tagLoving WivesCuckold Shares Wife with an Older Man

Cuckold Shares Wife with an Older Man


This is another excerpt in the continuing saga about Lynn and her cuckold husband. There are references to incidents and characters from "The New Client Series." Like the other stories I have written, it contains, wife infidelity, cuckolding, multiple partners, and voyeurism.

I appreciate your comments, suggestions and encouragement.


Lynn had not had any further adventures since completing the work for her single clients. At least not that I was aware of. Her adulterous activities and promiscuous nature continued to fuel our passion. When we made love, I could not help but picture her with one of her lovers. I relived the mental image of my blond wife stretched out on another man's bed as his cock plumbed the depths of her velvety wet pussy. I begin to long for the feeling of eating her cum filled cunt while she told me how she had just been fucked and ravaged by another.

She continued to share her fantasies, becoming even sluttier in her description. I was especially turned on when she was the one who initiated the retelling. At first, I was the one who would bring up her lovers. On my knees between her spread legs, eating her pussy, I would say in between lapping her vulva, "I can't stop thinking what a turn on it was to watch you suck Andrew's cock."

"I know you liked watching." She put her hand on the back of my head my pushing me mouth tighter against her cunt, and continued with her slutty talk, "I like sucking other men while you are there to watch me."

She became bolder, feeding my arousal. In bed with our bodies melded together with her full 36c breasts pushed against my chest, her voice would lower, "Does it turn you on when I fuck other men? Do you like me to tell you about a nice big cock filling my cunt?"

She continued to fill my voyeuristic urges by masturbating when she knew I was watching her. One weekend afternoon she was on the deck in a bikini reading a novel. I was in the bedroom where I could see her lying back. She put her book down and one hand began to caress her abdomen just above her bikini bottom. She slowly opened her legs as her hand slid down into her bikini bottom. I could tell from the movement of her hand she was starting to play with her pussy. I pulled the curtain aside and then let it fall back in position so she could tell I was watching. The deck has complete privacy so she did not have to worry about the neighbors looking in. She glanced up at the window as I moved back into the bedroom. I could see a slight smile cross her lips as she removed her hand from caressing her pussy, raised her hips and slide the bottoms off. I moved back to the window where her open legs had her pussy on full display.

As she masturbated, I could not help but think what she was fantasying about. Was it one of our lovemaking sessions or with another lover? I was pretty sure which one it was. I pictured what she looked like with her legs spread and lifting her hips as one of her lovers buried his hard cock deep in her cunt. Was she thinking about Andrew or Michael? Maybe being ravaged by James with his nine inch black cock?

I knew it was a matter of time before she had the urge to take on another man. She liked the variety too much. I had to admit to myself that some of the most erotic experiences with Lynn were when she fucked someone else. As I watched her masturbate, I thought about our conversation when she asked me to set her up and share her. Perhaps this would be the right time. Her fingers began to move faster against her clit until they were a blur. She lifted her hips off the chaise lounge, her mouth opening letting out a silent moan as she climaxed. When she relaxed, she looked up at the window and smiled.

Every since she asked me to share her, I found myself looking at other men and wondering if they would make a good sex partner for Lynn. I mean how do I go about it? I can't just in casual conversation ask someone if they would like to fuck my wife while I watched. One evening after a racquet ball game at the health club where I worked out, I found my answer. Charles was in his fifties and the successful president of a local company. Since his divorce a few years earlier he was generally seen with younger attractive women. A couple of times I could even see their wedding rings. Charles was very handsome and distinguished looking, a few inches shorter than my five ten. I also knew from relaxing in the sauna after our games he was very well endowed. Perhaps that was the combination that attracted younger women, wealthy and a big cock.

He was also attracted to Lynn. I saw him looking more than once at her exposed cleavage at some of the parties we attended. In fact, he and I were talking the night of the party where I was watching Lynn flirt with Andrew across the room. I could tell he was glancing over at her the same as I was. I wondered if Andrew and told him about Lynn and the fact I got off when she fucked other men.

After one of our games, we went to a nearby bar for a beer. We were making small talk and discussing an upcoming business deal he was helping me with when the conversation turned to Lynn,

"So tell me, how is that attractive wife of yours?"

"She is doing great. She has been real busy with her decorating." Was that a hint of a smile I noticed?

"She certainly is sexy. You are a very lucky man. Can I ask you a question?'

I wondered what he was going to ask me. Was it if I knew about her adultery? "Sure, what is it?"

"Well this is somewhat awkward, but does it bother you or make you jealous when Lynn flirts with other men? I could not help but notice at the last party when we were talking and she was on the sofa with Andrew. She was really leaning into him. That outfit she had on really was showing a lot. I have to admit I certainly admired the view."

"I trust you so I feel I can confide in you. I really get turned on when she acts like that. In fact, I was the one who suggested she wear the outfit. When we were talking I noticed you kept glancing over in her direction. So you really liked it?" I decided to get a little bold, "Did you like looking at her? Did she ever lean her breasts into you?"

I thought he would get a little flustered with that question but he just answered my question directly, "Yes she did. More than once as a matter of fact. I could look right into her cleavage as she pressed her breasts into my arm. I was thinking what I would really like to do with her."

I felt a tightness in my chest as he told me about lusting after my wife. I leaned over and caught my breath and asked him, "Would you like to fuck her?"

A lot of men might have been taken aback, but Charles just gave me a steady gaze. He leaned over the table, "I would love to fuck your wife. Would that turn you on? I know she fucked Andrew. I wanted to fuck her just like he did. But I didn't want to do anything to get in the way of our business relationship."

I wasn't too surprised on the lack of discretion on Andrew's part. So Charles knew that I was a cuckold. Who else knew?

"Hhow would you like me to go about getting together with Lynn? Would you like me to ask her to lunch and then if she is agreeable, back to my place for an afternooner?"

"I was thinking about getting together for drinks after work one evening, and if everything went well we could go back to your place."

He took on a more authoritative tone, "So you want to be there to watch? I have been with couples and was always turned on. I liked the expressions on the husbands' faces as I fucked their wives. I am getting together with some friends after work on Friday. Why don't we meet then?"

I had planned on a quiet rendezvous with just the three of us. On the other hand having other people to witness my cuckoldry added to the excitement. I agreed and Charles said he would be at a local spot that had a popular after work happy hour. I decided not to tell Lynn about my arrangements. I just told her that Charles suggested we get together after work for a few drinks. I was in a high state of anticipation the rest of the week. I was glad that Charles suggested this week instead of waiting.

Friday finally rolled around. I had a difficult time concentrating at work. I was fantasizing about Lynn pleasuring her new lover when the phone rang. I picked up the phone. It was Charles, "I wanted to make sure we were still on for this evening. Have you told her yet? Do you have a sexy outfit for her I will like?"

"We sure are. I am looking forward to this evening. No, I haven't told her yet. I have picked out a real sexy outfit I think you will like."

Once again he took on an authoritative tone, "I am looking forward to fucking Lynn. From what I have heard she is going to like it. Are you turned on thinking about watching your sweet wife take my cock?"

I had to give cryptic answers since I might have been overheard, "Yes I am."

"I told you I have been with other couples. I know about men like you. Men who are self confident and successful on the outside, but on the inside have deep, dark desires to see other men with their wives. Some husbands like to be there and watch, others like to stay at home waiting for their wife to bring them a nice freshly fucked pussy. You've done both haven't you?"

I could only answer, "Yes."

"I know you have."

I could not help but feel a stirring in my cock as Charles talked about fucking Lynn.

"Make sure you tell her before you get there. I will see you later."

As the conversation ended, I wanted to pull my cock out right there at my desk.

Later, we were getting ready to go out to the club. Lynn was sitting at her vanity in front of a mirror putting on her make-up. She was just wearing thin black bikini panties. I could see her breasts reflected in the mirror. She looked delicious. I was overcome by lust looking at her and imagining what she would look like in just a few hours fucking Charles.

I went over to her and placed my hand on her shoulder with my thumb caressing the nape of her neck. I was looking over her shoulder at her naked, rounded breasts, "You look hot tonight. I could fuck you right now."

She just looked up at me, "Well maybe we could skip going to the club and have our own happy hour right here."

As tempted as that idea was I just laughed, "We couldn't disappoint Charles. He is looking forward to seeing you again."

There was a pair of slacks and blouse on the bed, "Is that what you're you going to wear? What about this instead?"

I went to her closet and picked out a black halter top dress. It was backless and had a plunging neckline in front. She would have to go braless.

"I know you like that outfit, but isn't sort of overkill just for a happy hour?"

"There's a little more to it than that. I have something to tell you."

She got up and walked over to me, her breasts jiggling with each step, "What is it?"

I took a deep breath, "I actually arranged this to set you up with Charles."

She placed her hands on my shoulders pushing her breasts into my chest, and said in a breathless tone, "Set me up? Is this what I think it is?"

"Yes. I am sharing you with Charles. He wants to fuck you." She gave me a deep kiss. I put my arms around her and caressed her back.

"Oh honey, I cannot believe you really set me up. How did you know I was attracted to Charles? Tell me what you said."

I described the conversation I had with Charles. I didn't tell her about this afternoon. I lowered my head so she could kiss my ear. He voice lowered into the slutty tone she uses, "So you want me to fuck Charles. I bet you want me to suck his cock don't you? Have you missed me fucking other men?"

She continued talking dirty while my cock grew hard against her stomach. She looked down at my bulge and laughed, "That is going to have to wait until Charles has his turn. This is going to be a better happy hour than I imagined."

On the way to the club, I felt the same excitement I had when I took her to meet her other lovers. The anticipation was higher since I was the one who set this up. I kept glancing over at her exposed breasts. The halter top ended just beneath her breastbone. From the side I could easily see the curvature of her breast. Her nipples stiffened as they pressed against the fabric. Charles would have easy access to her breasts. I put my hand on her thigh and began a light caress. She did not move my hand away, but let out a sigh.

"I still cannot believe you actually set this up." She placed her hand on top of mine, "Don't worry; I will make sure you are not disappointed."

The club was located in an office building with the entrance in front and a parking garage around the side. I pulled up to the entrance, "You can get out her and go in and greet Charles. I will park in the garage and meet you in a few minutes."

She leaned over and kissed my cheek, "You really thought this out didn't you? You can watch me with Charles as you enter the club."

I watched the sway of her hips as she walked to the club entrance. I drove around to park. I purposely took my time. I wanted to walk in on them as they enjoyed each other's company. There was an entrance to the office building and club from the garage. When I walked inside, the club was already crowded. It was mostly a professional crowd with a mixture of people mostly around our age and older. The music was turned up and conversation loud.

It took me a few minutes to spot Lynn. I could see her and Charles on the other side toward the back of a "U" shaped bar. There were a couple of other people standing with them that I did not recognize. One was a man about the same age as Charles and another couple. The man had that same distinguished look as Charles. I had a good view as I waited for the bartender to bring me a beer. I could see Lynn lean close to Charles to be heard over the din. It almost looked like she was lightly kissing him as she spoke. He had one hand behind her back. The dress she was wearing, gave him plenty of opportunity to touch her bare skin as they talked.

I got my beer and continued to watch before I made my way through the crowd. They were talking very animated. As he talked I saw her look down at her cleavage and then back up to him and laugh. The other man standing next to them also took advantage of his opportunities to touch Lynn. I decided to go over and join them. Charles saw me and waved me over through the crowd.

As I approached I could see Lynn already becoming flushed with the wine she was drinking and the sexual tension between her and Charles. Her nipples were very prominent as her breasts strained against the halter top. "There you are. I was beginning to think you were going to leave me all alone with Charles."

Charles turned my way, "I wouldn't mind being alone with your sexy wife at all."

Lynn playfully slapped his arm, "You're so bad."

Charles introduced the other man as his friend George and the couple as Allan and Elaine. They looked to be in their forties. Elaine was a very attractive and curvaceous five two brunette. Her hair was cut short. She was wearing a tight fitting low cut dress. I was immediately drawn to her spectacular cleavage.

Lynn leaned into me; her breasts against my arm, her breath hot on my ear, "Are you enjoying the show? I saw you standing by the bar watching us."

I turned to talk to Elaine as the three men laughed and flirted with my wife.

Elaine stood close to me with one of her breasts pressing against me. I alternated my glances between Lynn flirting and Elaine's cleavage.

"When she first arrived I thought Lynn was here to meet Charles by herself. But then she said you were joining us."

"What else did she say?"

"She said she was here to meet Charles."

She saw the look on my face, "Don't worry. We know what is going on. I think it is kind of kinky that you are going along to watch." She pushed her breasts into my arm, "You want to watch Charles fuck your wife? She is really going to enjoy him. He is very good. Does she know how hung he is?"

I gave her a quizzical look as she leaned into me, "You are not the only husband who is turned on when his wife is with other men. I have had Charles while Allan watched us."

With that revelation there was not much else I could say. Elaine and Allan announced it was time for them to go. George looked at his watch and said how pissed his wife was going to be that he was late.

With his arm around Lynn, Charles turned to me and said, "We should get going ourselves."

The other three just gave me knowing glances.

Lynn leaned up and gave George a kiss on the cheek, "Maybe next time."

I didn't have time to think about that as Charles put his hand on my wife's bare back and steered her out of the club to the entrance to the parking garage. I followed right behind. We left the club with Charles holding Lynn close to him. When we reached the garage, I was able to walk on the other side of Lynn. When we reached his Mercedes, Charles turned to me, "Lynn can ride with me. You follow in your car."

I kept walking to my car. I glanced back to see Charles and Lynn standing by his car in a deep embrace, kissing passionately. I could tell his hand was in her halter top cupping her breast. I was too far away to hear if she was moaning. They broke their kiss and as Charles opened the door for her, I could see her hand on his cock.

I could barely contain my erection as I followed them out of the garage. I had a suspicion what was coming. Going out for happy hour drinks always seemed to turn Lynn on. A lot of times she would either lift her skirt and play with her pussy or lean over and suck my cock as I drove back home. It didn't take long for me to tell which it was going to be. In the silhouette formed from my headlights, I could see my wife shift in her seat, lean over to kiss Charles on the ear and then her head disappeared.

My cock was already about to explode. I could picture Lynn unzipping him, fishing out his cock and then taking him in her mouth. I could only imagine what Charles was telling her. She had to have known I could tell what was going on.

A few minutes before arriving at Charles's luxury condo, her head came back into view. I could tell she was rearranging herself before settling back into the seat. We both entered his parking garage and met by the elevator. Charles was feasting his eyes on Lynn, "That is a really sexy dress you picked to wear."

Lynn had a smile on her face as she answered, "I'm glad you like it. But, thank my husband. He insisted I wear it."

After going inside, Charles went into the kitchen to get us some wine. There was jazz playing in the background. Lynn and I moved into the living room and embraced. Her face was still flushed and her breasts felt firm against my chest, "God this is hot. I could tell you were sucking his cock on the way over."

"MMM..I was hoping you were behind us so you could see. You didn't tell me he has such a nice big cock."

"I figured you would find out for yourself. I wanted to give you a surprise."

Charles came back in the room with a tray holding a bottle of wine and glasses. After handing Lynn and me our wine, he raised his glass in a toast, "Here's to your sexy wife Lynn."

They sat down on his sofa and I took a chair close by. With one hand holding his wine, Charles started caressing one of Lynn's breasts. She sighed and leaned back placing her hand on his cock. Her fingers started to massage him through his slacks. He pulled her halter top aside and languidly stroked one of her nipples. It immediately began to stiffen.

"Is this what you had in mind? I have wanted to do this for a long time. Tell me why you set this up."

I started to feel that tightness in my chest when being confronted by my cuckoldry, "I wanted to watch you fuck Lynn."

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