tagLoving WivesCuckolded by Our Landlord Ch. 04

Cuckolded by Our Landlord Ch. 04


I woke up stiff in more ways than one the next day - I'd certainly have to try and make the sofa more comfortable with the amount of time I was likely to be spending on it from now on. Creeping into our bedroom where Sally was still fast asleep, I found her dirty knickers on the floor. I crept back out and went back to my sofa and sniffed them, enjoying the smell of her well fucked cunt and the crusty spunk stains that covered the crotch.

Holding them to my nose I continued to breathe in the dirty smells of sex and wanked myself off as slowly as I could in my permanently excited state. I felt my cock twitching and slowed up a bit not wanting to cum just yet, but as my breathing grew more ragged the crotch of the knickers fell into my open mouth. That's when I got my first taste of spunk...and I was hooked immediately. I hungrily sucked at the crotch of my girlfriend's dirty spunk stained knickers and blew my load all over my hand and belly.

Just then a click brought me back to reality, opening my eyes I saw Sally standing looking at me with a smirk on her face.

"Cup of tea?" She asked laughing openly.

"Yeah please," I mumbled looking everywhere but at her.

"Only after you've cleaned up," she said.

I made a move towards the tissues on the table but she stopped me. "Ah...ah...eat it all up like a good boy."

I looked down at my cum covered hand and then back at her.

"Come on you seemed to like the taste a minute ago."

She smiled as she watched me tentatively lift my hand to my mouth and take a few small licks, God it tasted good, I quickly sucked and licked the rest up getting every last drop with my fingers and stuffing it into my mouth.

"Derek said you'd like it, now we know that you do we might give you a bit of a treat later."

Sally turned back to making a cup of tea and headed off for a bath soon after leaving mine on the side. I did my pants back up and took my tea wondering what the treat was.

That evening was much like previous ones. I was left outside the bedroom door with my cock in my hand listening to the squeaking of our bed as Derek the fat forty something landlord fucked my eighteen year old girlfriend senseless. I timed my wank almost to perfection and came just as I heard Derek's quickened thrusts stop as he groaned and unloaded another wad of his hot spunk into Sally's cunt.

I hungrily licked my sperm off my hand savouring it's delicious salty taste, but just as I was finishing up the bedroom door opened and Derek stood over me smirking. "Get in here boy," he growled.

I stood quickly pulling my pants up from around my ankles and slunk into our bedroom. My girlfriend was lying on her back on our bed with her legs splayed wide and her glistening wet cunt hanging open.

"Sally says you like the taste of spunk," laughed Derek. "Well there's plenty in there for you boy so get your tongue up her cunt and clean her out before I fuck her again."

Sally just moaned gently and began to pinch and rub her nipples as I clambered onto the bed. I could smell her cunt from five feet away and now I'd got a bit closer I could see Derek's cum dribbling out from between her cunt lips and onto the sheets.

"Hurry up we haven't got all fuckin day!" Derek barked.

My cock was rock hard again by the time I got my head between my girlfriend's thighs. I breathed in the intoxicating smells between her legs and began to lap at her open hole. The mixture of Derek's cum and Sally's juices was the most amazing thing I had ever tasted and I lapped hungrily at her cunt. I heard Derek laughing behind me but I didn't care, Sally was grinding her crotch into my face and I was sucking all of his delicious spunk into my mouth and swallowing greedily.

All too soon it was over Derek dragging me off the bed and taking his place between my girlfriend's thighs once more. Panting, I watched as he sunk his thick stiff old cock back into her loose wet cunt and started to fuck her with long slow strokes. Sally moaned beneath him still playing with her tits, begging him to fuck her harder and faster.

Derek turned to me still pumping his cock into her, "There'll be another load for you in a minute, just you stand there and watch how a real man fucks your woman."

With that Derek speeded up his pounding until he was hammering into Sally's cunt with hard skin slaps that rang around the flat. She moaned and whimpered as she was fucked hard into the spunk stained mattress still begging for him to fuck her even harder.

"Dirty fuckin cunt," he growled and slapped her tits hard.

"Oh fuck yeah," Sally gasped.

Derek proceeded to slap her tits around as he fucked her hard and fast. I'd started to wank again and as soon as Derek noticed he stopped me. Reluctantly I let my hand drop from my stiff cock and watched him speed up to a frantic pace before groaning and thrusting his clenched buttocks forward as he spunked deep into Sally's cunt once more.

After a few moments Derek pulled his softening cock out of her hole with a wet plop and I saw strings of his cum stretch and then snap as they fell back onto her well fucked lips.

"Get over here," Derek panted.

I moved back towards the bed and made for my girlfriend's cunt with my mouth but he stopped me with his hand, "No, wank yourself off and spunk up her."

I didn't need telling twice, I grabbed my iron hard cock and wanked off frantically, the tip just a fraction away from her gaping crack. I knew Sally was watching me but I couldn't take my eyes of her spunk filled hole, my mouth watering in anticipation of eating Derek's cum again. The thought of that sent me over the edge and I shot my load into Sally's wide open cunt, squirt after squirt of cum disappearing into her pussy, the last one missing by a fraction and dribbling down onto her anus.

"Now you can eat it," Derek laughed.

I eagerly obeyed burying my face into her cum filled snatch, drinking down all the beautifully slimy hot sperm and covering myself in a thin sheen of spunk and saliva.

I was in heaven.

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