tagBDSMCuckolded Humiliated Sub Girl

Cuckolded Humiliated Sub Girl


One night, Master ordered me to kneel naked in the living room facing the front door with my mouth open and tongue out. I wanted to ask why but knew better than to ever question his orders or decisions. Many very painful whippings in the past had taught me the foolishness of that. He told me he'd be back and to wait there for him until he returned, no matter how long he was gone.

I knelt for about 20 minutes and my knees, mouth, and tongue were getting sore from holding position when suddenly I heard his key in the lock. When he entered, Master was not alone. His girlfriend was with him. He'd been seeing her for about two months now and I knew part of my role was to serve her, but this would be the first time.

I felt nervous because I wanted to do a good job at pleasing Master and knew I must please his girlfriend to do it, although I had little experience with women. I also felt completely humiliated to be positioned this way in front of her, kneeling naked while she was clothed, with my tongue out and mouth open as I kept my eyes on the floor and remained silent. The fact that he had a girlfriend at all was a punishment for a severe transgression I had committed. Until a few months ago, Master and I were a D/s couple who were monogamous except for the rare threesome with another woman he demanded. We planned to wed one day until I did something so wrong that harsh punishment was truly deserved.

Master had decreed that my punishment instead of being released was to wait six months before I would be again worthy of marrying him and that during that time I would have to submit to the humiliation of him seeing others and having a girlfriend. In short, I would be a cuckolded submissive.

First, I was devastated by his decision but because I truly loved Master I submitted to his orders and suffered the misery of watching him date other women openly until he found the current girlfriend. I would have to wait at home for him after helping him prepare for his dates, then hear all about it while I gave him oral sex, waited on him hand and foot, or did anything else he commanded.

Now, as he walked in with Amanda I knew my humiliating punishment was going to get worse. They stopped and kissed and fondled each other by the door and she removed her shoes and the stockings she wore under her full skirt. She was a pretty, tall woman and I see why Master was attracted to her but tears still formed in my eyes at seeing him with her.

She had a curvy figure and I was hurt to realize that her body was better than mine. Her breasts beneath her blouse were lush and her hips and ass were more rounded and inviting than mine. A stab of jealousy and insecurity shot through me, and I vowed to work hard to please Master so he would not replace me with her altogether.

He introduced her to me but all I could do was wag my tongue in greeting because I dared not break position but also dared not fail to greet her. I had been punished before for being rude to one of his other women by having to serve as a humiliated whore for her for an entire day while she beat and commanded me and made me eat her pussy at will.

I knew better than to ever make that mistake again, so I continued wagging my tongue to greet Master's girlfriend as best I could. Suddenly, at Master's bidding Amanda raised her skirt and pushed her pussy into my face, then dropped her skirt so that my head was enclosed in the darkness between her thighs. Since I had not been given orders I simply kept my tongue out and mouth open and she rubbed her wet pussy all over my face and tongue.

Her pussy tasted sweet and tart and was very hairy and so big that my whole face was engulfed inside. I did not want to lick her but knew I must submit to Master's commands no matter what so I let her degrade me by rubbing her sopping wet pussy all over my nose and mouth as long and as hard as she wanted.

Master stood behind me and moved forward to embrace her, putting his cock in direct contact through his pants with the back of my head. He began to grind his cock on the back of my head pushing my face deeper into Amanda's pussy with every move, so hard that it hurt.

She in turn was grinding on my face from the front so that I almost could not breathe. I heard Master's command, "Eat my girlfriend, cunt," so I immediately got to work eating her pussy to the best of my ability while they humiliated me by kissing and caressing above me.

After a few minutes, Master stepped back and said that he was going to flog me until I made Amanda come. With that I heard the whistle of the flogger and next felt burning pain on my back, then my ass, then back, then thighs, then everywhere he could reach. Moaning into her pussy I licked as fast and well as I could sucking up her juices and sticking my tongue up her hole, then moving back to lap and suck at her clit.

After about five minutes of seriously hard flogging I felt her tense and come into my mouth. As I licked up her juices, I thought she was going to tell Master she had come but she did not. Instead, she kept quiet so I was forced to keep licking through another ten minutes of heavy flogging and Master berating me for not making her come sooner. I licked and ate her while she ground hard all over my face and flooded my mouth and nose with her juices. Finally she came again and this time she moaned and cried out and Master dropped the dreaded flogger at last.

He ordered me to crawl to the bedroom and kneel by the bed so I obeyed with my back, ass, and thighs burning from the flogging and tears of pain and humiliation still flowing from my eyes. Then he and she came in and stripped and lay on the bed, caressing and kissing. Again, tears came to my eyes as I knelt there with her pussy juice shiny on my face since I had not been told to wipe it off.

Master sat on the bed in front of me and pulled her onto his cock and they began to fuck right in front of my face. He then ordered me to lick her ass on the down stroke and lick his cock on the upstroke and I did. I latched on to her asshole and put my tongue as deep as I could then quickly switched when she rose to lick her juices off his cock.

We got into a pattern for about the next ten minutes and my tongue was wearing out, plus she tried hard to mess me up such as by coming down slowly for two counts then so fast on the next that her asshole hit my nose and I missed licking Master's cock as ordered several times.

She complained to Master that I was not licking her ass as directed so to punish me he slapped my face hard on each side then ordered me to stick my nose up her ass as deeply as I could and to hold it there while they finished fucking. I hesitated for a moment and he grabbed my hair and shoved my face nose first into her ass.

I decided to bear the humiliation of this, just as I bore all others because I love Master and wanted only to be his wife and sub one day. To please him more, I held my nose deep inside her ass and stuck my tongue out to lick his wet, hard cock as it slid in and out of her pussy.

As a reward, Master told me I could rub myself until I came but that I could only come if my nose was deep inside his girlfriend's ass. Surprisingly, I found myself turned on and wet when I touched myself. To be honest, I had always loved to be humiliated, the more the better, and I had secretly fantasized about being a cuckolded submissive.

So, ashamed as I am to admit it, I was so turned on by Master's humiliation of me that I came hard within two minutes. I came so hard I screamed into Amanda's ass. I wanted to thank Master for his humiliation of me but I had not been given permission to speak. In fact, I knew that I would probably be punished for the scream, but it was worth it to discover that once again Master knew what was best for me and had known all along that I would grow to love his treatment of me as always.

My love for him only increased with the newfound knowledge, and I waited eagerly for new opportunities to serve him as he fucked his girlfriend with my nose in her ass. I dared not remove it without permission or stop touching myself, and sure enough I came again so hard after a moment that I feared I'd pass out and break position anyway. I managed to stay on my knees and even to lick Master's cock more passionately as it withdrew from Amanda's pussy each time covered with her pussy juice. Cleaning the both of them was starting to feel like a privilege although I still felt jealous and hurt.

Yet, I was a submissive. My duty was to do everything Master ordered to please him, no matter how degrading or painful it felt to me. Only his pleasure mattered and I felt very grateful to learn my place all over again even as I knelt and watched him fuck and enjoy another woman right in front of me and served them with abject humiliation.

When Master got ready to come he withdrew from Amanda's pussy and sprayed the beloved cum that I worshiped and loved to drink with glee all over her cunt. He then generously allowed me to clean her pussy juice off his cock while he shoved it hard into my mouth from between her legs, giving me the last drops of his come to savor while I cleaned the cock I adored and serviced at his will to his satisfaction.

He then had her lay on her back and told me to make her cum while cleaning every drop of his come off her cunt. I did not want to lick her anymore, but I set to work to please him. I engulfed my entire face in her pussy and licked voraciously to clean every bit of his come off and she came two more times hard while I licked her.

She held my head tight between her thighs, so hard that it hurt, and pulled my hair painfully to direct me to where she wanted my lips and tongue. As I ate her, she berated me, calling me, "Dirty pussy-licker, cunt-eatng whore, submissive bitch," etc. She said she would fuck my Master anytime she got ready and that I would eat her too any time she said.

Master joined in the verbal humiliation, telling me that from now on my household duties would include cleaning her home as well as his, cooking for the both of them, serving them hand and foot, waiting at home for them when they went out on the town, and giving them oral sex and anything else they demanded any time they ordered me too.

As I continued licking her pussy, tears flowed from my eyes at the verbal abuse and humiliating description of what my life would be like for the next few months until my punishment was over. Master said that I would have to show Amanda the same respect I showed him, obeying her completely, calling her "Mistress," kneeling and crawling before her, and submitting to her commands no matter how humiliating or painful they might be.

Although I loved Master and trusted him with all my heart, this was far beyond the level of degradation I thought I could ever submit to. Yet, I kept eating her pussy and listening to the hurtful words, wanting to take my punishment like a real submissive should to prove my love and devotion to Master. I loved him so much that I would take any level of humiliation and pain for the privilege of serving him.

Besides, I knew he loved me and he had spent many hours reassuring me of his love and commitment before beginning his six-month cuckolding debasement of me. Although I was hurt, I felt more submissive and bonded to him than ever before. In fact, as I ate Amanda's pussy and cried, incredibly I felt myself becoming wet and aroused again. I realized that emotional pain turned me on as much as physical pain, that I was apparently an emotional as well as a physical masochist.

With this revelation, my tears stopped and were replaced by a moan of pleasure and longing for more. My Master sensed this immediately and began stroking my pussy from behind. He then honored me by plunging his hard cock deep into my pussy in one stroke and then fucking me as only he could. I was so hot that it was hard to keep licking his girlfriend's pussy but I knew I must not stop without permission. As I ate Amanda and was fucked by Master, I came again this time so strongly that I would have fallen over if Master hadn't held me up.

I cleaned his girlfriend's pussy until Master was satisfied while she came hard two more times and each time I licked up and swallowed the new juices she gushed and ground into my face. I hadn't wanted to do it, but with my new knowledge of myself as an emotional masochist, I found that I did want the humiliation and pain of this. I would do this forever if Master told me to, not only eating and serving Amanda, but doing the same for any of Master's other women and suffering through watching him fuck them as well.

I was not allowed to even talk to other men, and knew I would never be shared with any men because Master did not believe in this. Yet, for the rest of my life even after we married in the future, I now accepted that I would be a cuckolded submissive woman who would suffer degradation and severe humiliation to please Master while he had as many other women as he wanted.

The fact that he could and would make me suffer like this, that in fact he felt pleasure at my emotional pain, made me love him even more. I wanted to be his property to be debased and hurt and cuckolded at his whims forever.

After Amanda had come, Master came again this time taking his cock out of my pussy and directing his cum all over my face and into my mouth. I cleaned his cock completely of my pussy juice, then at Master's orders I went to prepare dinner and drinks which I would serve them in bed, the same bed I usually shared with Master.

He had informed me two days ago that I would not be allowed to sleep with him until my punishment was over, but would sleep on the floor with a chain from my collar attached to the bed. I'd cried for hours but submitted like I always did and always would. Now, with Master's and his girlfriend's cum still covering my face I went to make their meal while they rested and cuddled like I used to be privileged to do with him before my punishment.

As I left, he told me sternly that I'd be punished with the riding crop after dinner for hesitating about sticking my nose in his girlfriend's ass and for screaming without permission when I came. Master also informed me that Amanda would be the one to administer my whipping. She looked happy at the prospect of hurting me as she caressed and tested the crop, making it whistle through the air to scare me.

Trembling at the thought of being punished at the hands of my Master's girlfriend, with the smell of her ass still in my nose, the taste of her pussy in my mouth, and Master's cum drying all over my face, I felt more submissive and servile than ever before. I said "Yes, Master and Mistress, thank-you, Master and Mistress," and hurried to my duties anxious to please in my new degrading role as cuckolded submissive to them both.

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