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Cuckold Desires


"Just getting to my hotel room now, honey I love you." my message was simple and to the point. It was a long hot day, Very Hot, and humid, so humid it was breath taking each time I entered the heat from my air conditioned truck. holding my overnight bag in my teeth I struggled clumsily to open the door, once inside,dropping everything at the foot of the bed. I let out a long loud sigh as I collapsed on the bed stretched out for a few moments thinking of nothing else but How good it felt to lie here in my air conditioned room...

After a few moments of nothingness, My tired mind began to wonder why she hadn't answered the phone herself. After all it was nearing 3:30 and the kids would be home from school soon. She had always liked to be there for them on there return. My wife is a terrific mom. putting the thought off, it was really no big deal. Lately we have both begun enjoying a little freedom from them now that they are getting a little older. I turned on the TV, and begun channel surfing. An hour flew by, distracted by the consistent ring of my phone I stammered over to the dresser where I left it. It was the Kids. No doubt now that mom hasn't come home yet. The kids all wondering were she is, not use to the responsibility yet of hanging out and doing a few chores on their own.

"wheres Mom?" my kid shot out as I answered.

"What no hello, Hi Dad, how was your day?" I teased.

"wheres mom?" same question posed again.

" I do not know honey." I answered.

"Ok by, I love you!" Click...." No other communication required.

I looked at the phone and chuckled "I have to teach my kids some phone manners" I think to myself.

Figuring she escaped to the casino, I text her teasingly. "Good luck, hope your enjoying gambling away my hard earned money!" and waited for a reply.

After a short while she replied, "Thanks, I hope too get lucky : ), but I am not at the casino lol" she teased, " I'll text you later".

"What where are you then?" I asked.....No reply..... Puzzeled I could do nothing but wait. I let my imagination get the best of me. We have talked about her taking another lover to spice up our sex life. Well, I guess I have anyway. Over the last year I know I must have told her at least a dozen times That I wanted to become a cuckold! Always wanting to dive deeper into the conversation then that, feeling the need to explain my feelings to her. She usually smiled and changed the subject. Not yielding to my desires.

Although once in a while, through a little flirtation, a comment here or a gesture there. She has begun to make me think that, she was comeing around to the Idea a little. Although I am still not convienced that she sees the picture clearly. I have little desire to sleep with another woman, to open our marriage up completely. This is a fantasy involving my deepest desire of submission to her. Her chance to become my Goddess. To take control of my manhood and use it to her discretion, while she indulges in all the orgasms her body can handle. To explore her sexual desires and satisfiy them completely WHATEVER or WHOMEVER it takes. Her chance to become the slutty wife I fantasize about, with no worries of what I might think.

I know she does not believe that I am capable of giving her this freedom, worried that I would become jealous and hold it against her. I do not know how to convince her otherwise. If only she could read my mind and see my fantasies, Then she would know how true they are. I am not saying there would be no jealousy. Hell no, its the mind game that makes this whole damn scenario so erotic and appealing. She also has no desire to become my Domme, thinking the whole D&S thing is Jaded. If only she saw what I did, the way I felt. It really is pure. Love, a desire to satisfy her. To love her.

My mind was getting the best of me. I knew she was ok, not in harms way. Her text was flirtatious and had a smiley face so I also knew she was in a good mood. She had to be out with one of her friends. but WHO? that was the million dollar question. My sound mind said she had to be with her best friend Kim. All evidence pointed to that, she was out and happy, to busy to talk to me. After all, I knew she wasn't about to cheat on me. Even though deep down my desire for that was stirring. Images of her making love to some complete stranger ran through my mind. Her body wrapped up by the arms of another man. Her ass, her Breasts being fondled and cupped enjoyed by someone else. I imagined her lying there naked being the slut I desire, but for another man.

Taking his cock in her mouth, He holds the back of her head and controls the pace and depth of it. I imagine how he uses her for his enjoyment, treating her as his bitch, not his love. The many positions they find themselves in. as she allows him to take her anyway that he wants. The strength he has, muscles protruding everywhere, no fat to get in the way. His large erect penus stretches her making her moan loudly in pleasure. His stanima, outstanding not having to stop to regain composure . He is able to give her the true Fucking, that I am unable to do! My wife gasps in pleasure.

One, two, three orgasms for her!. Not letting her break away as she does with me, He holds on and keeps jamming that rock hard cock into her. She squeals in uncontrolled and overwhelming sensitivity, she struggles against his grip on her hips. As he continues to slide in and out of her enjoying his control. Before he finally erupts deep into her loins, grunting loudly. He continues in an akward rythem, his hot cum pumps into her. His body convulses. She too clamps her pussy tight around his convulsing shaft and shivers moaning a forth orgasm! ( is it even possible? I think to myself. ) closing her eyes almost ready to pass out, overwhelmed and in complete bliss, her body is his as she lies their unable, unwanting to move. he slowly rocks his hips into her his orgasm subsiding small ripples of pleasure pass trough him yet as his cock twitches periodically leaving even more of himself, into her well fucked pussy. The sex juice spills out running between her cheeks, as his dick softens, slipping out, he collapses beside her.

Both lay quietly, eyes closed focusing on catching their breath.

This is my cue to come into the room, and take my place before my loving wife, Demonstrate my devotion to her. Feeling humiliation before her lover, My cock fights the restraints she has locked me in to. I knell down before her at the foot of the bed and await her instructions. I must first give her "kitty"soft gentle kisses comforting the pounding she just indured. slowly passionately I must make love to her using only my mouth! Her lovers mess still within her. No towel, no wash cloth, or running water. I must lick her messy pussy clean. Proving she controls me! I obey, Wanting only for him to leave, so I can make love to her, as her husband and Man.

Secretly loving the experience of giving her to someone else. My wife Exausted and completely satisfied, I learn that I will not be getting a turn, and my belt is to stay until further notice.

Back to reality here, We all know this didn't just happen. I told you, being alone in my hotel room I let my imagination run wild. But seriously what was she up too! and who was she with the possibilities are endless, maybe I am better off not knowing. Maybe it is funner this way, or maybe yet, This is just the beginning of something special and she was out meeting other men.. I will not know until she calls. hopefully later tonight!

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