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You awake from your slumber... I see you slowly sit up. I'm in the corner of the room, waiting. You look to me and our eyes meet, though mine quickly dart to the floor. I pick my leash up with my mouth and crawl to your bedside. I place the leash on the bed by your hand and I feel you take hold of it, pulling me up. You kick me in the chest, forcing me to the end of the bed then spread your legs. I know what it is you wish for as I crawl forward, my lips and tongue finding your soft opening through your lovely mound of curls. My tongue slowly enters your warm pussy, lapping up your juices when I feel a rush of a warm, salty liquid and I know good and well what it is as I let it slide down my throat.

You moan, enjoying that you no longer are forced to tell me what it is you want so early in the morning. The flow of urine ends and I lick your tender lips over and over, making sure to get every last drop. You kick me in the stomach, knocking me from the bed. I grab your slippers and place them on your feet just after kissing each of them. You begin to walk, pulling me behind you. I kiss the floor in every place you step. I've already drawn your bath. You sit on the edge and I remove your slippers, once again kissing your feet. You step into the bath, pulling me along as always. You get on your knees in front of me, reach back, and spread your cheeks. I crawl forward and begin cleaning your backside with my tongue. Long, smooth strokes over your crinkled rosebud send shivers up your spine. You demand me to fuck you and I obey. You place your hands on the edge of the tub, spreading your legs for me as I move to my knees, grabbing onto your waist I pull you back, slowly easing my hard cock into your wet cunt. You moan with pleasure as I quicken my pace. I squeeze your waist harder as I pull you back to meet me wit every thrust. Soon you are screaming out your lover's name which in turn wakes him.

He walks into the bathroom and I crawl out of the tub. He moves to me, placing a hand on my head. I open my mouth and take his limp meat in, gently sucking, I feel it growing harder then he too releases his flow of morning urine into my mouth. I swallow it all then take his cock fully into my mouth, my lips pressing against pubic hair. I slowly slip his meat from my mouth and begin sucking his balls with you watching, filled with delight. He pushes me away and steps closer to the tub. He stops before entering and begin pleasuring him as I spread his cheeks and begin to lick his backside as well. You throw my leash at me and I pick it up from the floor with my mouth and crawl from the room, letting you and your lover have privacy. I sit in the corner of your bedroom again, waiting for you and him to appear again, listening as you both moan and scream with pleasure, knowing that my mistress, my wife is loving every moment of this living fantasy.

I look up, hearing the door open, seeing you coming out in your robe. I crawl over to you quickly, the leash still in my mouth and you take it from me, leading me onto the bed. You tell me your lover has agreed to let me find pleasure in your body as well and you remove the bands from around the base of my cock and from around my nuts. You lie on your back, looking at me seductively as I slowly enter your warm pussy, feeling the mixed fluids of your lover's seed as well as your own cum. I expertly work my cock into the most hidden parts of your pussy, making you scream his name louder and louder as I force myself into you harder and deeper. You wrap your arms and legs around me, pulling me inside more as I thrust harder and harder until I feel your cunt tighten with your climax, sending me over the edge though I know better.

I pull out of you and cum on your stomach then bend down and begin licking it off when I feel your lover behind me, pressing his hard cock to my tight, virgin ass. You tell me this is punishment for cumming on your goddess-like body without asking permission. You remain under me as he forces his large cock into my ass. My eyes close tight with pain, though I know you're grinning as you watch your lover pound your cuckold husband in the ass. My ass soon adjusts to having this large piece of man inside me and I begin to moan, finding a strange pleasure in this. My eyes slowly open to see you below me, smiling lovingly as you enjoy the scene that's taking place above you. You lean up and kiss my lips, softly, tenderly. A rare treat indeed. I look down to see my own prick hard again, twitching with every thrust of her lover's dick. He screams he's going to cum and turns me around, shoving the head of his member into my mouth in time to feel his seed pour into my mouth. The two of you then shove me off the bed and I crawl to the corner as you and your lover begin the last of your morning sex sessions before leaving for work.

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