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Author's Note: This story is a departure for me as it was written from the perspective of a submissive male. I wrote a couple of pages in response to a fantasy sent to me by a reader who dreamed of submitting to his wife and another man. After he read it we discussed his more of his fantasies and I continued writing. It became clear that he had many warped visions of what he wanted done to him. As a result, there are subjects I have not written about before. Some may be offensive if you are a sensitive reader. You've been warned.

My name is Sebastian. I am in my early 40's and am a counselor at a well known liberal arts college. I am also living proof that nice guys finish last. Allow me to elaborate. All my life I have tried to always help people. As a result, some people take advantage of my generosity. I also tend not to stick up for my own needs because I would always put other people first. Some people consider me a wimp, and perhaps I am, but I always thought of myself as the best friend you could ever have.

I got married out of college to a woman who walked all over me, but I didn't care. I thought she loved me but in retrospect I'm not sure what she saw in me other than the ability to control me. We had a daughter (Anne) who turned 18 a month ago and will graduate high school soon. Her mother and I divorced when she was 8 and she splits her time between our two houses. During the traumatic time my marriage was failing I reluctantly started dating a student named Liz. I say reluctant because it was certainly against the college rules to date a student, but Liz was different and about to graduate.

Liz was a beautiful young girl full of life. She was everything my now ex-wife was not. Liz was one of the students I had counseled for the past few years and we knew each other very well. Liz had a reputation on our small campus as being a girl with a certain zest for partying and although she never admitted to me in our sessions, I knew she slept around. But somehow she never lost her innocent, sweet girl next door quality. As was my usual pattern, I befriended her, offered her a sympathetic ear to cry on and never viewed her as a potential sexual mate. But all that changed in April of her senior year.

I usually saw my senior students more frequently as they prepared to find their way in the world and needed advice. Liz arrived in my office and gone was the outgoing, effervescent girl I knew. She had been replaced with a sullen, withdrawn shell of her former self. Something had obviously happened, but I could not draw out of her what transpired. She had not improved at our next meeting a week later. Our session was even less productive than the week before. She seemed totally preoccupied with something. At the end of our meeting she surprised me with an invitation to go out to drinks with her. The side of my brain which always followed the rules told me it was a bad idea, but she looked so vulnerable and in need of a friend that I accepted.

I took her to an upscale neighborhood bar instead of one of the more popular places where students hang out. After a few glasses of wine she let go all the emotions she had been holding in about how unsatisfying her life had become, how she always dated the wrong guys and how she hated herself. Of course in addition to my empathetic ear I was also venting my own divorce issues to her and how I always felt taken advantage of in my relationships. We had a bonding moment. If I had been the kind of guy she usually dated (her words) I'm sure I could have taken her home that night. But I didn't. I did not want to take advantage of her vulnerable state.

I wouldn't call what we did "dating" but our conversations became more intimate and wine was usually involved with our meetings. The week before graduation Liz invited me to her apartment and I ended up spending the night. I should mention, I have limitations in the bedroom being that I suffer from premature ejaculation. But I love to go down on a woman and I've learned how to use my fingers and tongue to make up for my lack of penis prowess. But unlike my ex, Liz didn't seem to mind my inadequacies. She even went down on me after I had helped her cum. My ex never did that. I was smitten.

After graduation I figured Liz would move back home and our night together would be a one night stand. But it didn't happen. Since she wasn't a student any more we started actually dating. As she put it I was a nice guy unlike her usual macho assholes. I couldn't believe this beautiful creature would give me the time of day let alone wake up in my bed, but I wasn't complaining. I was 14 years her senior, but it didn't matter. We were happy together and less than a year later we married.

You're probably thinking this is where she turns into a mega-bitch now that she has me hooked, but that wasn't the case. She retained her girl next door charm and took a job organizing meetings and trade shows. She had to travel some, but not too much. She got along well with Anne. Things were great for about the first six years of our marriage but then I started to detect a switch. I started to get a sense she was getting bored with me like I wasn't exciting enough for her. With a guy you call it the seven year itch. She always seemed happier when she would come home from a business trip and I started to suspect that she was cheating on me on the road. In bed she still was happy to let me pleasure her, but she didn't suck my cock very often any more. She'd let me get her off and then fuck her until I came, but she didn't seem to be that into it any more. She was becoming more distant. Our relationship was in trouble.

But of course, I let her signs slide. I just wasn't good at confrontation and even fighting for my marriage was tough. I almost had to face up to her change in attitude when she came home from the gym two days later. Liz was always going to the gym to work out. Almost every day in fact. But tonight she returned with a glazed look in her eyes and her hair out of place. If I didn't know any better I'd swear she just had sex.

Saturday morning she said she was going to the gym which seemed very out of place (she usually didn't go on weekends because of the "moron" factor at the gym). She didn't return for 4 hours. This time her clothes were askew, her hair was a mess and she was walking tenderly. I couldn't take it anymore and asked her what was going on. She responded that she wanted a divorce. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I suspected she had been cheating. After all she was now 32 and in her prime. I knew I wasn't providing for her sexually, but I didn't think she'd want totally out of the marriage. Liz started to cry. Of course I consoled her.

Liz told me what was really going on and I was shocked. She confessed that the day in my office when she had been so upset was the result of being date-raped the night before. She had not been lying when she told me she always picked the wrong guys. She always went for the muscular tough guys who took charge in the relationship and especially in the bedroom. That time it was the starting tailback for the football team. As she put it, he had a strong case of the Neanderthal gene. Although she liked to pretend she was "hard to get" that night her date just took her back to his place and tore her clothes off. She hated herself not because of what he did, but because of how much she loved it. She didn't tell him, but she came better with him than with any guy before or since.

I couldn't believe what my sweet innocent wife was telling me. During our marriage while I would eat her pussy she would be thinking about him and that was what got her off. I asked if she was sleeping around on her business trips and she confessed she was. This fed a fantasy I had one that I had never confessed to her but which drove my own orgasms when I made love to her.

Growing up I was bullied a lot in school. That shouldn't be a surprise. But there was one bully in particular that always taunted me with the threat "I'm going to fuck your mother" or "You're mom sucked me off last night." While I was repulsed at the time, the thought stayed with me. I learned to masturbate and invariably the image of this bully fucking my mom or forcing her to suck his cock always got me off. When I got married the image of a strong man fucking my wife began to play prominently in my fantasies. When I was inside of Liz especially, I'd imagine myself being much better than I was. Instead of squiring in a minute or two, I imagined her squirming under a cocksure stud that made me watch as he fucked her brains out. It was warped to be sure, but I always came hard.

I don't know what made me blurt it out, but I told her I didn't care if she cheated on me. She looked shocked, but I explained that I loved her and didn't want to lose her. I said if another man could give her the pleasure I could not, I didn't mind if she slept around. Little did I know just how much that confession would change my life.

Liz responded with a confession of her own. She said the guy who date-raped her, James, had recently moved back to town and they met at the gym. The first night he told her she was going to blow him in his car and she did without question. The next time she saw him at the gym he fucked her in the backseat and then he ordered her to meet him at his apartment this morning where he fucked her for hours until neither one of them could cum again. Liz told me she hated what she did to me, but couldn't help herself around him and that nobody could make her cum like he could and that it wasn't fair to me to have to share me with another man.

I went for broke and told her of my bully experience and what I thought about when I fucked her. It was not a good scene, but we formed almost an uneasy truce and decided we would try to make things work. I promised to try and be more aggressive in bed and she promised to tell me when she had been with another man. As you might imagine, things didn't quite go as planned.

Monday night she went to the gym. About the time I expected her to come home, I received a call from her cell phone. It was Liz and she was breathless. She told me to look out the front window. I did and I almost dropped the phone. Her car was in the driveway and she was in another car parked on the street in front of our house. The lighting wasn't good but I could tell she was bucking up and down on somebody in the back seat, although I could not see who she was with. She had dropped her phone but the line was still open so I could hear her guttural moans of pleasure. She came several times before I heard a male grunt and the event came to an abrupt halt. Liz exited the car soon after. She still had her workout shirt on, but was carrying her sweat pants. She was naked from the waist down except for her running shoes. She staggered up to the front porch and walked inside. She kissed me on the cheek and then plopped down on the couch exhausted.

I watched as a very muscular African-American man got out of the back seat and moved back to the driver's seat. It had not occurred to me that Liz's mystery man was black. He held up a cell phone and looked at the house. I heard his voice through my speaker tell me to come get her phone. Reluctantly I walked outside. I wasn't afraid to meet this guy who satisfied my wife like I never could. But my cock was still rock hard from listening to him fuck her. I was harder than I remember being any time I had been intimate with Liz. I didn't want him to know how excited I was from watching their frenzied passion. The guy rolled down the passenger window and tossed me the phone.

"Your wife is a great fuck," he told me. "Too bad you're too much of a wimp to satisfy her."

I didn't say anything, but I probably nodded. He sounded just like the bully who promised to fuck my mom but now it was coming true with my wife.

"Liz begged me to fuck her without a condom and to fill her pussy with my cum. Be a good husband and go eat her out. She told me what a wizard you are with your tongue. Put it to good use and get her off for a change."

With that exchange he sped off into the night. I returned to the living room still hard as nails. Liz was splayed on the couch.

"You hate me don't you?" she asked.

I didn't say a word. I set her phone down and got down between her legs. I would have thought she would have been surprised, but apparently James had told her I would do exactly what he commanded. I dutifully cleaned her pussy of the mix of her juices and his cum. Then I went to work on her clit and gave her another orgasm. When I was done, I thought she would pass out. But I saw a glint in her eye when she spotted my cock straining against my pants. To my surprise she released it from the confines of my slacks and gave it several quick strokes.

"You're going to cum soon aren't you honey," she cooed. I tried to think about anything but sex right then.

"James says you are a wimp who doesn't deserve me," she said still stroking my cock. "He said I should be his fuck bunny."

She kept stroking me. I could feel my cum rising from my balls. I looked down at her. She looked so sexy have just been fucked by a real man. I must admit having the taste of his cum in my mouth along with her juices was turning me on.

"I can live with this arrangement, honey," she cooed never letting up pressure on my manhood. "You will remain my husband, James will remain my lover and everybody wins."

There was no way this relationship would be that easy, but I was way too turned on to care. I exploded shooting a huge load into her face. Liz was not amused. She told me to lick her face clean of my nasty cum. Of course I did it and then we went to bed. Liz seemed to sleep easy. I tossed and turned visions of James fucking Liz and my eating his cum danced through my head. Of course I was hard again.

Waking to a new day and a new life I wondered what changes my wife had in store for me. As it turned out, not too many. I guess overall she was pleased with our life together with the exception of needing a real man to turn her loose in bed. When she would get home from working out at night she would give me a kiss. Sometimes I could taste the cum on her breath. Other nights she would have me eat her pussy. I could always tell when she had been freshly fucked. Whether she had sucked a cock or fucked one, I always got hard and had to jerk myself off. It got to the point where I would get hard waiting for her to come home so I could see what a dirty girl she had been.

The next Saturday she didn't pretend she was going anywhere but James' house. She also didn't come home after 4 hours like last week. I waited all day for her to return. I knew she would want me to obediently lick up James' cum from her well used body and I wanted to be home from her. Anne was staying with us that weekend and didn't understand why I just wanted to hang around the house. But what could I tell her? Should I say "your step mom is out cheating on me and I'm waiting to lick her clean?"

Fortunately Anne went out for the evening before Liz came home. She was a total mess. Her hair was wild (it was obvious there was dried cum in it) and she was walking funny. As usual I was hard and couldn't wait to hear what James had done with her. It turned out it was more than I could have imagined. Liz didn't want to talk about it at first and then began to weep as she finally confessed about her day at James' house.

Liz confessed she had been looking forward to seeing James without the usual rush she felt at the health club and that after last weekend's monumental screwing she hoped for a repeat performance. Liz acknowledged she was naked, on her knees and sucking off James when another man entered the room. James had placed his hand on the back of her head to make sure she would not pull away while he introduced his brother, Tommy. It was clear to Liz that James had no problem with his brother watching her suck him hard. If fact James made it clear that Liz would be taking care of Tommy as well.

Liz told me that having two men to service was amazing. She said they took turns fucking her whenever she could suck one of them hard. She also confessed that James had spanked her and that Tommy had fucked her up the ass. I had my pants off at this point and was furiously stroking my cock. Liz looked at me like she thought I was pathetic and she was right. Here I was about to explode in orgasm hearing my wife describe how two men had used and abused her all day. The more details Liz gave me the harder I got and the louder my moans became.

Liz described how she bent over James' lap and how Tommy fed her his cock. It was the third time she had sucked him and it was coated with her pussy juice from when he had just finished fucking her. Liz admitted she loved the taste of her pussy on his cock. I was shocked, of course. One because she hardly ever sucked my cock and certainly never told me she enjoyed it. And two, because she had always been mad at me if I fingered her and then tried to get her to lick my finger.

After James had turned my poor Liz's ass bright red, Tommy said he wanted to fuck her there. Liz said she struggled and tried to get off James' lap but he, seemingly without effort, held her there.

"That's a fine idea, brother," he said according to Liz. "Go downstairs and get the kit. I don't think she's been properly opened before."

When Liz described what they did next, I came in a puddle on the wood floor. The kit James spoke about was an anal stretcher consisting of 5 different sized plugs. The boys said they needed some time to recover from their morning session so they would use the time to prepare my thin wife for the afternoon debauchery. They started with the smallest plug. Liz said it was tough for her to relax as they greased up her asshole and slid the tapered rubber plug past her sphincter.

"Go make us some sandwiches while that plug stretches you out," Tommy commanded. James gave her another swat on the tush, although it was more playful than before.

When Liz returned, before they ate they had her bend over and the popped the plug out of her bum. Then they pushed the second plug in. This one was larger than the first. Liz said she had never felt so full. She then described how they dressed her as a maid and finally ate their sandwiches. I was hard again.

The boys were nice, I guess. They let my sweet Liz wear the second plug for about 45 minutes before they switched her to the third size. At that point they also made her start cleaning the house while they watched her parade around in the sleazy costume. Liz told me her pussy was leaking down her thighs she was so turned on by the humiliation of being dressed that way and the fact that she knew her most sacred of holes was about to be defiled.

Liz said the fourth plug felt like it was tearing her apart. James insisted it was necessary in order for him to fit without damaging her. Liz said every step she took with the plug inside of her made her feel like she was fucking the biggest cock she ever had. The boys then brought her outside on James' deck. She said she didn't know if anybody saw her as she kept going inside to get them drinks and as she walked around the yard to entertain them. She said the final straw was when James pulled open her top and started pinching her nipples. She said the costume was shameful enough, but now standing outside with her tits exposed magnified the sensation. Of course she was still leaking juices from her pussy which James also checked. Liz told me she was sure she put on a great show for the neighbors as she rode his hand with her breasts jiggling out of the top of her outfit.

"Think she's ready?" asked Tommy.

"Why don't we ask her?" replied James.

Liz was near the point of orgasming on his fingers. She would have agreed to anything at that point, although "God yes, fuck my ass," was definitely out of character for her. The boys smiled and brought her inside. Liz told me at least this part of her humiliation would be private and that she was thankful for that. They stripped her of her maid's costume. Except for the plug she stood naked before them. Tommy was stroking his cock. Liz was licking her lips. James brought her to the couch and pushed her over the armrest so her ass was in the air.

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