Cuckold Shares Wife with an Older Man


Still caressing her breast he and Lynn started kissing while I watched them. I could see their tongues intertwine. Lynn's massaging became more urgent. I could see his cock getting hard, straining against his slacks. They broke their kiss and Charles took a sip of wine and leaned over and took her nipple in his mouth. She arched her back to push her nipple deeper in his mouth. Her breathing was more pronounced. He lifted his head off of her breast. Her areola was dimpled and the nipple glistened with the wine and his saliva.

He looked over to me, "Undress your wife for me."

Lynn and I stood up and faced Charles with her back to me. I could not resist sliding one of my fingers down her back. Her skin was silky and warm. She let out a shiver.

I slid one of my arms around her pulling her closer to me. By this time my erection was straining against my slacks pressing against my wife's ass. I started kissing her neck in the sensitive erogenous zone at the juncture of her neck and shoulder. I pulled aside her halter top in front and began squeezing one her breasts. It felt firm and swollen with her excitement. Lynn leaned her head against me with one of her hands covering mine as I fondled her. Her nipple became erect in my palm.

Charles sipped his wine as he watched us, "That's it. Warm her up for me. Now show me the rest of your wife's body."

I reached up and unfastened the top of her dress. The two parts of the halter fell away exposing both of Lynn's breasts to Charles's gaze. Then I unzipped her in the back. The dress fell to the floor leaving her in just panties.

"Now the panties. I want to see her pussy."

I slid her panties off of her hips and they joined her dress at her ankles. She stepped out of her clothing and stepped over to sand in front of him, "Is this what you wanted? Do you want to fuck me? My husband would like you to."

Charles reached both hands around my wife's waist and began to massage the firmness of her ass. I sat on the sofa so I could watch. He kissed Lynn on her navel and began kissing and licking down her stomach. She gasped and inhaled as he slid a couple of fingers into her slit. Then he buried his face in my wife's snatch.

She opened her legs and clasped his head in her hands to pull him into her pussy, "That's it taste my married pussy."

He leaned in getting his tongue in as far as it would go. "God you are wet. Get down on the sofa and spread your legs. I have to get a better taste."

I moved to the corner of the sofa, "Here honey lean against me so Charles can taste your pussy."

Lynn lay down with her head on my chest and spread her legs for Charles. He just looked down at her open pussy with a look of lust. Her light brown cunt hair was trimmed close. He took off his shirt and knelt down between my wife's open legs. He put both hands on her inner thighs and spread legs further apart. He took his right hand and inserted his fingers in my wife's moist opening, "Yea, use three, spread my cunt."

After working her cunt with his fingers, without hesitation he leaned in and started lapping at her slit.

She arched her back to push her open pussy against his mouth, "Oh God that feels so good. That's it eat my cunt"

She was moaning and thrashing against me as Charles kept eating her. He had her opened up with her thighs resting on his shoulders and the palms of his hands on her hips. I could just imagine the picture we made with my wife leaning against me as another man brought her to orgasm. I started cupping her breast and squeezing her nipples.

Charles took a break and looked up at us both from between my wife's open pussy, "Your wife tastes better than I thought. George doesn't know what he is missing. You know I invited him over so he could fuck her."

My arousal was heightened by the thought of another man being invited to partake of my wife's charms. Then he dove back in. I could tell he was moving his tongue against my wife's clit faster and faster as she pulled his head hard against her cunt. She let out at moan and arched her back, pushing against me as she came with a shattering orgasm.

Her body went slack with the release. He legs were still spread. She looked at Charles with a dreamy look, "That was sooo good. Now let me do something for you."

Charles got up and moved to the other side of the sofa. My nude wife went over to him and knelt on the floor. She had that look of lust that I had seen before.

Looking directly at Charles she said, "I know what you want. You want me to suck your cock some more don't you? My husband knows I was sucking you in the car and now he wants to watch."

She looked over at me, "You want me to suck his cock don't you?"

"Is that what you want? Do you want to watch your wife suck my cock? You have watched her suck other men haven't you? Did you like it?"

I sat looking at my wife kneeling at Charles's feet as they confronted my cuckoldry. I hesitated at first, "YYes I like to watch her sucking other men. I want to watch her suck you."

I watched as she caressed his cock and then began to unbuckle his belt. Having watched her unbuckle Andrew I knew what was going to happen and how it would turn me on. Charles just looked down as Lynn unzipped him and reached her hand in his pants to feel his cock.

"MMM what a nice big cock. Did my husband tell you I like big cocks?"

"Yea he did. Here let me help."

He raised himself off of the sofa and slid his pants off his hips. Lynn finished undressing him and stroked him to full hardness. She looked up at him as she leaned over and took his swollen head into her mouth. Charles arched his back as his cock entered my wife's moist warm mouth. Her tongue bean to swirl around his thickness, "God,, that feels good. Andrew was right, you are a good cocksucker."

Lynn just moaned as she began to suck him. She kept drawing more of him in her mouth. As his cock hit the back of her mouth I could tell from the movement of her cheeks and throat she was milking him. Charles kept moaning and telling her how good she was sucking him. She had one of her hands between her legs playing with her pussy.

By this time I had undressed. I could not help but begin to stroke my now hard cock. He turned to me, "Is this what you like watching? That's it. Play with your dick while your wife sucks me. You should give her some encouragement."

I just kept watching my wife, stroking myself, and telling her to suck his cock.

Charles relaxed back against the sofa, I was watching and my wife was just making her sucking sounds, bobbing her up and down on his cock. After a while she took his cock out of her mouth. There was a string of cum from the head to her lips. She took her finger to scoop his cum and licked her finger and leaned over to lick some more cum out of his slit.

"Lynn is doing all of the work, why don't you taste her pussy while she sucks me some more."

My wife moved to recline on the sofa with her head positioned over Charles's cock. She slipped him back in her mouth and opened her legs to I could have access. I knelt on the floor and leaned in to lick her pussy. She arched her back to press her cunt against my face. I had the perfect vantage point looking up between her legs to watch her suck Charles.

He continued talking dirty to her tell her what a good cocksucker and married slut she was. I pushed my face in as close as I could and alternated between tonguing her clit and sticking my tongue in her distended cunt passage. With the jazz in the background there was just the sound of our sex.

At one point Lynn shifted her position to get more of Charles's cock into her mouth. This caused her legs to close up pining my head between her thighs. Trapped as my head was, I moved my lips and tongue as fast as I could against her clit and cunt lips. Lynn moved her mouth from his cock and began to moan as she reached her climax.

She arched her back, "Ohh god I'm cumming!!"

With her climax she collapsed on Charles's stomach staring at his cock. I leaned back and just took the scene in. Charles raised her chin and bent to kiss her. They broke their kiss, "Let's go back in my bedroom. I have to fuck you."

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I don't know ....

A little disjointed. If you're going to write additional chapters as a continuation of a story, then simply submit another numbered chapter with the same title. I can't seem to find where you startedmore...

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creme pie

I love my wife has been blackened now and I set her up with a huge black cock it is so full of cum we both enjoy. I now eat her to get her ready then suck Ron's cock before he fucks her. I share themore...

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