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Cubicle Romance


I had barely left the hotel by the time found Robert's card, in my purse. Yeah, he tried to fuck me, but now I was going to give him what her wanted. I was going to fuck his brains out. The thought of his black cock slamming into me drove me crazy. I wanted to feel how one felt, if the rumors were true! I wanted it like there was no tomorrow.

I then took out my hands free earpiece and connected it to my phone. I tried to control the car as I punched in the numbers into my phone. I almost swerve and it a car, but luckily I maintain control. The phone rings twice.

"Hello," the voice on the other end answers.

"Robert," I ask in a very quiet tone.

"Yes," he starts, "who is this?"

"You should remember me," I say slyly.

"Who is this," he asks in utter annoyance.

"Crystal," I say, "from the bathroom."

"What do you want," he asks.

"You," I reply in confidence.

"Excuse me," he says in amazement.

"Did I stutter," I say like a hard ass.

"No," he replies sounding much like Tyler.

"Good," I say in a sexy tone, "what are you up to tonight?"

"I have to finish some reports at the house," he says.

"Fun, fun," I laugh, "so after that, what do you have going on?"

"Nothing," he replies, "that I know of."

"Well," I say, "how about I stop by your house and we could have some fun."

"I don't think so," he says, "this sounds kind of rash and stupid."

"Like what you did to me in the bathroom," I say in a stern voice.

"What," he says in near panic, "look, I don't know what came over me, I just..."

"You just what," I say in an even louder voice, "wanted to fuck me! And don't lie, you wanted me like there was no tomorrow."

"What do you want from me," he whines, "Look I'm sorry about that. I really don't know what happened. I just lost control, the alcohol and the fact that I was looking at you all day. I just..."

"Meet me at my house tonight," I demand, "we can discuss this all in great detail, or..."

"Or what," he asks.

"I'm sure that the police department would love to hear about you visiting me in the bathroom," I say in one long diatribe.

"Fuck," he says in a loud voice, "what evidence do you have?"

"I'm white, and you're black," I say sounding like a racist.

"Okay," he says, "what time is good for you?"

"Good," I say in a relieved voice, "um, my address is 2995 Noreen road, just look it up on the Internet, because I give shitty directions. And be there at or around eight, okay."

"I'll be there," he says, "want me to bring anything?"

"No," I say, "just you."

"All right," he replies.

"Bye," I say while hanging up.

Before going home I grab a cup of coffee and drink it in the coffee house. I must look like shit, I haven't showered and I probably look like a whore wearing the thigh high boots. I take a few minutes to drink it and read today's newspaper. I see an article about my office and how we've become a model for workplace efficiency. I would seriously doubt that. The coffee helps me relax and get my senses back, I feel much better. After I drink my coffee I leave abruptly and speed out of the parking lot.

I speed back to 2295 Noreen road, which is my address if you couldn't figure it out. I get out of the car and notice that Tyler isn't home. I head straight for our room and find that some of his clothes are missing. Which makes me realize that he's probably went out of town. Hopefully it'll be for a while. I take off my thigh high boots and the clothes from the night prior and take a long hot shower. After the shower I make a bagel and cream cheese. It tastes so good after the romp Tyler and I had the night before. I realize that it's only the early afternoon. I can't believe it's that early. I have a few hours to get ready for my date or lack there of.

I sleaze around the house for a while, not doing anything. I just watch some TV and think about what I'm going to do tonight. I can't believe that I'm going to fuck a black guy. I've never done it before and really wanted to for a while. I mean I sucked a few off back in college and high school but never gone all the way. I've heard too many nasty rumors about fucking a black man. I know how big their dicks are but other things like they don't like to wear condoms and things like that. I seriously don't care if he fucks me without one, but I don't want him to nut in me. A black guy knocked up my friend in college and her parents almost disowned her, until she got an abortion. Why am I thinking about this? I should be thinking about how great tonight is and how I'm going to exact revenge on both Robert and Tyler. Robert wants me so bad and now he's going to have me. And Tyler was a slave to that strap on, and now he doesn't have it. Let's see how much they enjoy what I'm gong to do.

Around six o'clock I finally get ready. I take a shower and fix my hair the way that I want it. I throw on some make up, which makes me look like a whore, even though I'm slowly becoming one. Why did I say that? I find some nice thigh high pantyhose and put them on. I find a bra that makes my tits look fucking huger than what they actually are. I don't think Robert will notice, since black guys like Asses and not tits. Was that racist or stereotypical? Probably. I find a new pair of panties that I haven't worn in a while. I slink around the room and find my designer shoes; I don't even wear these for Tyler. I barely wear them; I think I wore them when I graduated college. I find a black dress I haven't worn in a while either. I can't believe that I am getting ready for the man who tried to rape me. I'm wearing all my best things for him and not Tyler. I feel bad for a second, but then again, what I am going to do to him isn't even going to be funny. So I should at least give him one night of sheer class and the rest of our encounter to be a complete nightmare. Once I'm through with him he won't be working with our company ever again. He'll pay for that incident in the bar.

And the door bell rings! I can't believe it's eight o'clock. I run to the front door and see Robert standing there in normal clothing, not a suit or tie, but a typical hip-hop shirt and some baggy jeans. I open the door and give him a big hug.

"Good to see you again," I say as I let him in the door.

"You look great," he replies, as he looks me over, "I like your shoes."

"Thanks," I say, "I rarely wear them, I think my parents got them for me."

"So," he says, his voice cracks briefly, as he walks into my house.

"Yes," I reply as I shut the door behind him.

"What do you want to do," he asks as he walks into the kitchen.

"What do you think," I reply, "fucking play tiddlywinks!"

"What," he says in disbelief.

"You know what I want to do," I say in very stern voice.

"Oh," he says in a relived voice.

I lead him to our liquor cabinet. I pull out a bottle of Grey Goose, and set in on the table. I pull out a couple of glasses.

"Um," I start, "you like Grey Goose?"

"Yeah," he says in a strange voice.

"I heard about it in a rap song," I laugh.

"What," he says sounding even stranger.

"I'm kidding," I laugh, "I like Grey Goose, and whatever."

I pour him a quick glass of vodka and place some ice in them after pouring the vodka. I hand it to him and kind of touch his hand as I hand it to him. He takes a sip and smiles in approval. He places it down on the counter.

"It is good," he says, "so why don't you give me a tour of your house."

"Maybe," I say, "I think the only thing we need to see now is the bedroom."

"What," he says again in disbelief.

"Listen," I start, "you know what we both want. We want what's between our legs. You've wanted me ever since that day in the bar. You wanted me and I'm giving you what you want. Unless..."

"Unless what," he asks as he takes a gulp of the vodka.

"I'm sure that the police department would love to hear about what you did to me," I say in complete seriousness.

"And you want to black mail me," he says while taking another gulp of the vodka.

"Maybe," I say in a very serious voice, "you think that racism doesn't exist, but when I tell the law what you did you'll look like a complete moron and as a sexual predator."

"You are serious," he says while finishing his drink.

"Damn right," I say while walking up to him, "damn right."

I give him a deep kiss on the lips. At first he resists, but soon he submits to my desires. He grabs my ass and squeezes hard. He loves it. And so do I. I love kissing a black man. I can't get over it. I love it. He them lifts me up on the counter and we kiss even more. He then rips part of my dress.

"The fuck," I yell out as I push him off me, "this is my fucking good dress."

"Sorry," he says in a lame tone.

"Fuck it," I say before taking it off.

I jump off the counter and walk to my bedroom. He follows quickly. He takes off his pants as I take off my panties and bra. I get on my knees and begin to feverously suck his 10 inch black penis. The ones I've sucked in the past were about this size, but never before had I wanted a black man or should I say penis, this bad. He finally takes off his shirt after I've sucked for almost ten minutes. I look up at him and give him a sly look and continue to suck on his beautiful black penis. I play with his balls, but decide not to play with his asshole. I won't call it a faghole, yet. Maybe later his ass will be mine, or not. I play with my pussy as I give him a great blowjob. I feverously suck until my jaw begins to hurt. I then stand up and give him a big wet kiss. He seems to be taken aback. I don't think he likes the taste of his own dick. I like the taste of my pussy. After a quick kiss I jump on the bed and lead his penis into my aching pussy. He tries to reach for a condom that is out on the nightstand. But I bat his hand away. I quickly whisper to him that I want to feel it inside of me without anything between us. He slowly puts his massive black dick inside of me. It's almost like losing my virginity, again. I've never had something that fucking big inside of me before. I can't get over the size. It hurts at first but soon my body adjusts to it. He slowly thrusts at first but soon he begins to speed it up. It feels unlike anything I've ever felt before. He kisses me a few times, but he soon stops, I guess he realizes that he doesn't like the taste of his own dick. Even though I love its taste. He fucks me in the missionary position for almost ten minutes. He picks me up and we both stand up. I kiss him quickly. I notice that I'm seriously sweating. I don't want to stop; I want more of his black dick. He then turns me over and begins to furiously fuck me in the doggy style position. I grip the sheets on the bed as he violently thrusts his black monster inside of me. I can't believe I cum as many time as I do, as he continues to fuck me. He quickly plays with my tits, but he slaps my ass with an unbelievable fervor. I guess I was right; black guys like the ass more than the tits. He pulls himself out of me again and turns me over and fucks me in the missionary position.

"Let me know when you're going to cum," I exhale as he continues to pump even harder.

"Okay," he says as sweat pours off of him.

"I..." I start as he begins to fuck me even harder, "I'm on the pill...you can cum...in me...I want it in me..."

"You sure," he exclaims.

"As ever," I exhale

He continues but he soon realizes that he can actually cum in me. He wants to cum in me so bad. And I lied I'm not on the pill! He can impregnate me here tonight if he wants. I don't care if he does; it's all part of the plan. Then he cums, it flies out in three or four quick bursts. I feel it splash inside of me; it feels unlike any other time I've been cummed in. He pulls out of me and lies on the bed next to me.

"Holy fucking shit," I scream, "I've never felt that way before."

"I bet," he says while trying to stand up.

"Spend the night," I demand, "we have some shopping to do tomorrow."

"Sure," he says before falling asleep.

I wake him up around 2a.m. and he fucks and cums inside of me again. And at seven a.m. he fucks me from behind while I finish up a report on my laptop. And like a good boy, he cums inside of me.

We both shower together and he drives me to his house and he changes clothes. We go to the mall right after it opens and I make him buy me nothing but hip-hop gear. I want to be like him, I want to be like a cheap whore for him. I want to be black; I want to be a whigger for him. I find some dignified looking hip-hop clothing, but it still makes me look like what I want to. For the rest of the week I look and act black. I even act like it at work. Secretly I want to get fired, that's why I continue the charade at work. Robert and I fuck more and more over the course of two weeks. Each time he cums in me. I keep up the lie about the pill.

I buy a pregnancy test at the convenient store, and do the test before he comes to my house. I pee on the applicator and I wait a few minutes until the plus sign shows up. Yes, I think in my head, I can't wait to tell him.

"I'm home," he yells out as I put my panties on.

"Be there in a second baby," I yell back.

I then rush out of the bathroom with the test in hand. He looks at it funny as I wave it around.

"I have good news," I say with a large smile, "I'm pregnant!!!"

Upon hearing this he drops his keys on the floor and rushes at me with full force. He is able to pin me against the wall. I was totally caught off guard, other wise he'd be fucking dead. I've been trained very well.

"You fucking cunt," he says in a mean voice in my face, "You tricked me. Fucking bitch! You stupid fucking bitch! You black mailed me! I'm going to kill you!"

"Do it," I yell, "Try it, come on, do it. You'll see what I can do! Can you live with killing your unborn child?"

He lets me go and I slap him. I walk away from him for a second.

"Why," he asks.

"You shouldn't have done what you did to me in the bathroom," I yell back, "You have one choice! And after that, you'll be free to go, understand?"

"What's that choice," he asks.

"You'll see," I say as I walk up to him.

"Tell me," he demands.

"You'll see," I say before kissing him, "my nigga! That's all you are to me."

I walk into my bedroom and he follows behind.

To be continued in Black Out....

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