After seven years of marriage Rick and I kept our sex life alive with our little fantasy game.

When we were making love Rick liked me telling him about how I had cheated on him with other men. He liked detailed accounts, what we had done and how many times they made me come.

I had gone through a list of men, real and imaginary. Over the years I had fucked every man we knew in his mind.

The more realistic I made the stories the more he liked it and rewarded me with multiple orgasms.

It was all fantasy of course until I met my new boss.

Mike was the "new broom" transferred in from Head Office to improve our numbers. Over the past few years our branch had been in a steady decline, gross sales down 27% from three years prior.

It was not a general tailspin in the industry; other insurance agencies were experiencing an upturn in the market. Mike Madison had a reputation of being a man who could change things.

Mike presented an impressive figure; over six foot tall the burly black man gave the sense he was accustom to getting things his own way.

I had been assigned his personal secretary the day he arrived.

Mike was very outspoken. The first day he told me I dressed to "frumpy" in my tailored pantsuits and unadventurous dresses.

"If I am going to be looking at you all day I would like you to wear something more daring." Mike said, "I will pick you up some things to wear that I would like."

I thought my new boss was bordering on sexual harassment but I did not want to start out on the wrong side of him. I pondered his remarks and carried on with my duties.

The following day Mike returned from lunch laden with shopping bags from various women's boutiques. He called me into his office,

"Close the door and try those on." He said nodding to the bags on his desk.

After shutting the door I looked in a pink plastic La Senza bag. It contained a skin tone push-up half bra, 36C, my size! There were no panties in the bag.

The next bag was marked "Suzy" and contained a black mini-skirt, not much wider than a belt. The remaining bag held a white see-though blouse with a row of buttons down the front.

"Aren't you going to try them on?" Mike asked.

Did he expect me to change here in font of him?

"Take them down to the washroom and see if they fit." He dismissed me.

Mike had a good eye for my size, everything fit perfectly. I put the clothes I had taken off in one of the bags and headed back to Mike's office.

Mike looked at me approvingly as I entered his office in the skimpy outfit he had bought me. I felt a bit self-conscious feeling the cool office air caressing my uncovered pussy.

"Bend over." Mike ordered.

His intentions were clear, with my butt facing him I bent over as if to pick something up off the floor. I knew everything would be visible to him.

"That's much better." He approved.

I had managed to keep my relationship with my new boss secret from Rick. I had merely mentioned to him that I had a new boss purposely not mentioning he was black, I knew the fact that he was a black man would fuel my husband's imagination and I wanted to wait to see how the situation between Mike and I developed before making Rick aware of the potential that I may be fucking a black man.

I hoped Rick would not be home when I got home from work so I would have a chance to change. As I entered the house I heard the TV on in the den.

"Is that you dear?" Rick's voice called.

"Yes." I answered trying to get upstairs before he came out.

"Nice outfit!" Rick said standing in the den doorway.

"Glad you like it." I answered.

"Come her, let's get a look." My husband said as he approached me.

Rick embraced me and his hand automatically went under the short skirt. "No panties?" he exclaimed.

I was busted, "No, I thought I would turn you on!"

"Well it worked, let's go upstairs."

Rick fucked my brains out. Lying across our bed with my new miniskirt up around my waist he pounded me until we had both come several times.

Thankfully he never questioned me any further about "my new look".

Much to Rick and Mike's delight I did my shopping with the new look in mind. I acquired a collection of miniskirts, mini-dresses and see-though blouses. The unwritten rule at work was I go "commando", never wearing panties.

"Michelle, will you come into my office please?" Mike's voice asked through the intercom.

I suspected he wanted me to take some dictation so I grabbed my steno pad and entered his office.

Mike was sitting behind his desk. "Sit down." He said.

I took a seat in the chair in font of his desk.

"I got you a gift." Mike said handing me a box.

I opened he box and saw a strange looking black plastic object. "What is it?" I asked.

"It's a butt plug." Mike grinned, "You put it in your bum."

I had heard about butt plugs but had never seen one.

"Try it!" Mike ordered.

I opened my legs knowing Mike could see my uncovered crotch. I took the smooth shiny object and carefully pressed it against my anus. I was surprised on how easily it slid into me.

"Now masturbate." Mike commanded.

I was so embarrassed, sitting there exposed with the strange object stuck in my bum. Slowly my fingers went to my clit.

I figured Mike had his cock out and was stroking while he watched me getting off? It was so exciting that I was able to have an intense orgasm while my boss watched.

That was the day I decided I was going to fuck my boss.

I did not let on that I had allowed my boss to watch me masturbate with a butt plug stuck in me when I went home hat night. If Rick had known another guy had got off watching his wife playing with herself he would have raped me. I found I was looking forward to going to work the next day!

I had a strange feeling it was going to be another special day. I had worn a cute mini sundress with a loose fitting scooped neckline, no underwear!

When I entered Mike's office with his coffee and bent over his desk he could see my entire bare boobs as the dress fell away from my chest.

"Very nice Michelle!" Mike said as he sipped from his cup. "How would you like to do something for me?"

"Certainly Mr. Madison." I volunteered.

"I really need a blowjob!" Mike said.

I was thrilled; I was finally going to see his cock. "I would like that Mr. Madison."

"Call me Mike." He said getting his cock out of his trousers.

I crawled under his desk as he pulled out the most beautiful cock I had ever seen in my life.

It was glistening black, at least 10" long and as big as my forearm from my elbow to wrist. It was so thick I wondered if I could get my mouth over its bulbous head. I grasped it in my hand and I felt the weight of it. His girth was so thick my fingertip and thumb were an inch apart as I squeezed his cock in my hand.

I opened my mouth as if I were in the dentist chair and guided Mike's huge monster into my mouth.

If it appeared big, it felt even bigger filling my mouth. I knew how a Python must feel swallowing its prey whole! As the head touched the roof of my mouth my lips sealed around the big black cock. My cheeks sunk in as I inhaled forming a vacuum around Mike's meat.

As my hand milked his shaft my tongue performed a "pas de deux" over and around his hose. Mike moaned softly as called for his sperm.

I could not believe what I was doing. Just a short wile ago I had been a faithful and loving wife providing my husband with the pleasure of my body. Now I was a slut crammed under a desk sucking on a big black cock!

Mike must have approved of my cocksucking technique as he continued to moan as his cock throbbed in preparation to give me my reward. In minutes thick strings of creamy jism were being tossed down my esophagus, greedily I gulped down the salty brine.

"Thank you Michelle, you may go back to your desk." Mike dismissed me after I had eaten his sperm.

I was bewildered. Finally I had experienced Mike's cock but I craved for it in my pussy where his sperm could flood my womb.

"Did you have a good day?" Rick asked as I entered the house.

"It was O.K." I replied; I would save to good part for later when we were in bed.

I was on top of Rick, squatting on his cock. I rose up and down on his shaft in control.

"I sucked a black cock today!" I whispered as I dropped my haunches onto his stiff cock.

"What?" he asked not believing what I had just said.

"I sucked a big black cock and let it come in my mouth!" I teased. "I swallowed a ton of his jism."

I could feel him grow stiffer inside of me; I had his undivided attention.

"Naw, you wouldn't do that?" he said in disbelief.

"Kiss me, maybe you can still taste him?" I continued to torment my husband.

I knew Mike's sperm would be long gone from my mouth but it did get Rick thinking. Quickly he grabbed me and we kissed, his tongue searching my mouth for evidence of my transgression.

"Well?" I asked when he released me.

I knew Rick desperately wanted to believe my confession.

"Who's cock was it?"

"It doesn't matter, he enjoyed it!" I answered as he started to drive up into me with renewed energy.

What a day it had been. I had got to suck my boss's big black cock and got a damn good fucking from my husband for doing it.

Giving Mike head become one of my daily duties. Each morning after looking after urgent business he would call me into his office to drain his balls in me.

Mike was on "temporary duty"; he was only here until he turned things around. His wife and kids were still back in Detroit while he stayed in the Downtown Sheridan.

I was wondering if he was ever going to fuck me? I thought maybe as long as he was relieving himself in my mouth he was going to wait until he got home to fuck.

One afternoon after I had serviced him Mike made a strange request.

"Michelle, do you know where I can get a good hooker?"

I was flabbergasted, what did he need a hooker for when I was sucking his cock?

"What's wrong with me, am I not attractive enough?" I asked looking dejected.

"Oh no, you're fine, it's just that you're married!" he laughed.

"But I am sucking your cock everyday?" I asked confused.

"Sucking cock is one thing, but getting a black cock in you is something else!" he explained. "If I fucked you your husband would know!"

"He doesn't care!" I argued.

"You've seen the size of it, you know what it would do to your pussy?" he warned.

"I can handle it!" I smiled.

I must be crazy, here I am trying to convince a black man with the biggest cock I had ever seen in my life to fuck me!

"My hotel room at ten o'clock," he agreed.

This was too big a deal to keep secret from Rick. If I were going to make a ten o'clock hotel call he would have to know about it.

"He's expecting you?" Rick said in disbelief.

"Yes, I told him I would take his big black cock in me!"

Rick was thrilled. He was going to be able to jerk-off knowing a black bull was screwing me.

I took a cab to the hotel wearing only a short sundress, no underwear. Boldly I approached the desk clerk, "Mr. Madison's room?"

The clerk directed me to room 231 after checking with Mike. As he watched me leave I suspected he knew what I was there for.

Room 231 was your standard Sheridan fare, a spacious room tastefully furnished in subtle modest furnishings.

Mike was wearing a Terrycloth hotel robe when I arrived. His black hulk in the white robe formed quite an impressive figure. "Care for a drink?" he asked.

I sat in the rose color wing back chair as Mike poured me a gin and soda from the mini-bar.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked as I sipped my drink.

"Positive." I agreed.

Without further conversation he took his wallet from the dresser top and removing three one hundred dollar bills he handed them to me.

"This is what I usually pay." He explained.

Bonus, I was getting three hundred bucks to fuck my boss. No doubt it would go on his expense account, I took the cash and tucked it into my purse.

Standing I removed my dress so I was entirely naked before him. It was the first time he had seen me completely naked, the other times just glances at my charms while I was dressed. His eyes slowly scanned my body.

My 38C breasts stood proudly before him with their large pink nipples erect. My pussy was freshly shaven in preparation to receive him.

"You will do!" he said jokingly as he removed his robe.

Mike's cock was standing erect, waving menacingly as he approached me.

"Just a minute, I have to do something first." I delayed our union.

I picked up the phone and getting an outside line I dialed home. Rick's voice answered before the phone had a chance to ring to second time.

"We are ready to start." I said and laid the handset down beside the bed.

Mike said nothing, if my husband wanted to listen to him fucking me why should he care?

With the stage set I climbed onto the bed.

I could see nothing but big black bull as Mike covered me.

"Open wide." He said as if he were a dentist.

I spread my legs as wide as possible, my knees in the air, and braced myself to be invaded.

I felt Mike's swollen cockhead nuzzle between my smooth pussy lips and then he pushed.

"Oh my God!" I cried out loud enough for Rick to hear over the phone, it was the signal I was being penetrated.

I never knew a cock could be so big as inch after beautiful black inch of it took possession of my cervix.

"Oh fuck that feels so good!" I knew Rick would be going crazy on the other end of the phone picturing me full of black cock. "Fuck me you bastard!"

"You got a tight little hole you white slut." Mike narrated for Rick's benefit. "I am going to stretch it so your husband's little dick will not satisfy you anymore!"

Mike traveled into me where no man had gone before, my cervix stretching to form a tight glove around his black home wrecker.

"Come in me!" I begged him gyrating my hips so his cock was pulled in a circular motion as we fucked.

Mike's cock felt every bit as good as I had imagined it would. Ten inches of thick, black pussy snake brought me alive as never before.

His strokes were long and powerful, driving my ass into the mattress with every plunge. The strength of his hips and his weight drove his giant spear far deeper into me than Rick had ever been.

"Oh yes, I love it!" I cried out for my husband's benefit.

"Here comes my load." Mike warned.

I envisioned Rick pounding his cock in a frenzy knowing my pussy was about to be flooded with Nigger cum.

Mike grunted as his body stiffened pumping his sperm into me. I felt the warmth of his fluid filling my womb.

"Oh yes Baby!" I moaned as I was thrown into my orgasm.

Ecstasy possessed my body as I was taken to another world, a kaleidoscope world where the skies were brilliant colors filled with exotic butterflies. It was an orgasm that only exists in Harlequin Romance.

My body trembled several minutes as I come down from my high. Mike lay atop of me, his weight holding his spent cock deep within my cunt. The slightest twitch of his limp cock cause my cervix wall to tingle.

Lovingly he kissed me and replaced the telephone on the receiver.

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