tagLoving WivesCuckolded by Disgusting Neighbor Ch. 03

Cuckolded by Disgusting Neighbor Ch. 03


This is a continuation of Chapter 2. Please read Chapter 1 and 2 before you go through this.


Manisha had changed and was wearing her sexiest night suit. It was not the skimpiest; she had many that exposed lot more than what they hide. This one was slightly conservative, yet one that revealed the right amount of skin. I had presented this night suit to her on our first anniversary. It was a bright red colored two-piece suit that adorned her flawless skin beautifully. At the time, I bought her this she was a bit small in size but now after Tushar's birth her breasts stood out magnificently.

"So you actually have cheated on your wife?" asked my wife

"Several times," replied Kishanchanji

"Are you proud of it?"

"Of course! Why shouldn't I? I was able to attract quite a few women and was able to satisfy their hunger as well," he retorted.

"What exactly do you get by bedding other women? Weren't you happy having sex with your wife?" Manisha asked curiously

"I very much liked sex with my wife but that is besides the point."

"I have a need for variety. There are so many incredibly beautiful women in this world. How could I restrict myself to just one?"

That was a typical man's response. I would in her position perhaps say the same thing.

"So you need to go on a rampage having one night stand with every woman you meet?"

"No! That is not my philosophy. I don't believe in one-night stands. I would like to savor the woman; have an ongoing relationship with her for at least couple of months, if not years."

"And that means I have to be selective!"

"Don't tell me! You cheated on your wife more than once and for more than a few years?" asked Manisha in a shocked tone

"Yes Manisha! But that doesn't mean that I ignored her."

"Which single girl would possibly want to have such a relationship with a married man? Wouldn't they want to court a single guy instead?"

"You may be right. But I am talking about married women."

"Married women?"

"Yes Married women my dear Manisha. They are the best bet. It is easy to have a long-term relationship without getting discovered and without any consequences. Also, they are more willing to experiment because most of them are bored with their sex lives"

"I don't understand. Why would married women indulge in extra-marital relationships? If they are caught then it is an end to their marriage."

"Lets think objectively. By objectively I mean, you arrive at a conclusion by keeping aside your feelings and societal compulsions."

Kishanchanji showed tact in his handling. He was able to engage Manisha in a very good conversation. Perhaps Manisha was helping him a bit but still it was clear that he was expert at handling women.

"Between Male and Female, who do you think is stronger class sexually?"


"I mean who has more power in the sex department? Who can last long?"

"Obviously Women!"

"Great! Then why restrict sex with only one person? When you are capable of having more than one copulation in a day?"

"I see."

"What is in it for a man? Why would he want to chase other married women?"

"Men are hardwired for it. They want to perpetuate their genes as much as they can. So the more women they mate with, the more likely they will be able to perpetuate their genes"

"So are you still trying to perpetuate your genes?" Manisha asked in a mocking tone.

"No. If you mean to ask if I am still having an affair with someone?"

"Why? Are you over the hump, already?"

"No. Just that my priorities had changed. I got sucked into bringing up my kids after my wife's death and taking care of the business. So didn't get an opportunity in a while now."

"What about yourself, he asked?"

"No. I have never been unfaithful to Vinit. Didn't feel a need for it."

"How often do you have sex?" he asked her inquisitively.

Giving a weird look she replied "about 3-4 times a week."

"That's it?" he exclaimed

"Why? What happened?"

"A beauty like you deserves a lot more!"

"Like what?"

"Sex at least every night; perhaps more than once a day. I can't believe Vinit could ignore you like that"

"It is not his fault. He is away 2 or 3 days on a weekly basis, so we really don't have that much time," she said in an attempt to defend me.

"Are you happy with this frequency?"

"What do you mean?"

"Would you like to do it more often?"

"I never thought about it"

"You should give it a thought. An attractive woman like you should not waste her youth."

"You have probably committed a mistake by having a child too early in your life. I think you two should have enjoyed your life before getting into the family way."

"Perhaps it is good that you already have a kid. You can now experiment more freely," Kishanchanji added.

"I haven't thought about it. I don't like the idea about cheating on Vinit."

Saying this she moved to our living room and Kishanchanji followed suit. Our living room was next to our kitchen and it was shielded from our bedroom and stairs. There was only a small portion of our love seat that was visible if one crouched down next to stairs. One could view the love seat through the kitchen door and the kitchen window. The vaulted ceilings in the living room reverberated the sound, which still helped me hear them clearly. I was hoping that they occupied the love seat otherwise I could not watch the action any further. Luckily both of them sat in the love seat, fairly close to each other. It was a smart move on Manisha's part to move to the love seat where they would be more comfortable and Kishanchanji could sit a lot more close to her without being conspicuous.

"You would only be doing him a favor by looking for sex outside your marriage. He could concentrate on his business and Tushar," Kishanchanji clarified as he sat down next to her.

"Stop kidding!" she said in a playful tone as she slapped his thigh, which was perilously close to her.

"I am serious. Beautiful women like you are not at all meant to be monogamous; they essentially are meant to be polygamous!"

He further explained, "Because no single person has the right to own what nature has bestowed on you. Beautiful women like you are meant to be bred."

"Pardon my language but I am just expressing my feelings," he apologized.

"Are you suggesting that I start sleeping with every guy I meet?"

"No, All I am suggesting is to add some spice to your life"

"And for that you need to start sleeping with some selective individuals. The ones with whom you could have a prolonged affair without being discovered," he elaborated

"Hmm..." Her lips parted as she was perhaps visualizing herself in bed with Kishanchanji.

"I am willing to offer my services!" Kishanchanji brought her out of her reverie as he said this.

"What?" She almost screamed. I was surprised at her response initially. Wondered if she was having doubts about going through with this. Kishanchanji, however, handled it very calmly.

"I am willing to offer my services. It has been quite some time since I had a women and I think you are perfect to begin with, again"

"Aren't you ashamed of proposing something like this to somebody who is young enough to be your daughter?"

"Not really! Firstly, you are not my daughter. Secondly, it would be a symbiotic relationship"

"How is it a symbiotic relationship?" she quickly retorted and added, "If I am as beautiful as you say then why should I have an affair with someone like you? I can choose a younger person, somebody of my age and someone who is better looking."

"Oh, I understand you mean tall dark and handsome, right?"


"I definitely meet one criteria: the dark one," he said and broke into a laughter. His white teeth stood out in stark contrast to his dark lips.

"Remember Manisha, you are planning to have sex with this person and not marry him or parade him in front of society"

"So what are you trying to say?"

"You should look for things that will make sex pleasurable with this person and that's it"


"All I am saying is that you haven't sampled me yet."


"Ok let's start with a kiss. Find out for yourself, if you like my kiss or not?"

"No way! My husband is sleeping upstairs and I don't even want to imagine doing something like that with you"

"What's the harm in a kiss? Just give it a try"


"I don't find you attractive at all! Pardon me for being so rude but that is the truth."

"I can understand that very well. But don't you think that is good enough a reason to engage in an illicit relationship with me?"

I never thought of it so far but perhaps he was true. It was the images of my beautiful wife getting screwed by disgusting Kishanchanji that made me lust for the moment when this would happen.

"What?" she asked in a confused tone.

"Let me explain. You are fair and beautiful; your husband is fair and good-looking. So, you have felt how sex feels with a good-looking person. Most people in their ordinary lives only think about this aspect and ignore the other aspect."

"Have you ever given a thought of submitting sexually to the most despicable looking man? Don't you think it would be very much different from numerous other encounters you might have with good-looking men?"

"Go on. I am listening," Manisha said encouraging him.

"Right now you are having sex with one of your own breed: fair and good looking ones. To get a real taste of sex you need to bed as many as possible and as many different kinds as possible.

"As I said earlier, men are hardwired to screw as many women as possible. Similarly, women are also hardwired to have sex with more than one partner. They also want to ensure that they conceive from more than one person to ensure that their offspring gets the best of everything.

"Now look at you. You have conceived a kid from Vinit already. If you conceive the second one from him then both would have same set of genes. Which means both can suffer from the same diseases. But if you had conceived the second from somebody else then your chances of having healthy children would improve.

"There is no point putting all your eggs in one basket!

"That way there would be no diversity amongst your children. They would all be same genetically."

"So, you are suggesting that conceiving from you would add to genetic diversity of my children," said Manisha explicitly clarifying what he was implying.

"Definitely!" Kishanchanji said emphatically

"But then how would I explain the physical differences; especially the stark contrast in the complexions?" she asked thoughtfully.

"Look at both of my daughters. They are beautiful just that they are a bit on the darker side. They did manage to get some of their mother's features. You are much more beautiful. So, my children from you would be much more beautiful and even on the fairer side," he explained.

"Where did you get all these ideas?"

"I read a lot!"

"Have you ever tried to add genetic diversity to other women offspring's?" There was slight smile on her face as she asked it. She was getting into it now.

"Oh yes. I have two children from illicit affairs. One was with our servant woman; her husband was impotent, so I helped her conceive and another one in the family. You have already met my second son. The guy who came last summer to our place."

Manisha gave a thought to recollect whom Kishanchanji was referring to and then said "Oh that one!"

"Yes. He is a byproduct of an illicit relationship with one of my relatives wife"

"So does that convince you?"


"Come on! I deserve a kiss after all this. I have been pursuing you for quite some time now."

This was the moment of decision for her. Will she finally bite the bullet? Will she submit to Kishanchanji's advances? Will she let the lecher suck nectar from her lips? She was pondering over Kishanchanji's demand, all the while staring at the carpet avoiding contact with his eyes.

Sensing an opportunity, Kishanchanji moved closer to Manisha. He was now just a few inches from her. Manisha was still lost in thought while this happened. Surprised by the sudden proximity to him, she pulled backwards but Kishanchanji already had his one hand encircling her and pulling her in.

Manisha didn't resist but neither did she move towards him. She was almost in his arms but was leaning back on the sofa a bit. Her eyes lightly shut, her breathing a bit labored betraying her pretension of being in control.

It was clear that Kishanchanji had to take the lead. He didn't move in haste, though. He took his time admiring her beauty from close quarters, his hand gently stroking her face and her hair, feeling lovely texture of her face and hair. Manisha let out a gasp as his fingers rolled over her lips. His thick black thumb was massaging her pink lips that were slightly parted.

The prelude to foreplay went on for almost five minutes. All the time Manisha was comfortably leaning back on the sofa with her eyes shut enjoying the sensations erupting in her body. It was not long before guilt overtook her, however. And she abruptly got up and tried to move away. Kishanchanji managed to grab her hand and pulled her back on the sofa in no time, though. There was deaf silence in the room.

Manisha was very tense and stiff now. She was sitting upright with her breasts jutting out. The silky top clung to her breasts and in fact dropped into her cleavage to outline her marvelous breasts. Kishanchanji started to massage her back very lightly to ease her. Not long after that he tried to pull her in for a kiss. Manisha turned her torso towards him but didn't seem quite willing to offer a kiss.

Kishanchanji tried to kiss her but she turned her face and offered her cheek instead. He showered her face with tiny kisses moving towards her neck gradually. Very soon he was nuzzling her neck, a very sensitive zone for Manisha. And then he tongued her earlobes the most erogenous zone of her body; he ran his tongue over the contours of her earlobe before driving his tongue through her aural cavity.

His small kisses were working Manisha up and she started to respond. Her hands that were lying next to her now moved up to encircle Kishanchanji and were lovingly holding him, while he was petting her. This didn't last for long. Soon, Kishanchanji moved up to kiss her mouth. Surprised with the sudden move, again, Manisha pulled back but only for a second and then willingly perked up her lips for Kishanchanji.

Kishanchanji's dark lips finally rested on her lips. It was one of the hottest moments of my life. To see her pink lips stacked up against his dark lips. Kishanchanji played with her lips by blowing small kisses. Manisha was sucked in the scene and didn't care to respond. Kishanchanji's kisses gradually became wet as his lips parted and his tongue played with her taut lips. She finally relented to his invading tongue and parted her slimy lips that were wet with Kishanchanji's saliva. They were locked in a passionate kiss now.

Kishanchanji's hands were freely roaming on her body. I could see him massaging her boobs and playing with them while he was kissing her. Manisha was completely in it now and was kissing him back with passion. Their tongues were dancing around each other swapping saliva.

Next Kishanchanji grabbed her hand and put it on top of his erection. She ran her hand over his erection a few times before pulling from the kiss. She looked down to perhaps admire the length of his manhood. I could see a sense of pleasant surprise on her face. She gave his dick a gentle squeeze and with a smile playing on her lips leaned in to give him full mouth kiss again.

This was another passionate kiss they shared this night. Kishanchanji was comfortably exploring her body now and I could see him play with her boobs a lot more. He managed to knead her nipples between his thumb and middle finger. Manisha could only moan into his mouth as he very adroitly massaged her breasts.

The foreplay was getting more and more intimate now. I could see Kishanchanji's hands caressing my wife's beautiful waist under her shirt. She held his hands as they were trying to sneak under shirt towards her breasts. She pulled back when things were getting heated up beyond her control.

She sneaked a peek towards the stairs to see if anybody was watching. I lay low on the stairs to avoid getting noticed; it was dark near the staircase and hence I was confident of not getting noticed. I wondered went through her mind at that time.

Was she worried about how fast things were moving? Was she having second thoughts? While these thoughts were going through my mind, I noticed that Manisha got up from her seat and moved into kitchen to have a glass of water. She was standing at the sink when Kishanchanji moved behind her pulling her into him and grinding his dick into her ass.

Manisha leaned back against him with her head resting on his shoulder as Kishanchanji's hands moved under her shirt and covered her splendid boobs. He was squeezing her tits very hard now. Not able to stand the pressure she turned around to kiss him fervently. This time the kiss didn't last forever but it was still very passionate.

"We got to stop now. Vinit might wake up," she breathlessly whispered to him pulling away from him. Her lips only inches away from his, glistening with their exchanged saliva. Kishanchanji was still glued to her body grinding his groin into hers. "Don't worry he must be fast asleep," saying that he latched onto her lips again.

"NO..." she said pushing him away and added "he might wake up for India-Australia match."

"But there is still an hour for that," Kishanchanji pleaded

"Why don't you check on him? We could do it if he is still asleep," he suggested

Manisha relented and came upstairs to check on me. I had already moved into bed pretending to be fast asleep. She sneaked into the bed tiptoed into the bedroom to check on me. She made an attempt to switch on the lights and wake me up. Finding me fast asleep she walked out of the bedroom closing the door behind her.

I waited for couple of minutes before moving out of the bedroom. I very carefully opened the bedroom door and peeped out to see if they were in the opposite room on first floor. Not finding them there, I peeped down to see if they were in the kitchen. I couldn't find them even there. They weren't in the living room either, at least not at the earlier position. I was clueless now. Did they move to the dining room?

I descended only a few steps to check the dining room that was next to the kitchen below our master bedroom. But then I found them in the kitchen standing the other side of the sink; that place was well concealed from the staircase. One would have to come half way down the staircase to view them. It was a much riskier position for me, as I didn't have much scope of moving away if Manisha or Kishanchanji walked towards the kitchen window that faced the stairway.

It was Kishanchanji who was leaning against the kitchen platform now, while Manisha leaned into his arms, passionately smooching him. With Kishanchanji couple of inches shorter than her she was towering over him. Kishanchanji was grinding into her as they kissed. I am sure she could feel his erection through his not so thick pajamas. Kishanchanji's hands had moved from her back to her but and were gently kneading them, occasionally pulling them into his groin.

Breaking the kiss Kishanchanji said, "I love your breath," to her and added further, "they have traces of a woman in heat." Responding to him with a smile she again moved in to kiss him. The kiss didn't last for long as Kishanchanji moved towards her neck first and then towards her breasts. He had already managed to unbutton her top and her cleavage must have been amply visible to him. She was wearing a bra but that didn't completely hide her superb breasts.

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