tagFetishCubicle Dancing Ch. 01

Cubicle Dancing Ch. 01


Now this was the best part. The rhythm, the feel, the vibrations- god it felt good. Imagine the most static, heated thrill of shivers running through your body right now- Do it- That is what I was feeling in that moment. Shit, I mean, I just couldn't take the awesome.

I pushed my, slightly-too-big glasses up my nose, and moved my hips to the beat of a rock song. Ah, good old mp3. I mimed to the lyrics, and played 'imagining I was famous,' in the safe space of my toilet cubicle. No one would know. No one would see. I'm still orderly, I promise.

My blonde hair bounced around my shoulders, making me feel so messy and wild that my father would be ashamed. He'd be devastated; it's true, that his only daughter would do something that looked so reckless. But I guess he would never know what I truly was like. How I hid a little red dress, and heels, in my bag every day. Just to spend my work break dancing in the toilet cubes.

I tried so hard to please my father. Dear old Daddy. I worked hard to finish my degree, paying all the fees myself, just so that I could work by his side. But he barely noticed my efforts. He said I was trying too hard to be successful, when I had to accept that, some people weren't meant to win. Still, I wanted to try. I wanted to be someone who he could respect.

Feeling the heels of my shoes tapping against the smooth tiles, I took this moment to rebel. I couldn't hear anything over the music blearing in my ears. Here, I blocked everything out, just for the beat, just for this moment. But soon it would end, and I would return to my desk, in my work clothes. Ready to take more orders from the boss; my father.

The song ended and I sighed heavily. My headphones slipped back into my bag where they belonged and I looked down at my dress. Weirdly, I felt a new urge; I wanted to see myself wearing this short little number. Certainly it would look silly, with the backdrop of a pastel-blue bathroom behind me, but didn't I deserve a moment? Just for once, couldn't I see myself for who I wasn't trying to be?

Finally, after a a long internal debate, I decided to risk a peek in the mirror. Just to see what my secret wild side really looked like, just this once. Perhaps it was a pathetic thing to desire, but I felt it desperately. I needed to see; who could I have been if I had been born into a regular family? A family whose parents loved their children exactly as they were...

My fingertips paused at the lock of the door, the gleam of its silvery handle warned me not to tease myself, but I ignored it. I closed my eyes in fear- but I shoved that baby open! Here I come reflection! Here I come-

"Wow," a voice sounded, and it was not my own. My eyes shot open to reveal a tall man standing in awe at me. He stood in the middle of the bathroom, wearing a mature business suit, and a face that told me he was just older than myself.

I blamed myself furiously in the moment- for not considering that there might be others in the bathroom- others who happened to have amazing brown eyes that made me flush deeply. What was I thinking?

"Oh," I blushed, and turned back into the cubicle, shutting the door once more. I had just showed myself, dressed like some teenage tramp, to some guy who had oddly come into the female toilets. Damn it, how would I explain this to my father?

"Summer? Was that you?" I heard him ask hesitantly. How did he know my name? - It didn't matter. All that mattered was that I had been caught. I clenched my fists at my sides. I felt my nails dig into my palms but I did not care! With all the blood rushing to my head, I tried to look at something calming- but all I could see was the stupid grubby toilet in front of me.

"I'm sorry," I spoke softly through the door, which I turned and rested my head against. The man chuckled then, which only made it worse for me. I listened for a moment to the sounds of him moving around on the other side of the cubicle. He wasn't leaving, and I was regretting so much now, not knowing how to fix this.

"Are you feeling alright?" He asked a moment later, and I wasn't sure how to answer at first. Had I not just spent 3 minutes breathing heavily behind this door, I would have said yes... but it was obvious something was wrong with me. There was always secretly something wrong with me, it's just, now someone could see it.

"No... actually, I'm not feeling myself this morning," I lied quickly, "why? Did you want something?" I held my breath, hoping he would say no.

"I was looking for you," he began, and my stomach sank, "I know it was a bit drastic coming into the female toilets for you- but well, I really don't regret it now."

I swallowed my fear and opened the door. I had to fix this somehow, I had to do something. So I stepped out and stood to face this man who had witnessed my most private moment. I was going to make this right. I was going to... not look into those eyes and lose all resolve because holly crap he was attractive!

"What are you thinking coming into the female toilets anyhow?" I tried to put on a business face, but I was afraid my little red dress was detracting from my authority. I could see already, his mouth wanted to curve into a cheeky smile, which he tried to hide.

"Well... hey, don't get worked up over it," was all he said. He looked like he was trying not to say something too, I could tell. His devious expression and scruffy hair told me I was in for a little bit of trouble, but I had no option but to deal with it. I couldn't risk upsetting my father.

"I'm not," I said as firmly as I could muster, "Do you work here?"

"Yes, I bring you your daily report every morning," he raised an eyebrow, "you Freeman women really don't pay much attention to your employees do you?"

"I don't know what you mean," I walked over to the mirror and started to wash my hands, "However, I do need to discuss something with you now." My eyes darted his way to see how he would react. He had leaned up against the bathroom wall and looked unaffected by the entire situation.

"Jay," he said.

"Jay?" I repeated questioningly.

"Yes, it's my name," he moved closer to me, "I thought it might be of some interest to you, to know who you were talking to."

"Oh," I blushed a little, "of course. Jay." I quickly dried my hands on a paper towel and turned to find him standing right next to me. Immediately I could smell the scent of his aftershave, it was a well-chosen scent, reminded me of the beach.

"I've never seen you so.. colourful, before," Jay smirked.

"Yeah about that,"-

"I won't tell," he cut me off. I looked into his eyes for some sign he was joking, but it seemed he was serious. Miraculous understanding! Wow, perhaps I was having some kind of lucky day? I turned and indulged myself into my reflection. I looked young, and rebellious. Maybe even, maybe I looked good.

"You won't tell anyone?" I repeated out of sheer surprise. I turned back to him and looked up into his brown eyes innocently. My hands swung around my back, where I gripped tightly, the ribbon tied there.

"Well, I won't tell anyone, if you do me a favour." I bit my lip nervously then, knowing that I was about to be asked for something terrible. I was being blackmailed for the first time! Crap.

"A favour?" I gulped my anxiety, "what kind of favour?"

"I want you to tell me why you were jumping around, in the toilet, dressed like that."

Silence. What could I say? I couldn't admit to what I was truly doing, could I? My eyes shot around the room, looking for some excuse, but I could find only none. I opened my mouth, and then closed it again. Jay raised both his eyebrows waiting for my response.

"I wasn't doing anything," I spoke quickly then, and as I did so, a smile sprung upon Jay's lips. "I mean, I was just trying on these clothes- because- they aren't mine- but I'm the same size- I'm the same size as this girl- who I'm... helping out. She's poor, and so, she can't afford to buy her own clothes, but"-

Jay raised his hands, "I'm sorry, this is too funny," he cracked up laughing and held onto the bathroom bench to keep himself up.

"What?" I felt the heat rise to my cheeks, "It's a noble thing to do. Helping the poor." I kept my hands behind my back the entire time, to ensure that he did not notice my nervous fidgeting.

"And you do this every day do you?" He continued laughing.

"Everyday- I don't know what you mean," I held my breath.

Jay straightened himself up and looked me in the eye. His deep brown eyes apparently seeing right through mine. His full lips daring me to look their way, reminding me how long it had been since a boy his age had studied me. It was nice to be looked at by someone who wasn't ancient for once.

"I have to come clean," he stepped closer to me, "I come in here every day- to witness your... fun," my jaw fell open as he spoke, "I wasn't expecting you to come out though, normally I sneak out as I hear you getting dressed."

Jay's hand reached out to mine just then. Electricity pursued from the tips of his fingers, I had not been touched in so long, especially by someone who had seen me- really seen me. I looked down at his hand, watched him curl his fingers around mine, I let him make contact.

"Summer, you really are a beautiful girl," he spoke gently to me, "I can't imagine why you hide in here like this."

After a moment of intense silence, I spoke, "I don't know what to say."

"Well, I wanted to confront you about it earlier, weeks ago now," he slowly removed his fingers from in-between mine, "but, well, you never really noticed me enough for me to actually speak."

"I'm sorry," I admitted truthfully now, "I don't know."

"Yeah you do," his other hand reached out and moved some hair softly behind my ear, "you know why." I flinched at his touch at first, and then I relaxed. It was nice the way he felt me. So relaxed, as though he had touched me many times before.

"I'm not allowed," I said painfully as I looked down at my feet, "I'm not allowed to look at boys."

It was at this moment that I began to panic. I wasn't even supposed to be in here, talking to him, dressed like this. No, I was supposed to be at my desk, working hard. More than that- I had to make sure no one would ever hear of the happenings in here! Ever!

"Not allowed?" he repeated, "Just like you couldn't come to the Anderson party last month?"

"Yeah!" I said passionately, then remembering my posture, "I mean, how do you know about that?"

"Jay Anderson," He reached out a hand, "nice to meet your acquaintance."

"Oh," I bit my lip, now even more embarrassed; I looked down at my feet again, to avoid his gaze. Jay touched my chin to tilt my head back up.

"I want to fuck you." My eyes widened in shock when he said this. I wondered if he was joking, or if I had misheard, but his expression told me he was serious. This man wanted to have sex with me, right here and right now.

"You can't," I shook my head but then paused in consideration. Jay had raised both his eyebrows and reached his hand out to caress my breast teasingly. I felt him find my nipple under my clothes, almost immediately, and my entire body froze at the feel of it.

"I can't?" He repeated with a light tone of surprise. I think he wanted to test me then, as he traced my bottom lip with his thumb, as he moved in closer to say, "I think I can."

My senses tingled at the thought of him touching me here, in my secret hiding place. Biting my lip and closing my eyes, I tried to ignore the sweet aroma of his aftershave, the heat that radiated from his toned body. I tried not to look into his deep brown eyes.

That's when he grabbed the back of my neck and drew me in, pressing his warm lips against mine. I moaned helplessly, knowing that I should not be here, but that I wanted to so deeply. Jay's tongue parted my lips tenderly, and found my own. Damn he tasted good.

He picked me off the ground and placed me onto the bench, parting my legs for his inspection. There was a moment where his eyes evaluated mine, trying to pick whether or not I would protest, trying to see what he dared not ask. That's when he smiled.

"Say my name," he ordered as he felt his way up my dress, "you finally know what it is now, I want to hear you say it." When he caught the sides of my panties, I whispered his first name- but that wasn't enough, "say my whole name, and tell me what you want."

"Jay Anderson," I spoke for him, as he pulled down on my panties, sliding them off slowly. "Jay, I want... what I want is..." I heard the item of clothing fall to the ground, I felt his lips tease the insides of my thighs, but I could not verbalise my desires. I had been silenced for so long, I had forgotten my voice.

Jay straightened up speedily; he moved his face in front of mine, so close our noses touched. His breath was hot on my face. Our eyes locked. He spoke, "what you want is for me to taste you," I jolted with surprise as his finger connected to my clitoris. He began to circle the tender spot knowingly.

"What you want," he continued, "is for my tongue to tease and playfully find its way around your pussy, until you can't wait for me any longer." He kissed my neck and nibbled my ear until I was distraught with pleasure and shivers, "tell me."

"I want you to taste me," I repeated after him, and he speedily went down, the moment the phrase left my lips. His mouth closed in on the most sensitive place, his fingers parting the lips of my pussy, opening me up for some naughty play.

I moved my hands down to run through his messy hair. I wrapped my legs around Jay. God, I had wanted this. Oh-so-sweetly it was that he ran his tongue over me, like I was delicious, like he truly wanted me. When he moaned, I felt the vibrations of his voice, and I moaned in turn. This was a release I needed and I was so close to-

Jay stopped and stood up. A pained expression came over my face, for I was so close, and he had stopped so suddenly. He laughed slightly at my disappointment.

"Oh you are too cute;" he pulled me down from the bench, "don't worry though, we're not done."

"What are you doing?" I asked curiously as he turned me around to face the mirror.

"I want you to put your hands both down flat on that bench," he ordered, "bend over slightly... and look at yourself in the mirror."

I did this, I obeyed him. My blue eyes looked back at me, somehow looking much different than they had before. I felt like a new woman, no longer in control, no longer in a cage. Jay had complete control over me in that moment, and I was glad to give it to him.

He lifted my dress up to see my bare bum just then. I was concerned he might have thought to have anal with me, but even if he did, I would let him. I felt his hand caress my ass gently, it tickled a little, so I giggled and moved forward.

"No no," he spoke teasingly and pulled both my hips back into position, "stay still Summer, don't make this harder for yourself." I could hear the amusement in his voice as he said this, and I did my best to stay where I was told.

I had to endure once more the sensations he was torturing me with. The tips of his fingers barely touching me, causing my skin to tingle and buzz as he teased the area. I bit my tongue trying not to move, and just when I thought I couldn't take any more, his touch became firmer.

I sighed with relief, which made him laugh at me a little. My gaze glance at his reflection and then back at my own. God he was hot, chocolate brown hair, and gorgeous lips that looked so tempting. And here I was- the blonde whose cheeks had gone quite pink.

"I'm going to spank you," he warned gently, warmly, "I think you need to be punished for being so naughty at work," he winked at me.

As Jay stopped rubbing my ass cheeks, and moved his hand back ready to slap me, I closed my eyes out of fear of the pain. I had never been spanked before, but I could only imagine it would be painful.

I waited a moment to feel it come down on me, but there was nothing.

"Open your eyes Summer," Jay ordered gently, "don't be afraid, because I want you to look at yourself while I do this. Look at yourself getting spanked by someone you didn't even know the name of half an hour ago. Go on."

I opened my eyes like he said, and looked over to him, for guidance and assurance. He smiled at me and said, "there we go, now take a look at your pretty little face while I give you a nice tap for being so naughty."

His hand came down on me, at first only gently, then more forcefully. It made my skin tingle and caused my cheeks to flush a deep red. I gasped as it got harder, biting my lip I tried not to make a sound. Slap after slap after slap, I should have felt hurt and degraded, but my pussy was so tight and wet that the spanking sent a jolt of pleasure through the area every time. I liked it.

"You're cheeks are red," he teased, "all four of them," he spanked me harder. My hands began to press against the bench as I willed my body not to move away from the painful pleasure. With every spank my hips jolted forward a little, and then moved back, ready for the next one.

"Summer, you have a gorgeous Butt," he said smoothly, "just in case you were wondering." I yelped as it became almost unbearable. That's when he slid a finger inside me, and wrapped his other arm around my stomach, to stop me from resisting.

"Oh, that feels so..." I shivered as he slid in and out of my pussy. He paused for a moment, circling and teasing outside, before going back in. He began to kiss my thigh again, making me think back to what his tongue had done to me. How warm it had felt on my clitoris. "Ouch!" I yelped- he bit my bottom- causing me to tense up a little.

"Naww," he looked sweetly at me, "just relax, trust me." I felt his finger slide inside me once more and I relaxed pretty quickly after that. It felt amazing having him touch me so knowingly. Every time his finger moved in, it hit the exact right spot, where he massaged for just a moment before starting again.

"Summer, I want you to lie down on the floor so I can go down on you again- right now!" I hurried to the floor, obeying orders, and let his lips tease, and tickle, and nibble my most delicate place. I felt first his tongue trace up the slit of my pussy, then he carefully parted the folds until he found the exact spot that made me jump with electric pleasure.

"Oh Jay," my voice rang out bouncing off the walls in the bathroom. He buried his mouth deep against my pussy, flicking his tongue maddeningly over my clit. He groaned and grabbed hold of both my ass cheeks. I felt the heat rise in my body. My hands came up and grasped onto my wild blonde hair, as if I were trying to hold onto something stable, something that would bring me back down to earth.

The feel of his mouth hot in my pussy made me shudder. Every stroke caused a new wave of shivers down my spine, every part of me gave in to his powerfully, skilful ways. I was about ready to burst and I needed some release- that's when his fingers found my opening once more.

He thrust them into me, mercilessly causing me to moan, forcing me into submission. In and out, in and out, while his tongue teased and tormented my clit. My hips rose up off the ground, pushing closer, coming closer...

"Oh Fuck Me Hard Jay Anderson!" I screamed out at last, "fuck me hard and fast- that's what I want!"

Seconds later Jay was on top of me, laying a kiss tender to my forehead. He carefully slid inside me a pulsating cock, feeling so big and hard, I gasped with surprise at its entrance. He went in slowly, inch by inch, I took him in- until he retracted.

I exhaled at this point, and he grinned down at me to say, "Here we go..."

Go where, I wondered? But certainly I found out when he thundered himself against me- pounding- thrusting with such force I yelped at first. That's when it started to feel really, really good. Every time he went in I moaned in ecstasy!

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