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Cuckold in Training


As you all may know, my wife and I spent our honeymoon with a black guy while I watched from a chair in our master bedroom. Connie is a little tease. She kept telling me how she wanted to spend her first birthday as a housewife. She wanted me to come up with suggestions and she wanted to hear good ones from me.

I suggested two black men this time. She smiled with a devilish grin and liked the idea. She went out the very next day and bought this sexy red dress which had a pull over jacket. She told me that night she planned on wearing it out to a club which was located downtown. It was an all black kind of club.

Connie spent a good part of Friday afternoon preparing herself for a night on the town. I heard her shower and later she shaved her pussy bald. She told me how black guys loved a nice shaven white married pussy to play with.

I might add here that Connie wouldn't let me fuck her for two weeks leading up to her date night. She said she wanted to be really horny for her lovers. Plus, as Connie stated. She wanted my balls to start aching and laughed about it.

I was nervous when we arrived at this club. Connie leaned over the seat giving me a kiss before getting out of our car. She told me to wait in the parking lot. I sat there for almost two hours waiting and wondering what was going on inside that club.

I was about to get out of the car when I saw the door open and Connie walking out of the club with a black guy on each arm. They started walking toward our car and she opened the back door and got into the back seat with these black men.

She introduced me to John and David. They were all laughing as I drove out of the parking lot. I heard lots of things going on in the back seat. I knew Connie was kissing them because I could hear it. I tried looking in the mirror and only saw Connie arching up off the seat. I thought one of the black men was playing with her pussy.

Damn, I wish I could have stopped the car right there and turn around to watch. I kept driving and listening to them in the back seat. We arrived at our house. I pulled into the garage so the neighbors wouldn't see anything. Connie got out of the car with her little thong in her hand. I could only imagine what was going on back there.

Connie brought them right into our bedroom while I fixed drinks for everyone. Connie sat on the edge of the bed explaining to John and David that I was a cuckold in training. They laughed and sat around talking. Connie told me to just sit in the corner and have the camera ready.

I took a few shots of them talking. Connie started talking about their cocks and soon started unzipping their pants. She brought them out one at a time and examined each one like she was buying them in a grocery store. They began to slip out of some clothes. I watched Connie as she got down and started sucking on each black cock.

Once things got going, John walked over to get the camera and said I should just set back and relax. He told me that Connie wanted me to pull my pants down and play with my cock while she was busy with her men. She even looked at me to see if I was taking my pants off like John had mentioned. Her mouth was stuffed full of David's cock at the time.

Connie's mouth was full of black cock while I played with myself. It wasn't very long before she mounted David's cock sending it home deep inside her married white pussy. I heard David whispering to my wife. He said something along the line that he planned on packing that white pussy full of his seed.

He also said she'd have enough sperm in her womb to make a thousand black babies! I hoped it was only talk because as far as I knew, my wife was safely on the pill. John was getting nice close up shots of David banging my wife.

He must have brought her to three orgasms before sending the first hot load of sperm deep inside my wife's womb. They switched places and Connie was fucking John now. His cock was just as huge as his friends cock. Connie was really getting off as she looked my way before having another intense orgasm while riding that big black cock.

She hollered out for me to make myself cum as she rode that big thick cock. I did while she watched from on top of John's cock. Connie was getting off watching me make myself cum while she fucked her black lover. He soon emptied his hot load deep inside her belly too.

What if Connie became pregnant? Which one of these men would be the father. I was only fantasizing but I certainly shot a huge load of cum straight up into the air. Some of it landed on my legs while some shot on the carpet.

Connie seemed satisfied after seeing me cum for her than said good night. I looked at her not knowing what she meant. She finally spoke out and told me to sleep in the spare bedroom tonight. She was going to be busy with John and David and she's see me in the morning.

I got into the bed listening to my wife moaning in the other bedroom. I don't remember exactly when I fell asleep but I knew they were still going at it when I dozed off. We took them back to the club the next morning where they left their cars. Connie gave both of them a kiss and said she'd be calling them in the near future.

It looks like I was becoming Connie's little cuckold husband. I can't wait until we plan our next little interracial adventure. In the mean time, I'll be keeping an eye on Connie's belly for any signs of growth!

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