Cuckold of the Cthulhu


The orgasm hit me sooner than I expected and I began bucking back and forth against Jason, crying out. His cock continued to pound me and the orgasms kept coming. I couldn't stop and started screaming. I lost track of Roger and Jason and everything except pleasure.

Finally after an eternity Jason rammed into me one last time and stayed there, emptying himself into me. I came to my sense in time to see Roger start to shoot. His cum arcing into the air and landing on his legs and hands and balls.

Jason pulled out and collapsed on the bed. I fell flat on my stomach and sighed.

'Well," I said "That was interesting."

The next day Jason and Roger and I were back on the north side of the island looking for those odd stones again. I still didn't know what they meant by that but also didn't care. I thought we'd be uncomfortable together like this but the boys seemed to be quite ok with it and I was feeling better than I thought I would about it. Jason knew he was more of a tool than anything and not to expect any kind of relationship and Roger trusted me enough to know I would keep it like that. All in all it turned out pretty nice.

Jason and Roger were talking about the book and the island and all that and I just followed along and listened, picking up the important stuff.

"Like I was saying on the trip here from the states," Roger was saying "You simply can't deny the name of the island. Rileh? Considering the location and the supposed copy of the book it's almost certainly a bastardization of R'lyeh."

Jason wasn't convinced. "I'm sorry but it's too much. To even acknowledge R'lyeh you'd have to give credence to The Old Ones and I can't do that. It's a nice story but it's just a story. There is no underwater city near this island."

Roger just shook his head. "You don't have to believe in The Old Ones to believe this island is named after the ancient city. If they've read the book that's all it takes."

I suddenly stopped. "Hey, guys. Is that an odd stone?" I was pointing off to my left just off of the beach. The land curved in a bit and made a tiny lagoon with a few trees and there just barely hidden in the foliage was a large rock shaped so oddly yet perfectly that it couldn't have been by accident. There simply was no way to describe it. It wasn't a shape I could recognize and I felt very strange just looking at. Like I shouldn't be seeing it.

The men both ran forward to the stone and cleared away some brush. It stood about 8 feet tall and was nearly 6 feet wide but had so many angles it was hard to say for sure. It seemed to go deep into the sand and had obviously been there for a very long time.

Roger had found something engraved on the stone and was trying to decipher it while Jason climbed on top of it to look around. I could hear Roger whispering to himself as he read whatever was written there and suddenly Jason looked down at him and said "You should stop reading that, right now."

"Why?" Roger asked him. "This is it! It says right here 'R'lyeh!' The book must be on this island!"

"No," Jason almost screamed at him. "This is wrong. It feels wrong. While you were reading that out loud I felt the stone vibrate. I swear I did. Don't read any more."

Roger just shook his head. "You're just excited, Jason. It's nothing. Are you suddenly afraid The Old...?" Roger was gone. He had simply disappeared. I screamed and ran over and found a hole where he had been. I looked down but it was black as midnight and I felt a very cold draft come up out of there and hit me in the face. I started yelling down for Roger and Jason climbed down to help when the earth began to move.

Sand started flying in all directions and trees began to fall. I fell backward and landed on my ass and started to crabwalk backwards, trying to get away from whatever was going on. Jason had managed to keep his feet and was running towards me when we suddenly flew up into the air. I thought he had been pushed by the dirt coming up or a tree or something but he went up too far and I quickly realized something was holding him. He was held by what could only be a giant hand. Up and up he went and soon I couldn't even hear him scream anymore.

By now I could trace the hand back to what it was attached to. Oh, how I wish I had never done that and simply run for my life without looking back.

The hand became an arm and the arm was attached to something coming out of the earth that was nothing less than a nightmare. Easily over 100 feet tall, toward over the island. It stood on a pair of legs and had a torso that was vaguely humanoid but giant wings sprouted from it's back and it's head was a mass of tentacles. Round like an octopus but gigantic and evil. You could feel the evil. I knew what I was seeing but didn't want to admit it then. I couldn't. So I ran.

Somehow I survived. I don't know how or why. I remember running and hearing behind me a howl like the end of the world and then nothing. I awoke on the ship and at sea, the captain and his mate the only others on board.

I didn't have to ask them where the others were. I knew. Just as I knew the name of what I saw and just as I knew what it meant.

The Old Ones lived. They were real and we had awakened one. I had come face to face to Cthulhu and he had let me go. I don't know why but I fear I will soon find out because I can see the disturbance in the sea alongside the yacht. I know the crew sees it, too. Cthulhu is following us and he won't stop and we can't lose him. I wish I had died back there so that I wouldn't witness what is to come. I know he will not rest until his city rises again and he has enslaved us.

The End

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I'm so sorry but what the hell kind of ending was that?

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