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Cuck Dreams


When you're awake and you experience something that you sense you've had before it's called de ja vu.

The dreams began about two weeks after I decked Master Black's driver. At first, I was floating on the feather that Donna had created in our erotic hypnosis sessions. My feather hovered over the floor by our bed and I watched her anally and orally service two white men. They sawed into her buttery surfaces, melting her defenses if she had any, pleasuring themselves and her in the process. I woke panting and sweaty with a hard on. Donna was sound asleep and I lay in bed with my eyes closed and still thinking about it.

In another dream, Donna wore open-toed shoes made of white thin leather straps that wrapped around each foot and up to her ankle, a sexy white dress that barely covered her big tits and small ass, and in her hand she carried a shiny white leather and gold trimmed pocketbook that was big enough to carry essentials: makeup/lipstick, cash, credit card, keys and driver's license. It was the outfit I purchased for her the day before and she was now modeling it for me and I asked if we were going somewhere. Her answer was no and then the doorbell rang. I answered the door and it was a young white guy, dressed in black tee shirt, black jeans, and black shiny boots. His hair was slicked back with gel and he had at least two days of stubble on his face. On her way out, she told me not to wait up for them.

I didn't tell Donna about my dreams. I had made a promise to her that I wouldn't bring it up again. Still, the allure of her infidelity felt natural and very strong. When I woke from such dreams in the middle of the night I began getting out of bed and stroking for relief. The trigger was always the same; she encouraged her lovers to cum inside her, telling them her husband understood and accepted his place as clean-up boy. And, then she would turn to me and say "Isn't that right Bob?

Half groggy and horny as hell, I still yearn for her to be my slut wife, wanton and giving of herself to men with better endowments than I have. It is the ultimate aphrodisiac and I admit to myself over and over as I stroke and cum into the toilet that the slut wife and cuckold fantasy was the adventure I desired for both of us. I loved her, was in love with her and wanted only the best for her.

Last week, I had an epic and very vivid dream. The date that dressed in black was in our bedroom closet, finishing the installation of a remote controlled sliding door. When closed, there was large mirror facing the bed.

When he saw me, he smiled and led me into the closet to show me the view with the sliding door shut. The mirror was see-through and through it I saw our bed and special track lighting he had installed on the ceiling. My heart beat a little faster as I wondered about the meaning of this change.

"The door opens and closes by remote control. Your closet view can change by the press of a button too." He held up the tiny remote and pressed a red button. "Watch the glass Bob." Just like that before my eyes, it blacked out the view of my bedroom.

"How much is all this going to cost?" I asked. He suggested I sit in the chair and when I did, Donna approached from behind and began binding my arms to the chair's arms with soft cotton rope. I looked to my side as she hovered over me. She was naked and the image gave my cock reason to rise. It turned me on. I knew what was happening and I didn't fight it.

"Don't worry about the cost Bob. I took real good care of you. You're paying my cost and Donna is paying me for my labor."

"Excuse me, but whatever money Donna pays you, comes from me because I'm her income source."

He laughed. Donna giggled with him as she finished binding my arms and legs to the chair. Just before they left the closet, Donna whispered in my ear "Be a good boy and you may listen and watch. If you become a distraction, I'll personally give you a timeout. Do you understand my love?" she held her lips so close to me that I felt her breath tease my right ear, but she denied me the pleasure of physical contact.

Power exchange was all around us. I surrendered the sanctity of our marriage to my wife by remaining seated, allowing her to bind me to the chair. Her nudity in front of the young man while he remained dressed was her surrender to him. So, by simple default he is in charge of both of us.

My cock was bulging in my jeans and I nodded affirmatively in response to her and then to him.

"We'll start with the door closed. You'll be able to see through the glass and you'll wear this on your head." She held a headset out for me to see. "This is a wireless headset Bob. When the sliding door is shut, you must wear it to hear what is going on in the bedroom." Then she placed the headset over my ears and exited the closet with him. When the door shut, the closet was dark.

"Hey, you left me in the dark!" I yelled.

I sat in the dark for what seemed an eternity but was probably just a minute. Then the black glass turned to light and I could see through it and into the bedroom again. The closet remained dark, like a movie booth in a porn shop.

Donna and her carpenter were in our bedroom facing one another. Her wrists were cuffed behind her back and with her shoulders drawn back, her precious breasts stood out to complete her incredibly sexy profile. To a casual observer this was just a naked woman, and exceptionally beautiful one, submitting her body to a dressed man. To me, though, this woman was my slut wife and the attention she now gave to him was supposed to be for me. That's what tore into me the most. So my heart bled and tears rolled down my cheeks and my cock remained hard as ever while I watched her interact with him.

He leaned over her to close the gap between them until their noses and lips were just an inch apart from one another. He placed a band upon her neck, sealing it with Velcro. Then he touched her lips with his. Donna tilted her head back and accepted his kiss. Upon contact, her lips parted and I could see the tip of his tongue enter her mouth. It turned me on to watch their interaction as it took place, especially as his hands cupped her face and he held her in position as their kiss wore on.

When he satisfied himself of her sweet breath, he stopped their kiss and said "you are now collared and bound, my slut, and your husband is locked away in the closet unable to interfere with our evening." Donna looked up at him and said "yes Master Kevin."

He raised his right hand up and toward her face only to snap his fingers and say "take a knee slut."

With swift obedience, Donna dropped to her knees and waited on the carpeted floor with her knees spread and her head bowed.

Kevin turned to face the mirror and flipped me the bird before speaking. "You are such a loser man. I would never let anyone use my wife the way I'm going to use your's tonight. It's a wonder she stays with you. Look at her. She's naked and she's been naked all day for me. She waited on me all day, bringing me and my friends our beers and sandwiches for lunch, giving us head at break time. Yep, you heard me. She eagerly sucked off five cocks today and tonight she's going to get a python between her legs while you watch." He grabbed his crotch to mock me.

Donna did nothing while he lectured me. I couldn't tell if she was turned on or embarrassed. I felt bad for her while my cock did not. I have knelt on our bedroom carpet. It is not comfortable on the knees, especially naked knees.

Kevin is an ass hole. I wondered how she met him while he continued to lecture me. He was like a drone, explaining what a loser I am and that there is nothing I can do now to stop him from physically assaulting my wife while she herself is wrist-cuffed behind her back. He is fit and young however and somewhat attractive. I can see how his looks might have seduced Donna.

"Did you know your wife has been opening her legs to me for six months?" He laughed after he asked the question.

"No," I said.

"I didn't think so."

"I've been training her to be a good whore to anyone willing to pay the right price and tonight's the night I'm taking ownership of her and going into business. Call it property rental." He laughed again and stared at me through the glass. It felt like his eyes were reaching into my soul.

"Fuck you, I don't believe you," I said.

He laughed louder and then said "I forgot to tell you loser. Your little booth is also wired with a microphone so I can hear what you say. You shouldn't have sworn at me. So, now you will pay for it." He held up the remote control and before I could ask him to wait, he pressed the red button. Just like that, the screen went dark.

The headset was still activated and I could hear them. The silence was deafening at first and then I heard the unmistakable sound of a metal zipper sliding along its track. Some silence ensued and I waited with great anticipation until I realized the wet smacking sounds were the result of Donna sucking cock. As I listened to them, I felt my erection fill the confines of my trousers and it was then that I felt the first pangs of sexual agony because I would not be able to touch myself.

He moaned loudly and told Donna what a great cock sucker she was. He encouraged her to go slowly with deliberately long strokes.

'What an ass hole this guy is,' I thought. 'Why is Donna doing this to us and with him for god's sake?'

Kevin snapped his fingers again. "If you were allowed to watch, you would see your slut wife just stopped sucking on my command. You know why that's so important loser?"

"No Kevin. No clue here." I said to him. 'Is it because you're too stupid to use English?' I wondered.

"Your wife's obedience is all part of the customer experience. If the customer wants to sample her mouth, I snap my fingers and she follows orders. It's all in her power to make him want to pay more. I snap my fingers again and she stops. They'll pay anything once they've felt that hot little mouth. Snapping my fingers reminds the customers who's really in control too. It's a turn on for everyone, except you maybe."

"Jesus. You're serious? You're going to pimp her out to strangers."

"Good paying ones, but yeah man. You're wife is incredibly sexual. She needs so much more than you and I can give her. So, she's going to make me some pocket money in the process. You might get to help too. Some guys really like knowing the husband is tied up and watching from the closet." He laughed really hard again and just like that the glass illuminated.

It took a moment for everything to sink in but what I saw just blew me away. Kevin was still dressed and standing off to the side while Donna knelt in front of someone with her head bowed. The man in front of her turned to face me. It was Master Black. He smiled and said "hello Bob, I can't see you but I trust that you are well."

"Fuck you ass hole. Donna what the fuck is going on?"

"Bob, now that's not the way to talk to customers. Master Black is a very dear friend of mine and I'm afraid if you can't control yourself, we'll just shut you out entirely. Is that what you want?"


"Well, let this be the last warning then. By the way, Master Black has offered me $500 for an hour with your wife. Do you think that's a good price?"

With Master Black in the room, staring into the glass, I could feel him reach into me. "No comment," I said. Master Black's face was expressionless, yet his stare remained upon me as though he knew I was looking directly at him.

"Knowing how good your wife is, I would normally charge more but since he is a friend and our first customer, I think I'll let him have her for $50."

"Agreed," said Master Black and he extended his hand to Kevin. They shook hands and Kevin snapped his fingers.

"How may I be of service to you sir?" she asked Master Black.

On her knees, she was eye level with the enormous cock that hung outside of his open zipper. Her saliva from the sample tasting still clung to his skin and made it shiny black under the bedroom's tracking lights. "Have you missed this big black wonder my pet?" He held it out to her, the tip just a centimeter from her lips.

"Yes Master I have. May I kiss it please sir?" She replied.

He turned to face me and smiled broadly. "Yes you may kiss it all over and then you may swallow it to the base."

As Donna willingly kissed Master Black's cock, I seethed under the ropes binding me to this chair. I struggled to get free and could not. "We can hear you struggle Bob. Did you know that your wife called me today to solicit my business and my condition was that you must be tied-up? Did they tell you that?"


"Tell him slut. Tell your husband why you called me."

She stopped kissing the ebony mushroom head and turned to face me while remaining on her knees. "I called him Bob. I miss the excitement Master Black brings to our marriage. You can't just introduce him and then take him away from me!" She leaned into Master Black's cock, caught the tip with her lips, sucked it right into her throat and moaned as she did it to emphasize her point. She held his cock in her throat as best she could with her hands still cuffed behind her back and without his help to hold her head in place.

Watching her willingness with him gnawed at my confidence like a mouse on a block of cheese. Each verbal and visual piece of information chipped away at the faith I had in our promise and in turn awakened my interest for our mutual submission to Master Black.

"Look at her Bob. Your wife wants him in her life so bad she's become a $50 an hour cock whore," said Kevin and then he broke into his customary laughter again. I really hate Kevin. He is a fundamental, immature jerk. When they untie me I am going to beat the crap out of him.

Donna moved her head back and forth over the entire length of Master Black's enormous cock. With each outward stroke, heavy strands of saliva came out of her mouth and landed on her chin. Eventually, it got on her face and tits and she looked like a wet sexy mess.

As I watched her interact with Master Black again, I felt the pangs of envy tugging at my heart, melting away my defenses and inviting me to succumb to the inevitable truth: we are what we are. More specifically, she is what she is: a natural slut wife; and I am what I am: a husband unable to solely satisfy the woman he loves...

And though I am bound and cannot physically stop them, my only choice is to watch and listen or be so disruptive that they shut me out and ignore me. I know as I watch her obey her Masters that watching and listening is better than being ignored and left to wonder what is happening. So, with that in mind, I gave up my argument and watched my slut wife do her job.

I'm now a cuckold and more aware than ever of my rock hard state and the restraints placed upon my arms and legs. By my own wife's hands, I sit in anguish, prevented from taking action for self pleasure.

Master Black moaned as Donna swallowed his cock over and over. "Kevin, this slut is so fine. I'd like to buy her outright. Would you take $10,000?"

"Are you serious?"

"Absolutely, what do you think?"

"Hey she's not for sale you ass holes. Get me out of here Kevin or when I get out I'll fucking kill you."

Kevin raised the remote so I could see and pressed a button. The glass went black and then the sound went dead.

After an eternity, the sound was activated and I heard Velcro tearing apart. There was some movement and then the closet door opened and light filled the room. "Get me out of here," I yelled.

I felt Donna's soft hands cool my shoulders and then her hair cascaded over my face as she bent over and hugged me from behind. "How are you doing my love," she whispered. "What's going on Donna? Why are you doing this?" and she replied "I want him in our life Bob and he's willing as long as you are not going to beat him up. Binding you this way was just necessary until you demonstrate you can handle it."

"How am I going to demonstrate anything while bound to this chair?"

"When you convincingly beg to serve Master Black with me," she said.

She pressed her hands onto my chest and moved them down to my lap. "Your cock has betrayed you darling. Would you like for me to take it out and give you some relief." She worked her fingertips over the material of my jeans. Her nails raked along the outline of my hardened crown and whatever determination I had to stop this lunacy was quickly disappearing.

"How about it baby, want me to take it out and wrap my lips around it?"


"Are you going to be a good boy?" She held my cock inches from her lips and waited for my answer. Her breath kissed my cock's tip and I yearned to be caressed and bathed in her mouth.

"Yes honey, I want to be a good husband."

Donna quickly moved around to face me. She was wearing the training collar that Master Black had given her before except that all the letters spelling out SLUT WIFE were now visible on the front for anyone to see.

"Is that the collar you returned to him Donna?" I asked meekly.

"Yes it is Bob." She finished unzipping my jeans and slipped her hand inside to firmly grasp my cock. While looking into my eyes she said nothing and then roughly withdrew my cock and took it into her mouth. Pain from scraping the metal zipper seared through me followed by the soothing warmth of her mouth. She worked it good, raking her lips over the crown quickly with fervor.

"So he bought you?"

"Yes Bob. He owns me now and I want him to own you too so we can stay married."

"Oh my god, you're leaving me?"

"It doesn't have to be that way. Please honey, try to relax and let me blow you. He said if you don't cum right away, he'll beat me unmercifully while you watch."

I looked into her lust crazed eyes and closed my mouth. She was guarded by impenetrable lust and so as a tear fell down my face, I said "I want you to be happy." She smiled and then she bowed her head and took me into her mouth. I closed my eyes and let go.

In moments, her mouth and the reality of our shared fantasy worked me into a state of total euphoria. Just as I moaned, she stopped and said "show me how quickly a cuckold cums for his slut wife Bob. Think about all the fun we'll have exploring the joys of couple-submission to Master Black. We want your participation with us Bob. It's so much more rewarding to know you are watching than to do this without you. Your participation as the submissive and controlled and consenting husband is paramount to me. Show him you want your cuckold dreams to come true. Cum now to show us what a loving cuckold husband you are."

She jacked my cock once and held it in her fist like a hose. That did it for me. While I looked into her eyes, I felt her determination and I came like a rocket, pulsing and spurting all I had.

"Oh my god, I'm coming, Donna, I'm coming." I yelled. I sat upright in our bed and flung the covers off. "I want you, I need you; please don't leave me. I'll do it, okay?" I was awake now and screaming like a mad man.

"Bob? What is it?" she spoke softly upon waking to my outburst. She sat up along side me, putting her arm around my shoulders. "What happened darling?"

"I had a bad dream. It seemed so real."

"Well, you're ok, safe and sound right here with me. I love you Bob do you know that?"

"Yes Donna. Thank you."

"Let's lay back against the pillow together. Do you want to tell me what happened?"

I didn't want to but as I hit the pillow with her at my side, I opened my mouth and out it came. "I dreamt that you were sold to Master Black and you had sex with him while I was forced to watch and listen while bound to a chair in the closet."

She hugged me. I was still so aroused that out of habit I pushed my pelvis up slightly in order to rub my cock against the fabric of my PJ bottoms. Donna caught on and slipped her hand through the open fly.

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