Cuckolding from a Woman's View Ch. 11


John thanked him and left for home. His eyes burned and when he stopped at the bathroom to take a leak so did his cock. When he got home he gave Jan the medicine and she applied it. She seemed to be better. He wasn't, his eyes burned more. He told her what the druggist told him and she laughed at him saying, "Gonorrhea in the eyes, are you nuts?"

He said, "That's what the doctor told me."

She said, 'You better start getting things ready for the party and then after they leave Danny will be here to fuck me while you do me from the back! This is going to be so damn cool.

The party went well. Bud stayed for a few minutes knowing there was nothing happening until the other women left. He went to the movies and then came back just in time to see some of the women leaving. He had told Mandy to catch a ride home he was going out. She agreed and said she would have Jan or someone else to take her home.

When the last car pulled away from the driveway, he knew it was Mary. Then Bud sat and watched and waited. As it started to get dark, Bud saw Danny's car pull up and he got out and walked around to the back of the house. Bud waited. As the sun set, he waited. Around 7 PM, an hour after the last woman had left, Bud got out of his car and walked around the back of the house. The door was still opened. He walked in and heard crying and moaning and knew the sex game was underway.

He walked into the living room and up the stairs to the second floor and the master bedroom. As he rounded the corner he stood in the dark corner of the hallway and saw the following.

With her legs up in the air and her feet wrapped around Danny's neck Bud watched as Danny drove his cock into Jan's stretched pussy. He was like a drill moving in and out, in and out, in and out giving John's wife exactly what she so desperately wanted tonight. Jan loved to be fucked by strange cocks even if it was her brother-in-law.

Now as Bud watched he was sick in his stomach as he saw his beautiful wife sitting there watching the two of them going at it as she playing with herself. Then he watched as Jan and Danny rolled over so she was on top. As John stepped behind Jan's ass, Danny pulled her up high over him so her ass hole was exposed fully for her husband. John moved in and began to insert his cock into his wife's ass. Danny held her tight with his hard cock inside her pussy. He could feel John's cock head moving into her ass. Jan moaned with pleasure.

Now with both cocks fully inside Jan's body cavities, they started to fuck her. Again and again and again Danny and John gave Jan what she had wanted from the start, two cock tonight. It was the fucking of her life. Again and again and again the two men slammed into her with their thick cock shafts then withdrew almost all of it before filling both of her holes again.

Bud stood there unnoticed in the shadows of the hallway as he watched both men and wonder how long either of the men could go on like this before they shot their loads. He could see and hear John's balls slapping Mandy's under her ass hard with a wham, wham, wham, wham, wham. Danny' was lifting up and pumping his cock into her pussy at the same time.

Jan moaned each time she felt both cocks pressing against each other as the slid in and out of her holes with just the thin wall of a membrane that was separating them. Her two holes burned but she didn't care she was cumming now and it was a hell of a discharge. She coated each cock and the set of balls under then. With each thrust they made into her she continued to tell them how good each of them were making her feel and how they were so deep inside now. She told them she loved how wonderful Danny's thickness felt as it was rubbing the walls of her pussy fully. And how her husband's cock was spreading her ass like none before.

Then as her second orgasm built, she screamed, "Oh Jesus! Oh yes Danny, OH yes John! You both are fantastic! OH God yes Danny fuck me, never stop fucking me with wonderful hard cock!"

It was unbelievable. Then when Jan was finished and the men moved off of her, Bud could see Mandy slumped down in the chair with three of her fingers in her cunt. She was breathing hard and he watched her breasts rise and fall. John rolled off of his wife and then Jan rolled off of Danny. Both of their cocks were covered with cum and what looked like some sort of discharge.

The two men didn't notice it but Bud could see the yellowish color and wondered what the fuck it was. He guessed it was some sort of spermmaside Jan used to protect herself from getting knocked up since she always went bareback.

As Jan recovered enough to speak she asked Mandy if she wanted to try it? Mandy was dripping wet from masturbating as she watched her sister getting fucked in both ends. She smiled and looked around. The two men almost begged her to let them fuck her. But Jan had a surprise for her. She had invited Roger to attend the party and he had been hiding outside on the deck. For about ten minutes now.

If Bud had come just a little later Roger would have spotted him. Bud took a step back as Roger entered the room. Mandy smile was bright enough to light up the room when she saw him. Roger said, "Well how about it Mandy? Have you missed this big cock baby?"

He was quickly undressing and since Mandy was already completely nude she walked over to him and put her arms around him. They kissed passionately and he picked her up in his arms. Roger carried her to the big bed and told John that he was going to fuck Mandy and they both could take turns fucking her ass. Mandy smiled as she rolled on to the bed lying on her back. She held her arms out to Roger and he moved to the bed.

Roger was smiling at Mandy and was about to give her what he knew she wanted. Bud watched as Roger began to move in and take his wife's pussy. It once was his exclusively. Roger had his arms locked elevating his upper body off the bed as he looked down at her. Then he began to slowly drive his lower body into her as his cock head slipped into her pussy. Her pussy was wet and hot. Mandy had been masturbating for over 45 minutes and she was so open and wet Roger was able to push into her easier than the other times he had fucked her. He began to fuck her again and again over and over. His cock was huge as he plowed into her. Mandy was screaming for him to give her all of his big cock. She told him how good he felt and how deep he was. Roger was fucking virgin territory now with each thrust into her pussy. He was reaching places her husband could never reach. She told him how much she had wanted this to happen again.

Roger smiled at the two men sitting on the side of the bed watching him fuck the prize of the three sisters. Mandy was arching her back now lifting her hips and ass up off the bed as she was meeting each of his thrusts. She had her legs up as high as he could get them and as he pressed her knees against her large round breasts as he pumped his huge cock into her unmerciful!

Bud stood there watching and wondered why he didn't just walk out. But it was too late now. Mandy had tried it before and Bud knew she loved Roger's cock most likely more than she loved him now. He realized that he was now a cuckold just like the other husbands as their wives had been fucked too. But the difference was his marriage was all over. Their marriage was done with!

Now everyone watched Mandy as Roger continued to fuck her like a well-oiled machine. Never had Bud seen a man with such staying power. Never had Bud realized just how good Roger was at fucking. He realized the man had such a huge cock. Then Roger rolled them both over and Mandy was sitting on Roger's cock. It was buried all the way in her pussy now. She sat there and savored his big cock as deep in her pussy as anything she ever had. Then she smiled down at Roger and began to slowly rock on it. Bud watched and imagined it was almost in her stomach. Roger said, "So who's first? Which one of you wants to fuck her ass?

Many moaned as she felt Roger slowly bounced her up and down as his cock filed her deep. John jumped in and said, "ME! I'm first!"

Jan smiled at her husband as she saw how hard his cock was. Still covered with Jan's cum John moved behind Mandy and Roger pulled her up so Mandy's ass hole was now opened for John! Slowly he began to push his cock into her. As Roger held Mandy still holding her down on top of him he felt John's cock push into her ass. Mandy moaned out as the cock head moved against the walls of her as hole. Mandy moaned with her lust and the fire inside her body reached its peak as she felt John hard cock pushing and pushing until he was fully in her ass. Now both men smiled at each other as Roger lay under then with Mandy as the sandwich. He said, "Fuck her John! Give it to her."

John didn't have to be told twice. He rammed his cock into Mandy's ass as Roger began to fuck her pussy. Mandy screamed out as she started to cum almost immediately.

Bud watched knowing all he could do now was wait for this nightmare to be over. He knew there was no picking up the pieces of his life with her. Marriage? Well he knew he didn't wanted to stay married to Mandy. Or that she evens would want him if he did. Would she ever want a normal cock any more? Would she stop if he asked her? He had no answers to this question or the other 100 running around in his brain. But he knew he couldn't watch any more of this and he turned and walked out of the house.

As Bud looked one last time and saw his wife being fucked at both ends and her entire body was going wild as she did. One cock was in her ass another in her pussy and now a third one was moving towards her mouth. Danny had moved around and was pushing his still cum covered cock into Mandy's mouth! That was it, Bud left the house.

He heard Mandy screamed with a muffled sound that he assumed came from her throat and Bud knew she was climaxing again for God only knew how much time. He stood in the doorway of the front door and slammed it shout.

Everyone including Mandy turned their heads in the direction of the sound wondering who was coming in? It was then that Jan and Danny saw Mandy's face. She was in ecstasy. Her mouth was open and her eyes were closed and there was this mystical look on he face. She didn't even know where she was and didn't care who was coming since she was again.

Bud walked away. Danny let rip a huge amount of his cum into Mandy's mouth. Then John and Roger both shot their loads into her body. Mandy was fucked out!

Bud walked down the street and into his car. He drove home! As he went in his house he turned on the light in the living room. Then he went to the back door to sit on the porch. It was well after midnight and all the lights in the neighborhood were out except the one in his living room. Bud waited and waited for his wife to finish fucking the huge cock, blond heard Viking and come home. Finally, after he didn't know how long, he heard his wife come into the house.

He heard the front door open and close. He wondered what she was doing. She didn't come to the back of the house where he was even after he yelled out to her. So after a while he went looking for her. He found her. She was undressed and lying on the bed with her arm over her eyes. She was already half-asleep fucked out completely. The cum from Roger's big cock was still leaking out of her vagina on to the bed as she lay there with no covers over her. Mandy was almost sound asleep and lying there like she was dead but Bud could see her breasts rise and fall. He let her sleep as he turned out the light and went into the spare bedroom.

On Monday morning at 9AM he filed for the divorce with his lawyer. It would take about four days before the papers were completed. He didn't speak to her the entire time. She talked and he just walked away over and over again. Then the day the papers were delivered to him at work. He signed them. He told the lawyer he wanted to be there when they served her. The lawyer told him Mandy would be served early next week when she was home from work. They would call him and let him know when the day was set.

Meanwhile Mary and Danny began to develop symptoms that Jan had had for weeks now. They both had the itching and the burning in their privates. Danny had gonorrhea when he came home from fucking Jan. That same night he fucked Mary. They both now had it! Mary was completely embarrassed and very upset with Danny for giving it to her. They too had to work up a list of which they had been with.

John's eyes were burring so badly by Monday morning that he had to be rushed to the hospital. He was told again, if you're diagnosed with gonorrhea in the eyes you could loose your vision. They treated him and then covered his eyes and kept him in the hospital.

Jan was also admitted that day for advanced gonorrhea. She also had chlamydia, which is also known as the clap. The doctor had her make a list of all the men she had sex with for the past three months. The list was long. Between John and her they felt they had included just about everyone that had participated in their little cuckolding sex games.

Bud was contacted at work and he went to the hospital to be examined. He would learn later that he was free of all diseases. When he fucked Mary she didn't have it yet.

However, Mandy had a full-blown case of it! When Mandy went to the hospital she had to produce a list the men she had sex with. Bud went with her and learned she had seven men on the list. Bud was shocked! He knew about Roger, and Dan and John. But, he never knew about the others. Stan was on there as well as another man he never met or saw before. His name was Frank.

He had a copy of the list and the medical report on both him and Mandy that the hospital gave him. They had no idea that he was divorcing Mandy, so when he paid the bill and being the husband they gave him exactly what he needed. Then his lawyer called and the finally papers were deliver to Mandy that night. She cried and begged and then screamed at him. Then she moved out.

Months later, Bud got the house and Mandy got the divorce. Bud stayed and Mandy left the day after she was served. She spent about two weeks with Jan and John before she got her own apartment. John got his wish and had Mandy every night for those two weeks. Bud felt he deserved her and she him

After Danny gave Mary gonorrhea, Mary and Danny separated and finally got a divorce too. Mary saw Bud one day in the mall and asked him over her place for coffee. Bud knew what she wanted and he gladly went. He used Mary every way he could think of for about three weeks before he stopped seeing her.

Finally Bud separated himself from Mandy and her sisters and their husbands completely. He began dating again and started a new life.

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At last VD appeared and was getting passed around this sad lot it shows what can happen.
Why do some wives cuckolding their husbands object when hubby wants a bit on the side, really selfish women.

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Reported SharedSigne

For still being the most untalented fucking retard that ever wrote a story on this site.

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Pathetic BS you limp dick

You're one of those woman haters aren't you? You think all women are nautural born sluts. I know you see yourself in this horrible story as Bud, the supposed kick ass he man. So he cries and then beatsmore...

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