sirens clearing the road before them and speeding the journey through the rush hour traffic.


He jerked awake, blinking in the bright lights of the emergency room hallway as he saw Danny standing in front of him.

"Oh, sorry!" He scrambled to his feet, taking in as he did so how pale his friend looked.

"They said I could go, as long as someone would drive me. You will, won't you?" The uncertainty that crossed Danny's face made Don want to take him in his arms and comfort him, instead though, he just nodded.

"You think I was waiting here for breakfast?"

"I ... I guess not."

Don realized now wasn't the time for glib remarks and stood up, shrugged himself back into his jacket, and indicated that Danny should go out in front of him.

"I'm parked right here, benefits of a siren and badge." He opened the passenger door and watched as Danny climbed in and fastened his seat belt before walking round to his own side of the car and doing the same himself.

The traffic had cleared during their time inside the ER and was, for New York at least, almost non-existent. Don watched his friend surreptitiously as he drove, concerned by his lack of colour and conversation.

"Which exit ramp is it for your place?" Suddenly aware he had never actually been to Danny's apartment Don slowed down a little as he read a road sign.

"No!" Danny roused himself and Don could see fear flick across his face. "I ... I mean, I'm sorry, it's ... you can take the next one."

"Ok, but how about we go to mine instead? It's probably better if you're not alone, just for one night."

"Yeah, yeah, that's true." The relief, so evident in his voice was also written all over Danny's face and Don tried to hide the smile as well as the feelings of tenderness that sprang up inside him. He wasn't used to his friend being so transparently needy but he quite liked it.

Fifteen minutes later Don pulled into his space in the parking lot behind his building. He waited patiently while Danny climbed out of the car and led him quietly into the foyer of the apartment block and up in the elevator to the sixth floor.

"Here we go; make yourself comfortable." Don turned on the light as he spoke and the welcoming vision of his main living area sprang into view.

"Nice." Danny looked around for a moment before heading for the couch. He flopped down on it, took off his glasses and rested his head in his hands. "Sorry."

"Don't be. It's a scary job, sometimes more scary than others. I just wish I could have warned you in time." Don wanted to reach out and touch his friend, but something stopped him. He was hurt, vulnerable, now wasn't the time, even if it was the place.

"Do you want anything to eat, drink?"

"Coffee would be good, but nothing else, I just want to sleep." Danny didn't look up or move and so didn't see Don nod his head and move off towards the kitchen. He stayed where he was, a lump in his throat, as he tried to shake the images that were racing through his mind and dismiss the feeling of the blade against his throat, a feeling he knew would remain with him for a long, long time.

He'd remembered what happened when a trauma nurse gently touched his neck. The sudden memory causing him to jerk backwards, probably frightening her as much as she had him. The thought of getting a cab home on his own hadn't been welcome and he had been more than a little relieved when he'd seen that Don Flack had waited for him although he knew he shouldn't have been surprised.

A mug of steaming coffee appeared in his eye line and smiling gratefully Danny looked up. Although the other man didn't know it Danny considered Don to be one of his best friends.

"Thanks." He sipped on the hot liquid and, as it made its way through him, the heat began to revive him. It also caused him, inexplicably to shudder and he felt Don pull the comforter from the back of the sofa and place it round his shoulders.

"There you go. Mac'll kill me if I don't take care of you properly."

"Oh yeah, you know there'll be questions at the end, right? An exam no less!" A smile flitted across Danny's face and he marvelled at how much better he could feel with a cup of hot java and the right company.

"I'll expect nothing less, you being his protégé and all!"

"Yeah, right, Flack, you're full of bull, you know that, don't you?"

"It has been mentioned before." Don sat down in his favourite chair and took a drink of his own coffee. "Feeling better?"

"Like you wouldn't believe. Thanks."

"Hey, what are friends for? You need to finish that and then hunker down for the night. Mac said to stay home tomorrow. He'll process your John Doe. I'm rota'd off, so we can both sleep in. My spare room's this way." He could see the fatigue in Danny's eyes and so he got to his feet and then pulled his friend upright by the hand. "C'mon, one foot in front of the other, as someone probably once said!"

"I'm coming, mom!" Danny tried a smile, but it didn't quite reach his eyes and he realized just how tired he was. "Thanks, I ... well, thanks."

"Like I said, what are friends for? Everything you need should be in here." Don proceeded to show Danny where the towels, toiletries and even books were kept before wishing him a good night and retiring to his own room. Stripping off his clothes he looked at himself in the mirror and sighed. He'd always been tall and thin, muscle didn't seem to hang on him like it did on some guys, but he was fit and, thank God, healthy again, although the scars on his torso reminded him daily of just how lucky he'd been.

His fingers travelled down towards his cock and he took it into his hand, slowly stroking it and closing his eyes as he did so. The thought of Danny Messer just the other side of the wall was almost too much to bear and he lay down on his own bed and began to fist himself all the while imagining it was his unexpected guest's hand rather than his own working its magic.

He pictured the dirty blond head as it bent to suck at his nipples, nipping them and bathing them with his tongue and tried not to cry out. He 'saw' Danny move down to take the long slightly curved dick into his mouth, teasing and tantalizing the head before deep throating him, humming softly to make the vibrations Don loved.

"Ughhhh ... Nnnnghhh ..." His breathing became laboured and the tightening of his balls only confirmed what Don already knew and, as he pretended Danny was about to swallow his load, he shot it up in a slight arc and felt it splash hot and thick on his stomach. "Aww, fuck, Danny!" He grabbed his boxers and cleaned himself off before pulling the covers over him suddenly feeling more alone than he ever felt when he had the apartment to himself.

"No! Oh, no ... please ... no!"

"Danny, shhh, it's ok."

He shot upright in the bed, the other voice scaring him awake and then looked round, the fear written all over his face as he clutched at the unfamiliar bed linen.

"No ... don't hurt me ... please don't hurt me."

"Danny, it's me, it's Don, shhh, it's over, you're fine now." He couldn't stop himself. He put an arm around the shoulder of his terrified friend and felt him shake and then let out a strangled sob as he leant in towards him, grasping at his back, holding on as if his very life depended on it.

"Hush, baby, it's finished, you're safe, no one will hurt you here." Don looked down, he hadn't meant to use such an endearing term but Danny didn't seem to have heard. Instead he stayed just where he was, firmly attached to Don, but gradually calming down.

It was almost five minutes before the grasp on him was loosened and Don was able to take relax a little himself. He'd grabbed a robe on the way out of his own room not trusting himself to be naked in such close proximity to his friend even when he was in the throws of a nightmare.

"Oh, God, Don, I'm ... I was there, but it was ... it was worse, I couldn't get away, couldn't save myself, and the shot, it hit me. I don't understand ..." He trailed off, running his fingers through his hair, unsure of what else to say but needing to stay just where he was, in the arms of his temporary landlord.

"Hey, you CSI, me homicide, remember? If you don't understand it, there is no way I will." He moved back and then brushed Danny's hair out of his eyes. "Do you think you can get back to sleep?"

For a moment there was total silence and the atmosphere between them grew heavy with both fear and anticipation.

"Will you stay?" Immediately the words left his mouth Danny looked away. He tried to move from Don's grasp as well but found himself held tightly.

"In here?" The amazement sounded in his voice and Don saw the other man recoil as if he'd been physically hit. "Of course, if you want me to." His words did nothing to comfort Danny and so carefully he placed a finger underneath the smaller man's chin. "I know what it's like. I didn't want to be alone either, not for a good while."

"I ... I never knew. I'd have come, stayed over." The guilt washed over Danny and to his horror he felt his eyes fill with tears.

"No ... it's ok, don't, Danny. My mom wouldn't have let anyone but her do the job anyway. Let me just get ... let me, I'll be right back, ok?" Don released his friend and turned away almost immediately. Being naked and imagining Danny could see him was one thing, to have it happen was another altogether, and he hurried from the room as a blush covered his face and chest.

Two minutes later he was back and climbing into the double bed alongside the still shaking Danny Messer. He carefully placed a hand on the young man's shoulder and couldn't suppress a smile when he turned and moved against him once more.

"Sorry, I'm sorry ... please, Don, don't..."

"Shhh, no one will know. But you have to promise me you'll see the station shrink. He's a good guy, ok?" He felt the smooth skin against his own make a nodding movement and decided to be satisfied with that. Carefully he made himself a little more comfortable and tried to relax as the man of his dreams, especially his wet ones, snuggled even closer to him and fell almost instantly to sleep.

The sun coming in through the window awakened both men. Don stirred roughly ten minutes before his companion and spent that time watching his chest rise and fall as he slept. The peacefulness, the completeness he felt surprised him and Don tried to remember every curve of Danny's face, every pucker of his nipples because he just knew this situation would never arise again.

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