Cockold Love


Jack Armstrong was the luckiest man on earth. He was married to Monica and couldn't believe it. Jack was not in any way the kind of man that merited a beauty like Monica, in fact he had trouble all through his teens and early 20's even getting a date. Monica was a goddess, just over five feet tall, long raven black hair, alabaster skin and perfectly proportioned body. Men and women lusted after her no matter where she went. Jack often asked himself how he managed to marry her. The events that led up to the marriage were still a fog, but they were married and he was happy.

When they went to events she was the perfect wife, attentive, enjoyable and very social. Jack's co-workers wondered how he managed to land such a beauty and figured he must be hung like a horse because his looks alone surely wouldn't be enough to wrangle her. Little did anyone know that Jack was not hung nor was his sex life with his wife all that great, but she never said anything and he assumed that all was good.

Jack often stayed late at the bank to the point that you could almost set your watch to his departure. Even though the bank would close at 4:30 he would often stay late reading and re-reading drafts and proposals until around 8:00 PM, close up his office and take the train to his car and arrive home around 9:00. He often found Monica in the den reading a book or watching television. She would get up give him a hug ask how his day was, and they would go to bed together. This was pretty much the routine during the week. On the weekends, Monica, who had her own business, was gone before he woke and he would have breakfast alone.

Monica owned a consulting firm and was very successful. It was mostly her money that bought the house they lived in. It was located in the outskirts of Atlanta on five acres of wooded rolling hills. The neighbors were close enough to hear them if they were outside and you could smell the bar-b-que on the weekends, but not close enough to see their houses. The dense woods allowed for plenty of privacy and this seemed to suit the Armstrongs just fine. Monica was a ruthless business woman and so successful that she could turn down clients and still maintain a portfolio that others envied. She often worked on the weekends and on the rare occasions that she didn't, she would stay home and sometimes make love to her devoted husband. He cherished those moments as rare as they were. Jack and Monica lived this life for several years without any complaints from either so Jack was happy and figured that Monica was happy too.

It was almost 5:00 and Jack was just going over some paperwork when he heard a knock at his office door. He looked up to see the president of the bank.

"Hi Frank."

"What are you still doing here?"

"Just going over these proposals to proofread them."

"Jack, you are here almost every night till late, you don't need to worry, your work is so good that the senior vice president job is a shoe in, why don't you go home."

"I don't mind, these proposals need to be refined before submission."

"Look Jack, if I had a woman like Monica at home waiting for me I'd be outta here when the closing bell rang."

Jack hung his head down and Frank realized he hit a sour note.

"What's wrong Jack?"

Jack looked up and saw actual concern on Frank's face. He tried to dodge the issue but Frank persisted. Jack didn't want to talk about it and again tried to dodge the issue but Frank would not let up. Finally Jack broke down and told the whole story to him. He told about the weekends the late nights the rare occasions that sex was performed and how frustrated he was. Frank was in shock. They always seemed like such a loving couple in public he was sure that Jack and Monica had a perfect marriage.

"Jack, go home. On the way, stop and get some champagne and flowers. Surprise your wife. You might just find her open to you and maybe this will change your sex life."

With a glimmer of hope, Jack looked up at Frank and said "You're right, I will."

He started to close up the office but Frank stopped him and said "Go on, get out of here, I'll take care of everything."

With the anticipation of a school boy about to get laid for the first time, he ran down the stairs, boarded the train, and got to his stop. At the Park and Ride he jumped into his car, drove to the nearest florist bought a dozen roses and stopped next door at the liquor store and to buy a very expensive bottle of champagne. With nervousness he drove the 15 minutes to his house and got out of the car. He noticed a strange car in the drive but thought nothing of it as Monica often entertained clients at the house. He knew that she would dismiss them as soon as he walked in the door.

Jack opened the door and noticed no one was there. He looked in the kitchen and den and still saw nobody. He heard a squeal from the bed room and walked to the door. Monica was being spit roasted by two huge black men. One was balls deep in her pussy and the other was shoving his massive cock in her mouth. Jack was dumfounded. He dropped the bottle which caused the cork to pop off and momentarily startled everyone. The wine started to spill out of the bottle and onto the carpet.

Monica pushed Damien back and his cock made a popping sound when it exited her mouth.

"Well don't just stand there, get something to clean up that wine."

Jack couldn't move, his feet were riveted to the floor.

"Move worm!" she screamed.

Jack dropped the flowers and ran to the bathroom and grabbed a couple of towels. When he got back to the room Monica had picked up the flowers and was holding them to her chest sniffing the fragrance. Damien and the other guy were sitting on sides of the bed, both of them smiling at him with that "You're wife is a good fuck" smile.

Jack looked up from cleaning up the spill and said "What...."

"Shut up." Monica snapped before Jack could say anything else. Then she said, "Thanks for the flowers honey that was so sweet."

Jack was stunned. What the hell was happening? Monica looked funny standing there naked with the flowers and the two black men leaning on the bed. She seemed to understand Jack's predicament and grabbed his hand and pulled him close to the bed. Without warning, she grabbed his pants and pulled them down. Monica grabbed his penis and held it in her hand. Jack couldn't help it, he started to get aroused and Monica aided the situation by lightly jerking him off.

"Peter, come here."

The guy that was fucking his wife stood up and came over and stood next to her. Monica grabbed his cock and held it next to "Jack's". He couldn't believe how big it was. He was fully erect and Peter was soft and still about 3 times the size of him.

"This is what I need honey. When I get fucked by these guys I feel full. Your little cock just doesn't do it and I don't have orgasms. I need to get off too."

Monica leaned down and took Peter's cock into her mouth. It stretched her mouth but she continued to suck on it. She continued to swallow it down until she had almost the whole thing in her mouth and Jack was amazed that anyone could put that much cock in their mouth. Peter started to move his hips so that his cock slid in and out and eventually getting the whole length into her. His balls rested on her chin and Jack was in shock. Here was his wife who had just thanked him for the flowers with a huge black cock-balls deep in her mouth. She backed off his cock and then looked at Jack and smiled.

"Go stand in the corner while I fuck these guys." Monica pushed him toward the corner and he obediently moved away.

Monica got on the bed and resumed sucking on Peter while Damien got behind her and started to fuck her pussy. She loved having these huge cocks in her, stretching her pussy and being shoved down her throat. She was like a different person, someone Jack didn't recognize. It was like a train wreck; he didn't want to look but could not tear his eyes away. Peter was pumping his massive rod in and out of her mouth and Jack could hear the slapping of his balls on her chin. Damien was fucking her and Monica was moving in rhythm to the two men. Peter pulled out his cock and sprayed his spunk all over her face. This caused Damien to shoot his cum deep into her as it shot out and around his cock.

Covered in cum, she looked up at Jack and said, "Come here."

Not sure what to expect, he moved close to the bed and Monica grabbed a hold of him and pulled him close. She kissed him and shoved her tongue into his mouth. He could taste the cum on her face and was a bit repulsed but couldn't pull back. Monica's grip on his head was tight and firm.

"Clean up my face worm." Monica moved his face over her own and she kept the tight grip on him so that his face was being covered with Peters cum. She pressed his face close and he had trouble breathing. He opened his mouth to catch a breath and that was the end. Big globs of cum entered into his mouth, slid over his tongue, and down his throat.

"That's it baby, just relax and suck it up." He couldn't believe it, Monica was being so gentle now and appreciative he continued to lick up the cum. It wasn't that bad and she was more loving the more he sucked it up. When he had completely cleaned up her face, she started to push him down.

"Now my pussy." Monica continued to push him down and into that magic place he loved so much between her legs. He greedily ate her, swallowing all the cum as it came out. She moaned and this just spurned him on more. He sucked and felt her body shake knowing that she had just had an orgasm.

Monica pushed his head back and said, "Easy hon, I'm real sensitive right now. Take a break."

Damien came over to Jack and shoved his cock in his face. "Clean off my cock, what did she call you? Worm?"

Jack started to protest but Monica slapped his face leaving a red hand print on his cheek and said, "Do it."

The sting of the slap caused Jack to relucltently open his mouth and Damien shoved his cock in as far as he could. Jack gagged and coughed.

"That's right worm, suck that black cock. Gag on it bitch." Damien did not let up, he just shoved it in deeper. "Your whore of a wife can suck the whole thing, don't let her show you up." He laughed. Jack tried to back away which only served to piss off Damien. He grabbed the back of his head and slammed it tight against his body. The last of Damien's monster cock slid into Jack's mouth and down his throat,he could feel the balls against his lips. Jack still was gagging and coughing but the monster in his throat kept him from spitting up anything.

Damien pulled his cock out of his mouth and Jack finally got a chance to breath. Gasping for air, he bent forward and spit out the contents of his stomach. It wasn't much and mostly mucus but it made a mess on the floor.

"Get something to clean that up." Monica snapped. Jack grabbed the towels that he used to clean up the champagne and proceeded to clean up the vomit.

"Don't worry honey, with practice you'll get to the point that you will love to have that cock down your throat."

What the hell was she saying? I was going to do this again? Monica slid up against him and pulled him to the bed next to her. She kissed him deeply and said, "Ok, your turn."

Monica bent over her husband and took his cock into her mouth and sucked him deeply. He immediately got hard and she expertly stoked him with her mouth using her tongue, causing him to cum instantly. She got up and with a mouthful of cum kissed him again. He felt his spunk slide into his mouth and her tongue gently pushed it deep into his throat which caused him to swallow.

"Yes baby, that was wonderful. You will be my little cockhold lover."

Peter came over and put his cock in Jack's face. Without saying a word, Monica pushed him closer and he opened mouth. He was not quite as big as Damien, but still it seemed to fill him up. Peter moved his hips, shoving more of his cock into Jack's mouth.

"That's right baby, suck on it, take it all." Monica stoked his cheek as he proceeded to swallow as much as he could. Before he knew it, he could feel Peter's balls on his chin. He only gagged a little but now it was completely in his mouth.

"He's gonna make a good little cocksucker." Peter laughed after that statement and started to fuck Jack's face. His cock seemed to grow past the point that Jack could handle and just as he thought he was going to puke again, Peter pulled it out and started toward Monica. He flipped her over and pushed his monster toward that tight little puckered hole. No way was he going to get that in her thought Jack. His cock was greased from Jack's saliva and her ass glistened from the cum that had been deposited earlier. His cock slid in easily and he went balls deep. Monica moaned and she pushed her hips back to receive this huge black snake.

"Fuck me, oh yeah baby."

Jack couldn't believe what he was seeing. Never in a hundred years did he ever imagine that Monica would have anal sex, but here she was being fucked and begging for more.

"Yeah slut, you got a nice ass. Good and tight. Fuck my cock." He slapped her ass, leaving a huge welt to emphasize his power over her. Monica pushed back harder and harder, faster and faster.

Peter shot a huge load into her ass and Jack could see his balls jerk as shot after shot filled her bottom. Peters cock slid out of her ass as he rolled over while his limp cock rested on his leg.

"Suck my cock clean bitch." Peter was looking at Jack who did not move. Monica flashed a look at him that he had never seen before and he knew that if he didn't do as Peter had asked he would be punished. Reluctantly he moved closer to Peter and opened his mouth. Gingerly sucking up his cock into his mouth, Jack swallowed the cum on Peter's cock and licked it clean. He took his mouth off Peter's cock and hid his face, trying not to look at anyone.

Damien walked behind Jack, took his head and turned it toward his wife and said, "Eat her ass and clean up that cum worm." Jack leaned forward while Damien pushed his head downward so he could stick his mouth into the folds of her ass. He could feel the heat of her body and softness of her ass cheeks against his face.

"Suck that cum up asshole, I can't hear anything." Damien sounded angry and then he felt the sting of a hand on his ass. Jack opened his mouth and began to suck making sure to make lots of noise so that he would not get slapped again. Monica pushed her ass into him and he could taste the cum as it slid down into his mouth.

"He's a good little slave Peter. He does what his slut wife tells him to do. We'll have to come back again."

Jack lay on the bed and Monica moved close to him giving him a hug and kiss. "You did good honey. I love you so much right now."

Jack wasn't sure what was going on, but Monica had never been so passionate toward him in all their years of marriage. Monica hugged him tightly and kissed him tenderly. Peter and Damien looked at them while getting dressed and just laughed at each other.

"Well Monica, looks like we can start doing this in the open now." Peter sounded smug.

"You guys shouldn't be so hard on him. He had no idea."

"I guess you're right hon, it's different now. We promise not to abuse him too much." Damien was not as smug as Peter and it seemed that they were looking forward to the next encounter. Monica did not move but continued to hug and kiss Jack.

Jack was so confused. On one hand he was in a new relationship with his wife and on the other hand she had never said to him how much she loved him. It was definitely going to be different from now on. Peter and Damien left the house and still Monica hugged and kissed him.

"I want you to come home earlier from now on, OK?"

Jack, numb from the experience, just nodded his head.

"I promise you that you will always be my only love, but I need that huge cock and since you did so wonderful today I want you there always."

Jack just held Monica and kissed her back. He did not want to lose her and figured if the only way he could have her was through this cockhold relationship then so be it. He would get to make love to her even if it was sloppy seconds. Monica slid down his body and softly sucked his cock into her mouth. Slowly she sucked on it making it hard. She took the entire length into her mouth and licked his balls as she continued to suck on his dick. Never had he felt something so good. He came in slow spurts into her mouth and she swallowed every drop. He never loved her more than he did right now.

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