tagLoving WivesCuckold at the Beach

Cuckold at the Beach


I finally convinced my wife Emma to go to a nude beach. She kept telling me that forty year old couples shouldn't be showing off at a nude beach. I just wanted to loosen her up some. We weren't making love much these days and Emma always had some excuse to put me off.

We drove out to the farthest point on this nude beach. That was the concession I had to make to my wife in order to get her there. There was not going to be any roving eyes if she could help it. We walked out to the beach and got our blankets and items arranged on the sand. Emma slowly stripped off her bikini and I shed my swimming trunks. We barely got settled in when I saw a figure walking towards us.

As this man got closer I could see him better. One thing was for sure, he was hung. I could swear this guy had ten inches swinging between his legs. What was worse, he was heading straight for us. I thought Emma would be upset but I could see she had her eyes glued to this man's crotch.

"How are you folks today, my name is Roy," the guy with the big dick told us.

"I am Barry and my wife is Emma," I told him.

"I saw this attractive couple from down the beach so I had to come and see what was going on," Roy told us. "Are you looking for some excitement today?" Roy asked.

"Excitement?" I asked him.

"Yeah, lots of people come to this section of the beach for sex," Roy explained.

I told Roy we were just sunning ourselves. When I looked over at Emma she was looking directly at Roy's long cock.

"What about you Emma?" Roy asked. "You have been looking at my cock ever since I walked over here."

I couldn't believe my wife just then. She reached over and took hold of Roy's cock. Roy stepped forward and was directly in front of my wife's face. Emma opened her mouth and Roy slid his cock into her mouth. I sat there shocked. My wife barely wanted sex these days and here she was sucking on a stranger's cock.

Emma tried to take as much as she could down her throat but Roy was so huge. Not only was he long his dick was thick as a cucumber. Emma barely got a couple inches into her mouth. Roy placed a hand on the back of my wife's head and started to push his rod deeper. Emma was gagging but she didn't pull back. She tried to take as much as she could.

Roy finally pulled out of my wife's mouth and knelt down on the beach towel my wife was on. He pushed Emma onto her back and took her ankles in his hands. His erect prick was an inch away from my wife's damp pussy when Roy slid into my wife. Emma started to moan as Roy fed her his enormous cock.

You're so fucking big, Roy!" My wife cried out.

I just sat there in amazement at first. My cock was getting stiff as I watched Roy fuck my wife with that giant staff of his. I started to pull on my cock as Emma was being fucked by Roy. I didn't know what else to do. My wife was in fuck lust. Her face said that she wanted Roy's cock buried in her pussy for as long as he wanted her.

Roy had Emma's leg nearly pushed to her chest. He drove his rod deep into her belly. There were a few times that it looked like he had all ten inches inside my wife. You could hear the slurping sounds as my wife took all of Roy deep in her belly. A few times I could clearly see Roy's balls bouncing off Emma's ass.

When he plunged in all the way my wife would scream out loud.

"Give me every inch Roy, Fuck me as deep as you can!" Emma was begging for his thick cock.

Roy took my wife for as long as he could and then I watched him arch his back. He didn't ask if he could cum inside my wife. He just pushed that cock in all the way, his nuts pressed again my wife and then he exploded. Both lovers grunted as Roy seeded my wife with his hot load. I could see Emma milking his prick, trying to get every drop from Roy's shaft. A few more pulls on my cock and I shot my load all over the sand.

Roy kept fucking Emma for the longest time. I could see his load dripping from my wife's pussy. Eventually Roy slowed down and pulled his rod from Emma's belly. All that hot sauce came flowing out. My wife was lying there just shaking from the fucking she just took. And to think my wife used to tell me my cock hurt when it was inside her.

Roy pulled Emma up and they walked down to the water. They let the surf wash them of as much love juices as was possible. Roy and Emma walked back and my wife pulled out a pen and paper and wrote something, handing it to Roy.

"I hope to see you again soon," Roy said to us and then he walked away.

"What did you give to him?" I asked my wife.

"Roy asked for my cellphone number so I gave it to him."

"Why did you give him your number?." I asked in bewilderment.

"You dragged me out here Barry and this is what ended up happening. That was the best fuck I had in a long time." Emma explained.

I guess this was my fault. I am now going to be a cuckold as my wife is looking to take a lover. A lover with a giant cock to boot. I am going to have to get used to a new partner in the mix it seems, or maybe find a lover of my own.

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