tagLoving WivesCuckolded In The Motel Room: The Next Night

Cuckolded In The Motel Room: The Next Night


This is a continuation of the story, 'Cuckolded In The Motel Room', by maxam. This story will make more sense if you read it first.

I woke up at about 4:00am with a pounding headache and my stomach was a little queasy. I'm not sure if it was from the alcohol, or what I witnessed my wife and Mel doing. I had never had any reason to believe that Marie was ever unfaithful to me. I thought our sex life was pretty good. We usually made love at least twice a week. We try new things and oral is always involved. Marie gives me an excellent blowjob. When I climax, she keeps sucking, letting me cum in her mouth. Her only shortcoming is that she won't swallow. Afterwards, she goes to the bathroom sink, spits out my cum and rinses her mouth with Listerine. It's a small thing and I don't mind. I love eating her pussy. She is always very responsive and vocal about my efforts. So, as you can see, I thought our sex life was OK, even better than OK. I can't imagine why she did it or what I'm going to do.

I was very hurt and upset, but I was also very excited and aroused. My dick was harder than it has ever been. Watching and listening to them lick and suck each other was the most erotic experience of my life. I guess I should've 'woken up' and confronted them in the act. But, I was spellbound and did nothing, except to try not to cum in my shorts. Now, what to do about today? Should I confront them when we get up? Should I confront Marie by herself? In the end, I decided to do nothing. We had to come back to spend another night here and I wanted to see if there would be a 'rerun', as Marie put it, of last night.

The alarm would go off soon and I couldn't sleep anymore, so I got up, showered and got dressed. Marie and Mel were just getting up as I finished. They took turns getting dressed and we went for some breakfast before getting back on the road. They ragged on me pretty good about getting so drunk. Marie asked me how bad my head hurt. I told her I had taken 3 Extra-Strength Tylenols and 2 Advils, so I was feeling a little better. I apologized to them for my behavior and for neglecting them. Marie said they managed to entertain themselves. They briefly smiled at each other and then Mel asked me if I remembered anything after I got in bed. He said I was really out of it. I told him I didn't really remember much of anything. They both seemed glad to hear that.

The trip to get his car and return to the motel was pretty uneventful and nothing else was said about last night. We got back to the room and went to the same cafe' and bar as last night to eat dinner. We had a nice meal and went to the bar for a drink. I wasn't going to get drunk again tonight. I had one drink and told them I didn't want a repeat performance. I promised to be better company than I was last night. I thought they seemed a little disappointed.

We went back to the room and started to get ready for bed. I told them I wanted to take a long hot shower and for them to go first. When they both had finished, I reminded them I would be awhile and not to think I had passed out and drowned. They both laughed. I turned on the water and took the quickest shower of my life. I was done in less than 3 minutes. I got out to dry off, but left the water running. I turned the faucet to cold so steam wouldn't fill the room. I put on my shorts and quietly cracked open the door. Using the mirror at the sink, I had a perfect view of the beds. They were both naked. Marie was on her back, with her legs hanging off the bed and Mel was kneeling between her, licking and sucking her pussy. I could see in Marie's face that she was enjoying it. When Marie was about to cum, she wrapped her legs around Mel' s head and pulled him tightly into her pussy. Her orgasm lasted over a minute and I was afraid he would suffocate. Finally, she let go of him and they switched places.

I finally got a good look at Mel's body and it was comparable to mine, nothing special. Marie began licking and sucking his cock. My dick was rock hard. I didn't know what to do, so again, I did nothing but watch. Mel was thoroughly enjoying his blowjob. After about 5 minutes he stopped her and said something. I thought he might want to fuck her and I would have another decision to make - or not make. But, he just stood up and Marie resumed sucking him while he stood. She wrapped her arms around his ass and seemed to be pulling him into her mouth with every stroke until her mouth hit the base of his dick. She pumped faster and faster and I saw Mel' s face contort and his eyes close. As he came, she kept sucking and stroking, letting him deposit his cum into her mouth. When he was done, he pulled her up to his face. Her cheeks were a little puffed out from his load and a small amount had dribbled down her chin. He kissed her on her forehead and let her go.

Marie turned to go to the sink and at that moment, I opened the door and stepped out in front of her. She stopped dead in her tracks and her face turned as white as the cum on her chin. I looked over at Mel and he was standing there with his mouth open, as his dick shriveled to nothing.

I shouted, "What the fuck is going on?" Marie, forgetting the load of cum in her mouth, gasped and when she did, she started coughing and choking on it. She swallowed some, but most of it sprayed out of her mouth with every cough. She put her hands over her mouth to block it and it ran down her face, hands and arms and was dripping on her tits. It was priceless.

Again I asked, "What the fuck is going on?" Tears filled her eyes. I wasn't sure if it was from being caught or from choking on Mel' s cum. Marie started saying she was sorry. She didn't mean for it to happen and that she loved me. I laughed, "Love? So that's love? How many other men have you sucked and fucked? When did you start cheating on me?"

Marie said, "I swear, this is the first time. Mel is the only one."

"When did this start? How many times have you two been together?" I wanted to see if she would tell me about last night. She just stood there crying. I asked her again, more forcefully.

She thought about it for a few more seconds, dropped her head and said, "This was the second time. It started last night. While you were drunk and sleeping, we had oral sex. But, we didn't fuck. No other man has been in my pussy or ass but you. I swear."

I told them to sit down and I went to turn off the water. I came back with my towel, trying to conceal my erection. I sat on my bed and they went to Mel's. I said, "Why Marie? How could you do this to me - to us? I've always treated you right. I've given you everything you wanted that was in my power to give. I thought we loved each other and that we had a satisfying sex life."

Marie said, "I know you have and I really do love you, even though I see why you don't think that right now. And, I really do like the way we make love. It's wonderful."

"Bullshit! It can't be that great if you could risk it all for a quick lick and suck with Mel, especially when I was less than 5 feet away. You haven't answered - Why?"

Marie said, "I don't exactly know. We all had too much to drink. Mel was telling me how lonely he was since his wife left. He said he wasn't interested in the dating game, so he did without. I tried to cheer him up, telling him he was attractive and lots of women would be glad to be with him. Then, I began teasing him, asking what he had to offer a woman. It became more and more sexual and before I knew it, I had him eat my pussy and then I gave him a blowjob. It just got out of hand."

I said, "That may explain last night but what about tonight? You and Mel weren't drunk. You should've seen your face when I told you both to shower first so I could take a long shower. You couldn't wait. You wanted to do it again."

Marie said, "No we didn't. It just happened."

I just stared at her and said, " We both know that's not true. Last night you told Mel you might want a 'rerun' and I guess this was it."

Her jaw dropped and she stared in disbelief. She said, "You mean you weren't asleep? You heard us?" I nodded. "Oh No! Why didn't you say something, or move around and make noise so we wouldn't have done it?"

I said, "First, I wasn't entirely sure it wasn't just a drunken dream. And second, I wanted to see how far you would let this go. I guess I got my answer." She started crying again and pleading with me not to leave her. She finally asked me what I was going to do. I said, "I don't know." What should I do? I was hurt that she could even consider cheating on me. But last night and tonight were the most exciting and erotic experiences of my life. My dick has pretty much been in a constant state of erection. Even now, I'm so hard that I'm about to cum on myself.

After several minutes of silence, I stood up, took my towel and tossed it to Marie. I said, "Here Marie, clean Mel's cum off of you." I pulled back the sheets, took off my shorts and laid down on the bed. My erection was quite obvious. What I said next surprised me as much as it did them. I told her, "When you're finished, come suck my dick." Their mouths dropped and both just sat there dumbfounded. Again, I said, "Come suck me and it better be the best blowjob you've ever given in your life." She came over and began licking and sucking me. I told Mel to join in and eat her pussy. He didn't have to be asked twice. I told both of them, "Nobody but me fucks Marie. Do you both understand?" They both nodded in agreement.

Mel positioned himself so he could eat Marie's pussy while she sucked me. I told Mel, "Get her really wet and ready. I'm going to fuck her like never before." He was happy to oblige. After about 10 minutes, I pushed Marie away and told her to get on her hands and knees, that I was going to fuck her from behind. I told Mel, "Move over by her head so she can suck and stroke you while we fuck." He eagerly positioned himself so Marie had easy access to his dick. When we were in position, I rammed my dick into her wet pussy. It went in easily and we established a nice rhythm together. I couldn't believe how wonderful this felt. It was incredible. From the moans coming from Mel and Marie, I could tell they we really enjoying it too.

After about 10 minutes, I felt Marie's body stiffen and knew she was about to cum. When she did, Mel' s dick fell out of her mouth and she began screaming as her orgasm took her. She did manage to keep stroking Mel and he erupted, sending strand after strand of cum onto Marie's face. It began dripping from her face down onto Mel's legs. What a sight. Seeing that sent me over the edge. Each spasm pumped more of my cum into her pussy. I didn't think there could be that much in my body. We all slowed down and finally fell in a pile on the bed. Mel and Marie lay there, breathing hard, with their eyes closed. I could see a river of cum oozing out of Marie's pussy. I never felt so sexually satisfied in my life.

After about 5 minutes, Marie got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. Mel and I sat there a few minutes in silence. Finally, he said, "That was the most unbelievable sex I've ever had in my life. Thank you."

I said, "You're welcome. But don't think for a minute that this will necessarily happen again. This doesn't mean you have free access to Marie. If I ever catch you trying to nail her, you'll damn well wish you hadn't."

Mel said, "I understand completely. I don't expect this to happen again. I promise, I'll never try."

Marie came back from the bathroom and Mel went to clean up. She came and sat by me, hugged me and we kissed. (She had rinsed her mouth with Listerine.) She said that was the most incredible sex she had ever had. I told her I thought it was great too. I told her that when we get home we needed to have a long talk about what happened. We have to decide if this was a one-time thing or do we want to explore this further, with Mel, or another man, or a woman, or even a couple. And, if we do, does it stop at oral sex, or do we fuck other people? Marie smiled and raised her eyebrows. I could tell she was intrigued by the possibilities. I said, "You need to know that no matter what happens, I will not tolerate you having sex with someone behind my back. What you did last night, and earlier tonight was, in my mind, cheating, plain and simple. If I ever find that you have cheated on me, I'll divorce you - period. Do we understand each other?"

Marie said, "Yes, I understand completely. I'm sorry and I'll never cheat on you again.

We kissed again and I said, "Let's get to sleep." We looked at our bed and it was covered with cum – mine and Mel's and Marie's pussy juice. It was one big wet spot. I said, "We're taking Mel's bed. He can sleep in this mess." She laughed and we moved to his bed. When Mel came out, he stopped and looked at us. I said, "No, we aren't all sleeping together. You get the bed with the wet spot." He just smiled, got in bed and said it was fine with him. I turned off the light and we went to sleep.

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The truth is YOU wanted Mel’s cock so just admit it !!!
Also your story SUCKED !!!

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a putz

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Yep your nom de plume says it all

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