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Cuckold Fights Back


I made the mistake of taking my wife Emma to a nude beach one day. We hadn't been having sex much and I thought this might change things. I was so wrong. A nude bather named Roy ended up fucking my wife there on the beach as I watched them both. Now I am in deeper trouble.

My wife was now spending time with her big dicked lover. I barely saw her some evenings. She was also spending money on her new boyfriend. I had to do something quick. I was depressed one night so I stopped at a local tavern. I rarely drank alcohol but I needed a stiff drink that evening. I sat down on a bar stool and ordered a whiskey. The female bartender must have read my face.

"You looked troubled," she said to me.

"Wife problems," I told her.

"If you can stick around until closing time we can talk then," she said.

The blonde haired barkeep was named Tess, as I found out. I did hang around and we had a talk after the tavern closed up. I told her my tale of woe. How my wife made off with a lover with a big cock and how she was using my money to party in style.

"I was in the same position as you," Tess told me, "I caught my boyfriend cheating with a friend of mine. I couldn't take it so I had to end up moving out of the apartment we shared. I struggled to make ends meet for a long time and then there was the pain of him cheating on me. I did get over it and I survived. You need to cut off the money supply and get rid of your wife."

I just had to hear it from someone else I guess. I had a plan in mind, I just had to bring myself to implement it.

"After you get things worked out, come back and see me," Tess said.

The next day I called my brother. He is a lawyer and I told him what I wanted to do. My plan was to cut off the money and credit cards and to draw up divorce papers to cut the cord to my wife. My brother said he could do those things for me. If Emma tried to fight back, things might get sticky. I told my brother Jim to do it. Emma was totally dependent on me for money.

Emma was a trophy wife. I owned a successful business and she hadn't worked a day since we married. All she worked at was spending my money. My brother set things up and it wasn't long until I got a call at work from my cheating wife.

"What's the fucking deal, Barry, you shut off my money and credit cards?" Emma was practically screaming at me.

"No more games for you Emma, have your new lover support you," I told her.

"He doesn't have money like you do," she said to me.

"Here is how it is, Emma. I am willing to give you a money settlement to rid myself of you. You get none of the cars or the house. You have to sign divorce papers in order to get the money settlement," I said.

"And if I don't sign my soul away," Emma asked.

"You and I can fight it out in court and I will tell you right now, I will fight you to the bitter end. Sign the papers and you get money from me and I am willing to be generous."

She asked me the sum she would get and I told her. I knew it was a bluff but Emma needed money right now. She was always a greedy whore when you came right down to it. I ended up hearing from Emma a few days later and she a agreed to sign off on my offer.

Emma showed up at my office and my brother was there to make sure everything was legal and right. Once Emma signed the papers I gave her a check for the money.

"One more thing Emma, this is all you get. Don't contact me again for any reason. I also have a bit of advice for you. Hold onto this money. Lover boy Roy will milk you dry once he knows you have money," I told her.

Emma just snorted and left with her check. My brother said she will be back for more, you can bet on that.

My next order of business was to see Tess. I stopped at the tavern that evening. I had a big smile on my face.

"You dumped your wife?" Tess asked.

"Yes, and now I want to take you up on your offer to see me," I told her.

We made a date for that weekend. We had dinner and then I asked Tess back to my home. Thankfully she came to my house with me. When we entered I was all over her. I think she was expecting this. We had a hot kiss just inside the door. I was so horny. It had been months since I last had sex with Emma. I got Tess back to my bedroom. I undressed her and shed my clothes as well.

Tess was younger than my soon to be ex-wife. She was in her mid thirties. Tess was smoking hot as far as I was concerned. She looked to have 'C' cup sized breasts and her pussy was shaved down. I didn't waste any time. I buried my face between her thighs. I could tell Tess was excited as well. Her pussy was soaking wet. I pushed my tongue in between those folds and I started to lap up and down.

Tess put her hands on the back of my head and begged me to tongue fuck her. I slid my tongue in as deep as it would go. Tess's juices were flowing. My face became all wet as Tess had some small orgasms. I kept it up for a few minutes but I had to have my cock in Tess. I pulled back and got up on my knees. I took my stiff cock in my hand.

I wasn't as big as Emma's lover but my cock was a good six and one half inches in length. I guided my mushroom to Tess's opening and I looked down at her face.

"Please Barry, don't tease me," Tess said.

I slid the nozzle of my cock in place and I entered her. I didn't give her an inch or two. I fed all of my dick deep as I could push it into her. Tess let out a scream and I began to fuck her hard and deep. All that tension I had was released as I made Tess my lover. My nut sacs were slapping against Tess's ass cheeks as I gave her every inch I had.

I took hold of her legs right under her knees and pushed them against her tits. I was really able to get deep inside Tess now. God, how she moaned as I shove my prick into her tummy. We fucked for the longest time. For some reason, I was able to hold out. I guess I just wanted this to last for as long as it could.

"Please Barry, when you get close, don't pull out," Tess pleaded with me.

"I need your cum in me," she said.

Maybe that was all it took. I felt my nuts starting to pinch. My dick was tingling like my load was rising up. I was so close and I couldn't hold it anymore. I arched my back and squirted my hot load into Tess. Tess's body tensed up when she felt me unload inside her pussy. We both had an intense orgasm together.

I didn't stop for any reason. I pushed my cock in as deep as I could and just held it there. Tess just milked my rod of all its cream. I couldn't quit exploding in her pussy. Soon my seed was dripping out of Tess and down her ass crack. Tess wrapped her arms around me as we slowly came back to earth.

"God, Barry that was so good. Your wife was a fool for leaving you," Tess blurted out.

I just laughed a bit and held my cock in my new lover until I got soft. I pulled out and we kissed for a long time after that. Needless to say Tess and I made love again after I was able to recover. It helped that Tess made me hard with her mouth. Tess then mounted me and rode my cock like I was some wild animal.

Tess bounced up and down my pole and I stretched her ass cheeks with both of my hands. I raised my ass up and fed her every inch of me. Much to my surprise I blew another load of seed into Tess. I guess I was excited that night.

Tess and I are now regular lovers. Tess is going to leave the bartending world soon. We hope to start a family. There was a bit of bad news. Sure enough my brother was right. I heard from Emma some months later. Her lover had managed to burn through all the money she got from the settlement.

"I told you never to call me ever again, tough shit about you and Roy," then I hung up on her.

I am in the process of changing my telephone numbers and I have changed the locks on the house so I don't have to hear from Emma again. Right now I just look forward to bedding down with my new lover Tess.

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