Cuckolded by Disgusting Neighbor Ch. 04


That answered my doubt of not showering; she wanted to shower before I came home. It also answered my questions regarding the state of her well-used pussy. I wanted to ask her in what position he took her but I thought that was better left for some other time.

Without much ado I leaned forward and traced her open lips with tongue. Her body shivered as I did this. After making a few circles around her lips, I homed in on her clitoris. She loves it when I play with her clitoris and many a times I have made her orgasm just by going down on her, playing with her clitoris. This time, however, I found her squirm in pain as I did this and I heard her saying, "My pussy is very sore with Kishanchanji's onslaught. Please soothe it with your tongue."

"I don't need to cum, I have cum several times today. Just use your tongue and gently lap up my pussy."

Those words were enough to test my subservient tendencies. I knew if I had the courage to lap her pussy now, I wouldn't hesitate from doing so even if they hadn't used any protection.

Those were critical words. They were the kind of words that I had been longing to hear for such a long time. I always had this fascination of mating with my wife immediately after she had sex with somebody else. This was the first occasion when I had such an opportunity. I longed to feel every nook and corner of her body after such a session. I longed to see, smell, and taste the signs that showed that she has been used by somebody else.

I brought to her last orgasm for the day with gentle strokes of my tongue. She didn't waste any time after that and headed for a shower as soon as she had an orgasm leaving me to relieve myself. The dinner was uneventful as we both were embarrassed after our excitement subsided. Although I longed to hear the gory details of her escapades with Kishanchanji, I couldn't muster courage to ask her about that.

We didn't waste much time that night to get to bed. Manisha fell asleep as soon as she lay down. She was totally exhausted with her encounter with Kishanchanji. There was no more action planned for the whole of next week as Kishanchanji was flying early morning on Monday for some business.

I didn't fall asleep as lots of things were going through my mind that night and it was only around 2:00 pm in the night that I managed to fall asleep. I didn't have to worry about getting early next morning as it was Sunday and I deserved a day-off after working hard on the business proposal and also for soothing my wife's sore pussy.

I sleep very well usually and don't wake up very easily unless the sleep was alcohol induced, as was the case on Friday night. However, today I didn't sleep well as the scenes of Kishanchanji and Manisha mating were drifting in and out of my mind. The next day I woke up very late again. The next day was pretty uneventful as we worked on cleaning our house and running regular errands. We went out for dinner that evening and met a few of our friends.

That night we didn't waste much time and got immediately into bed for sex. The sex was hot and very rapid. Manisha was very aggressive and made me go down on her for a long time before letting me penetrate her. She used her vaginal muscles so skillfully that I couldn't last for long and within no time I ejaculated into the condom. Although, I was pretty unhappy about my performance that night, Manisha didn't mind and seemed quite contended.

Manisha moved to bathroom to cleanup after the session. She took a shower and only then came out of the bathroom. This surprised me as she never bothered to shower after sex earlier and usually preferred to catch some sleep. I felt something was fishy and went over earlier incidents to find if something unusual happened that night.

I recollected that we received a phone call as soon as we entered into the house after the dinner that night. I had to rush to bathroom to empty my bladder, while Manisha moved to pickup the phone. She had finished with phone call by the time I had returned from the bathroom. In no time after that she had initiated sex with me.

Although, her actions seemed quite innocuous only later I realized what was going on.

Again that night I couldn't get enough sleep as the scenes of Kishanchanji mounting my beautiful wife kept me awake until till around 1:00 in the night. Manisha was sound asleep after her relaxing shower. Even after falling asleep my sleep wasn't very sound and I kept on waking up until I noticed that it was 5:30 am, when I finally came out of that restless state. Not sure what brought me out of that state but Manisha was missing. She is an early riser but this was way too early for her to get out of bed.

It was pretty dark outside. Confirming that Tushar our one-year-old son was sound asleep, I got out of bed to look for Manisha. I looked into our bathroom first to see if she was inside but the door was ajar and the sink was wet confirming that she had been to the bathroom recently. I thought she must be in kitchen to have a glass of water or something. But it was pretty dark downstairs and so she wasn't there either.

I was strongly suspecting that she was with Kishanchanji; I just hoped that she wasn't at his residence. I guessed they must be using the downstairs room but then I heard some noise from the room opposite to our master bedroom. I tiptoed to the other bedroom. I could hear some rustling sounds and then I heard Manisha's voice.

"You are so incorrigible. Can't you wait for just one week? Vinit might wake up"

"No please don't"

I was wondering who it was; my guess was Kishanchanji but what was he doing so early in our house. I could hear sound of lips smacking. I could see my dick rising to the tune of smacking lips.

"So did he do it?" I could hear Kishanchanji talking to her


"Going down on you of course"

I could hear Manisha unbuckling his trousers and pulling down the rubber strap of his underwear and then I could hear slurping sounds. She was probably giving him a blowjob. I didn't understand what his question was.

"He did, right?"

"Yes!" he exclaimed

"I knew he was no man for you. He would be happy going down on his wife after his wife has sex with others," he said with lot of disdain in his voice.

It was then lot of things became clear to me. He was talking about me going down on her last night. I wondered if this was preplanned. Did Manisha wanted me to taste their mixed juices like the other husbands in so many stories we read? That comment about soothing her pussy with my tongue seemed insidious to me now.

"Did he find anything different?" he asked "Nothing as such but he confused our mixed juices to be my excitement," she said.

"Surprising, I ravaged you so much but he didn't notice," he said

"It was dark and I purposely didn't show him the state of my pussy," she said meekly.

"Did you let him penetrate you?"

"No! I already had too much for the day," she exclaimed.

I could hear the sounds of fucking now. I heard Manisha's rhythmic grunts, probably synchronized with Kishanchanji's strokes, the ones that I was unaware of. She never made such sound when we fucked. I could visualize their fucking session - Kishanchanji pleasuring Manisha. I was lost in thought when the sounds suddenly ceased. I checked my clock and already 15 minutes had passed.

I thought they were done with it and Kishanchanji might have climaxed but I hoped that he didn't. Living up to my expectations he didn't climax yet but the pause was only to change the position. Kishanchanji asked her if she liked this position.

"Not with you. With Vinit I like this position otherwise he doesn't last for long"

I could hear them giggling. She was referring to her getting on top; we frequently resorted to this position to postpone my ejaculation. Even then our fucking session barely exceeded more than 7-8 minutes. Kishanchanji already gave her a fucking of more than 15 minutes, almost 20 minutes now.

"Which position do you prefer with me?" he asked

"With you I prefer every position where you are humping me," she responded catching her breath.


"You are long and thick and I like the feeling of your penis seesawing through my cunt. And you don't cum quickly that increases and extends the pleasure."

"I have never bothered finding out my penis size. Am I bigger than your husband?"

"Oh yes!" she exclaimed, "I can feel your tip probing my cervix, trying to enter it, in missionary style. His has never reached that maiden territory. Also, you are a lot thicker than Vinit; it gives me that feeling of being full."

I was reasonably well endowed for an average Indian, just above 5 inches when fully erect. Also, I thought we had a reasonable sex life with us having sex 2-3 days in a week and each session lasting for about half-an-hour to an hour including foreplay.

"But there is something that you can never beat my husband at", I heared Manisha saying.


"Eating pussy!" she exclaimed. "He is simply amazing. He doesn't mind going on for hours and is okay doing it at any time. Doesn't mind the state and smell of my pussy."

"Yes. I know," retorted Kishanchanji and I could hear both of them chuckling.

"Now hurry up. Lets finish this," she said and I could hear some movement; perhaps they were changing positions. They have been already inside for more than 35 minutes now.

"Even, I love this position, " said Kishanchanji, "this way when I cum in you, my sperms would have to travel the least distance to make a baby in you."

"I don't understand why you are insisting on a condom," he said in desperation.

"Trust me I am clean," he said implying that our concerns were sexually transmitted diseases. Which weren't really as we were sure that he was not having any other affairs and neither did we feel that he had any visits to prostitutes.

"Trust is not the concern here. We don't want any unplanned pregnancy," she said and added, "I am out of diaphragms and pills don't suit me."

"What about planned pregnancy then?" he asked her still shafting her.

"It is too early to think of a baby as Tushar is just an year old. I want to enjoy sex as much as I can before getting into family way again," she responded to him.

Her response again surprised me. She didn't seem to be too concerned about getting pregnant from Kishanchanji. Instead she didn't want her sex life to be interrupted with another child.

"Come on don't waste much time. Give it to me!" she said urging him to fuck her harder.

Manisha's grunts were getting louder now and more rapid; they both were just about to climax, I guessed. In such a stage, I would have taken a few more seconds to ejaculate but Kishanchanji rammed her for almost 5 more minutes before climaxing. Both of them were catching their breaths now.

"What a fabulous way to begin the day!" exclaimed Kishanchanji

"Manisha, I am really grateful to you for letting me in this morning. I didn't want to wait for a week to get together with you again," he said

"The pleasure was all mine! I too would have missed you; good that you turned up early in the morning."

"Can't you postpone this trip? You would be gone for too long!" said Manisha

"I would have loved to but can't. It is an urgent matter. Lets continue after I come back," said Kishanchanji

"Hard to believe that we have made so much of progress in a couple of weeks" he continued.

Couple of weeks! That surprised me. So their intimacy had been increasing day by day and I was glad that she didn't let Kishanchanji think that she was a slut.

"Although you would have to accept that you have been pursuing me ever since you met me," retorted Manisha.

"Yes, I agree. You have been my best and longest hunt and I hope, you will be my longest affair too!" said Kishanchanji

"With the kind of equipment you have and the vigor with which you fuck me, I am sure you have quite a few years before retirement," she added emphatically.

"When did you started contemplating having an affair with me? I am sure this idea has been with you for some time," asked Kishanchanji.

"Hmm it has been with me for some time. I remember having vague thoughts about you about couple of years ago but they got crystallized only recently."

"I knew that you were interested in me and wouldn't let any opportunity pass by," Manisha continued.

"Now that you have sampled my equipment, do you agree that conceiving from me is a good idea?" asked Kishanchanji

"That is a tough question to answer!" she quickly replied

"There is no doubt that sex with you is very exciting and fulfilling and I wish I had succumbed to your advances two years ago," and then to my utter surprise she added, "and Tushar had been a product of an unplanned pregnancy during such a hot encounter with you and not with Vinit."

A semblance of sanity restored as she further added, "However bringing a child in this world is no trivial matter and the decision to have one needs to be taken with due diligence and care."

I was happy to know that my wife was being pragmatic. But letting Kishanchanji know about her wishes to be impregnated by him surprised me. I thought she didn't want to get pregnant from him. Looking back at our conversations she had tactfully avoided answering that specific question as to whether she would like to conceive from him.

"But you had earlier said that Tushar was a result of an unplanned pregnancy!" Kishanchanji countered her.

"Yes he was."

"So, there could be another unplanned one. What is the problem with that?" he said playfully.

"Not really as during my fertile time I insist on double protection - diaphragm and condom."

"Besides do you want our sex life to be interrupted with a child?" she asked him.

"I not only want to have lots of sex with you but I also want the sessions to be fruitful," he added thoughtfully.

"I want to have a child with a beautiful woman like you."

"Well only time will tell if you get such a privilege or not."

"Now hurry up it is getting very late, you might miss out your flight and even Vinit might wake up."

I quickly moved into our bedroom and waited for Manisha to return. She wasn't long.

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Best part of this is how stupid the female is. Did she even go to school? You could build a house with all the stones in her head.

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