Cuckolded By My Son


"So, he likes to watch how a real man does it," Adam grinned at his mother, not even turning his attention on me, "Very well then. He has to strip and sit beside the bed. He can watch me fuck you, mum, but he can't touch himself or you until I say so."

"You heard him," my wife said, turning to me, "Do as he says."

"Thank you," I said, pathetically grateful for the chance to watch my hunky son fuck my hot wife once more, "Thank you so much for letting me watch."

As I stripped from my clothes, I could see that their attention was already on each other once more. I watched as my son pulled his mother into a passionate embrace, kissing her repeatedly on her full, pink lips as he slid the crimson satin chemise she wore from her shoulders, sliding it down her body onto the floor, revealing those huge, round breasts that had once suckled him as a baby and now proceeded to do the same again as he began to flick his tongue across her pert, erect nipples as she arched her back towards him and moaned. I could see sitting on my chair beside the bed that she was wearing no panties, indeed she was naked except for black stockings and suspenders framing her large, round arse nicely.

"Mmmm, yes, son, your lips feel so gooood on my breasts," my wife moaned.

"You have such beautiful, big, round tits, mum," my son responded, cupping them and caressing them with his big, firm hands, "I love your curves, your soft feminine body. My hot, beautiful, yummy mummy. That sweet body of yours has only become sexier as you've grown older and I've grown more able to appreciate you, see how much more beautiful my sexy mother is than other women. I want you soooo bad mum, sooo much more than girls my age."

By now, he was rubbing his hand over her wet pussy and she had reached out for his hard cock, stroking his shaft as he spoke soft words filled with incestuous lust in her ear. Meanwhile, my own naked member was becoming harder and more aroused.

"Ohhh yes, honey, I want you too, my hot, hard son," Laura moaned, "I want you to fuck me, boy, fuck me hard, make me scream and moan for your pathetic, sissy daddy there!"

Adam pushed her back onto the bed right in front of me and she opened her stocking clad legs wide and inviting. He knelt between her legs and held his firm, erect, monster cock at the mouth of her wet, waiting pussy. Looking briefly at me with a look of triumph, he slid his trembling, veiny cock inside my wife's pussy, making her gasp.

"Ahhhh, that's it honey," she sighed, "You feel soooo good inside me."

He bent over her prostrate, naked body, pushing his chest against her large, round breasts, and kissed her on the neck as he slid the full length of his big, hard cock up inside her. I watched his tight arse rise back as he withdrew a little from her pussy before shafting her harder and deeper and making her whimper with pleasure once more. He was now kneeling up over her, running his eyes over her curvy body as his hands held her wide hips and he thrust his dick in and out of her wet pussy, while she wrapped her stockinged legs around his back and rubbed her large, round breasts, moaning and crying out in pleasure.

"Yes, yes. Oh yes. Fuck me, honey, fuck mummy's nice, wet cunt!"

Once more, I was watching as my son fucked his mother, my wife, only this time I wasn't tied to a chair. This time I could have done something, I could have got up and stopped them. What they were doing was so wrong, so twisted and dirty. It wasn't just my wife cuckolding me before my own eyes, it was her doing it with our son, and they were really enjoying it. I should have stood up for myself, should have stepped in and put a stop to it, but once again I was rooted to my chair. Not tied with rope this time, but stuck none the less, fascinated by what was happening and, let's face it, incredibly turned on, by both the sexy sights of these two very sexy people fucking inches away from me, and the humiliation of watching my son screw his mother. I felt dizzy and light headed, all the blood seemed to be rushing from my head to my cock, which was absolutely rock hard. I had never been this turned on before and I wasn't even involved in the sex that was happening right then in my own bed with my own wife.

"Mmmm," my wife moaned, turning briefly to look in my direction, after the instructions that my son had given I was trying desperately not to start stroking my hard, firm meat, "I can see you like what you see, you dirty little sissy man," she said to me, "You like watching our son fuck me silly. Oh yes, that's it, he's fucking me soooo good. He feels sooo big and hard inside me. Our son is a fuck-god and I love him riding my pussy!"

I just continued to stare open mouthed. I knew that they knew quite how much I was getting off on this and that my son and my wife now knew that they could do whatever they wanted and taunt and tease me about it and, rather than be pissed off, I'd be really turned on. Eagerly, I drank in the sight of my wife's hot body, rocking back and forth as my son fucked her harder and harder, her massive breasts jiggling around. I ran my eyes down from her breasts towards her pussy, where I could see Adam's thick, hard cock entering her. There, I just stopped and stared for a long while, it was quite a sight to behold.

At first I had thought that the turn on had been all about seeing my beautiful wife get a really good seeing to, seeing her hot body writhing in sexual ecstasy. But, now I was beginning to realise that it was as much of a turn-on to observe the studly prowess of my hunky, hung son as he ploughed his thick meat into his mother's pussy. That cock was incredible, hard, veiny and throbbing, a good eight inches in length and very thick, I could see why it gave my wife such pleasure to feel it inside her, frankly just looking at it was making my own little, inadequate cock cry out for release, but it would be Adam who'd get that first.

"Uh, ahhh, oh, mum, you're so hot, I can't hold back much longer," he gasped, "I'm gonna cum for you, mum!"

"Oh yes," his mother moaned, "Cum for me, honey, cum on my tits, cover me with your juices. I want your sissy daddy to see me soaked in your manly cum!!"

Adam pulled out of her pussy and moved so he was kneeling astride her with his cock in his hand, stroking it as it dangled over the enormous globes of her bosom. I couldn't help myself and leaned in closer and closer to my wife's round breast and my son's hard dick as, all of a sudden, a stream of white cum shot from the swollen head of my son's cock in a stream that landed from his mother's cleavage up to her chin. He continued to stroke it until he had covered her breasts with glistening, sticky juices.

I began to remember the night before and eating the creampie he had left inside my wife's pussy, how much I had loved both the taste and the submissive humiliation of it. I knew now just what I wanted. I leaned forward from my sitting place and began to kiss and lick my wife's breasts, licking up my son's cum even as he continued to shoot his load on the great expanse of soft female flesh. My wife giggled to see me eagerly lick our son's cum from her body but I didn't mind, I was in heaven, loving every second.

I turned to look up and my son's fine, sculpted body. I felt so submissive, kneeling there as he bent over me and my wife, looking up at his perfect body and monster cock from my low down position. As his cock continued to twitch, a stream of cum hit me across the face and I licked it from my cheek with a big grin. Before I really knew what I was doing, I had turned my attention from my wife's beautiful breasts to my son's dominant cock. My tongue flicked out to catch his cum and suddenly I found myself kissing the head of his cock, licking around inside it. This new surprising pleasure, however, was short lived.

Adam pushed me violently away from his dick, glistening with his cum from his recent ejaculation. I looked up at him with pleading, enquiring eyes.

"Fuck, dad, you may be a complete sissy fag, but that doesn't mean your son is," he said, nastily, "I don't want a man going down on my cock. This beast is saved for the hot women. Sexy creatures like mum. Unless you can be a hot woman too then you can stay well away from this!"

"What?" I said, "I don't understand."

Laura, topless and with her tits still sticky with the cum I had not completely lapped up, turned a slightly more friendly eye to me, "It is a lovely, tasty cock, isn't it, sissy?" she said, "All you need do to taste some is be a sexy woman. I'm sure you can manage that..."

"Huh?" I still didn't get it.

"Doll yourself up, silly," my wife said, "Give yourself a sexy makeover. You want a taste of cock, get the look of a cocksucking sissy slut and he's bound to go for it."

Now I was beginning to see what she was driving at. A couple of days ago, the whole thought would have sickened me but I was a different man now and I was in a very different family situation. Now, I was only too willing to be manipulated by my sexy wife and studly son to do whatever they wanted and I was only too eager to humiliate myself before them to get a taste of my son's sweet spunk.

Laura went over to her closet, and took out some of her lingerie, heels and a blonde, shoulder length wig I had never seen before and ushered me into the hallway.

"Make sure you do a good job," she said, with a warning tone, "He doesn't want you looking like some fag in drag. You'll only get the cock if you come back looking like a hot slut."

Once again, I felt a little unsure of how we had got to this stage and knew that if I had any sense, let alone any remaining manliness, then I would put a stop to this, then I would just leave now and never look back on my wife and son and their sordid incest games. But, I didn't, all the while I had been thinking this, I had walked into the bathroom, stripped out of my male clothes and was running the soft satin of the babydoll my wife had handed me. I barely realised what I was doing, I was by now so receptive to any suggestion made by my wife and son, I would do anything to be a part of that dirty incestuous fun I had just been thinking was so wrong.

I stood in the bathroom looking at my reflection in the mirror. I certainly couldn't see how I could make myself over to become a hot woman. Sure, I had dainty, soft features but I was pretty convinced of my masculinity. Mind you, there was a lot that I had been pretty convinced of that the last few days had moved me on from. I found myself beginning to picture myself as a woman, with a curvy big breasted body like my wife's, draped in flimsy satin lingerie. I had to admit, the thought was something of a turn on. Then, I imagined my son's big, hard cock and my lips, painted in slutty scarlet lipstick going down on it. I shook my head, part of me shocked and disturbed by the lengths to which my fantasies had gone, but most of me thrilling to try it.

I was kind of surprised at how quickly this strange new idea had taken hold of me. I guess my wife was right, I had become a total submissive sissy, in total thrall to her hot, sensual curves and my son's hard body and harder cock. If dressing like a woman was what it took to get to taste my son's thick meat then I would do it. But, it wasn't just that, I was really starting to get turned on just at the thought of me as a submissive woman, yearning, begging for cock like a dirty whore.

I got into the shower and washed my body completely clean. A thought occurred to me and, using my wife's razor, I shaved off all my body hair until my legs were silky smooth. Drying myself off, I admired my hairless body, already looking more feminine. Looking in the mirror, I fished through Laura's make up and began to apply some to my face. I wasn't very good at it and I ended up applying a lot more than I thought with thick, dark eyeshadow and bright red lips. Still, it did go someway to making me look like a cheap whore, the kind of dirty slut that I think my incestuous family were after. In the shoulder length blonde wig my wife had given me, I actually did look quite convincingly like a woman. I smiled at my reflection, this was better than I had dared hope. I was kind of sexy. I gave myself a naughty grin, I was beginning to turn myself on just by looking at myself.

Finally, I slipped on the crimson coloured babydoll that my wife had given me. Obviously I didn't have her incredible figure but I attempted to fill out the cups with tissue paper. I also had a little red thong that I slid up my newly smooth legs and over my now quite hard cock. The feel of satin on my skin was very sensual and really managed to get me completely imagining myself as a hot slut desperate for my son's cock. Finally, I put my feet into the shoes, a surprisingly good fit although walking in the four inch heels was a little difficult at first. They did, however, enhance the femininity of my legs, making them look quite shapely really.

Delighted with my new appearance and the promise of what was to come of it, I eagerly tottered in my heels from the bathroom, back to the bedroom, where my wife in her stockings was cuddling up to my naked son on the bed, her huge, round breasts pressed against his firm muscular chest. They both looked up as I came in dressed in babydoll, heels and wig.

"Wow, sissy," my son laughed, "I didn't really think you'd go through with that. You must be desperate for cock. I can't believe my dad's such a queer little slut!"

"Yeah, but he does make a sexy bitch, doesn't he honey?" my wife giggled, I blushed and my hard cock twitched in excitement.

My son got up and walked over to me, looking me over, his hard, naked body just inches away from mine. I was quivering with eager anticipation as my hung son ran his eyes over my body, barely concealed by the babydoll. There was a small but distinct bulge growing in the front, through the material of my thong, as my erection grew harder.

"Alright, sissy, you'll do," my son grinned, "You look enough of a dirty slut whore to suck my hard cock. Come over here mum, you can teach that sissy ex husband of yours how to suck your son's big, hard dick."

My wife came over and knelt beside me, the two of us looking like a pair of hot women, totally submitting to this one hard cock in front of us. She gave me a little teasing smile before diverting her attention back to our son's thick, throbbing meat. She reached her hand up and began to stroke along the length of the shaft. Licking her lips, she bent her head down to kiss the swollen, purple head.

"Come on sissy, I'll show you how to worship your son's incredible cock," she said, smiling at me before licking along the underside of his shaft.

I reached over with my hand and followed hers in holding my son's dick and stroking up and down the cock. I had never masturbated anyone but myself and my son's cock was significantly longer and thicker than mine, my hand barely reached around its full thickness. Still, it was a thrill to feel it, warm and hard and alive in my hand, my own cock was getting ever harder at the sensation of playing a dirty slut, pleasuring a hard cock.

Following my wife's lead, I leaned my head in until I was right on top of my son's meat, it looked even more huge this close up, the veins running along it sticking out before my eyes. Tentatively at first, I stuck out my tongue to lick the warm, hard flesh. As my wife began to wrap her lips around our son's cock, taking the head inside her mouth and circling her tongue around it. I began to lick up and down the length of my son's shaft. Adam, meanwhile, was having the time of his life, as his cock was worshipped by the mouths of both of his parents, dolled up in sexy lingerie.

"Oh yeah," he moaned, "Come on, suck your son's hard cock. That's it sissy. You never made much of a dad, but you take to being a cocksucking sissy pretty easily. You must take after your wife, she gives great head, you know."

I kissed my son's dick and was thrilled to see the mark of my bright red lipstick smudged on his shaft, a reminder of the dolled up slut I had become this evening. Meanwhile, my wife was taking about half our son's hard length into her mouth and going up and down on it, bobbing her head back and forth as I drooled all over the remaining length, using my hand now to play with his balls, massaging them in the hope of encouraging some of that thick, tasty cum once more to shoot out across my face and my wife's gorgeous tits.

"Mmmm, mum, you suck cock soooo goood," he moaned again, "But let the sissy have her go too. I want to see what my former daddy can do now he's a sluttish whore."

My wife let Adam's cock slip from between her lips and moved over so she was kissing his shaft and then taking his balls in her mouth.

"Oh honey, I love the taste of your cock sooo much, my hot, studly son, I could just suck you all day long," she said, "Let's see what your sissy daddy can do."

I now took my wife's place, with my son's firm, thick member sticking right in my face. My wet, painted mouth was barely big enough to fit around his thickness, but I did, taking the head into the moist warmth of my mouth, licking my tongue inside his foreskin to taste the salty pre-cum. This egged me on, making me think of the delicious taste and delightful humiliation that would be in store for me if I got my hunky son to blow his load all over my made up, feminised face. I might not have been as skilled as my wife at going down on a monster cock, but I was eager. And I managed to take a decent amount of my son's length down my throat before withdrawing and taking it back in.

"Ahhh," I gasped for air, letting my son's manhood slip from my mouth for a moment, "I love your cock, son, it's incredible! Now I know why my wife had to turn her back on me and turn to loving this incredible meat!"

"Shut up, sissy, and suck it," my son commanded, taking hold of my face and pushing me back down, deeper onto his dick.

"That's it," my wife giggled, covering the rest of his shaft with soft kisses, "Oh yeah, the sissy's really loving it now, getting face fucked, having her throat invaded by her son's meat."

There was little I could do but kneel there and take it, staring up at my son's strong, imposing form, as he shoved his dick in and out of my red lips, fucking my throat, making me understand who was in control, who wore the trousers in my household and who were just the cock loving whores. There was nothing I could do to stop my son violating my mouth, but I didn't care, I loved submitting to his hard manhood. As he continued to fuck my mouth, I reached my hand down and began to rub my own rock hard dick through the sensual satin of the babydoll I still wore. My cock was straining against the little red thong I had on underneath but I loved the feel of it. I could tell that I was going to cum myself soon.

"Oh, aaah, aaaaaaah," my son grunted, "You'd better be ready for cum, sissy, because it's coming soon. Oh fuck, yeah, OH Here it comes!!"

He pulled his massive member from my mouth and my wife started to furiously jerk him off.

"Cum for me honey," she sighed, "Cum all over your sissy slut daddy's face!"

"Oh yes, my studly son, please cover me with your warm, sticky cum!" I sighed and pleaded.

And that seemed to be enough to send him over the edge. Suddenly I felt a stream of warm liquid hit me in the face. My wife continued to stroke Adam's cock, milking him for as much cum as he could give. Meanwhile, he continued to shoot his load, covering my face with his salty, sticky juices. I licked my lips and opened my mouth wide, hoping to catch my son's tasty cum inside. My wife now joined, kneeling beside me, hoping to get herself a little of my son's spunk. Soon her face was as sticky as mine and her grin almost as wide.

Meanwhile the erotic thrill of my son's cum filling my mouth was enough to send me over the edge as well. My hand rubbing my hard little dick through my satin thong made me spill my own load, creaming inside my sexy lingerie. My wife noticed the "o" of pleasure on my painted red lips and followed it obviously down my satin clad body to where there was a clear wet patch in my crotch.

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