tagIncest/TabooCuckolded: Dad And Mom's New Boyfriend

Cuckolded: Dad And Mom's New Boyfriend


After my parents got separated, which happened as a result of my father not being able to satisfy mom's sexual needs and his urge to not make an effort for it. And finally dad had to move out. A few weeks after being separated from dad, my mom started dating Tim, who happened to be my school friend. I did want to object to this, but I wanted what was best for her now. She met him in a store, and since then they had begun dating on a regular basis. Tim and mom now fuck often and I can always hear them have sex from my bedroom.

Dad does come by during weekends, and he does spend some time with Mom, Tim and me in the drawing room. Dad does ask me about Tim, and how are mom and him going with their relationship. It seemed to me dad is now turned on by watching Tim and Mom together, and now he wants a piece of mom. I see a boner every time he sees mom appearing among us. Tim would seize the opportunity to cuckold dad, being romantic at all time- kissing mom all over her neck, French-kissing, and feeling up her boobs. Tim joked around with dad telling him he is getting something now which dad isn't: my mom's pussy. I don't take him hard. Sometimes we all burst into laughter after hearing Tim's comical sexual motives. He would often tell me if she was his mom he would be fucking her the entire day. He gropes mom in front of dad, making him know that he is now the man, and at most times when he is horny Tim picks up mom over his shoulder, while dad and me is watching, walking and taking her for a hot pounding session in their bedroom.

I would often jerk off to them having sex. I often hear mom talking about Tim's huge dick while they are fucking endlessly. Dad would often ask me if I was turned on by this. And after further persuasion I would tell yes. We would drink for hours together, while we talk about the most intimate things.

Dad: "Would you fuck your mom?"

Me: Hell Yes, she is so fucking hot. I am always hard for her.

Dad: I would want you to do something for me.

Me: Like what?

Dad: Have sex with your mom for me. Do something that I cannot do.

Dad: I know you do masturbate about her.

Me: hmmm

Dad: You just got to do it.

Me: Yeah...dad if that is going to bring mom close to me, and if that means the end of Tim, then I am into it.

Dad and me, we had this long chat, where he says that he wants me to seduce his wife. I think the main motive behind this is to separate mom and Tim. Tim would be going for a video game launch tour outside town, and won't be home for 14 days. I thought I must use my opportunity here.

I decided to talk to Tim the next morning while we went out for our morning jog. I told him I thought about it, and that I wanted to do mom. Tim burst into laughter.

Tim: Dude, you need to find your own pussy. Besides that, she is your mom.

Me: I know that. Don't tell me you do not like that idea. You are going outside town for about 14 days. Don't you think she would be lonely, and your absence would also be affecting her sexual needs.

Tim: Dude, you want to fuck your sexy mom? Are you sure??? I am going talk it over with your mom when I get back home.

I had Tim totally convinced that I was into it, and I was all prepared for what is to come today. Later during the day, mom and Tim were talking.

Mom: Did he really say that?

Tim: yeah.

Mom: Does he think I am very attractive? The poor boy must be so horny; he must desperately want to fuck me.

Tim and Mom figure this out in the next two days, and then Tim leaves for his tour.

xx 7 DAYS LATER xx

(~Phone conversation~)

Tim: Are you happy Hon?

Mom: Yes I am. It is nice and slow here.

Tim: Is he bigger than me?

Mom: Yep he is.

Mom and me, we had been fucking for the last seven days. I had been sleeping on her bed ever since Tim had gone. We have developed a far more intimate relationship in these last seven days than mom ever had with dad or Tim. Someone really said it right, anyone who was her son would want to pound her all day, and here I am getting to fuck the most beautiful woman in my life. I decided to record my fuck sessions with my mom for Tim to watch them later on.


After Tim came in, Mom and I still continued having sex, and ignoring Tim for the time being. Tim was requested to move to my bedroom, and we had sex all night. Mom screamed every time I entered her, making Tim pondering on it all night. Now it turns out Tim is the cuckold. Mom and me, we are both in love. Hence, Mom decided to bring her affair with Tim to an end, and be friends for now. Tim infuriated by this, lands a punch on my face, and before I could do anything in response to that, Mom held me back. She grabbed my hand, and lead me to the bedroom for some further love-making.

That night we had lots of sex, and we have fallen asleep in each other's arms. Can you imagine what will happen tomorrow? Mmmmmm-more sex with mom.

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