tagHumor & SatireCuckold Joe & Bunny Bone Pt. 01

Cuckold Joe & Bunny Bone Pt. 01


This is a multi-part story that revolves around the two characters. I prefer very short stories that get to the point in time, and I hope you will not equate lack of length with lack of quality: It's meant to be very crude and concise, and I've labored plenty to make it as dumb, funny and sexy as possible :-) Also, please note that English is not my first language, so do accept my apologies in advance for any grammatical transgression that may occur.


Chapter 1: Marriage

They'd finished their dinner and Cuckold Joe sat on his sorry knees before his wife who was sipping Chardonnay and checking her Facebook-feed.

"More tongue, bitch!" she demanded and shoved his face so hard into her pussy that he struggled for breath.

Bunny Bone was her name, and she was so fucking hot people always assumed Cuckold Joe made a lot more money than he actually did. He was fairly well off, way better than some, but nowhere near enough to bridge the perceived gap between the two in terms of physical appearances. She was fucking hot, with her long legs and curvy hips and big-ass pornstar titties. He was just a regular-looking schmuck with a big nose and residing hairline. People had to assume it was the money, even the ones who didn't know that he had a tiny dick.

In reality, it had very little to do with money and a lot more to do with him sitting on his knees before her, eating her wet pussy while she was drinking Chardonnay.

"Don't be bothered if it tastes a little funny," she said. "It's just 'cause I stopped by your office during lunch and fucked that guy Gerry from the sales-department."

"Gerry?" Cuckold Joe moaned with his face full of pussy. "Why would anyone fuck Gerry? He's a dick!"

"Just shut up and suck my cunt, sweetie! I know he's a dick... but you know how much it turns me on when people bully you. For weeks it's been Gerry this, Gerry that, Gerry blah-blah-blah. And today I thought, fuck it, I'm not gonna listen to this crap any more. So I went to his office and introduced myself as your loving wife and said that I would suck his dick real good if he'd let me. And he was up for it. He said he liked my big, fat titties, and I sucked his balls and his dick until my knees were sore. Then he bent me over his desk and pounded me from behind while slapping my ass and pulling my hair. He was all like [mock male voice] Do you dig it? and I was like, [mock female voice], Ah, I LOVE it! and he goes, [mock male voice] Do you dig my cock, bitch?, and I'm all like, [mock female voice] Yeah, I'm gonna cum all over your big fat cock!! And I came so hard my legs cramped up, and then he was gonna cum too, and I begged him not to cum inside me, like, [mock female voice] Please, cum all over my face, I want to taste your cum, but you probably know better than I what he's like: [mock male voice] In my office I cum wherever I goddamn well please, bitch! And he filled me up real good and told me to get the fuck out 'cause he had work to do! Does that make you hard, honey?"

Cuckold Joe groaned in agony, jacking his tiny dick in his hand intensely.

"Not yet," his wife warned him. She grabbed him by the neck and jerked her groin against his face a few times while holding her breath. With a gentle sigh she released her fluids in his face and smiled.

"Now you can cum for me, baby," she said and stuck her calf between his legs. Joe gave another groan, and a few pathetic drops squirted from his little thing and landed on her stockings.

"Oh, honey, you're the best," Bunny said.

"No," Cuckold Joe panted on the floor. "You are."


They got married about five years ago. They'd been living together for a few years already, and Cuckold Joe knew the deal. She didn't dupe him into anything he wasn't already aware of.

The wedding was Bunny's decision, mainly to fulfill her long-time dream of cheating on her husband on the day of their wedding and serve up some sloppy seconds on the wedding night. Her buddy Jeremy was the man. J the man. He and Bunny went way back, and he was hung like a stud. The outdoor ceremony was sunny and classy, and afterward they had a big-ass party with speeches and a band and a big-ass cake, and Bunny looked spectacular in her sleeveless white wedding gown. Cuckold Joe couldn't take his eyes off his lovely wife. But finally he did, and Bunny took Jeremy to a secluded downstairs bathroom, and he hitched up her gown and fucked her on the bathroom-floor with her legs in the air until she came so hard her eyes rolled into her skull. When he pulled out she was soaking in sweat and cross-eyed, and her pussy looked like a sloppy wet rag between her legs. Her sleeveless white wedding-gown was squeezing her big tits together like a scene from baroque Versailles, but Jeremy still just about managed to push his big wet cock down her dress, allowing for minor yet audible tears at the seams, and he fucked her chunky cleavage and flushed a big wet load of spunk down her dress. He kept her panties as a souvenir, and left her in peace to fix her make-up.

Later that night, Cuckold Joe carried his beautiful bride across the doorstep into a lush downtown hotel suite. She undressed for him and let him suck her tits, and then he got on top of her and stuck his puny dick into her fucked-to-shits pussy. It was perfect. She checked her fingernails, barely noticing that he was inside her, and he made sweet sweet love to her, on a night they would always remember and cherish.

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