tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCucking My Man

Cucking My Man


I am honest. I tell my man the sex is good, but somehow I want more. We discuss various things, but soon narrow it down to the fact that I want other lovers.

We agree that no matter what, it will be mutual or we won't do it at all. He is adamant on that point and I agree. We talk about guys we know, but there's nobody in particular I have in mind.

One night we decide to try a bar outside town, so we won't run into anyone we know. We go to a bar that serves drink specials to military men. He sits at the bar, ignoring but watching me as dance and flirt it up with various guys. I'm having fun but nobody strikes my fancy.

Until he walks into the bar.

A giant hunk of a man enters, immediately locks eyes with me and sits near my man at the bar. He watches me hungrily with deep blue eyes, taking an angry pull from his beer as his eyes travel over my bare legs. I take a break and dare to go up to my man, even though we agreed to ignore each other, because I know the man I want. Or rather, I feel weak when I look at him. I'd let him fuck me on the floor if he wanted.

The man sees me talking to my boyfriend and walks towards us and I feel a wave of fear pass over me, almost like I will pass out. It's going to be ruined I think.

The man almost crashes into us, leaning over my boyfriend and pushing him as he talks to me. Could he possibly disrespect him more? He is almost ignoring his presence and certainly violating his space. He buys me a drink and changes seats with my man to be closer, daring to put a hand on my thigh, right in plain view, even pushing under my skirt and pinching my bare skin.

I'll be honest, I don't really hear what he's saying, but I tell him I am interested within moments, for I can't stand the tension in my stomach or the growing wetness in my panties. If we don't leave, I'll scream for him to drag me into the bathroom.

I forget the whole plan and all our schemes we made, inviting the guy back immediately. Wow, so much for all those hours we spent at the drawing board discussing each detail of the night.

Things change when we get back to the apartment. The man ignores my boyfriend and gropes me openly, kissing my shoulders and neck as he gawks at the savage attention I am getting. He keeps trying to cut in, making eye contact with me as this huge man fingers me THROUGH my panties, driving the cloth into my pussy. Finally, the man sees my boyfriend's attempts to interrupt.

Without looking at him, he presses a hand into his chest and pushes, sending him flailing into the coffee table, knocking his head against the wood. I am afraid now. My man lolls in a state near unconscious as this man grips me with both hands and rips my blouse off, tearing it in two.

I shriek, but not for long as he grabs my face and holds it while he unzips his pants. Forcing me on my knees, he jams a thick uncut cock n my mouth and begins fucking my face. My boyfriend lays on the floor only a few feet away, dazed. I try to push him away and he slaps my face, twice, not hard, but enough to make me stop fighting and let him push his cock into my throat.

I gag, but he doesn't relent. At the moment I think I will pass out, he removes his cock and lifts me off the floor. Still standing, he rips my panties off without removing my skirt, forcing me onto his cock, fucking me in an upright position. He is strong enough to bounce me and control me at the same time. My man manages to pull himself onto the couch as the man hurls me to the floor.

My head ends up scrunched against the recliner with my ass in the air. He jams it inside me, which feels like someone punched me in the gut as he pistons down into me from an angle, his balls smacking against me.

I see my man has lit a cigarette and know he won't help me. There's nothing he can do against this beast of a man anyway, who must outweigh him nearly two to one. It feels like this man's destroying my pussy as he buries it with each stroke, pounding me into the floor.

I keep trying to speak, to tell him to give me a moment to gather myself, but my head is at an odd angle and I can't manage to talk. Suddenly, he yanks me off the ground and puts me stomach down on the recliner, knees on the carpet. I feel his giant tip near my ass and almost faint from fear. Instead, he puts it in my pussy and starts pounding on me, smacking my ass viciously with his hands between each stroke.

He slowly fucks me harder and harder, mashing my face into the fabric. I feel tears flowing down my cheeks from the pain as well as something else. I know he's going to make me orgasm. But, I can't think of that. He speaks for the first time.

"I'm gonna cum slut."

Hearing those words release a flood of wetness down my leg.

I hear my boyfriend saying not to cum in me because I'm not on the pill and I know that he basically is asking the man TO do that. He pounds me in short vicious strokes, tensing more each time.

My man yells again not to do it, moments before the man begins to spasm inside my pussy. As he twitches on me and grips my shoulders, my orgasm explodes through me and I barely feel anything as he continues to pump seed into my pussy.

He pulls out, leaking cum on my back and wipes the tip on my face, smacking it against my cheek a few times.

He stands, stretches and says, "Go get me a beer slut, I'm just getting started."

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