tagLoving WivesCuckold Chronicles: Sam Pt. 01

Cuckold Chronicles: Sam Pt. 01


Cuckold Chronicles: Sam Part 1

Is Dave getting a backbone?

We didn't talk much on the way home. There are a couple of reasons for that. First of all, I like to measure what I say, to make sure it is taken the way I intend it to be taken. The second reason is I'm crazy about Krystal's hamburgers. There isn't a Krystal's near us, so anytime I drive by one, I have to get a bagful. Anyway, we chatted a little bit, but neither of us broached the subject of the last 24 hours. Our main topic was the food we were eating at 75 MPH. I tell you, the Krystal burgers, which we affectionately call Belly Bombs, are so good, I think my tongue gets hard. I'll never understand why Heather likes their fries so much. Everyone knows Mickey D's has the best fast food fries, right?

I pulled into the Park-N-Ride and waited for her to pull out. Our exit is the next one down on I-4, so she was right behind me for the last 8 miles of the trip. We got home and I carried her bags into the house & into our bedroom so she could unpack. As she was walking in, I told her I was going out to relax in the pool and that I'd make us some drinks and I hoped she would join me. Usually, when we were alone, we would be skinny dipping, but I made sure she would notice I was wearing my swim trunks. Since Heather was already in her bikini, I figured she would get the hint.

Although we weren't sitting at a Tiki Bar on the beach, I was in the mood for some Mojitos, so I fixed up a batch. I put the beaker in the inflatable bar, sliced up a lime, filled the ice compartment and grabbed 2 pool friendly glasses and went to the table in the pool. I was just pouring my 2nd one when Heather came out in all her splendor. With her usual flair, I do believe it is unintentional, she slinked, yes I said slinked, out of her sarong and heels. She saw me pouring her drink, dove in the water and swam over to the table.

"MMM, good choice Babe, this is very refreshing. Are you trying to get me liquored up so you can say what you want to say?"

"What makes you so sure I have something to say or that I need to get you drunk before I say it?"

"Well geesh, Mr. History major, maybe because we just drove ½ ways from Daytona to Tampa and I didn't have to hear about Ponce de Leon, the Fountain of Youth and the fact no one ever talks about Andrew Jackson be the only Governor of Florida to be President or the only President to be a POW. HMMMMM let me think. We've been together 25 years, married for 21 and you don't think I can read your moods? Don't even try to blame it on the Belly Bombs."

We were both laughing by the time she finished her speech. I filled both our glasses and thought about how I should explain my problem. As in the past, Heather already had a pretty good idea.

"OK, spill it Buster, it's about Rick & last night, right?"

"Alright, I guess you do know me better than I know myself. Last night is just a part of what's bothering me. First off, I don't want you to spend the night with someone again, unless I'm there."

"I thought we decided that this morning. I told you I wouldn't."

"I know, I just wanted to re-iterate that. The main point I want to make is, when you sucked me off the other night, it felt good, real good. Maybe because you hadn't done it in so long, I don't know, but for the first time in a long time, I felt like a man again. I thought for a minute while you doing it that I might actually be hard enough to have sex with you again, but it didn't last long. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'd like us to take a break from your playtime and get back to just us for a while. Maybe I'll even get back to being a real man for you."

"Why you big Galoot, do you really think it takes a hard cock to be a real man? I know we say that a lot in our role playing, but the truth is, you're more a man than most of the guys I've been with since we started this. You built a company from scratch and made it very successful, without ignoring your family. We raised 3 great kids, you were a baseball coach, football coach and a soccer coach. You taught them to swim and how to ride a bike. You were president of the PTA for God's sake! You are a role model to our children and if they ever learn how they're made, to our grand-children. Wow, this is going to be a deep discussion, I'm going to need another drink."

"All those things you just mentioned make me a good Father and a good husband I suppose, but not so much as a lover. I know you say I take care of you with my tongue but I can see it in your eyes that you want more than that. I also know all this was my idea but after last night, I'm wondering if we aren't going too far. I'm real confused about my feelings right now. I love watching you have sex with your lovers and I love cleaning both of you when needed. Like I said, I'm confused."

"Why don't you go make another pitcher of drinks while I try to figure out a way to straighten out this mess."

I pulled the float behind me as I headed to the steps. I took it to the bar and refilled the pitcher, some more ice and grabbed the rest of the sliced limes. When I got back to the pool, I noticed her bikini top was lying on the pool deck. Just as I was about to step in the pool, I heard Rob yell over the fence.

"Hey Dave? You over there?"

"Yeah, we're here. Just relaxing in the pool & talking."

"Mind some company? I'm kinda bored today."

"Hold on, let me check with Heather."

I looked over at Heather. She motioned me over so we wouldn't have to talk so loud. "He could give us some thoughtful insight as to what we should do. Make sure he knows that we are talking and not playing."

"OK, but you better cover up your "girls". He'll get the wrong idea for sure."

"Rob, come on over. Bring your swim trunks and come through the gate."

Rob was soon walking through the gate. I called to him, "We're drinking Mojito's, grab a glass or fix yourself something else. You know where the beer is."

A minute later, Rob was standing at the table with us. We shook hands and he went to hug and kiss Heather, but she stopped him and gave him a light peck on the lips.

"Rob, you got here just in time. Dave & I are having a very serious discussion and you are in the unique position to offer some insight."

Rob stood there thoughtfully as Heather gave him the brief recap of the last 36 hours. I noticed while she was reliving her exploits, that Rob had to slip his hand underwater to readjust himself a couple of times. I took over so I could try to explain my problem.

We had been talking to Rob at least 20 minutes and I realized the pitcher was empty again. I made yet another trip for refills. I saw from the bar, Rob had moved over closer to Heather & they were whispering to each other. I saw Heather laugh and push Rob away as I came back with the drinks and another beer for Rob.

"Rob, tell Dave your thoughts about this and your suggestion. Dave, remember this is just a suggestion. Where we go from here is entirely up to you. I can live with whatever decision you make. Tell him, Rob."

"OK Buddy, let me see if I have this right. You don't have a problem with Heather having sex with other men, but you do have a problem with being left out. I also got the feeling that the humiliation you wanted has gotten out of hand. I agree as well. I'd love to see the pics, but from what Heather told me, they were in bad form. That was too much. Am I right so far?"

"Spot on, Big Guy, plus the total lack of respect. What is your suggestion?"

"Well Bud, I think you guys need a break from playing around; concentrate on each other. Give it a couple weeks, maybe a month, see how things go. Heather doesn't play with her lovers and you won't wear panties and be her bitch. You will be Heather and Dave, not Mistress & Panty Boy, till you and only you decide you're ready to play again. How does that sound to you. That's what Heather & I were talking about while you were getting the drinks."

"I'll have to think about it a while. I had thought about taking a break, but this is better than anything I've come up with."

Rob had a big grin on his face as he added, "Of course, none of this applies to your best friend and next door neighbor, right? I'm just kidding. I am happy about this in a way. I love my time with Heather, but it bothers me to treat you the way you wanted. You're my best friend and confidante. You know you could still be a cuckold without all the humiliation. Just sit in the corner and watch. You could still clean them up if you want."

"I have a proviso I want added to this agreement. I still want my coffee and breakfast in bed every morning. OH, one more thing, since you have never minded sucking a cock, I still want to watch you do that, just without orders and degradation. You know how excited that makes me."

"Coffee, yes, breakfast no. The trade-off is you'll be able to sleep an extra ½ hour . I'll also throw in this; you can have all the phone sex and sexting you want with your "friends". If they refer to me as anything other than Dave or your husband, I expect you to set them straight, and not in a nice way. We'll have to play the rest of it by ear."

"Rob, I want to thank you for your friendship and advice. I really appreciate the fact you didn't like treating me like that. This last guy, Rick, I think he liked it too much. I know this isn't a perfect plan, mainly because Heather will be the one giving up the most. I don't want her to suffer because of my insecurities. This may sound crazy after all we have talked about, but if you two want to get together, it's alright with me. I won't be your Bitch, but I'll clean you both up if you ask."

Heather perked up when she heard what I said. She started to say something when Rob interrupted her. "Hold on there, Dave. I can't believe I'm saying this, but no. If this is going to work, you have to go back to your life before the swinging and the cuckoldry; just you two, no outsiders. You have to re-discover each other. I'd give my left nut to be with Heather on a regular basis, but with my 2 best friends at a crossroads in their sexual lives, I think I should be more like a crossing guard rather than another car at a 4-way stop, just waiting his turn to go."

Heather leaned over and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek. "I'm glad he said it first. I agree with all he said, except the cars at the 4-way. It makes me sound like a slut at a drive thru ally. I've said it before; I think I might be a Nympho, but not a slut, although that word maybe needs a bit of re-defining. I only have 1 man that I intend to take care of at this time and he's getting shit-faced in the pool on Mojitos. Thank you for thinking about me and my needs, but I'm also thinking about you and your needs, not to mention the welfare of our marriage. One last thing before I get out. Rob, you wouldn't be much use to me without your left nut."

All 3 of us were laughing as Heather got out of the pool. Rob & I watched intently as Heather dried herself. She just couldn't help looking sexy dabbing that towel over her body and watching her ass as she walked across the pool deck was poetry in motion. I guess she couldn't resist teasing us because right after she went through the sliding glass door to our bedroom, her hand reappeared holding the top to her bikini. It was followed quickly by her leg with the bottom of her suit dangling from her toes.

We both just stared at door after it closed. It must have choreographed as both of us at the same time had to straighten out our hardening cocks. I finally composed myself enough to speak again.

"Rob, want to hang around, I can throw some burgers on the grill?"

"Thanks Bud, but you & Heather need to talk & I think you're too drunk to cook anything. Go straighten things out with your hot wife and I'll see you guys tomorrow."

"I think you're right about the cooking and now I'm wondering what she is wearing now, if anything at all. Guess I should get in there and see if she needs me."

"I better get out of here before I change my mind about your offer. You go tend to Heather and I'll go home. Looks like I have a date with Rosy Palm and her 5 sisters. Call me if you need anything."

"Thanks Rob, you truly are a good friend, you've proved that today."

We both got out of the pool. I walked Rob to gate, shook his hand and thanked him again. I went back to the bar and cleaned up the mess. I washed the glasses and pitcher at the wet bar.

I stopped outside the glass door. I picked up her suit and took off mine. I hung them both on the hooks to dry. I was surprised given my medical problems combined with the amount of alcohol I had consumed, that my cock was at ½ staff. Chalk that up to Heather's Gypsy Rose Lee act I suppose. I looked through the glass and saw Heather laying on the bed reading, wearing nothing but a slight, almost dreamlike, smile. She loves those romance novels. She was softly running her fingers over her belly while she read.

She looked up from her book when she heard the door slide open. She smiled at me; then smiled even bigger when she saw my fledgling hard on. She put down her book and beckoned me to join her in bed. I smiled back as I crawled up beside her. I leaned in and gave her a soft kiss, lightly stroking her hair. Our kiss began to grow in intensity when her hand ever so gently enveloped my stiffening rod. She let out a low moan as I lightly grazed her womanhood while kissing her neck. With one had she started stroking my cock and the other nudged my head lower. Any other time in the last 5 years, she would keep pushing me down to her love box, but this wasn't any other time. She guided my mouth to her hard nipple. My hand abandoned her wet slit and massaged her left breast. Her hand took over stroking her nether region. I left a wet trail as I slid my tongue over to her left tit, taking that little rubber bud into my mouth. My hand found its way back to her love tunnel and traced her lips gently. The combination of both fingers was bringing her to the brink.

She grabbed my hair and pushed me away, pulling me onto my back. She gave me a hard hot kiss and almost lunged for my cock. There was no teasing, no foreplay; she just inhaled it, taking the entire length in her mouth. Granted, my small size made it easy for her, but it felt great to me. I slipped my finger into her pussy and slowly slid it in & out, grazing her clit with my thumb. I added another finger and she took off. She was a sight, her head bobbing up & down and her hips humping back & forth. I removed my fingers and grabbed her hips, pulling her over to straddle my face. I didn't bother with any foreplay either. I shot my tongue straight into that hot wet box, already dripping with her juices. She let out a loud moan, only muffled because she still had a mouthful of cock. I couldn't keep up with her humping on my face, so I just stuck out my tongue and let her put it where she wanted it. I let her take charge for a minute, and then I grabbed her hips and held her tight against my face. I went for the kill shot. I clamped onto her clit and sucked hard, flicking it fast with my hard tongue. My cock came out of her mouth as she screamed, her body as rigid as a board. Now my wife is not known as a squirter, in 25 years I could count, on one hand, the number of times I have seen her do that, with fingers left over. This time she soaked my whole face, not just 1 squirt, but several. A squirting orgasm taste so sweet. It is not mixed with her natural juices or her lovers saliva, it is pure woman and sweeter than the sweetest fruit.

Heather collapsed on top of me, her hand still around my cock, the hot air from her panting flowing across my balls. Soon her breathing slowed to a steady rhythm. I realized she was out for the count. I took a pillow and gently slid her head off my hip . I found a light-weight blanket & covered her up.

After grabbing a pair of boxers, I went to see what game was on TV today. Normally, I would have been upset, that I hadn't got to cum , but today, I had a new outlook. I was at peace for the first time in a long time. I had pleasured my wife to a state of unconsciousness, me, not one of her hard-dicked lovers.

I didn't care for any of the games that were on, so I took a couple of steaks out and covered them in our favorite marinade. Five minutes later & 2 potatoes are ready for baking. Such an easy meal to prepare and clean up after. It was 4 by now so I went to wake Heather. I picked my favorite kind of panty for her to wear, a low rise bikini, with strings on the hips, no straps of fabric and her house shoes, which were slip-ons with 2" heels. My favorite ensemble for her, skimpy panties and heels. She curled up in a fetal position, so I pulled back the cover and started kissing her neck, shoulder and back, moving slowly down toward her ass. I had to climb on the bed to reach lower on her lovely ass. She finally stirred a bit when my tongue found her cute little brown eye. She rolled over and gave me a big smile as she pulled me up to her head. After a deep kiss, she asked, "What did you put in those drinks?"

"Oh, you know, just the usual stuff, plus my secret ingredients."

"So you're slipping me roofies now?" she said with a grin.

"You wouldn't be awake for the fun or remember it, if I did that. What kind of fun would that be. My secret ingredients are all natural and very abundant in most places."

"I'm starting to not like this. I want to know what you put in those drinks. I can't believe you drugged me, just to get your rocks off!"

"Let's keep the facts straight, I didn't get my rocks off, you passed out before I could, and I still haven't by the way. The other fact is, until I got sick, you had a healthy dose of this stuff every day. Last night it occurred to me that I had to make sure you still had it in your system, so I added it to the pitcher today."

"Wait a minute. If you put it in the pitcher, why weren't you affected too? Is it something that only works on women?"

"No, it affects men & women alike, to different degrees, and who says I wasn't affected as well?"

"This game has gone far enough and I want to know what you put in those drinks."

"You're right about that. This game has gone on long enough. I never thought you would accuse me of drugging you. Thank goodness one of the items will take care of that."

"Stop with the code commentary already. Just tell me what you put in the fucking drinks. NOW!"

"OK, but I don't know what will happen if you know what I've been adding to your drinks, and BTW, all the food I've cooked for you through the years. I hope you can handle what I've done. It was handed down to me by my Dad as it was handed down to him by his Dad, and yes, I handed it down to Jeff when he got married. It is a family secret and tradition handed down through the generations to ensure a happy & successful marriage. Are you sure you're ready for this. There's no turning back once I tell you and you can't ever tell anyone the secret. You have to swear to that."

"I'm not swearing to shit till I know what's going on."

"OK, that's close enough. Aside for the rum & mojito mix I add...

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What a wimp

He can't even decide what he wants to do with his relationship with his wife without consulting a neighbour and even then he wants the neighbour to still fuck his wife while they are 'exclusive'.


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