tagInterracial LoveCuckolding Katie

Cuckolding Katie


From the bed I watched Katie step into her deep blue lace panties and ease them over the curves over shapely tan thighs. She adjusted the elastic around them to ensure that no stray pubic curls were visible, then ran a finger between her thighs and sighed deeply.

"Shit Matt, I've just had a shower and I'm all wet already again." she commented more for her own benefit than mine.

Katie turned, picked up the matching bra from the bed and slipped her arms into it. Her dark nipples were firmly erect confirming just how aroused she actually was. She was simply stunning in her blue underwear, and looked years younger than I knew her to be. Next a jade top slipped over her head and then she stepped into a very short black skirt. A pair of black slinky high heeled shoes completed her attire for the night. Standing to attention, she did a little twirl and then looked over at me and smiled.

"How do I look, do you think Leo will like me?" she asked.

"You look lovely; Leo won't be able to keep his hands off you." I replied truthfully.

Katie grinned lecherously, "It's not his hands I'm worried about; I'm worried about that great big dick of his."

Having already seen it, I knew she had very good reason to be worried. I was fully aware that I should be trying to talk Katie out of it, but a part me was also excited and wanted her to see it through. For the first time in her life Katie was going to give her body to a black man, a little taboo fantasy of hers. The fact that Leo was very good looking and had a great body helped her make that decision, and the fact that he was well endowed and had a reputation of being a fine lover also was an influence. Sure, maybe it was all wrong, but Katie wanted to do it, and as her boyfriend I should have resisted. But at the end of the day, it was her body to do whatever she wanted with, and I wasn't sure I could have stopped her.

"You won't leave me with him will you, you will stay and look after me?" she asked nervously.

"Sure, I'll hang around."

Katie stepped to and gave me a little peck on the lips as to not smear her make up.

She felt my half erection against her and looked down, "I'll blow you or give you a handjob if you like."

"Nah, I'll wait till later." I suggested looking at my watch. "Anyway, its time to go."

A smiling Katie took my hand in hers and escorted me towards the door.

Katie had been divorced ten months when we first met in a wine bar through mutual friends. We kind of hit it off straight away, and as I was already playing the field with the local girls; I was free to pursue her charms. In her early forties, Katie was both independent and strong willed, and a real handful for the unsuspecting. She was tall and slim without being skinny. Her dark hair was kept stylishly short; she was pretty in a plain sort of way. She liked to dress well and always had that sophisticated look about her. For me, the real attraction of Katie was her desire to enjoy life, she loved to socialise and have fun. In bed she was a real demon, passionate, demanding, multi-orgasmic and had real staying power. She was a great companion and fun to be with, and life was pretty damned interesting since we'd been together.

After a few months of seeing each other, Katie suggested that I might want to move in for awhile and see how we go. I should point out this arrangement was fragile to say the least. After an abysmal marriage, Katie had no intention of getting into a long term relationship. Ours was based on fun and sex as long as it lasted, then I would be asked to leave. I had no problem with this arrangement, and it wouldn't have mattered if I did. I was simply living on borrowed time. I settled into her apartment nicely and we soon got accustomed to each other's quirks, I paid my way financially, did my share of the chores and was rewarded with lots of great sex.

Six months later we planned a holiday to the Caribbean and ended up in a little resort right on the beach. The sun was hot, the water warm, the food great and the alcohol free flowing. We were allocated a good sized self contained unit right on the beach, and then the fun began. By this time, Katie had filled out a little mostly due to my presence and eating more regularly. Her breasts were bigger, her butt rounder and her thighs fuller. I thought she looked better, Katie was still undecided. As far as I was concerned, her high cut yellow bathing suite looked fantastic and accentuated her long legs, and the many lingering male eyes supported my theory.

Katie was already well tanned before arriving in the Caribbean after many hours in a sun clinic; a few days in the Caribbean sun turned her skin a lovely bronze. She enjoyed the lecherous looks that the men gave her, and then took it out on me in the confines of our bedroom. Afternoon sex was the order of the day; then she could drink herself stupid in the evening and fall asleep at whim. All was going to plan until Leo turned up on the scene a few days after our arrival.

Leo was a senior member of the resort staff, and a major part of his job was to ensure paying guests were happy and stayed that way. He seemed to spend a lot of his time fraternising with the ladies, his outgoing personality and sense of humour ensuring his popularity. Leo was well over six feet tall and his skin dark as chocolate. He was wide shouldered and tapering down into a narrow waist; the uniformed white shirt did nothing to hide the deep chest and powerful arms. His thick thighs and toned calf muscles rippled with energy as he walked. His hair was cropped short in a buzz cut, below was a handsome face that seemed to smile forever.

Katie whistled in my ear the first time she laid eyes on Leo, she grinned and licked her lips suggestively when I realised what had attracted her attention. Like many ladies, Katie had a thing for hunky good looking black men, and Leo certainly fitted the bill. Until now, they had only been a taboo fantasy for her. She had always been sensible and allowed but a handful of well educated white boys between her lovely thighs before she married badly. Fantasies about being seduced by a hung black man were harmless she often told me, and there was no harm in looking.

It wasn't long before Leo noticed Katie, and a humorous rapport soon developed between the two. Leo was a natural comedian and had the ability to entertain people at whim; he was one of those people that made fun of himself as much as others, which certainly endeared himself. He was always seeking an angle to exploit and make people laugh. I could tell that Katie was quite smitten with him, but most of the females young and old at the resort were too. Leo seemed to enjoy Katie's company and he lingered often in her presence, and therefore it wasn't too long before his name popped up while Katie and I were in bed. She suggested more than once that he might have been in grave danger if I hadn't been in her life, and that she would have trouble keeping her hands off that spectacular body of his.

It was all innocent fun until late one night when Katie was visiting the restaurant restroom at the same time as a rather intoxicated redhead.

The redhead looked over at Katie and grinned as they washed their hands at the vanity, "You want to watch out for Leo, he's got his eye on you."

"Why's that?" Katie asked as she glanced across at the redhead in the vanity mirror.

Redhead laughed, "Cause he's a player that's why. He'll be in your bed before you know it if you give him half a chance."

"Are you talking from experience?" Katie asked disbelievingly.

"Hell yes, Leo's been in my bed more than a few times." Redhead answered. "He's one of the main reasons I keep coming back here. Leave the husband at home cause he doesn't like the sun too much. So I come here with a girlfriend and have a little fun on the side. And you know what they say, what happens on tour stays on tour. "

"Really?" Katie replied unconvinced.

Redhead turned, leaned on the vanity and looked over at Katie, "Don't believe me if you don't want to. I'm going home tomorrow and I don't care if you do or don't. But I'm telling you, if you get a chance to get Leo in your bed, go for it girl. You won't be sorry.

He's got a great big black dick and sure knows how to use it. I've had a few men in my time, but none have done me better than Leo does."

Katie laughed, "That good eh?"

Redhead smiled as she headed for the bathroom door, "Honey, he's better than good, much better. Do yourself a big favour. Leo likes you, so let him into your bed and you'll see what I mean."

I don't think my man would like it." Katie replied.

Redhead turned and grinned mischievously, "Then don't tell him."

But Katie did tell me, later that night in bed she recounted Redhead's story. I'd never seen Katie so aroused, her love making vigorous and demanding leaving our bed a sweaty pit. The next day it seemed to be all forgotten and we got on with enjoying the sun and surf.

A couple of days later Katie was sun bathing while I was out enjoying myself on a hired jet ski. It was one of those blistering hot days and had driven those without beach umbrellas inside. Leo was doing his usual rounds and eventually found my Katie sprawled under her umbrella.

"How goes it?" he asked while making his way over to her.

Katie opened her eyes and smiled, "Hi Leo, I just love it out here, I never want to go home."

"It's too hot." he replied moving in beside her under the umbrella seeking a bit of shade.

Katie moved over a little to make room.

"Where's your man?"

"Out there somewhere on one of the jet ski things. You know, boys and their toys and all that."

They chatted aimlessly for a while. Katie soon became aware of his wandering eyes sliding over her legs and found herself becoming kind of excited. She sneaked the odd glance and admired his physique; close up his dark skin was attractive. Now he was close, she could smell his aftershave. She just hoped he couldn't sense her nervous excitement.

"I've been hearing stories about you." Katie bravely offered.

Leo chuckled, "What sort of stories?"

"About you seducing married women."

"Oh, is that all. I thought it was something serious like kidnapping or murder."

"So, seducing married women isn't serious?" Katie asked.

Leo turned and grinned, "Depends who's doing the chasing. Anyway, not all of them are married, and what happens between consenting adults is okay by me."

"What about husbands?"

Leo looked out to sea and grinned smugly, "Sometimes husbands like to watch, they get a kick out of seeing their old lady getting a good seeing to. You should ask your old man, I'd sure like to take you for a ride."

A shiver of excitement rippled through her body at the audacity of his lurid suggestion, "Thanks, but I don't think my man would be into it."

"What about you?" Leo asked turning and looking over her body. "Would you be into it?"

"You're a bit presumptuous, what makes you think I'd be into it?"

Leo chuckled loudly, "Male intuition; and I know you'd enjoy it once you got into it."

"And why would that be?" Katie asked inquisitively.

From his sitting position Leo raised one knee and turned slightly towards her, his hand slipped down to the front of his shorts and caressed the bulge, "Because of this."

Katie could not help but look down at the round bulge in his shorts, it appeared flaccid and uninteresting. She was a little disappointed if anything.

"So?" she commented.

Leo licked his lips and looked across the white sand, while they weren't exactly alone, there was no one close.

"Turn and face me" he suggested.

Katie rolled onto her side leaving herself only a few inches away from him.

"Lift your right leg so I can see between them."

Katie did so as Leo stroked his crotch.

"How about giving me a little peak at your pussy?"

"No." Katie replied with a shaky voice.

"C'mon, I'll show you mine if you show me yours." he whispered.

"Okay, you go first." Katie said after a few seconds of excited deliberation

Leo looked around to ensure no one could see, then unzipped his shorts and eased his cock out. He stroked it a few times and then lay it across the palm of his hand for Katie to see. Its size surprised her. While not quite erect, its length and girth was substantial. It was so black she thought to herself, only the almost purple glands beneath the bulbous circumcised head broke its vastness. Leo grinned as he closed his hand around it and began to slowly stroke it, the thick veins bulging as they were massaged.

"Wouldn't you like to play with this?" he asked as it became more erect.

Katie felt herself flush; yes she did want to play with it, but what of the consequences.

"Show me yours." he asked.

Katie looked around, "No, there's too many people around."

"They won't see."

"Sorry Leo, but no." she said firmly.

"How about we go up to your place and you can show me in private." he suggested.

"No, I'm not doing that. I'm in a relationship and it wouldn't be right." she offered unconvincingly.

The disappointment was obvious on his face, and he struggled to squeeze his erection back into his shorts, Katie smiled at the task in hand.

"Don't forget to ask your old man if you can play." Leo suggested as he got to his feet.

He looked down at Katie and grinned, "You've got a killer body, and I'd sure like to fuck you for teasing me like that. I won't hassle you anymore, but if you want to play just give me the word."

Katie watched Leo walk away as her heart was pounded with excitement. She realised how wet her pussy was and squeezed her thighs together tightly sending a flurry of tingles through her. Picking up her things, she retired back to the unit and removed her swim suit. Lying on the bed, she achieved one of the quickest orgasms of her life while fantasising about Leo.

I eventually arrived back at the unit to find Katie on the small veranda reading a book. She smiled at me and stretched her arms high in the air as she yawned.

"Have fun on the jet ski?" she asked.

"Bloody great fun, I might buy one. How about you, what have you been up to?"

"Well, I got propositioned by Leo if you must know."

"WHAT?" I asked.

Katie placed her book on her flat stomach and then gave me a blow by blow account of what happened, even that she rushed back and played with her clitoris until she cum. At first I was a little angry, but Katie admitted she didn't exactly discourage him. According to her, it was all a bit of fun. Later that night, we lay side by side after a little intense love making and my mind drifted back to Leo. I knew that Katie was thinking about him too.

"Would you like to do it with Leo?" I asked.

"Yeah, probably." she answered after a few seconds. "If you weren't in my life I'd be tempted. He's real sexy, and it's the naughtiness of it all, you know, a black man and all that."

"And what about his big dick?"

Katie chuckled, "I dunno, it's pretty damn big. I'm not sure I could handle it inside me, I mean me being so small down there."

I laughed as the tightness of her pussy was a standard joke between us.

"So, do you think you'd like a big dick?" I asked.

Katie turned towards me and cuddled in, "Dunno, I'd probably give it a go under the right circumstances."

"What if I said it was okay to do Leo?"

Katie lifted her head onto her hand and looked into my eyes, "What do you mean?"

"Well, if you really want to, why should I stop you?"

"Because it wouldn't be right, that's why." she replied and cuddled into me.

"You can if you want." I suggested a few seconds later.

"Don't tempt me; I might just take you up on it."

We lay in silence for a while.

"What would you do?" she asked. "Would you go for a walk somewhere while we did it, or would you stay and watch?"

"Dunno. What would you want me to do, would you want me to stay and watch?"

"Mmmm, probably stay and watch I think; then maybe join in at the end. I've never had a threesome or a black man, might as well kill two birds with one stone while I'm at it. Anyway, I'm tired and want to go to sleep. Let's talk about it in the morning."

We rose early the next morning and walked the beach for a bit of exercise before it became too hot. Last nights subject wasn't mentioned as we were both a little unsure of ourselves. Katie was wearing a bikini top and a pair of skimpy shorts showing off her nice body. My eyes focused on her long legs, and I pictured her spreading them wide for Leo. How would I feel about Leo sliding his dick between those nice pussy lips? What would it be like to watch her wrap her long legs around him grip him tightly. Katie loved to kiss while making love, could I accept her kissing his handsome face. When she wasn't kissing him, she would be making her loving sounds, the little coos and the deep sighs of pleasure. How would it feel, I asked myself? I felt myself begin to harden and shame fluttered through brain, I punished myself by plunging deep into the cool water.

Later that morning we sat on the deck outside our unit with a fresh fruit breakfast. We were both a little nervous as it was obvious what was on our minds.

"Are you thinking about Leo?" she asked with a slight tremor in her voice.

"Sort of." I lied not wanting to fully confess to my thoughts.

"Me too. Well, shall I do it?" she asked. "What do you think?"

Katie toyed with the fruit in the bowl with her spoon, "I'm getting used to the idea, and excited too. The good thing is that I'd never see him again, it's not like I'll run into him in the supermarket in a few weeks time or anything. And you know; it'll be like acting out one of my fantasies. But there's a downside too."

"Such as?" I enquired.

"How clean he is, I bet he's been around a bit." she offered. "And then there's you and me. What would it do to us?"

We sat silently for a while deep in our own thoughts.

"You can make him wear a condom which takes care of the disease thing." I suggested. "It would be exciting for me too, just sit back and watch you have fun with someone else. I must have a voyeuristic streak in me I didn't know about."

Katie laughed, "You do like watching porn; mind you so do I. Maybe you could do it with him and I could watch."

I spat a piece of strawberry across the table in mock horror, and we both laughed.

"So shall I?" Katie asked taking my hand in hers.

I looked over and smiled, "It's up to you."

"I'll think about it."

"Don't leave it too long, we've only got three nights left before we head home." I reminded her.

We distracted ourselves by being real tourists going shopping for the day, Katie seemed a bit more affectionate and wanted to hold my hand all the time which was quite nice. When we returned we lay in the hot afternoon sun and swam to cool down. It was late when we finally arrived back in the unit. Katie stepped close and took my hands in hers; she smiled up at me and gave me a peck.

"I've decided to do it." she whispered. "I was thinking we could bring him back here later. What do you think?"

I kissed her, "Whatever you're comfortable with."

For the next few minutes we discussed what Katie should wear. It was all very exciting as Katie matched different outfits and asked for my opinion. For a woman, she had packed lightly and there wasn't too much to choose from. We settled on matching underwear, and the shortest skirt she had with her which was quite revealing for a lady of her vintage. Once that was sorted, we decided on a snooze before we went out for a meal. I looked adoringly over her nude body as we lay on the bed, but my wandering hand was forcibly removed from between her lovely brown thighs, even though we were both nearly too excited to sleep.

We awakened a couple of hours later and after a shower, Katie asked if I wanted to trim her pussy. With her legs spread wide on the bed, I carefully trimmed her dark curls at the sides and thinned out the mass in the middle just above her lips. It was hard to think that Leo's big cock might be parting those fine lips in the not too distant future. I attempted to slip my tongue between them but Katie wriggled away up the bed.

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