Cuckold in the Making


Sam's instinct was to slide his chair back, to put some distance between himself and that uncompromising glare. Instead, he swallowed hard and muttered, "Clear."

"Good. In fact, you won't even think about touching her, my man." Rupertt twisted around to face the beach view again. "Not until you've been home a whole week at least. Gotta let that potent black sperm work on her mind without any distractions."

"I understand."

"Pour me some more OJ."

Sam lifted the pitcher and topped off Rupertt's glass. For an instant, he thought about pouring himself one, but that offer hadn't been made.

As Rupertt sipped his juice, he reached into the pocket of his Chinos and drew out a crumpled slip of paper.

"She gave me her e-mail, cell, address, and home phone number. I'll be keeping in touch with her. Appropriately enough. Oh, I also have a few associates living near you who'll be providing her some boosters every now and then."


A half smile touched Rupertt's lips. "Gotta keep her firmly on the path, my man. Something you can't help with anymore." He put the paper away and took a deep breath. "In fact, you've got just two things to do yourself at this stage. First, if she gets around to letting you fuck her, enjoy it. In about eight months--at the point where she cuts you off completely--then you'll know that she's black cock only. Forever."

Sam frowned. Cut off? "What's the second thing?"

"Reservations. Back here, for the two of you. Same time next year. Get those taken care of right after you get home."

"I assume you'll be here too?"

"Of course. Your wife and I have to finish, after all."


"Her transformation. You see in about eight months, she'll be stopping her birth control. My associates will ensure that. At that point, we don't need any surprises, certainly not from your little white weenie, do we?"


"According to her, you two have been talking about starting a family. You've been putting her off for over two years, haven't you?"

He gulped back his answer.

"Admit it!"

"I wanted us to wait a while."

"And so you have. But now you've missed your chance, my man. What did she tell me? She wants three, I think it was. Well, she's gonna have them all, and the first one will definitely be mine. We'll have to see about the others. But I promise you they won't be white."

It was as if he'd been punched in the gut. Cut off and... and.... He took a deep breath. "Those other 50 wives... did... did you--?"

The black head nodded. "Exactly as I plan to do with yours... that is, other than those two I mentioned plus a handful who were too old. But many of those had lovely, ripe daughters, who were perfect for transforming all the way."

Rupertt stood up.

"I really enjoyed getting your wife this week. Couldn't have done it without you. Hope you get to enjoy the years to come as her devoted cuckold. Oh, and... though we're not quite done yet...." He thrust out his big, meaty hand. "Congratulations anyway on achieving a total and complete transformation. I think you got exactly what you wanted."

Once more, Sam experienced the bone-crushing grip.

As Rupertt sauntered away, Sam thought back over the week's events. And though he really had only her in mind going into all this, he realized Rupertt's congratulations were intended not just regarding TracieLynn, but for himself as well.

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Boi got properly cucked.

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