tagLoving WivesCuckold Chronicles 17: Troy Pt. 02

Cuckold Chronicles 17: Troy Pt. 02


Troy wants a Mistress but does Heather want a slave?

Troy shoved his cock in 3 more times before I felt his body pulsing; his anal muscles squeezing around my cock. He was panting while still lying on top of Heather, who was riding her own wave of sexual satisfaction. I gave him a few more strokes before pulling out and stepping to the side. I grabbed his hair and directed his mouth to my hard cock. While I was stroking my cock, he was leaning forward with his mouth open. I held his head a few inches from my fuck stick as I started to cum. I aimed it all over his face, trying not to hit his gaping mouth. I got the bridge of his nose on the 1st shot, his forehead on the 2nd, and the 3rd & 4th on each cheek. The last dribbles got wiped off on his chin. He had such a big smile on his face. I turned his head to show Heather and saw that she had as big a grin as Troy did. Heather reached over & took my deflating cock in her hand. She used it to smear my cum all over his face, then put it in his mouth to start cleaning.

After I was cleaned sufficiently, I laid down next to Heather, kissing and caressing her while our new Cum Slut cleaned her up. Heather had one last climax while he worked on her.

Heather & I got dressed in silence, Troy just stayed on the bed watching us. I don't know if it was embarrassment, shame or excitement, but Troy was blushing while we dressed.

Heather went over & sat on the bed. "I don't know how things got so out of hand, but I have to tell you, that was the best sex I've ever had. We have never done that kind of thing before and I don't know if we will ever do it again. This is going to be a hard experience to top. We're going to be here 3 more nights. Why don't you come over tomorrow after the kids take off to play? We can talk all this over & see how we all feel about it."

Heather leaned over and gently kissed Troy good night. She threw in a good night cock rub as well.

Troy called out as we were leaving the camper, "I'll watch for the kids to leave," and as an afterthought, he added, "Mistress."

As we headed for our camp, Heather held my arm with both hands. She broke the silence when she said, "That was pretty intense, don't you think? I've never thought about being dominate to the man I'm in bed with, but it is an interesting idea. It's not in my nature to call someone names & order them to do things. You surprised me as well. I've never seen you act that way either. Did he seem like a submissive to you? Is that why you took charge?"

"I was surprised myself by the way I acted. He had made a few comments that implied he liked aggressive women, but when he said he wanted me to fuck his ass while he did you, I was sure he would accept any order he was given. It's one thing to suck a cock, but when you beg to have it shoved up your ass, that's a sign of subservience."

"I didn't know you were so knowledgeable about B&D S&M. Did it excite you to take his ass & paint his face?"

"I don't know a lot about it, just human nature; you know body language & Freudian slips, stuff like that. I only did it because I could see how excited you were just by watching it."

Heather stopped walking & slid a hand down to my hardening cock. "So, you'll do anything if you know it will excite me? That's a good thing to know. Maybe I'll end up with 2 Bitches before this trip is over. Did you know I came just by seeing your cock slip into his ass? The feeling of you shoving him deeper into my twat with every stroke is something I'll never forget & it's something I want to feel again. Maybe you guys can switch places next time?"

"Sorry, Babe, you know I try to make you happy, but there's no way a guy is going to fuck my ass & I'm surely not going to be anyone's Bitch. If you like the idea of having a boy-toy to order around and humiliate, that's fine, but not me."

"OK, I see your point, I guess you would never allow someone to call you names and make you do degrading things."

We were back at our tent. Heather had me wait outside. She came back out & handed me a pair of damp panties.

"These are my panties from yesterday. I just used them to clean myself up. Take them over to Troy. Have him suck you off. I want you to cum on the panties. Tell him if he wants to be my Bitch, he'll be wearing them tomorrow when he comes over."

I came back to our camp about 20 minutes later. Heather was relaxing with a drink. I grabbed a beer & joined her.

"Well, how did it go? What did he say?"

"He jumped at the chance to show he would do as he was told, by either of us. He wanted me to cum on his face again, but I said no. I pulled him away from my cock, by his hair & had him put the panties over the head. I swear he was drooling as he watched me soak the panties. I made him clean me up & told him to wear them in the morning if he wanted to submit to you. If he didn't, we might have another 3some, but there would be no dominance or butt-fucking for him. He very excitedly thanked me for your present. I also told him as I was leaving that it was his decision, but if he did wear them, it would be the last decision he would be allowed to make while he was with you. As I walked out the door, he was curled up, sucking on the gusset of your dirty cum filled panties."

We were both worn out from our activities. We fell asleep quickly, with a soft but happy cock pressed against her luscious ass and my hand holding one of her breast, just for support you understand.

When I'm on vacation, my bladder is my alarm clock (unless Heather wanted to take it's place) & today was no different. I woke to Nature's call & marveled at the sunrise over the Atlantic. After taking care of my bladder, I set to my morning chore of stocking the ice chests. A ½ hour later & I'm headed to the marina. I'm surprised, when I get back, to see Troy sitting with Heather, drinking coffee.

"Well," I said as I opened the trunk, "I didn't expect to see you so early this morning."

"I was on my way back from the Shower House when Heather invited me for a cup of Joe."

I was talking while I filled the chests with ice. "It's too early for our discussion, so I'm guessing something woke you up early? A bit anxious are we?"

"Dave, leave the poor guy alone. Can't you see he is as conflicted about this as we are?"

"Actually, I'm not conflicted at all. I know what has been missing in my life and last night I found it."

Heather stood up & looked hard at Troy. "We can't do this now, Talk about fishing, Gator Football or your research, but not this. Dave, you need to start the bacon while I'm getting the cereal out for the boys."

Troy took that as his cue to leave. The sensory enticing aroma of bacon frying stirred the boys from their slumber. One by one they stumbled out of their tent. I asked them what they had planned for the day. They said they were going to ride their bikes & explore the campground. I reminded them not to leave the park & to watch out for cars. Once they had their tent squared away, they were off on their adventure. Troy must have been watching from his window, because as the boys rode off, he walked out of his camper.

As he approached, I asked Heather if she had decided what she wanted to do with him. All she said was, "Kinda, let's see how this goes."

Heather was getting another cup of coffee as Troy walked onto our site. "Troy, nice to see you again! Cup of coffee?"

Troy seemed caught off guard by her nonchalant manner. "S-Sure, that would be great."

He had just experienced the mystery of that creature called "Woman". They never let you know what they are thinking.

I moved her chair again, just like I did when she 1st met him. She would now be facing the two of us.

Heather didn't even glance back at us. "Troy before you sit down, would you go back behind Dave's pissing curtain & take off your shorts?" Troy hesitated just long enough to get a hard stare from Heather. "Troy, I know what you said earlier and I'm pretty sure I know what you are wearing under those shorts, but when I said to go take them off, it wasn't a request nor is it open for discussion." Heather walked back to us, sat both cups on the table and sat down, waiting patiently.

Heather took a sip of her coffee as Troy started slowly walking to the curtain. "Honey, would you go with him, I'll be there in a second." I didn't say anything; I just followed Troy to the curtain.

Heather was right behind me as I entered our makeshift latrine. As she entered, she pulled the strings of her bikini from around her neck, pulling it down to expose her sexy breast. Troy was standing there wearing only his sneakers and a pair of pretty pink panties. I could see a noticeable bulge forming in his panties.

Heather was standing about 2 feet from Troy. She took my hand & placed it on her tit. "Honey, would you be a Dear and suck on my nipples? I want them nice & hard."

I didn't say a word, I just dove into those soft pliable love pillows. As I was doing my thing, she looked over at Troy. "Put your hands behind your head, interlock your fingers. Spread your feet apart, farther, shoulder width. Don't move a muscle."

She pulled me away and gave me a nice kiss. She took the step that put her face to face with her prey. She rubbed her hard nipples against his chest. She grabbed him by his neck and kissed him hard, shoving her tongue in roughly. She broke the kiss and stared into his eyes. "I taste something familiar in your mouth." She reached down and grabbed his hard cock and balls through his panties. "Why are your panties wet? Did you jerk off into them this morning?"

"No Mistress, I didn't. They're still wet because I slept with them in my mouth all night. I wanted to suck out every drop of your essence, and Master Dave's as well."

Heather took her hand from the wet panties and stuck her fingers in his mouth. She then presented her palm for him to lick as well. Heather took a step back and said, "Drop your hands Panty Boy. Put my top back on. There's no reason for your fingers to be touching my tits. Now put your shorts back on & meet us at our chairs."

"Please Mistress, may I cum first? I really need to cum. Please!"

Heather seemed to consider his plea for a few seconds, and then simply said, "No."

She took my hand and we went back to our seats. Troy joined us a minute later.

Heather took another sip of her coffee. It seemed to me she was measuring her words as she stared at Troy. "Is that the sort of thing you were looking for? Is that what you need to fulfill your idea of sexual ecstasy?"

"Yes Mist-." Heather put her hand up to stop him in mid-sentence. "Don't call me Mistress, my name is Heather." She motioned him to continue. "I'm sorry. Heather. Yes that is some of what I was looking for."

Heather was staring more intently at the nervous young man in front of her. "Troy, what I just did was a test; a test for all 3 of us. You passed with flying colors. I didn't fare near as well. Dave & I haven't talked about this much. I had to see if I could act like you want me to, well, I can't. I don't know much about this kind of thing, but what I do know is that a slave or Bitch, whichever one you consider yourself, isn't allowed to fuck his Mistress and I want your cock rocking my world a lot more before we go home. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?

"Yes Mis-, yes Heather I do. I just assumed from last night you liked the way Dave treated me."

While Heather was digesting what Troy had said, I got up to get another Pepsi (I don't drink coffee). I stood in front of both of them & said, "Since I am part of this equation, I have something to say about this. Heather? Do you mind?"

"No Honey, you go right ahead. I think you have a better handle on this than I do."

"Thanks Babe. Troy, last night I took an educated guess from things you said & what you said you wanted. It would appear I was correct. Heather & I did talk a bit last night about what happened. From what I have heard & seen this morning, she is not opposed to having a panty clad cum slut to play with. She just doesn't think she can treat you like that. She knows as a Mistress, she can't enjoy your cock anymore. Heather, am I reading this right?"

Heather nodded slowly, wondering where this was going.

"OK, Troy, did you know Heather had an orgasm last night, just by watching my cock slide into your ass? You did see the big smile on her face when I coated your Bitch face with my cum, right?"

Troy shook his head to my 1st question then quickly changed to a slow nod to the 2nd question.

"Did you like my cock fucking your ass? Did you feel humiliated with my cum dripping off your face? Did you feel happy while you were pleasuring your Master & Mistress? I can't hear your head rattle Bitch! Answer me you Cum Slut!"

Troy got a strange look on his face. It was almost as if he had had an epiphany. He slid off the chair & kneeled in front of me. I wasn't expecting that.

"Yes Master, Yes to all of it. That was just what I wanted. You knew exactly what I was hoping for. Please use me again Master!"

Now it was Heather's turn to jump up. "For God's sake Troy, get up. Sit down in your chair & try to compose yourself! Dave, just what are you getting at? I've never heard you talk like this before."

"We've never had a situation like this before. Look, this is too public for this conversation, let's go to the camper & I'll explain my idea. I think I have a solution so that everyone gets what they want. Troy, I'm sure by now you've figured out, I plan to use you as my Bitch, in fact that will be your name. Take your panty ass back to your camper. We will be there in a minute. I expect you to be wearing nothing but your panties when we walk in. You are to be kneeling on the floor with your head bowed. You don't speak unless you're told to. Do you understand and agree to what I just said?"

"Yes Master, I will be waiting for you as ordered."

"One more thing, I don't like being called Master. You will refer to me as Sir. You got that Bitch?"

"Yes Sir, I understand."

"Good, now get your panty ass out of here. We'll see you in a few minutes." As an afterthought, I said, "Lube up your ass just in case Heather wants to see you get your ass reamed again."

Troy got up & walked quickly to his camper. Heather looked over at me & smiled. "Wow, I've never seen you act or talk that way before. What is your solution to this problem?"

"When we 1st started to swing, what was our #1 rule?"

"If all parties don't enjoy it, don't do it?"

"Right! I think it is obvious. He is a bi-sexual submissive, but he can't have you if he submits to you. I am willing to be dominate to him to give him what he wants. That way, you get what you want, which is a nice hard cock attached to a good looking guy. Does that sound good to you?"

"I guess, but I still don't see how it will work."

"Well, we'll worry about after we talk to MY Bitch," I said with a grin. "Just follow my lead. Are you wearing panties or your swimsuit bottoms?"

"Panties; Why?"

"You should leave him a souvenir when you leave."

Heather gave me a big smile as she took my hand while we headed towards the camper. We walked in without knocking. Troy was kneeling as instructed. I stared at him, considering my opening words.

"Troy, look up here. This is going to be a serious discussion." He looked up slowly. I could see the apprehension in his face. I saw a damp towel laying on the floor next to me. I tossed him the towel. "Sit up in the chair & cover up your panties. I don't want to see them again until you're told to reveal them.

Now Troy had a concerned look on his face & Heather looked confused. Once he was situated, I turned to Heather.

""Honey, tell Troy our cardinal rule. It's OK; I want him to hear it from you."

"Troy, we decided quite some time ago, that when we played, everyone had to like what was going on or it wouldn't happen at all."

"Thanks Babe. Troy, as we said earlier, if you were Heather's Bitch, Boy-Toy, slave or whatever you wish to be, there are things you wouldn't be allowed to do. Things like this," I leaned over & kissed Heather deeply, "and this," I reached over & slipped a hand inside her bikini top, caressed her breast and flicked her nipple. "Don't forget this part," I whispered as I lightly ran my fingers up & down the crotch of her shorts. Heather was starting to squirm with my demonstration. I cupped her entire womanhood & left my hand there. "As her Bitch, you would only be allowed here when you are cleaning her or being her Lap-Dog. There would be no other reason for you to enjoy that particular pleasure. There would be no release for you. You would only be a tool for her pleasure. I understand your need to be dominated. My question to you is this; do you still want Heather to be your Mistress?'

"That's not an easy question to answer, Sir."

"I'm not Sir right now. I don't see panties, so you are my friend Troy; continue."

"Sorry Dave. Well, I guess, no, if I can't play with her any more, I don't want to be her Bitch. I'd like to make sure of one thing though. If I understand your rule correctly, if I'm not happy not being her Bitch and she's not happy having me as her Bitch, it seems to me I lose both ways, right?"

I had expected this reaction. At least a part of my plan had played out like I envisioned it. "Troy, allow me 1 more demonstration. Wrap your towel around your waist & stand up."

As he stood, I looked over at Heather. She had no idea where I was going with this.

"Heather, be honest. What do you see?"

"I see a hot guy with a great body that helped rock my world last night."

"Do you want him to do that again?"

"God yes! I want him to do it right now!"

"That's good to know. Troy, I love watching Heather with other men. That is my excitement. So Heather & I are getting what we want. Now we only have to make sure you are happy with the relationship, to see if we proceed."

Heather finally caught on as to where I was going with this.

"Troy Honey? Drop the towel." She leaned over to me and rubbed my crotch. "Dave, Sweetie? What do you see?"

"I see a panty clad Bitch waiting for a strong man to take control & make sure he knows his place. I bet even now he is hoping I'll order him to crawl over here and suck my cock. He looks like a Bitch that would beg me to fuck his ass just so you could watch."

Troy finally acted on his own. He threw the towel to the side & dropped to his knees, showing a very hard cock in his panties.

Heather smiled & motioned Troy over to her. She gestured for him to stand up. I watched her rub & caress his cock through his stretched out panties. In her soft sexy voice she asked him, "Do you think you can live with this compromise?"

Troy could only groan & nod his head.

"Well I can't. There is no way a guy is going to fuck me while wearing panties. Dave, how do we get around this?"

I got up & stood next to my Panty Boy. I took his hand & placed it on my cock. He started rubbing and squeezing it through my swim trunks. "Like this Babe." I reached up & grabbed his hair. "Troy! I claim you as my Bitch whether you are wearing panties or not. It will be a lot like last night, except I no longer will treat you as an equal. Your job will be to pleasure both of us. When you are with Heather, you are not to wear panties. If you're not with her, you better have them on & you might want to make sure your ass is clean because you never know when I might want a blow job or a quick ass fuck. Does all this meet your need to be dominated & used?"

"Y-Yes, Yes Sir! Please use me Sir! I'll be a good Bitch for you. Please give me a chance!"

"OK, OK, Panty Boy, calm down." I tightened my grip on his hair & directed him down to his knees. "Take off my suit & show my cock how happy you are to serve it. Get me nice & hard." I looked over at Heather while my Bitch was sucking to hardness. She was slowly tracing a finger up & down her covered pussy. I smiled at her as I pulled his hair back and down so he was forced to look up at me. I took my hard wet cock & rubbed it all over his face, leaving wet streaks across his eyes and cheeks.

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