Cuckold Sissy Husband Goes Further


Hear her laugh, "Ooooooo, now this turns me on. It's my favorite part, this sounds like the little man I dearly love. I love your dirty little confession." She sits on the edge of the bed, cross legged, smiles. "Yes. I like this. It's the only time I like seeing you cry, yes! I like seeing you get back into the frame of mind that's my real little man."

She looks at me hard, she snaps her fingers twice. "More, convince me, baby!" She listens and smiles wickedly as I cry and tell her of my shame and devotion, my love for her. She uncrosses her legs, sits on the edge of the bed. She pushes her pretty foot out at me. I kiss it as I confess.

Then she pulls her foot away from my mouth. "Stand, baby."

I stand and move to her. Present myself in front of her, reach back and grab my cheeks. She looks up at me, smiles. Tears running down my face, onto the front of me, she just stares.

"Our secret. I won't tell him. Naughty boy, cum all over his wet spot, indeed. If he knew, he'd be furious with you."

She leans forward, takes my soft penis in her mouth. I feel her run her tongue across the hole, over and over, licks the last of my wet spot on the end of my penis. She feels me start to get semi erect. She quickly takes her mouth off me, almost spits me out. She pushes me away.

"Uh uh uh, no way. Only let my lover do that in my mouth, not you." She pushes me back a step, takes the chastity tube from the table. "Very naughty, if he knew I did that for you he'd spank my ass so fucking hard, probably beat you too. I told him I don't do things like that with you anymore."

She pushes my penis into the plastic tube, roughly pulls my balls through the locking ring. She locks it up tight under the bottom of my cheeks, near the crack of my rear. I feel the lock at the bottom of my cheeks push into place.

She smiles at me and tosses the key onto her bedside table. "Our dirty little secret, baby." She takes the towel and starts to dry her hair again, turns away from me. "Well?"

"Thank you Mam, thank you. I love you. Thank you."

She smiles, stands, pats my rear as she walks by me. "I know, baby, believe me, I do know that." She walks to her bathroom. "I'm going to get made up, dressed. I've got to get out of here, running late. Clean that mess up on the floor. I don't want to see it when I come out of the bathroom. And change my bed sheets."

She walks into her bathroom, closes the door, doesn't hear me say 'Yes, Mam."

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