tagLoving WivesCuckolded by Disgusting Neighbor Ch. 05

Cuckolded by Disgusting Neighbor Ch. 05


Continued from Chapter 4. Please read earlier chapters to get the context.

Manisha was sound asleep after her brief interlude with Kishanchanji this morning. However, the comparison between Kishanchanji and me were playing in my head. I wondered if she praised Kishanchanji only to make him feel better? Did she really find that disgusting guy so attractive? Why didn't she let him know that conceiving from him was out of question? Could she even contemplate of conceiving from such a nasty guy? All these questions were popping in my mind while Manisha was sound asleep after her morning rendezvous with Kishanchanji.

I felt our sex life was great and bringing another male into our relationship was only to add some excitement to our lives. I still couldn't quite comprehend why she chose him in the first place. He is not at all attractive and I wonder how she smooches him. While my dick does get excited by the visions of them swapping saliva, my conscientious mind despises me for getting excited about it. I started to wonder if she had purposely chosen him as a mate to humiliate me. He was gifted with a majestic cock, though, and I admire Manisha's instincts in picking up such a well-endowed guy. At the same time I wondered if size mattered at all? The sounds I heard this morning were something very different from what I am used to. But then it could also be that she was feeling slight discomfort due to his excessive size.

I thought the orgasms were a result of the novelty and forbidden factor of the sessions between Kishanchanji and her. I conjured up numerous arguments to counter Kishanchanji's superiority in the sex department. How could such a physically unfit and aged person be better than a man in thirties? He harbored a potbelly and never exercised so it made me wonder if he really was that good. On the other hand, I was fit and trim and had a decent sized cock. More importantly, my wife, till now, never complained about my performance in the bedroom.

The more I thought of it the more I agonized over who was better in bed for Manisha. Given a choice whom would she prefer to have sex with? Would she prefer to conceive from Kishanchanji given a choice? I knew these were difficult questions to answer but without getting an answer my mind wouldn't rest in peace.

Next day, I wanted to confront her regarding her preference in this matter. I knew I was impatient and always messed up things in a hurry to settle scores. So, I retreated to my study room after breakfast to think over it at length before I broached up the topic with her. I was working from home that day.

Around noon, I came up with a brilliant idea that would put rest to my doubts - one way or another. I wanted to get an honest opinion from Manisha - if she would have crossed the line to conceive from Kishanchanji were there no societal restrictions. I had to involve her in the conversation before I broached up this sensitive issue, though. I had to bring it up inconspicuously but with some seriousness to get an honest answer from her.

Post lunch, I moved to our study room to work on some pending items from office and Manisha was feeding Tushar in our bedroom. It wasn't long before Manisha joined me in the study room. We were both fresh as we had lots of sleep in the night after our frantic sex which didn't last for long.

I was working on my laptop while Manisha was applying skin lotion to her legs on the sofa next too my study table. The sight was incredible - Her hands gliding over her slender long legs with some trace of body hair, a sign of virility in Indian women. Unlike other Indian women she was fairly tall and wasn't bulky, although after Tushar she did put on some weight but that only added to her voluptuousness. Her body showed no signs of motherhood but the signs that Kishanchanji left were still showing clearly – couple of hickeys on her neck.

She was lost in thought and didn't notice that I was watching her. I asked, "What are you thinking?" waking her up from her reverie.

"Ah," she responded coming out of her thoughts. As our eyes met her smile widened and her rosy lips made way for her perfect white teeth. It was a smile that could captivate any man. I couldn't imagine how lucky Kishanchanji must have been to not only those lovely lips but also penetrate them with his dick.

"Nothing. Just thinking how much our relationship has matured in the past 4 years," she said after a pregnant pause.

Indeed we had matured marvelously into a perfectly happy couple; a startling contrast to Indian marriages, which were usually punctuated with numerous fights and separations. Our marriage had been rock solid. It was, perhaps, this faith in our relationship that gave us the courage to charter into such a forbidden territory. Such kind of experimentation is uncommon in India, if not rare. I was sure she was referring to this bold step of ours with that remark.

"Did you think I would live your fantasy some day," she asked me.

"Actually, no. But you see hope never dies," I said smiling back to her.

"Even I never thought I could live "our" fantasy," she said with clear emphasis on "our" part.

"So, it finally became your fantasy too," I said hinting towards my persistence that broke her resolve.

"Yes your constant persuasion made me contemplate about it and I enjoyed the thought of being center of attraction," she said

"You were pretty happy with it being a fantasy though," I said taking the credit for the new turn our relationship had taken.

"Yes I was," she said and then added after some thought, "But the erotic stories that we read on the Internet were too enticing."

"Were you as keen to live the fantasy, though," I asked

"Not as keen but I was excited at the prospect of being penetrated by someone else," she added bringing sexual overtone to our conversation. I was happy the way conversation was progressing.

"Since when did you start contemplating living our fantasy?"

"Don't exactly remember but it was definitely after Tushar's birth."

"I remember," I said and paused for a thought and added, "I had started pursuing this very aggressively after Tushar's birth. I felt we should live our fantasies before our children grew up."

"Actually, it wasn't because of your constant pressure. That I could handle," she said and then after collecting her thoughts she added meekly, "It was more because somebody pursued me very aggressively after Tushar's birth," countering me.

"Who that lecher Kishanchanji?" I asked. A rhetorical question, though. Her pouted lips partly opened to answer me but then she opted to just nod.

"I guess after giving birth to Tushar I transformed into a complete woman," she clarified.

It was true that Tushar's birth had transformed her from a girl into woman. She looks like a woman in her prime and fertile enough to deliver a cricket team.

"A woman, who could awaken Kishanchanji's desires after a long period of celibacy.

"A woman, whom he couldn't let just pass by!" she exclaimed patting herself for driving a 45-year old to pursue her so aggressively that she had no choice but to succumb to his advances.

"Well, I wouldn't blame him," I said agreeing with her views as I moved to the sofa and sat astride behind her, gently embracing her from behind.

"Anybody who gets close to you would have such an urge. Moreover you indeed have transformed into a much desirable woman," I said in a playful tone moving her hands towards her magnificent breasts.

"Oh! Stop it," Manisha said brushing aside my compliments and my hands.

"I really mean it!" I said almost pleading but this time my hands just besides her.

"In just one year you have gone back to your original shape. No one could tell that you have a 1-year old son," I said justifying my compliments.

"Anyway, his relentless pursuit broke my resolve and I gave in to his advances that day."

"It wasn't as if there were no conversations with sexual innuendos earlier."

"But that night desire and opportunity were at a peak and I offered him the much awaited kiss," she added as she got from her seat and took the opposite seat on the chair.

"And then nature took its course," I completed her sentence smiling.

"I had to succumb to his advances that night as otherwise it would have sent a strong negative signal to him," she elaborated.

The opportunity was there. I was in an inebriated state and was quite unlikely to wake up from that state of drunken stupor. However, I was not quite sure what she meant by her desire being at peak. So, I asked, "Understandably the opportunity was there but what exactly do you mean by your desire being at peak?"

I could see Manisha blush in response to my innocuous question. I noticed her beautiful eyelashes and her deep dark brown eyes as she stole glances at me while staring at our well-polished marble floor. Her cheeks were visibly red – a sign of excitement and embarrassment.

"Don't ask such a naive question, VINIT?" she pleaded.

I was completely clueless and didn't know what she meant. So, I asked, "What?" I exclaimed not knowing how to respond.

"Aren't you aware how excitable women are that time of the month?" she meekly responded lowering her eyelids.

I wasn't quite sure what she was hinting at. Was she talking about her menstrual period? I was lost in thought trying to understand what she implied to which she responded, "What?" Looking into my eyes initially playfully but then guessing that I had no clue what she was talking about she almost yelled,

"Vinit, I was in the middle of fertile period, damn it!"

It was very surprising that although, her talk about breeding with Kishanchanji tremendously excited me, I couldn't figure out such a no-brainer even after getting an hint. More importantly, it dawned on me that her periods must have started very recently.

She didn't have her periods since Tushar's birth till now due to her constant breastfeeding, which acts as a natural contraceptive. I am sure she was neither ovulating as she got it tested couple of months back due to her concern about her periods not starting even after 10 months. I was dumb enough to not realize that this morning when I eavesdropped on their session as well where she talked about using a condom to avoid pregnancy. Things were falling in place now!

"I guess then all that talk of breeding must have excited you," I said not realizing how to continue the conversation.

"Indeed! It did it for me. I couldn't have perhaps mustered courage to embark on this affair if the timing hadn't been right," she said rising from her chair and walking aimlessly in the study room.

"Did Kishanchanji know about this?" I asked innocuously.

"NO," she almost screamed, "He didn't!"

"Although, I guess he might have sensed it," she said using her womanly instincts. She was pacing the room at a leisurely pace as she thought over the events.

"As far as I remember your periods hadn't resumed," I said probing her to find when her periods commenced again.

"They commenced last month," she responded calmly.

I was curious to know what started her ovulation and periods all of a sudden. We had been having lots of sex for past 3-4 months but that never triggered her periods. Also, her breastfeeding didn't reduce significantly to trigger it.

My hopes were sinking now, as Manisha was very excited at the prospect of having sex with Kishanchanji during her fertile period. Made me wonder if she subconsciously enjoyed the thought of copulating with him during that period, perhaps risking pregnancy. Worst, I wondered if Kishanchanji's relentless pursuit triggered her ovulation? Is such a thing possible? Can the desire to mate with a person trigger ovulation in a female under such conditions? Not sure if I had heard something of that sort in animal kingdom yet.

It was about two months back when she finally agreed to live our fantasy and it makes me wonder if she agreed due to Kishanchanji's advances, which she found difficult to resist. More importantly, did her womanly instincts forced her to ovulate before she considered mating with this nomadic lion? Would she have risked bareback sex with Kishanchanji if I hadn't woken up? I was presuming that both weren't prepared for such an eventuality and wouldn't have had protection measures handy.

Her Saturday session with Kishanchanji must have been really hot and raunchy. No wonder, he came home for another session in the wee hours this morning. I wondered if I should have eavesdropped on their Saturday session or perhaps secretly watched them making it out. My admiration for Kishanchanji grew leaps and bounds as all this went through my mind.

Not wanting to stall the conversation, I asked her, "Was it always Kishanchanji in your fantasies?" changing the topic slightly.

"No! But his were the most compelling and recurring ones."

"Didn't you fantasize about Amirchanji then?" I asked her surprised by her response.

"Actually, I masturbated thinking about him the very day I met him," she responded with a little apprehension in her voice as she looked into my eyes to judge my response.

I was surprised with Manisha's candid response to my question. She seemed to be in an incredible mood after the morning session with Kishanchanji. Our relationship seemed to have evolved to a point where she could openly admit of her preferences for potential mates. Amirchanji indeed was pretty good looking and was in very good shape for his age.

"What about you?" she asked immediately not wanting me to pick on her reply to earlier question.

"Who was humping me in your fantasies?" she asked.

"I always thought of a young attractive male having sex with you.

"So, I fantasized you sleeping with such younger, attractive males in our friends circle but no one in particular," I said.

"Why didn't you opt for Amirchanji then?" I asked her continuing on our earlier thread.

"We hardly know Amirchanji," she said almost in desperation perhaps hinting that she would have been interested in starting her extramarital life with him.

"Hence I couldn't trust him with such an important secret," she said thoughtfully.

"Moreover, I always felt Kishanchanji deserved the privilege of being my first extramarital lover – a credit to his persistence!" she said countering my earlier guess. There was pin drop silence as she said this. I could clearly hear our heart beats pacing at a blistering pace. And then she meticulously added carefully sitting on the edge of the chair, "It was Kishanchanji who sensed a woman in heat that evening."

"He didn't let go of me even for a moment that evening," she said. Her voice trembling and her throat chocked as she said that. Clearing her throat she further added, "He adroitly seduced me in a matter of minutes in our very house."

I noted that evening that Kishanchanji and Manisha were hanging together most of the time and that is what initially pissed me off and I got myself drunk. I shouldn't have any objection though, since that triggered their affair. Her talk now reminded me how much a male of species guards 'his' female in her fertile period ensuring that nobody else gets to mate with her.

Manisha emphasized how skillful Kishanchanji was in grabbing the moment. I wondered if he could sense that Manisha was in heat – would that have mattered to him? I really wondered how he must have arranged to be back in our house after moving me to our bedroom. Both Manisha and Kishanchanji had changed by the time I had woken up. Did Manisha invite him for a coffee or did he get himself invited?

Bringing myself to earlier thread, Amirchanji and Kishanchanji were contrasting characters – only similarity was their business acumen. I wondered what Manisha found attractive in each of them.

"Manisha," I broached up the topic, "Amirchanji and Kishanchanji are so very different and it is not clear to me what you find attractive about them?" I put forward innocently.

"I never realized that," she said

"Good that you asked. Let me think about it."

"I found both of them to be very focused," she said


"I mean both were interested in me and pursued me relentlessly," she clarified.

"More importantly, both of them had the knack to deal with women," she tactfully added.

"But those are the similarities?" I retorted.

"Their behaviors were very different. While Kishanchanji was a lecher and did things surreptitiously Amirchanji had certain haughtiness and preferred to be straightforward.

"Amirchanji had tremendous confidence. He made me feel desirable but never went overboard.

"Kishanchanji on the other hand always took an additional step to make me feel prized.

"Both of them seemed to be domineering kind but Kishanchanji was a bit smarter at achieving his objectives. He was willing to make concessions to meet his objectives. Amirchanji on the other hand wanted total supremacy and didn't budge from his stance."

She was spot on with her final sentence. That was the key difference between Kishanchanji and Amirchanji. With her thorough analysis, I wondered what it would be for Manisha to experience Amirchanji on the side. I was getting a bit greedy now and wanted to perhaps see both of them having sex with Manisha. Made me wonder if she could handle the attention of three people? Although, Manisha had opted for these two people from a practical perspective, I wondered if she found anyone more attractive in particular.

"Looks wise who do you find more attractive?" I asked her, an obvious question.

"Each of them is attractive in their own way," she replied to my utter surprise.

"Amirchanji is obviously attractive," she justified

"He is tall with a lean structure for his age and gifted with sharp features and fair complexion."

"Kishanchanji on the other hand is a sharp contrast!" she stated the obvious.

"Nevertheless, his dark skin has an appeal that I find difficult, if not impossible, to resist.

"The prospect of letting this short, stocky figure mount you would send a chill through the spine of any beautiful woman," she said contradicting herself.

"Yet it is the same forbidden thought that I find irresistible!"

"So, it is the stark contrast of complexion that arouses you," I asked inquisitively. Incidentally, I too found the stark contrast in their complexions quite arousing. Her rosy pink lips just inches away from his dark purple monster were an incredible sight.

"It is not just his dark complexion."

"Beautiful women are not supposed to be having sex with such a despicable looking man," she said.

"It is the thought of letting such a man mate with you in an extramarital affair did it for me!" she said in-between her labored breathing.

"And that too in the middle of my fertile period," she added further hitting right on the head of nail.

"So, you find Kishanchanji more attractive than Amirchanji," I said putting things together, brushing aside her remarks of being in the middle of fertile period. Somehow, I was not very comfortable with discussing this thing with her now. As more information became available, I wondered if it made any sense to even broach up the subject so early. More importantly, it seemed that I would be on the loosing end anyway. Again, if she had already made up her mind then there was no point hiding from it either, so I just thought of continuing it.

"I find the thought of having sex with Kishanchanji forbidden," she said clarifying, "Otherwise, Amirchanji is more attractive and had Kishanchanji been attractive like him, I would have opted for Amirchanji."

"I wonder how you could manage to kiss Kishanchanji if you find him so despicable?"

"That is what makes it so exciting. Letting a despicable lecher suck nectar from my rosy lips."

"I guess the sucking is both ways," I said hinting towards the involvement of both parties in a kiss.

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